My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Oh. Like You’ve Never Felted the Living Crap Out of Anything?

Just sayin’.

I forgot to take a photo of the ends of the bag post-felting. Sorry! Thanks for asking to see it. Here you go:


I whipped up a couple of leaves. I’ll felt them the next time I’m doing laundry.


A couple of questions in the comments:

Deb asked:
I teach at a local yarn store and some of my students have commented that the patterns are tricksy and not as intuitive as some might require. Curious, did you find this easy to follow as written?

I found it pretty easy to follow. I’m wondering if your students had an earlier version of a pattern? I went to the Noni bags website and looked at the errata list — the errors listed for my pattern had been corrected in the version I have. It would have been more difficult to follow if they hadn’t, I agree.

Laura asked:
How come you order your zipper? Isn’t there a hobby store nearby with a fabric department or even a real fabric store you can go to?

I live in a vast wasteland where there are no hobby or fabric stores.

No, but seriously, I ordered a zipper for a couple of reasons. One, because I wanted a heavy duty zipper. In pink. Two, because the opening in the bag is not a standard zipper size. Ergo, custom zipper.

Annie had a good suggestion about zipper sewing:
I often sew the zipper directly to the lining, and then slip stitch the whole thing in. I have a similar shaped knitting bag that I used this technique on. It certainly holds up, provided the slip stitching is nice and tight.

I’ve not yet decided exactly how I’m going to put the zipper and lining in. As I mentioned, I’ve got some heavy duty interfacing, as well as the lining material. I was thinking about sewing the zipper into the bag itself perhaps using the sewing machine, and attaching the lining to the interfacing, and putting that inside the bag, and then sewing it into place by hand on the inside. This is one of those things that I won’t exactly figure out until I start messing with it, I think.

There’s also the handles to think about.

I bought grosgrain ribbon to make the little tabs to slip the handle hardware through, to attach the handles to the bag. You need 4 tabs, 2 for each handle. I’m thinking about extending the ribbon around the bottom on the inside and fashioning each end into a tab on each side. I’d sew it down on the bottom, to add some strength, and tack it to the sides. Doing this twice, of course, once at each end of the bag. Kind of hard to describe, but I can picture it in my head.


I’ll get to that eventually.

In the meantime, I finished the second Schaeffer Anne sock. Whee!


The pattern on the leg is just a simple little lace thingie. It’s done over 5 stitches thusly:

Row 1: (k1, yo, sl, k2 tog, psso, yo, k1) around
Rows 2-4: Knit around.

And I started a new sock:


This is Interlacements Tiny Toes, in colorway 402. The extent of my passion for this yarn in this colorway can not be adequately expressed in mere words.

The yarn is very Koigu-y — one of those squishy sproingy sock yarns that I hold so dear. And the color? Well, it’s green.

Like I said. Cannot be adequately expressed in mere words.

Lucy is feeling the love.


P.S. Beverley in New Zealand is looking for a place were she can order circular needles longer than 80cm (for use with the magic loop technique), possibly less pricey than Patternworks. Anyone have any recommendations for online vendors who ship internationally?


  1. Don’t know if they ship internationally or not, but I get all my 60″ Addis for magic looping from Ardith Keef, Their prices are very reasonable and they’re quite easy to deal with. I’d be willing to bet that they WOULD ship to New Zealand if asked.

  2. Oooh, must now knit ANOTHER pair of socks, you, you ENABLER!!!

  3. I’ve been tempted by the Noni bags as they are so chic. Love the fun flowers they offer, too. Wonder if a Spider Mum would be hard to knit…hummmm.

  4. Let’s see. Get dressed and venture out into the oppressive (lately) heat and humidity to go to a hobby or fabric store when there’s the internet and you don’t even have to get dressed? I vote for not dressed.

    Besides, you can drink margaritas while you order your zipper.

  5. Loving the Noni Baguette! I’m waiting for my pattern to arrive.

    I have craft/fabric/hobby stores in my area but, because of The Traffic (we have precious little mass transit around here), it is actually cheaper to order stuff over the internet (not to mention cooler). Plus you know you are getting what you want rather than running from store to store, hoping you find something that might work. And I love margarita-enabled shopping (just don’t spill on the keyboard!).

    As for the extra long circs, carries them and they ship internationally.

  6. MamaLana says:

    Are you now knitting green socks cuz you need a little green in your Log Cabin thingy? Hmmm? P.S. Lucy is SO beautiful!!!

  7. i live in new zealand, and use, no problems at all, tax free, and they ship really quicly and cheaply. their site has changed so instead of listing all needles you now have to search by brand, no problem as i loooove addi which go up to 100 cm. I even stuffed up my order and they shipped what i really wanted at no cost, not even waiting for me to return the unwanted ones. I have also used the, again no problems. for me in nz the uk site worked out cheaper even with shipping as they were able to send tax free internationally.

  8. deborah says:

    any tips for felting in one of those front loading high efficiency washing machines? can you just run it thru a couple of cycles without pulling it out?
    i did an i-cord and put it thru a few times. not exactly finished felting. do folks go to a commercial laundromat if they don’t have the right kind of washer.
    another question – how crazy is it to want to own an angora bunny so i can send the yarn somewhere or learn to spin it myself? i am still a beginner knitter but love knitting and love animals.
    crazy as a loon!
    but love your website!

  9. (WEBS) and – both list the needles under Skacel Addi Turbos and both ship internationally. Jimmy Bean’s lists the prices on their FAQ page.

  10. I don’t tend to be a green person, but that sock yarn is absolutely yummy!

    *resists urge to check other colorways for Tiny Toes *

  11. karen w says:

    I’ve had great success felting in my front-loading Maytag Neptune, both with Cascade 220 and Noro Kuryeon. I have a ratty pair of jeans I add when felting and place the item to be felted in a mesh lingere bag. Causes enough agitation to felt. Sometimes very quickly. Also, I can pause the cycle and open the door to check progress (the water level stays below the bottom of the door).
    I got my ginormous needles from Threadbear Fiberarts-just shoot ’em an email ( and they’ll let you know availability. Pretty sure they ship anywhere. Or go to Good Luck!

  12. Astrid sells Addis of all lengths. She might have what you are looking for:

  13. I have ordered very long needles from Shelridge Farm and/or Lucy Neatby’s Tradewind Designs. Canada to US worked well. Very responsive to questions and all. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. I found that there’s an Australian needle enabler—erm, supplier online with excellent prices. She’s at Stick To Your Knitting. I get my Addi Turbos exclusively from her – she’ll ship to the US, and the cost (including the amount for shipping) ends up being less than when I order from US stores. (cross-posted to Beverley’s blog comments, duh)

  15. Ooh, that sock yarn is so pretty! (Man, I tell you, that blue-green thing gets me every time.) And that bag is adorable, and I really like the bright, cheery colors. It’s a happy bag!

  16. The bag is gorgeous and the green colorway is to die for!! (well not literally of course but you get my drift)

  17. has a variety of needles longer then 80cms.

    They carry Addi Turbo’s and Natura, Inox Express, Crstal Palace Bamboo, and
    Clover Bamboo.


  18. Rosemary Rose says:

    I just got this notice from a shop I frequent, thought this might be of interest to everyone we can get the word out to.


    3. Finally, Super exciting news!!!!! Holz & Stein ROSEWOOD and EBONY circular and double point needles (US size 8 and smaller) will be available starting on Friday, first come basis. Email us at to be placed on the waiting list. If you are a Holz & Stein collector, do not hesitate for this extraordinary opportunity to complete your set!

    Staff at Yarn Heaven

    817-226-YARN (9276)

  19. The bag looks great felted.

  20. I was going to use your toe-up pattern for some socks. The yarn is being custom dyed in college colors as a present. The colors will be a mixture of long and short bursts. Can you recommend a pattern to complement that? Thanks for any advice!
    Love love love the Noni bag!

  21. Can’t wait to see the bag all finished. And I spy with my little eye, 2 nice additions to the Log Cabin!

  22. I love the side of the bag. It reminds me of a kiwi!

  23. Purllee says:

    I just noticed that your avatar got a haircut. Did you get one too?

  24. I really like the Noni bag … I think that I can hear it calling to me from my computer … Erin, make me … Erin, make me … ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. I so felted the crap out of my booga, I think. It’s teeny tiny. But I lurve it, and that’s what matters, jes?

  26. I LOVE the pink/green Noni and I love the pink flower, and I can’t wait to see Michelle Meow inside with the pink zipper closing it all up!
    Wow! Wendy, you truly ARE the ultimate enabler, you know? hmmm….my fingers would prefer to do the “walking” on my keyboard rather than the yellow pages to find the hobby/fabric store that had the right zipper to fit in the bag and then trek to the store…yup give me the internet anyday! And I’m gonna save THAT sock lacy pattern, too…

  27. Jeff Wonderland on Ebay? I believe he’ll ship internationally. I got size 1, 60″ addis from him for about $7.00.

  28. You knit too darn fast for me!!!! Trying to keep up with all your projects is impossible! I don’t know how you manage to finish your socks so quickly.

  29. Oooo! You are a horrible influnce! I have been soo good about resisting the Noni bags so far but reading this may be pushing me right over the edge. As if I even need to add another project to my list! Gah!

    Your bag is very cute though.

  30. I love the end of your bag! So cute. I think sewing the zipper to the bag and the interfacing to the lining is the way to go (floppy lining makes me crazy). That’s how I’ve done it with fabric bags and it seems to work well. I like the idea of using the same piece of ribbon (or fabric in my case) for both tabs – it would seem that the end product would be very sturdy (and you really want that with your handles).

  31. Ginny Thomas says:

    Those green socks looks lucious. Where can you get the Interlacements Tiny Toes yarn (I need more sock yarn like I need a hole in my head, but I still want it!)

  32. Try KnitPicks on line for the long circular needle….they have new needles in their line….not as pricy.

  33. Gretchen says:

    Would you share your source for zippers? My local fabric store options are pretty pathetic as well.

  34. Ooooh I love the greens and blues in that sock, my favorite colors!

  35. Wow, I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen four items in your “current work in progress” section before! Just sayin’.

  36. dana meadows says:

    I am new to your website, finding it after i bought your book! I also have a knitting supervisor…Marvin, my seal point siamese…he wonders though…how do you knit so many things so quickly? He is disappointed that i am so slow…

  37. Honestly, no I have NEVER felted the crap out of anything. I was brought up with the proper laundering of wools. And if I ever tried to felt something, I’m sure my mom would come flying out of nowhere just to bitch slap some sense into me. I scared of felting. It’s my heritage I guess.
    The Interlacements Tiny Toes is a beautiful green.

  38. I made socks in the same Interlacements colorway a while back, and found that I could only describe them as “poisonous alligator socks”. =D

  39. Your felted bag is wonderful! The only thing I’ve every felted is old sweaters bought at garage sales and thrift stores so that I could cut them up for applique on quilts … love the feel of felted wool!

  40. That bag’s adorable – it looks like candy! For next time you need a zipper, G Street Fabrics will shorten zippers, if you need a custom size. They’re not all that likely to have a heavy-duty zipper in pink, admittedly, but sometimes it’s surprising what they have….