My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Weekend Hijinks

Friday night the KOARC and I indulged in a little Kool-Aid dyeing.

We more or less followed this excellent tutorial from Barbara Harris-Pruitt.

We got 10 different flavors of Kool-Aid and set to work. Here’s the KOARC’s skein:


Two shades of red with a splash of yellow.


Very nice, isn’t it?

And here’s mine:


A few more colors — less attractive, I think than the KOARC’s skein.


But fun, nevertheless!

Don’t ask me what flavors we used to get these colors — I have no idea!

Needles and Socks/Socks and Needles

I finished the first Pond Scum sock — lookie here:


And started the second one:


Kelly in New Mexico asked:
Other than the rosewood needles what are your favorite wood dbl.pts to use for socks. I kind of don’t like bamboo as much as birch or a hard wood, I was wondering what you preferred?

And Sheri in St. Louis asked:
My question – I knit with metal DPN’s because I find that I need that point when doing any sort of lace pattern & on short row wraps. I don’t knit overly tight at all – I just seem to need the pointy end to get into the stitches (especially when picking up short row wraps). Have you found good, pointy wooden DPN’s? (The Colonial Rosewood look a bit pointy. Are they?)

The Colonial Rosewoods are plenty pointy for me — I can easily do a k2tog with sock yarn and a 2mm needle. And when I’m not using my Rosewoods, I’ve been using my Skacel bamboo needles. Nicely pointy, I think.

And Now For Something Completely Ludicrous

This article was recently brought to my attention.

I think I’m going to patent my knitting style. Then everyone who knits like me will have to pay me a per-stitch royalty.

Lucy sez:


Another weekend almost over already?


  1. Your Kool Aid dyeing turned out to be pretty. It’s a fun thing to do and should make another fabulous pair of socks.

  2. Beautiful colors. It’s amazing what can be done with KA.
    For patents? I’d like to patent breathing. Then, if certain people don’t pay up, they can’t breathe. ‘Nuff said. (Miss Lucy might want to inquire about the whole Cuteness Patent…)

  3. For us ignorant foreigners what IS Kool Aid?

  4. Love the Kool-Aid yarns! My kids and I love the Kool-Aid dyeing. (They both knit. It warms my heart!) (Okay, they’re both still in the doll-blanket phase, but isn’t that how we all started out?)

    Hurray for patents! I’m going to patent nose-picking, simply so I can demand a fee every time I look into my rearview at a stoplight and see the person behind me picking away.

  5. I think a better name for your “Pond Scum” socks as Mermaid socks. Maybe you’ve already used that one, but that’s what they remind me of.

  6. You have a dude who is willing to play with wool with you? Oh man. Hang on to that one! And yes, his is very pretty.

  7. Amanda, Try it is the official website for Koolaid – the colored, sugar water drink of the kidlet set (flavored powder mixed with water and your own sugar; or the pre-sugared stuff you mix just with water). I’m thinking the yarn dying crowd uses the plain powdered stuff and skips the sugar! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. You have got to be friggin’ kidding me. I would have thought people had more to do in this day in age.

    Anyhoo. Hey! Love the Kool-Aid dyeing, I think they’re both looking pretty good. Any plans for them?

    Do you remember those old TV commercials for Kool-Aid where they proudly showed that it only took 2 cups of sugar for every package of Kool-Aid you made? I can still see those frazzled, hopped up kids running to the Mom with the Kool-Aid jug. No wonder we were all so hyper in the 70’s… All that yapping to say – amazing that you can actually dye with Kool-Aid. How do you make it colourfast?

  9. What? No one’s patented their breathing style yet? Sheesh with all the promlems in the world you’d think people could make better use of their time (and $$$!!)

    I love the pond scum socks!! I tried to order some but it’s all gone!!

    A Lucy question…do you sill feed her Artemis? I just ordered some for the P-Man.

  10. Wendy (no relation) in Colorado says:

    Kool-Aid is basically flavored and colored sugar water. You buy a packet, mix it with water and a ton of sugar, and feed it to other people’s kids.

  11. Love the yarns… and the bear. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Imagine how much time that guy would have had with his kid playing, if he didn’t spend all that time patenting how to play… sigh.

  12. You know, I took that Kool-Aid dyeing class up at Carodan Farm this past June and it was a lot of fun. We also used food coloring, (just your standard readily-available McCormick food dyes), and they seem to produce colors that are quite a bit richer and more saturated than the Kool-Aid. Either way, it was fun. And messsssssssy.

  13. anne marie in philly says:

    I think both yarn hanks look great. wendy’s reminds me of sherbet.

    lucy looks like she is saying “something smells funny in here…..” boiled yarn, perhaps?

    keep cool this week!

  14. Hi Wendy:

    Which brand of yarn did you and the KOARC use?

  15. Hey Wendy! I did a little stash enhancing over the weekend, and since you’ve always got your finger on the pulse of new knitting things, I thought you might like to know what I found. 1. Blue Moon Fiber Arts makes a 100% silk laceweight that is GORGEOUS. Knit-purl has it on sale for 40% off, or a mere $24, though you have to call. Their website is Also, I bought four skeins of the new Debbie Bliss Pure silk – LORD, it is soft! Soft enough to make a poor girl drop nearly fifty bucks for five-hundred-odd yards! Lusciously soft. Anyway, I thought of you as I made my (numerous) purchases. I’m also writing a review of all my yarn shop visits in Portland, for any other visitors to the city; it’s on my blog for those interested!

  16. Also, Wilton Cake Dyes are excellent for dyeing and cheaper than Kool Aid if you’re dyeing more than a skein or two. The colors are very rich and require less mixing, since they come in lots of shades already. A little goes a long way with those little tubs ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. Next up – Wilton’s cake icing dyeing? One-shot acid dyes? The Wendy Knits line of colors? ๐Ÿ˜‰ The Pond Scum sock turned out brilliantly!

  18. Pointiest needles on the planet: Goldings, same people who make the fabulous ring spindles. They are rosewood and until you figure out how to get your fingers out of the way they’ll cause puncture wounds. You can get them with normal points, too. They make them with two finishes – regular wood and buffed for slippery. Really great for doing cables and lace. NAYY

  19. You skein will look great once it’s knit. I tried koolaid dying once. Turned my fingers a lovely shade of red/orange for 3 days.

    I’m hoping Steven Olson doesn’t track me down for royalities. I was only a child when I was sideways swinging. I didn’t even think to look for a patent.

  20. What summer fun to have and feel like a kid!…..colors are yummy/delicious/thirst quenching!………as for patent: well, paying you would be worth it…….I wonder how many variations to swinging kids could/have come up with…..and would there be swing monitors?…..the article was a good laugh!…..

  21. I don’t Steven, five years old at the time of the patent app and probably about nine years old now, will be tracking us down for swinging royalties!

  22. Lisa, Mike, Jack, Della says:

    Haha! Ludicrous indeed. If only the article started with “It’s not just your Grandma’s swing,” I’d be perfectly amused.

    Hey, it’s hot, isn’t it. Woofs. Nice dyeing.

  23. catspaw says:

    I’m just back from 2 weeks vacation and find you have a new avatar with a shorter haircut. Did you cut your gorgeous hair even shorter or are you just feeling the heat? I’ve had 3 dreams about cutting my hair but I really don’t wanna!

    Catspaw, thinking of patenting her odd knitting syle too.

  24. The yarns dyed in Kool Aid are absolutely beautiful! Great colors!

  25. Oh, yum, that dyeing did turn out well!

  26. Hi Wendy,

    I really liked the colours in your cool aid dyed yarn, and it is knitting up really well. I would like to have a go at dyeing some yarn, but
    yet have not got around to doing it.

    I have just purchased your book which a friend recommened to me and gave me your web site. My friend has finished reading your book and has
    knitted the mouse from the book.