My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


What’s in a Name?

Thank you all for your suggestions for a name for my vest. While reading through the comments I was thinking, “I really like the name Ciaran — but why does it sound so familiar?” Then I remembered — Alice Starmore has a design called St. Ciaran. She also has a St. Brigid, so that name is out as well.

I decided I didn’t want a name that was distinctly feminine, as the design is suitable for both men and women. I was trolling on a website of Celtic names and their meaning and found this:

Keelan — from a word meaning “slender” or “little”.

Because the cables are little and slender, Keelan it is.


So, ol’ Keelan is now up past the armholes on the back. I’ve put the live underarm stitches on lengths of yarn to keep them, well, live until I am ready for the knitting of the armbands.


And here is my first Fleece Artist sock.


A close-up:


And now for something completely different . . .

It amuses the hell out of me that 61 people searching for:


found my blog.

And because I have nothing else of any use to say at the moment (shocking, isn’t it?) I will sign off for now.



  1. Gorgeous socks! What brand of sock yarn do you find easiest to work with? The yarn I’m using right now seems to split very easily.

  2. OMG–you track and see who searches for stuff on your blog??

    Okay, I was the one looking up the Tennis Sweater from VK that you knit.

  3. Marti J. says:

    Gorgeous work on Keelan! And on the Fleece Artist sock! … did you start the lace(?)feather/fan(?)just above the heel turn and put ribbing at the top or does this go clear to the top instead of ribbing? And where can I find the pattern for that design? I’ve made three pairs of your generic toe-up socks (Incredible for me!), and would like to vary my next pair with something like what you did on this pair. Keep up the great work!

  4. Great name for a gorgeous little vest. And the sock…yum.

  5. is that “_Ð?зпÑ?лнение” supposed to be readable? do i just not have the correct language installed or something? i’m using firefox. does that make a difference? well, i tried it in IE and it still doesn’t show up.

    in any case, how do you know that people who searched for that found your blog?

  6. What the hell does…”_Ð?зпÑ?лнение” mean? Should we be worried?

  7. The sock is gorgeous. One of these days I’ll give up and do a fnf sock. Maybe. lol

  8. What a wonderful picture of Lucy. Blue really is her color.

    Speaking of blue … any suggestions for a sock pattern using very dark blue variegated yarn? I think a lace pattern might get lost so perhaps cables?

  9. Hurray for Keelan! Love the Fleece Artist sock, too. (You should start naming your socks. Or maybe I just like to name things!)

  10. I love the socks. I ordered the same colorway and wasn’t at all sure I liked it in the skein, but knit up it’s great.

    I once blogged about having a male massage therapist at a salon, so now I get some – interesting – hits.

  11. Maybe that jibberish was the Celtic gods letting you know they liked what you named your vest.

    Hey my youngest grand is named Calean…and her oldest brother is named Kiernan. neat eh?

  12. Oh to be able to do cables and as beautifully as you do. I can dream, but I am knitting my first sweater, something I never thought that I would be able to accomplish. So maybe one of these days a cabled sweater, oh that sounds lovely, but just to get this one finished will be an accomplishment in my world. Love, love, love, your beautiful work and Lucy is beautiful as ever.

  13. Keelan? I was hoping the name of the new design would be “_Ð?зпÑ?лнение”

  14. Oh and speaking of naming sweaters, maybe The big green blob with a ruffle would be fitting for my sweater. lol. I wish I had learned how to knit before I got so (ahem) voluptious. (fat)

  15. I just found your Kitty Bed Gallery and I am telling all my Cat blogging friends about it. My mom crocheted me a bed from sheeps’ fur roving, but I will ask her to knit me a kitty pi bed like Lucy’s.
    A Cat can never have too many spots to sleep in.

  16. They are BEAUTIFUL socks. My one pair of fnf socks turned out too small for me. I will have to try again. Your socks have inspired me to succeed at that.

  17. I suspect that it is Russian and that our browsers may not support the Cyrillic alphabet. I came to this conclusion when I Googled “_Ð?зпÑ?лнение” and got mostly Russian-related sites. Then I wondered what “Wendy Knits” would look like when translated into Russian, so I Googled an online English to Russian dictionary, and I got “венди вяжет.” Now I can finally go to sleep.

  18. “_Ð?зпÑ?лнение”
    I think it’s in a language that needs a special character code installed to read correctly.

    Keelan is a fitting name for the vest.

    Blue is really a lovely color on Lucy.

  19. Keelan is coming along beautifully. You’re knitting it up really quickly, in spite of all that moss stitch! The sock is stunning. I love how the feather and fan stitch makes waves out of the color stripes. Sweet Lucy is darling as ever.

  20. I’m kind of wondering out loud here about why patterns or accomplished knitters (such as yourself) put stitches on “yarn” to keep them live. Would I be able to put the stitches on a stitch holder? Is the yarn just more flexible for moving the stitches around without stretching the stitches?

    Love the name, the new sweater and the socks.

  21. Thanks for the closeups, you knew I was gonna ask 🙂

    Love the socks, love Keelan!

    Thanks for the bd wishes Lucy!!

  22. Those socks are divine!

  23. Keelan…ok, that is an excellent choice!

    Don’t you just love that pouffy cat pose where they tuck their front paws under their chest and doze? So cute…

  24. Wendy- It’s getting more difficult to come up with original names, isn’t it? Almost harder than designing the sweater?
    Isn’t Fleece Artist wonderful? I’ve met Kathryn a few times, and she’s every bit as wonderful as her yarn.

  25. keelan is looking lovely! it will be perfect for a cool day 🙂

  26. Great sock! I love the colors with that fan pattern. So pretty!

  27. A few days ago, the topic turned to the most comfortable to do sleeves, something I’d been wondering about a few days earlier. Right now I’m using 3 circulars. Apparently I’m not crazy because Barbara Walker backs me up! In Knitting from the Top, she suggests pretending that circulars are just long dpns. That’s exactly what I’m doing and it’s better than anyone I’ve thought of so far.
    Say hi to Lucy!

  28. Lovely socks, lovely cat…


  29. Ah…Keelan…my favorite name boy name in the whole wide world…And the name I have reserved for my first born son…Ha, if I so choose to have one! Nice choice!

    On another note my dearest and fellow PF fan…Some sad news has come this morning…Seems Syd Barrett has passed away. Truly a sad day…

  30. Keelan, what a wonderful name. Hi Wendy, I’m Ingrid from Philly – met you on tour (love the book). I’m getting yarn for the Ingrid sweater… to do after I finish the Lucky tank…. and now I’ll *have* to knit Keelan when the pattern is available, since my younger daughter is Keelyn. May I say that you and your family have nice choices for names? *grin* Must be that Scandinavian heritage shining through.

  31. I like Keelan, I like the socks, I laugh my arse off that people are that bored.

  32. Keelan is a perfect name. And I love the cables .. I’m still wary about trying cables for some reason. I just need to find a good cabled project to get me started I think.

    Beautiful cat photo .. almost as beautiful as my Isis!

  33. My daughter is named Keelin, of which Keelan is a variation. I would love to have your pattern and would be willing to pay you for it. It is soooo…. lovely.

  34. I love the name Keelan!! But, just sos you no, Ciaran is a male name as my very Irish boyfriend is indeed named Kieran (a derivation of Ciaran).