My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Mid-Week Musings

Last week Dave posted a photo of some sock blockers he got from this eBay seller and pronounced them “awesome.” I immediately checked them out, and found a pair that called out to me.

I got them in the mail yesterday (fast shipping!) and I am extremely pleased. They come in three sizes — my Fleece Artist socks are modelling the size medium here.


And here is the first of my Schaeffer Anne socks.


Noni, Noni, Noni

There were a couple of questions about where to buy patterns for Noni bags and yarn requirements for the bags.

Two places online where I know you can buy the patterns: kpixie and Angelika’s Yarn Store. I’ve ordered from both these places and have had goid experiences with both. On both these sites the yarn requirements are listed, so you can order your yarn when you buy the pattern. Angelika’s carries the Cascade 220 specified in the patterns, while kpixie carries Galway, which is a good sub for Cascade 220.

If you Google, you will, of course, find more sources. These are the two that I have personal experience with and can recommend.

I did knit a bit more on my Noni bag — I was pleased to note that my hand pain is gone today, so apparently that was just a temporary thing.


And a wee bit more progress on the log cabin blanket.


That is all.



  1. Good to hear that your hands feel better. Love those sock blockers!

  2. I have also ordered from Angelika’s and she is so great! Fast shipping, and as a super bonus she always throws in free swatch cards of great yarns.

  3. I’m loving the log cabin blanket! It looks great.

  4. I love Angelika’s as well. I can’t believe how fast I got my order, even though it was only for two patterns.

    The Schaeffer Anne sock is lovely. Should I know what pattern that is? Cuz I don’t think I do.

  5. Lovely sock blockers. I think I’ll go check out that seller. I ordered my Noni patterns from – great service there too. I’m glad the hand pain went away. Maybe Lucy did it with the power of her mind (she looks rather focused in that photo).

  6. Janis in Lyme, CT says:

    For Connecticut readers, the Noni patterns and lots of Cascade 220 are available at Yarns Down Under in Deep River, CT. They are my local yarn store.

    I’ve seen some of the patterns knit up and they are too, too wonderful to pass up. Guess what I have in my stash.

    Janis in Lyme, CT

  7. Hi,
    Your log cabin blanket looks like fun and comfy.
    Really ,, really like the colors, purple, blues, aquas, in the closeup and the part right under Lucy’s nose.
    What yarn is that?
    Thank you
    PS And by the way, How fast do you knit your sock?

  8. Those sock blockers are great, thanks for the link!

  9. sherilan says:

    My daughter just brought home that Noni bag pattern….great minds think alike :0)

  10. susan.schultheis says:

    Noble Knits also has the Noni patterns (and other fun stuff.) I can’t wait to see your bag and I love your blanket (I started one on Sunday.)

  11. I just made the same Noni bag.. with bamboo handles. I love the final result – but it hurt my left hand so much pushing the yarn on those huge needles. Guess I’m not use to them. Are you adding the flowers on the side? I haven’t yet – not sure if I will.

  12. Hi Wendy, I have a question for you about knitting socks in general. I just started my first pair a la “Wendy’s generic toe up pattern” and I’m noticing a very slight crease forming at the change-of-needles sections. Am I pulling too tightly? Not tight enough? I rarely work on dpns – I usually opt for two circs when knitting sleeves, etc. in the round and haven’t noticed this peculiarity before. Thanks for any advice you may have!

  13. Cute sock-blockers! I bet Lucy approves. How important is sock-blocking? I’ve blocked lace, and a sweater, and the odd scarf, but socks never struck me as needing it so much. But the sock-blockers are pretty cool.

  14. Great socks love the colors on them, the bag is coming along nicely as is the log cabin!

    Cute kitty!

  15. the socks are nice
    the sock blockers are cute
    the blanket looks cool

    and i love lucy and i love the color of her eyes she is such a lovely cat.

  16. For Anne/ewelittledickens with the crease problem in her socks on dpns: I avoid that by, when I come to the end of a needle, instead of using the needle I just freed up to work the stitches on the next needle, I work the next couple stitches onto that same needle I just used before I start using the needle I just freed up. Did that make sense? If not, Wendy can surely explain it better. What it does it move the boundary between the needles slowly around the sock instead of in a perfect vertical column that can crease.

  17. I love those Anne socks! What needle size are you using? I’ve been tempted time and again by Anne, but I have no idea what needle size to bother with. I normally knit socks on 2.25mm needles, because I like a good firm fabric.

  18. I love the sock blockers!

    I’m sorry if this is a stupid question…but is it alright to put damp socks on the wood blockers? Or are they mostly for decoration.



  19. Just bought a pair of sock blockers from that seller (cats too, but different ones). I hope she gets a lot of business because of you!

  20. My hands hurt just thinking of anything bigger than a 6.5mm (US10?). But oooo…pink and green! Are we going to see more of Keelan soon?!

  21. After being stuck in the elevator in my apartment building for 15 mins this evening and being rescued by some hunky firefighters, I immediately logged on to read your post. Your blog always brings a calming effect to me. For more details on my being stuck in the elevator, please check out my blog!

  22. By the way, the log cabin blanket really looks like a museum quality abstract/modern painting!

  23. Lisa Mike Jack Della + Cousin Bear says:

    oh dear; they have doggy sock blockers too. Thanks. Thanks a bunch. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  24. I don’t know nothin’ about the Noni, but the blockers are great. I also have a special order pair with moose (mooses?) on them, too.
    The log cabin is working up nicely.

  25. Hi Wendy

    I just recently bought a noni bag pattern from jimmybeanswool. It is the triangle baguette with camellia flowers. My only concern/dissapointment is that she doesnt explain how to attach the handles. And all her purses are shown with handles. Have you wondered how you will attach your handles? Please let me know if you figure this out!

    Lena in maryland

  26. infamous needle enabler says:

    two things: there’s a ladybug on my kitchen table! and “that is all” ??? did you see “The Devil Wears Prada”?

    nitey nite,

  27. Who did you buy those sock blockers from…I LOVE the cats!

    I have the Noni bag pattern and the flower pattern but just have to decide what color to knit for my intern. Black will be the majority of the color but not sure of the accents.

    Love your site. Kim

  28. I’m resisted the lure of the Noni bags as I have already knit 5 felted purses this year. But I have to admit they are calling to me. I love the pink and green!

  29. I love the sock blockers! I’ve been looking for some nice ones, too!

  30. What awesome sock blockers!
    Your Noni bag is looking pretty. I look forward to seeing it when it’s finished.
    Thanks for the tips on where to find Noni patterns.

  31. I’m so glad your hand is better. Very Glad. Your socks are lovely. Love to Lucy!

  32. I’m not even knitting socks and I want those sock blockers!

  33. Love the sock blockers…and I’m breathing a sigh of relief about your finger! I don’t know how I’d exist without all the beautiful sock pictures!

  34. Those sock-blockers are an absolute work of art!!! How cool! And I think I’m lovin’ the colors on the bag… hmmm, what could be an inspiration?

  35. becky clark says:

    I am ashamed to say I have never blocked a sock. They go right from needles to feet. Are your socks usually too loose or too tight before you block?

  36. Hi, Wendy,

    A random and totally non-sock-related question: How did you end up liking your Mermaid sweater? I am now thinking about buying a kit and went back and reviewed all your helpful posts about it. After you finished, did you wear it very often? And is it very warm? (I’m in Texas and try not to make woolen knits too often because I’ll never wear them.) I’m just trying to make an informed decision about whether to buy the kit or not.

    Thanks a lot!

  37. Wendy in Colorado says:

    The sock blockers are beautiful, yes. If I tried to buy beautiful blockers for every hand-knitted sock I own, though, I’d be spending all my money on blockers! I usually wash all my wool socks at the same time and block them on plastic-coated wire hangers bent into sock shapes. It works great! Now I have a pair of blockers for every pair of socks and can quickly and cheaply make more for any new socks.

    Here’s a tutorial on how to make them:

  38. Wendy in Colorado says:

    Oh, and the tutorial isn’t mine. I just found it online.


  39. I bought several of the Noni patterns plus Cascade 220 from — quick shipping, and 10% off on orders over $50 or more (plus some other discounts on bigger orders). Working on the Carpetbag and have the bag you’re doing waiting in the wings . . .