My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Knit Status

Just in case you wondered why I haven’t posted any progress photos of Keelan (well, you probably haven’t wondered, but I’m telling you anyway), the reason is because there is no progress.

I appear to have sustained an injury to one of my dainty fingers. Said dainty finger is integral to my cabling process, so knitting on Keelan, where cabling occurs on nearly every right-side row, is not comfy. This has been going on for several days now with no appreciable improvement. I am hoping it is indeed just a bruise, and not something more permanent, like arthritis. We live in hope.

Seriously though, it’s no big deal. It’s simply that it is pleasanter not to be knitting cables just now. If the pain persists too many more days, I’ll see the doctor about it.

So, some information about the log cabin blanket. Yeah, I could have told you all this stuff yesterday, but I was busy being all cutsie with my open letter to Ann & Kay.

I am knitting this using a 3.25mm needle — sized way up from my 2.0mm needle that I use with this yarn when I’m knitting socks, eh? I’m using a single strand of sock yarn, and I am very happy with the way it looks. There are variatons in the sock yarn, of course. Some are finer than others. But so far, I think the blanket is looking good.


Mary asked:
Wendy, do you have any advice as to how to pick up the stitches on the log cabin? Are you picking up between the ridges? Single strand? I’ve been working on one square and keep ripping out because the back looks so sloppy. Thanks!

I am picking up on the ridges themselves, in the “bumps” created by the garter ridge. I pick up a stitch by inserting the tip of my needle into the bump and wiggling it under a single strand of the yarn. So far, I like the way this looks.


And look what I got in the mail today from L-B!


Socks That Rock in the Rainforest Jasper colorway. Oh, man — those leftovers are gonna look awesome in the blanket!

I did stop working on my log cabin blanket yesterday evening to put some time in on my current sock-in-progress.

I turned the heel:


And then I started a simple lace pattern for the leg:


Brigitte asked in the comments:
Do you increase the stitches for feather & fan for any other reason than to make the repeats match up? Or does it need it for size reasons around the ankle? I’m pretty small boned, and I’m thinking if I up it 12 stitches it might sag around my feet. Dunno.

I increase the stitches partially to make the repeats work. And partly because at my gauge and with my ankles, I like 72 stitches around for the leg of my socks. If you have small ankles, you very well might find 72 stitches around to be too many. Unless you are knitting to the gauge of 10st/inch or something. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Hey, guess what? It’s hot outside. It’s on days like this when I com straggling home, hot, sweaty, hair damp and stringy, that I envy Lucy, who has spent the day basking in the comfort of the a/c.


“Sheesh! If it’s hot outside, stay home with me!”


  1. I too, pick up IN the bump on the row ends. I used to pick up BETWEEN the bumps, which I think is a little bit smoother and more consistent-looking, but messes with your stitch count. If you pick up IN the bump you know you have picked up one stitch per garter ridge, and not one too many or too few.

    And if it looks a little warbly now and then, this is deemed Folk Art.

    Now you are acquiring sock yarn for the blanket and I just love that.

    xox Kay

  2. Alice in Richmond says:

    Darn that L-B, she beat me to it!!!

  3. You’re not excited about Rainforest Jasper socks. You’re anxious to knit the leftovers into the blanket. You’ve definitely been out in this dreadful heat too long! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Heh. Those Mason Dixon Knitters are evil I tell you, evil!

    I love the close-ups of Lucy in all her cross-eyed glory. Stormy says hi.

  5. I’ve had so much knitting pain this past year, that I almost had to give up knitting. GASP! Recently, I’ve started an indepth and consistant stretching regimen which is helping me immensely and also allowing me to continue to knit. After all the marathon hours of knitting – the neck, shoulders, elbows, forearms, wrists, and fingers all need some stretching to work the “non-knitting” muscles. Maybe some stretches will work for you?! I hope the pain goes away.

  6. I’m loving the leftover sock yarn blanket! Such fun. I think I have a project in mind for my leftovers, but I need to finish another pair before I’ll have enough (I haven’t been knitting socks for long) and I just can’t wait for the socks to be finished so I can use the leftovers! This must be some kind of sickness.

    I have a fair isle question (and I couldn’t think of anyone I’d rather ask!)… I’m thinking about diving into this whole fair isle, multiple colors thang by doing a scarf. It’d be in the round ‘cuz I like my scarfs better that way! So how much wool does a person buy for something like that? I’ve found patterns for sweaters that say how much to buy, but what if you’re just kinda making it up?

  7. It’s just a matter of time before you’re buying sock yarn just for the blanket, plans for actual socks left by the wayside. A slippery slope, I tell you!

  8. I am loving this log cabin craze. Can’t wait to see what this turns into!

  9. I agree with Lucy! Stay home – write more books – design more sweaters – share more of your great stories. ๐Ÿ™‚

    And by all means, keep on using your sock scraps to make that log cabin blanket! It looks really cool!

  10. Weather?…..hello from CA: 100+ degrees & spare the air days: which means you should stay home but tell that to your employer!……

    Try the wonderful kimino from M-D… is a wonderful joy to knit & to give to new parents!…..

    as for the acheys: Y-O-G-A…….it works!

  11. Angeluna says:

    Just absolutely love the log cabin in sock yarn. Clever girl! Sigh, another project that I will have to do. Fifteen in “development” and so many I want to do next, think I’ll toss a coin. Freaking out. Hope those fingers get better fast. Ditto yoga or hand exercises.

  12. It’s hard to take a cross-eyed cat seriously. Sorry, Lucy.

  13. Have you tried arnica ointment? It’s great for aches.

  14. Keep me posted on the injury. A week ago I got back from Meg’s Knit Camp. Since then my pointer finger on my left hand has been giving me fits…I think I knitted too much (or rather cast on too much) and still hurts this week when I knit small circles or do long tail cast on.

    I too am hoping it is not arthritis, but hoping it isn’t anything else like tenditis too. I just want it to go away!

  15. Take care of that injury. Sending you good vibes so that it heals quickly!

  16. Take care of that injury. Sending you good vibes so that it heals quickly!

  17. I hope that your injury heals (heels?) quickly. I’m curious to see the back of your log cabin. I’m doing one and i’m not sure that I love the way it looks from the reverse which isa problem because I don’t sew at all so there is absolutely no possibility that this blanket will be backed with fabric.

  18. Having no desire to knit one of those blankies, should I ship my sock yarn left overs to you?

  19. I love how your log cabin blocks look in the sock yarn…it reminds me of a crayon sketch in a way. Quite a charming effect and a great idea!

  20. Oh dear sweet Wendy, I’m wondering if you could let L-B (and anyone else who might care) know that I’m more than willing to accept packages of pretty yarn in the mail, as well. You see, I have stupidly agreed to not purchase any yarn for now, in an effort to decrease my stash to a more manageable size….BUT, no one said I couldn’t get some free stuff. ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t wait to see what you make with it!

  21. Love the way the blanket looks. Can’t wait to see it progress.

  22. I’m doing the same thing! Just with the mitered square blanket. It should be done when I’m about 85.

  23. Nana Joan says:

    Have you tried the ribbing in Firefighter Sock? k3 p3 1 row, k1 p1 1 row goes fast and not so boring, nice and stretchy.

  24. Basking in the A/C? I thought cats “basked” in spots of sunshine? LOL Your log cabin blanket looks lovely. I’m trying to resist jumping on that band wagon but my resistance is starting to lower!

  25. Thanks, Wendy! Stitches have been successfully picked up. Keep cool!

  26. I’m with Lucy – just stay home! Sounds fabulous.

  27. You realize the leftover sock yarn blankie is supposed to be the secondary project, not the reason for the yarn? And yup, my kitties are WAY smarter than me. I go to work every day and have to do it in the heat. They don’t. Plus they get served meals that they don’t have to prepare. Hmmm, now who sounds like the superior being?