My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Project Lust

The first time I stumbled upon these patterns, I did the mental equivalent of putting my hands over my ears and going “La-la-la-la-la-I-can’t-hear-you.”

But my lust for a Noni bag, of course, won out. Yesterday I got in the mail the pattern and materials to make the skinny baguette.


I thought about making it in a different colorway, but I love the photo of the stripey bag, so I’m making mine in pink with touches of green. Out of Cascade 220.


I do love pink. I just realized that recently, to my surprise. I think all of the last few purses I’ve bought have had pink in them. I never considered myself a girly girl, but I do love girly purses!

I’m not going to do the spider-mum embellishment, though. I bought the Noni pattern for the Camilla Flowers, and will knit a couple of those instead.


I knitted a bit. Cat toes included for scale.


Unfortunately, I realized that knitting on size 11 needles makes my already aching finger ache a bit more, so that’s all I did. I’ll knit a little on it every day, I guess, until it’s done.

I returned to my log cabin blanket.


Thank you so much to you generous people who offered via email or comments to send me sock leftovers to add to the blanket. There’s no need, really. I’ve got plenty of sock yarn waiting in the wings to be knit into socks, and my plan for the blanket is just to add to it as I finish socks and have bits leftover. This really is a process piece for me. But it is lovely of you all to offer — thank you!


Hillary asked to see the back of the blanket — here you go.


I’m adding in new colors by knitting a few stitches with both the old and new yarn. After a few rows, I cut the excess ends off. The back certainly doesn’t look as good as the front, but it’s not too offensive to me.

To close, Lucy demonstrates the “tail over face” sleep position.



  1. Tail over face is nearly as cute as paw over nose.

    Suddenly, I have an urge to knit a bag, damn you. What happened to fair isle? Let’s go back to that.

  2. I think you’ll like your blanket better because you just used your own leftover yarn instead of including other people’s extras. This way it will be more like a real old fashioned quilt – when they were made from such and such’s dress and so and so’s shirt. Kind of like a memory piece. Great idea.

  3. Where did you order your Noni bag pattern from? Many of the shops listed as retailers on the site have web sites, but aren’t full-scale web-stores. You’re luring us in . . . to your project lust.

  4. I love that bag! The Cascade colors you picked are so pretty. The white doesn’t felt that well, though…

  5. They are gorgeous – so not helpful, as I will never finish anything faced with such must have lust.

  6. I love the “tail over face” position!

  7. I sometimes also sleep in the “tail over face position”… but perhaps I’ve said too much.

  8. Franzica says:

    I guess I just don’t get it???
    I think the left over sock yarn knit into a log cabin blanket is well…..sorry ….but ugly.
    I love your use of colors and the things you make but this time I feel like I’m on the outside of the secret. Keep on knitting my freind because you do amaze me>

  9. Noni! I got a couple of these patterns about a month ago, but haven’t gotten around to starting. I was sad about that until now. Now, I have no regrets, because I’ll be able to watch you do yours first.

  10. You lured me into another project with that cute bag. It has my sorority’s colors in it (pink and green)and I will be the envy of my sisters at the next meeting. Thanks for sharing!! By the way, I like your log cabin project.

  11. Oh no! you got me with the Noni bag!
    I haven’t knitted a purchased pattern for years but the Noni pattern has got me now.
    well here goes the credit card!

  12. Are you sure your finger really still hurts? I’m thinking you just want an “excuse” to keep on with your log cabin blanket!

  13. I’ve been circling around the Noni patterns for some time now. Seeing you bag made me pull the trigger on the “Sculpture Garden” bag.

    To answer a question posed in the comments, you can find them at kpixie. Just search for Noni.

  14. Hi wendy! I love that purse. I am actually doing one of the NONI bags as well. It’s from the “In the Sculpture Garden” brochure. I’m sure you’ll have yours done before I will so I’m looking forward to seeing your photo! The pinks are yummy. I’m doing mine in autumn colors.

  15. That bag is watermelon colors!!! Summertime, summertime, summ summ summertime. Looks great and creating lust in me too!

  16. I was reading this post first in Bloglines and knew you were talking about those patterns without even looking — they are so cute!!

  17. I love this bag also and got sucked in before I realized that the flower patterns are sold seperatly Boo!! So I knit my bag a couple of weeks ago I modified the size to make it a little smaller and found the spider flower way too small. i also thought the circular stripes on the end turned out a bit wonky so I will be watching to see how your’s turns out!
    Knit On!!

  18. My LYS had that bag – complete with spider mum – knit up, which is amazing, since they aren’t usually very up on the latest. It was incredibly cute! I had to buy the pattern (and the spider mum, too), but haven’t begun it yet.

  19. **hands over eyes** la, la, la… if I can’t see it, I can’t buy it! la, la, la!

    The blanket is looking great – with all my scraps of sock yarn, I could probably make a fair sized one myself. ๐Ÿ™‚

    **covering eyes again** I’m not looking, I’m not looking!

  20. I love that Noni bag pattern too – it’s so cute!

  21. Sheri in St. Louis says:

    I like that you’ll be using full skeins of some sock yarns as your stripes get bigger. I was wondering if the little leftover bits would look lost as you got bigger. Imagine how beautiful it will be! (Or don’t imagine – just finish it up and show us in person!) Cute bag, too. But I am not getting into knitting one.more.thing. I may wander over to the website to look at the patterns, but

  22. Sheri in St. Louis says:

    I bought.

  23. you’re starting to scare me as you posted about your log cabin before I did and I have been meaning to find where I stashed those patterns (which I bought in March while in Tampa) to find out the yarn amounts to buy having seen some great colors while on vacation. You wouldn’t happen to be winning to share that (the yardage of Cascade that she requires for that bag)so I can enhance my stash before returing to VA? I promise I am not copying you, it only seems that way

  24. You know, that blanket is starting to resemble an impressionist painting. I love it.

  25. Beetsie says:

    …what Mandella said. I was thinking Van Gogh.

  26. Thanks for flipping your log cabin over. As I suspected, yours looks way neater on the back than mine does. Oh well. I just wanted to see how and expert was handling it.

    I’ve been considering the Noni bags too. They are soooo tempting.

  27. Sure hope your finger gets better. Would hate for you to have to slow down on the knitting. When the arthritis flares, I usually have to slow down for a bit (or switch to spinning).

    The Noni purse looks great, although I admit the first thing I thought was ‘hey, that looks like a perfect needle storage bag!’

  28. We sell those patterns at the shop where I work in Denver.

    I’m with Heather, I think the white will full nicely for you but not felt.

  29. The blanket looks like a painting from the National Gallery of Modern Art in DC to me. Very artistic. Surprised to read you think it is not pretty. Miki

  30. Michelle says:

    aaahhhhh! I just purchased two of those Noni bag patterns last week!! I haven’t really embraced this whole felting thing…can’t quite see the point…but when i saw those bag, I had to have the pattern. I haven’t started mine yet…I chose the evening bag w/camellia flowers, so I can’t wait to see how your camellias turn out.

  31. First of all, those colors for the Noni bag (insert my menta; ‘lalalalala’-ing here) are beautiful Can’t wait to see the finished result.

    But isn’t Lucy just adorable! So precious!

  32. The murky/juicy color scheme of your log cabin is just SENDING me. Sock yarn is perfect because it comes both super-murky and super-juicy colors. Why didn’t I think of it? Why? Why?

    (Oh. I don’t knit sox.)

    xox Kay

  33. Wow.. that log cabin square is looking like an impressionist painting. Those colours are just great and the way they are working together is great too!

  34. I just just bought the Noni bag pattern and yarn last week! I’ve never felted anything before and never made a purse before, but it was so pretty, I couldn’t resist. I’m so glad I’ll be able to watch yours and see how it goes.

  35. Katherine says:

    Oh! I didn’t quite get it when you said the first time that the Log Cabin blanket was being made with sock yarn leftovers. Now THAT’s a great idea. I have been looking at my sock yarn leftover stash and wondering what the heck I’m going to do with it. It is growing steadily and it DOES take up space. Hmm… superwash blankie, coming up?

  36. Now I will look like a copycat,but last week I ordered several of the Noni patterns and picked the same bag you did to order the yarn(again in the same colors you chose).Great minds?!
    I found the patterns discounted with free shipping and the Cascade 220 discounted too at
    I am not affiliated.Just thought I would mention for those that are looking for where to buy online.

  37. Those log cabin colors are so excellent! It looks like something drawn with crayon ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. I have that pattern too. If the carpet bag comes out, I may “need” to make one. Lucy’s toes are a lot cuter than mine.

  39. The colors you picked make the purse look like a little watermelon! I thought it was cute before, but it’s even cuter in those colors! And of course, I had to go and order the pattern, too. *sigh* You and you’re links are killing my bank account.

  40. Becky Clark says:

    Our cat assumes that position in the middle of the driveway and is supremely offended if we actually want to get a car by her. Love the bag colors you chose!

  41. Tail over face with paw under chin …. not a position most cats will even attempt due to the extreme concentration needed pull it off.

  42. I took a class with Nora Bellows (the designer) last year at Yarns International – which was great. I never actually completed the bag (I know.. craziness), but her approach to design was inspiring, for sure. Definitely different than what’s out there.

  43. What do you think of the Noni pattern? I am knitting the SAME bag and just couldn’t believe that the errata I printed out online were actually LONGER than the original pattern…! Can’t wait to see yours all done up!