My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


What I Did on the Fourth

For my family, the Fourth is a perfect excuse for a barbeque. So barbeque we did.

As usual, I took two or three photos before I got distracted, but the KOARC took a few more, and thoughtfully offered them up to me as blog fodder. So what follows is a photo essay courtesy of us both.

We went to my parents’ house.


The KOARC and my brother Dave bonded with beer and charcoal lighting.


I started a sock, and at one point left it on the kitchen table. When I returned to it, this is what I saw:


Yes, that would be a mushroom tucked inside the toe of the sock, courtesy of Dave. I considered casting off then and calling it a mushroom cozy.

My dad is going to visit relatives in Sweden later this month and wanted a photo of me with my book to take along. What could I do but comply?

I took this photo of my dad when he was preparing to take a photo of me:


And the KOARC took this of the both of us:


“Are we done yet?”


Then Dave wandered by to see what we were doing:


As you can clearly see, we know how to party.


Thank you for your very kind comments on my recently completed stuff! I started two new things yesterday. Please excuse the suckiness of the photos but hey! Guess what? It’s raining again and the light is not great.

The mushroom cozy sock pictured above is being knitted from Fleece Artist sock yarn, in the “seashore” colorway. Pretty colors!


And I started a cabled vest.


This is a design I’m creating, and I’m using Rowan Scottish Tweed 4-ply (in the “Skye” colorway) on 3.0mm and 3.25mm needles.

Lucy was very happy to have me return to work today after my four-day weekend. She said she hadn’t had a decent nap in days.



  1. Wendy, I just bought some of the fleece artist sock yarn. It’s yummy! Are you using size 0 needles, like you do (I think) on all your socks? Will you use this same size for the sock hop yarn I noticed you got a while back? Your new sweater is beautiful, by the way. Arlene

  2. Nice 4th pictures! I like the mushroom caddy…very cool indeed…Lucy does not look amused…I hope you brought back some catnip for her…Love the sweater! mb

  3. sounds like you had a wonderful 4th. Why is it that men all have to do the bonding with lighter fluid/charcoal/burning stuff up ritual? Your new projects look great, as usual!

  4. Your new vest looks very pretty so far. Hey, loved your book! Will there be a sequel?!

  5. Your brother is kinda cute, is he single?


  6. Mmm…Rowan Scottish Tweed. Actually, mmm, Rowan anything. I love Kid Classic beyond all reason!

    Love the picture of your dad taking a picture of you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Wendy, I was in D.C. over the weekend and dragged my sister to Knit Happens and geez if I didn’t feel like such a fan girl when I stepped inside, knowing it was “your” place. Too bad you weren’t there to thwack me upside the head and tell me to “get a grip girl, it’s just a yarn shop!” Heh.

  8. Glad you had a family friendly 4th. It rained in Central PA yesterday and this morning. Again. Heavy sigh. Corn fields are sure getting tall here in Amish Country

  9. Mushroom Cozy! ha ha ha ha ha I need one of those for my garlic collection. Will there be a pattern in the next book: Wendy’s Kitchen Knitten? (And you can never have enough tea cozies I guess.)

  10. Raye, mother of the other Capricorn Wendy, in NYC says:

    As Dave Daniels wrote “Mushroom Cozy! ha ha ha ha ha”…I also had other thoughts about that photo!
    By the way, your dad and brother are adorable…
    You did a great job on Mara. Hugs to Miss Lucy!

  11. I do so love a good vest…cozy but not too warm. Hope there will be a pattern coming. Loved your book, both times, even.

  12. Love the new design……mushroom cozy?….ok… sweet of your dad to take your picture to Sweden…….will there be translations?……

  13. Your Independence Day (!) sweater is just beautiful. It looks like you had such a great time with your family too!

    I wanted to ask where you all found the “seashore” yarn…I would like to get some but none of the LYS near me have it, and it doesn’t look like you can order directly from the company. I would like a heavier weight than sock weight. Thanks if anyone can help!

  14. Wendy, please let us know how much variability you find in your Fleece Artist sock yarn. I have a half done pair in time-out because, well, I’m afraid if my mom was matching and folding socks for me she wouldn’t think they are a pair. Pictured recently on blog July 1.

  15. BBQ! Yummy! Does Lucy love BBQ too?

  16. Wendy those photos are so great! That one of the mushroom in your sock is hilarious!

    I’ve been itching to charcol bbq…your pics are tempting me even more. ๐Ÿ™‚ Looks like a good holiday weekend.

  17. I love the mushroom cozy. And see what respect your knitting gets?! No one would dare put a mushroom in your sock without wrapping it first. ๐Ÿ™‚ Fun pictures. Oh, and your fair isle — Oh My Word! That is absolutely…well, you know. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Glad you had a happy holiday! Am jealous about the bbq as we didn’t get to have one. Your vest is looking pretty…what are you going to name it? It looks twisty, like fusilli! (I am always thinking food)

  19. Ha ha! I JUST picked up some Fleece Artist sock yarn over the weekend….good to see it worked up – I think I’m a-gonna like it!

  20. Hey Wendy

    I have a question about Kitty Pi but can’t find an email addy for you. Can you write me so we can chat.


  21. Hello Wendy! It sounds like you had a wonderful fourth. I loved your mushroom cozy! I see some apple cozies in my future.

    I’m knitting the ‘lucky’ tank from your new book and I have a question about the armhole shaping on the back. Either I am reading the pattern incorrectly, or there is a line missing about binding off 11 stitches at the beginning of each row. I will take another look at this one in the morning but I would appreciate your insight.

  22. Ha! Brothers! Can’t live with ’em, but Mom won’t let us kill ’em…..

  23. Ann Carpenter says:

    Your dad’s a cutie, but then so is your whole family. I love the red, white, and blue sweater and the new sock. Where did you get the Fleece Artist sock yarn? I am waiting impatiently for the Sock Hop to be more readily available. It looks neat too. Give that Lucy girl a hug from a lady who used to raise rare color-point Siamese and has never lost her love for pointed cats!
    Ann Carpenter in Dallas, Texas

  24. oh, can’t wait to see the scottish tweed design.
    oh, poor lucy.. I know how she feels. Hubby is on vaca now, and ya, I need a vacation.LOL

  25. Yummy Fleece Artist…*drooling like Homer Simpson*… I’ll be interested on you opinion of it!

    Can’t wait to see your Aran motifs!

  26. That was fun to share. Thanks for inviting us home to celebrate the fourth with your family. Woo- rock down! Now I know where you get your sense of humor from. Your family is a hoot. Nice to see your dad so proud of you. I guess he’s taking the book over too to share with family. How neat. Maybe you should do a book signing over in Sweden? Sigh… and the Aran Islands. And Fair Isle. And the Farose area. And… and… and…

  27. Bronwyn says:

    Wendy, I am knitting socks out of the exact same yarn as we speak. Mine is heavy on the golds and greens though, with less pink. Weird!

  28. I love you! I have just barely started breathing again after the fair isle and you’ve moved back to cables. My fascination with you borders on voyerism but I think I finally understand, now, why hubster is so insanely attached to tv sports. I couldn’t hope to keep up with you, wouldn’t try either – but you are absolutely riveting to watch! Hmm, this is not sounding like the compliment I intended and I am feeling like a freak, so – time to go.

  29. Sock looks pretty and vest, very interesting. I look forward to more.

  30. Good times with family. The new projects look great and Lucy looks seriously annoyed. I’m glad she’s getting her nap time in because there’s nothing worse than a sleep deprived cat.

  31. Hi, Wendy, I’m a daily reader and recent convert to your generic toe up sock pattern. The pattern is somewhat coy about binding off at the top of the cuff. Is there a particular method you favor? I’ve tried several and none are completely satisfactory, but I otherwise love the pattern so much, I don’t really want to go back to top down socks. Thanks for any advice.

    Kathy, blogless

  32. Your dad is just the cutest.

  33. Photos of people taking photos are the best. Somewhere on my blog, back in March 2005-ish, methinks, is another fave–taking a group photo when the group is still prepping for the photo.

    Love it.