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Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


The Southern Tour

Whew! I arrived home this afternoon from my “southern tour” — exhausting but so fun. Here is a recap of the highlights, with a few photos. Most photos are courtesy of L-B, who took charge of my camera, otherwise there would have been nothing.

Saturday morning I arrived in Richmond and L-B and I immediately hit the road, heading out to Carodan Farm, in Stanardsville, VA. We arrived shortly before noon, and their SoXperience 2006 event was in full swing.


I am pictured with Dan and Caroline, who run the farm and were wonderful hosts to us. Thank you so much for the warm welcome.

I spent a couple of hours signing books and chatting with knitters, and then L-B and I did a little (cough, cough) shopping in their shop. I had to drag L-B away from the farm, because Dan told us one of their ewes was due to give birth that day. L-B wanted to wait and see the new baby’s arrival, but we had a schedule!

Mary (who I was happy to see again — hi Mary!) has a photo of the wee baby lambkin, named Sox in honor of the weekend event, on her blog here. He was born Saturday night.

So I dragged L-B away from the farm, but on our way out, we stopped to say good-bye to the sheep. This little fellow was standing in the middle of the field, bellowing.


“Maaaaaaaaa! Where’s my Maaaaaaaaa?”

Then he spotted us, and galloped towards us:




“Are you my Maaaaaaaaaaaa?”

We briefly considered kidnapping (lamb-napping?) the little guy, but reason prevailed.

So, off to Holly Spring Homespun in Powhatan, VA. We arrived late afternoon.


Kathy had a great spread of food and wine set out and we fell on it with glad cries. (But it didn’t occur to me to actually photograph the banquet before stuffing my face.) Trying to pull off a lamb-napping is difficult work, you know? I met some wonderful knitters and spinners, and was delighted to see a couple of people I’d met previously (Hi Rusty! Hi Suzanne!) I also met Sally in person — it was her little daschund, Zeppelin, who sent Lucy her stylin’ cowboy hat a while back!

It was a lo-o-o-o-on g evening because we were having so much fun — here’s a shot L-B took at the height of the festivities.


Left to right, that’s my buddy Alice, who works at Holly Spring, Kathy, me, Ginni (did I spell your name right?), and Suzanne.

After closing, Kathy taped a segment with me for a podcast and there was much hilarity. I don’t know if she actually got anything usable out of me — I think my voice was getting to ready to give out, so I may sound a bit odd. Well, odder than usual!

Sunday afternoon: The Yarn Lounge in Richmond, VA. Stewart, the owner, welcomed me warmly. How warmly? Look at this:


And after being savaged with a knife:


There was a huge surprise waiting for me there:


A Lexie Barnes Lady B knitting bag, which Lexie sent to Stewart to give to me. I was gobsmacked. Last Thursday afternoon I was gazing lustfully at that very bag in that color, online. Thank you Lexie! Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is a perfect bag for the knitting commuter.

So I finally calmed down and went to the table set up for me.


It was nice to see some knitters I’d met on previous trips (Hi Jane! Hi Beth!) and to make some new friends, like Judy:


Judy, I hope your drive home was less frantic. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Stewart and I paused for a photo op:


Last night L-B and I hung out at Cafe Gutenberg in Richmond with a very fun group of knitters. By that point, my camera was in my purse.

And today, back home to my little Lucy, who was waiting for me, chilling.



  1. Awesome bag! Sounds like a great trip.

  2. HOW did you resist lamb-napping that little darling?! I swear I’m going to drive out there and lamb-nap him myself! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sounds like a fab trip; I love your new knitting bag. And how nice of the folks at the Yarn Lounge to arrange a table runner that matched the front of your book!

  3. That little lamby is breaking my heart! I want to grab him and smother him with hugs and kisses. Of course, I think he might smell funny. So maybe just a nose scratching.

  4. Your little Lucy looks like she has the right idea. Time to relax is it? Oh & that lamb is sooooo cute.

  5. No wonder you’re exhausted, but at least it was fun! Sounds like I have some places to check out next time I’m in Virginia (which was actually home for the first 21 years of my life). Carodan is great and thanks for the lambie photos! Of course, glad to see Lucy again, too.

  6. I think it would only be a “kid”-napping if you stole a baby goat! Something to look forward to next time….
    Love that bag – such a great pattern!

  7. Lamb-napping? Ha ha! What a great picture! You do sound exhausted, but it must be fun visiting all these different places. How about a West Coast visit, then? ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Will your tour be taking you to the midwest at all? I hope so.

  9. oh. my. goodness.

    i must get a lamb. how absolutely, positively and completely adorable. look at his little face!!!

    i wonder if he felts when his mom gives him a bath?

  10. That’s a great trip report from down south. I think that little lamb would have fit in your suitcase without too much trouble. And Lucy doesn’t look like she’d mind the know, since you’re on the road so much.

  11. What fun!……great pictures & story…..glad it was fun……and nice friend (L-B) to go with you…..makes it a more “legally blonde” style road trip!

  12. Betty J says:

    Oh, Wendy! You are such a good storyteller! I could almost here that little lamb! Sounds like a wonderful, exhausting, fun time. So glad that you took the time to post today after your long trip. I started to have withdrawals on or about Saturday and started re-reading the comments from Thursday!

  13. I somehow think that Lucy would have had a pretty firm opinion on introducing a little sheep into her house, no matter how adorably pathetic the poor little guy was!

  14. LOVE the bag, especially the colors.

    Sounds like a great trip. I am envious.

  15. Sounds and looks and tastes, ok I can’t taste it all, but it looks as though you had a great time. That lamb was begging for you to take it home! Love the bag, what a great gift.

  16. I’m shocked you didn’t bring the Lambie home, I’m sure Lucy would love a sister or brother ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. So… When are you coming to Pittsburgh?

  18. love the bleeting lamb photo – sounds like you are having fun being a published author!

  19. thanks for sharing your weekends and the photos are great!!(did you get to bring the cake home too??LOVE that bag..

  20. Hello Wendy! It was real wonderful to meet you at The Yarn Lounge on Sunday and L-B too of course!
    Other than my sister in England you are the only person I’ve heard use the the word “gobsmacked”. It’s my sister’s favorite word! I love it! Hope to see you agin soon.

  21. It sounds like your trip was a wonderful success. I love that new bag.

  22. Mazel Tove and Congrats on your great Southern venture – you are a wonderful story teller. Welcome Back! Love to Lucy.

  23. Hi Wendy!
    Tom and I really enjoyed meeting you this past weekend! Your book is just GREAT, full of helpful advice, warmth and humour, with all of the right touches about life in the world of knitting and spinning.
    May you have great success with it!
    Zeppelin thinks the field lamb should be named Apollo because of its “archaic” smile.

  24. This “tour” sounds suspiciously like a yarn crawl to me, but if you want to call it a tour, you just do that. We all have to rationalize our yarn purchases in one way or another.

    Yes, it’s easy to see that Lucy was clearly pining for you.

  25. Ooh–I didn’t see the *bag*–I would have pawed at that, too, had I known it was around. Gorgeous!

    I’m glad to see that your photo is better than the one I have, considering many more people will be visiting your blog than mine, and I’d like to think we’re both looking our best when groups of people might be looking. We don’t even have the chin issue, really, which speaks very highly of L-B’s career as a photographer!

    Thanks again for the great chat and for being so approachable!

  26. Fabulous lamb. Aren’t they cute at that age? And they aren’t very fast when they’re that size – they’re pretty easy to grab by a hind leg. Just sayin’. What’s the inside of that cute bag look like? I’m a sucker for an organized interior. Lucy looks relieved to have you home.

  27. That lamb is so cute!! Lucy looks so relaxed and cozy.
    Your book tour looks like a lot of fun and very pretty what with the awesome bag and the table to sign books on!

  28. Looks like it was a great success!

  29. Wendy,
    I want your job!!!

  30. Wendy, sounds like a great trip. I wish Texas was closer to the East Coast (or that you would do some book signings down here!!)

    Will you take some pictures of the inside of your bag so we can understand what makes it so great (beyond the super cute pattern on the outside which in and of itself is very cute!). Is this a bag that could handle purse stuff and knitting at the same time or will you use it strictly as a knitting bag?

    Thanks for any insite you can give!

  31. I’M FAMOUS! And favespouse was wondering what we REALLY get up to at yarn shops–YES! knitting does happen. and loads of yapping and story-swapping. And I really am not meeting handsome non-yarn male strangers when I say I go to the yarn store!

    Like he really needed documentation for that.

  32. Hmmm, I don’t think I could have resisted lampnapping that baby. Aren’t they precious.

  33. I almost don’t believe that lamb is a real, live animal. It’s so darned cute that it just seems impossible to believe it isn’t some toymaker’s idea of a lamb! My question, Wendy, is why doesn’t Amazon let me see pages of your book as they do some other books? Do you know what I mean? I’m not feeling very articulate today but some for some books you can look at some interior pages and I just wonder why I can’t look at yours. Thanks.

  34. Hi Wendy,
    Just wanted to say that I very much enjoyed your visit and your description on your blog-I hope Lucy did not miss you too much. You might mention that Carodan Farm might have sheep (very cute indeed)-but Holly Spring has angora rabbits! I know-so many memories! I think the podcast will be fine-I head to TNNA for more mingling with fun yarn folks! Aaahh networking or is it partying-I can’t tell (giggle giggle) Love the yarn biz! Hope book sales continue at a brisk pace and I hope our paths will cross again very soon!

  35. Aw, or ewe, such a cute little lambie pie! How adorable is that? Also, love the Lexie Barnes bag. I’m lusting after one myself, but I can’t bring myself to buy one just yet. There you go again. In my mind I’m thinking, well, if Wendy can have one, why can’t I? Justification reigns!

  36. Your tour looks like fun! Wish I was there to enjoy as well. Take care!

  37. Hi Wendy! Shame on me — I haven’t had a chance to read your account of the weekend until today! How fun! And how cute that lamb was that came galloping over to you guys at Caroden! It was fun to see you again there, great to finally meet L-B, and great to get a signed copy of your book, which I started Saturday night and am enjoying. (I liked reading that you carry your yarn the way I do – makes me feel slightly less amateurish). And thanks for the link to my blog — I’m guessing my hit counter briefly went way up from that! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    If Blogger behaves today I will FINALLY get more pictures of the weekend (including more lamb pictures!) on my blog, so stay tuned!