My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


The Blog Days of Summer

A bit of knitting ennui has settled in. Must be the weather. Although, thankfully, it’s not nearly as hot as it is on the West Coast, the heat and humidity do get a bit much after a while. Or maybe it’s my Muse. Yeah, that’s it — she gets cranky in heat and humidity.

(Lucy, on the other hand, is happy to sleep on handknits.)


But . . . it could always be worse. I am exceedingly grateful for electricity and the joy of air-conditioning.

But because my brain seems to be on vacation, you’ll just get some random stuff today.

I just remembered today that I hadn’t posted about the Knitpicks circular needles I got in the mail a few days ago. I bought some of the smaller sizes that are not available in the interchangeable set.

Here is the 3.25mm needle, which I bought in the 32″ length, with an Addi Turbo of the same size. The Knitpicks needle is on the top.


And here is a picture of the join. Again, the Knitpicks needle is on the top.


I really like the Knitpicks needle. The tip is nice and pointy and the join is very smooth.

I put my log cabin blanket on the Knitpicks 3.25mm needle:


Hey, guess what’s on the Addi 3.25mm needle? It’s Keelan!


I haven’t abandoned it — I’ve done a little bit on it for the past couple of nights.

But even though I am knitting it in the comparative comfort of the air-conditioned indoors, it’s not comfortable. It’s simply not great summer knitting.

Mebbe I need to knit another Noni . . .



  1. Thank you! Guess I’ll have to try out those Knitpicks needles now, and hope my achy hands don’t mind the metal – but those joins & points look awfully good for lace!
    Kitties in the summer…you can just never have enough heat, can you, Lucy? The Meezer agrees!
    I like the looks of those greens for another Noni…

  2. I am icrazy about Cascade 220 yarn. I find it as exciting to buy as to knit, with all the new colors they’ve been stocking at my local store lately (I live in rural southern Indiana). Loved the Noni Bag!

  3. Hi,

    I am so impressed by the various knitting needles available to you in USA. We do not have that many needles to choose between in Denmark and as I have been looking for pointy needles for lace knitting I was so glad when I saw the tips of the KnitPicks needles, but unfortunately they only send to USA and Canada.

    Oh well we will probably be able to buy them in Denmark in app. 30 years ๐Ÿ˜‰

    AND I love the bag and can hardly wait to see it finished.

    Mette in very sunny Denmark

  4. Wendy, you are the worst for my budget!! I’ve been good about putting off buying the Knitpick needles and now I’ll have to – the points on the tips have sold me! I need some pointy ends for a few lacey projects. Thanks for the advice! Now, if I can find a pointy, non-metal needle – do you have any recommendations that are currently available?

    Carol in southside VA

  5. The knitpicks needles look enticing……and I love the catalog story of how it was invented!……as for knitting (here we are in CA and it is brutally hot for the 10th day in a row!)…and for the first time I can remember we are being hit with humidity……eck!….it does sap the energy…I am knitting cotton…..try the kimono or slip from Mason-Dixon……

  6. I have been knitting a wool cabled throw as a Christmas present for my mother-in-law; similarly, it’s not the perfect summer knit because it’s so big and it covers my lap. But I haven’t made up my mind yet about how I enjoy knitting with cotton…maybe I will just have to give it another chance.

  7. Michelle says:

    I have a non-related question—I’m in awe of your knitting. I’m teaching myself, and I’m very impatient…I want to knit like you!!!!

    How many decades of practice will it take?

  8. I like your Log Cabin. It reminds me of an oil painting. Love the colors. But how could it not be great, look at the wonderful sock yarn you are using!

  9. love the greens ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Here we go again.I made the Noni bag (pink and green)right before you did. Loved the project so I just ordered-I think -the same yarns as you are showing.Wondering if we will be doing the same design?!
    Like minds…

  11. On the MD KAL, there’s some discussion about binding off each side of the log cabin and picking up the stitches or just leaving the stitches live on circular needles. Which way are you doing it? I couldn’t tell from the picture. I tried it both ways. But then another project interrupted the log cabin before I could make a final decision. Thanks.

  12. margaret says:

    needles? here’s the latest: Colonial Rosewoods in the 3.25mm? well, um , er – my AS Mardi Gras cardi is going back on the Inox grey 3.25mm circs – why, you ask? them CR circs’ needle parts are a tad too long for my widdy bitty hands … I guess it was a $38 investment that was not quite worth it –

    eventually going to use the Options needles for the Pyramid Jacket (number 3) when it cools down enough in the baked apple to let the project sit in my ample lap.

  13. It is so hard to knit in this weather!

  14. SoCal is experiencing both heat AND high humidity. Feels like I’m back on the East Coast, but without the greenery. Almost too hot to knit, but managing to get in a little every day. The cats hang out under the clawfoot tub or on the ceramic tile floor–except for the biggest hairiest one, who really has decided I need 12 lbs. of fur coat on my lap at all times!

  15. Grumperina has done a study on the Knitpicks needles and noticed that they are much heavier than the others – is this something that you have noticed yourself and do you find the weight of your needle makes a difference to your comfort?

  16. marjorie says:

    I switched from knitting with wool to a project in Cotton Fleece, just so I could keep knitting this summer. Even in New York state, the weather has been so awful that the thought of touching wool makes me feel warm (and we’ve had relatively cool weather compared to the West). If it keeps up, I will de-stash using some Rustic Silk from Cherry Tree Hill Yarns (it feels like cotton). I was wondering how everyone else was managing to knit with wool.

    Show us a picture of the new Noni bag, please.

  17. Oooh, I would love to see a Noni in those colors! Do it!!!!

    How is Lucy about shedding on those handknits? My cats seem to love to shed on mine…way too much!

  18. Wow! Your log cabin looks pretty big. I’m wondering what the curent dimensions are and if you have determined the point at which you’ll bind it off.

  19. Your log cabin is fabu! And what’s with fur-bearing creatures sleeping on wool? I don’t get it. My cats and dog do the same as Miss Lucy.

  20. I LOVE that green Cascade… been eyeing it for a while now trying to think of a good project for it.

  21. Hey, Wendy. Grumperina just dropped the bombshell that Addi is actually considering pointier needles…wouldn’t that be something? Apparently they are wanting / needing more input from their consumer base before they do it. But, I’ve sent in my opinion to Addi and am doing my duty spreading the word. **chuckles**

    Anyway, if you are curious about what the heck I’m talking about, you should check out Kathy’s post.

    I know I’m just tickled pink at the thought of having Addi’s with nice, sharp points.

  22. Hey! All this knitting looks great. Can I have some of your amazing knitting mojo? Mine seems to have been taken away by the heat.

    P.S. If I were Lucy, I would be totally napping on that Log Cabin blanket. It looks so comfy and “nap-able”.

  23. You, you, Enabler! Those needles look wonderful. As does the sock yarn log cabin. It’s just getting prettier the bigger it gets!

  24. To Carol in southside VA – try the Crystal Palace wood needles – My LYS recommends them over the addis. I like them alot. But, I am trying to resist ordering the KnitPicks set (after the disaster of purchasing Denise Needles – yuk, horrible, worthless). Great for travel and they come in the larger sizes too.
    I am working on the Noni Bobble Bag. Lots of bobbles (approx 208). Hope to finish it soon so I can start another Noni.
    Now that Sacramento is a cold (lol!) 100 today, I can get back to my knitting w/o a 500 mo a/c bill. My cats love to lay on my knitting or yarn no matter the temp.

  25. I love reading everyone’s reviews and pictures of the KnitPicks needles. Grumperina wrote a lengthy post about how heavy they are – does their heavier weight bother you? And do you think the join is as smooth as the Addi Turbo?

  26. Oops – never mind the above question – I see you answered it in today’s post. Love the Noni bag! ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Have I said I love the Noni Bag? If not, I looove the Noni Bag.
    I may have to order one to make for myself once my project list gets a little smaller.