My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Welcome to August

Hey, guess what? It’s hot.

And hey, guess what? Building management for the large and seriously clunky federal building where I work apparently turned off the a/c overnight. Those of us who get to work early were gasping. Three hours later, the temperature was down to 82 degrees in my office, and it felt pretty good.

You know it’s hot when a member of your staff, an exceedingly dignified gentleman in his 50s, was sitting in his office with his shoes off and his trousers rolled up to his knees. It made quite a picture, but my request to take a photo for the blog was not met with enthusiasm. Go figure.

(However, since said staff member volunteered to brave the elements and went outside, across the alley, to a cafe to get ice cream for everyone — his treat — I will refrain from posting photos.)

Then there’s the commute home . . .

Fortunately, my home is relatively cool. I keep the shades drawn during the day and of course all lights off and the a/c running, so Lucy can nap all day in cool comfort. (And I am praying to the Gods of Electricity that the power stays on so things remain as they are.)


But after spending an hour outdoors and on trains (where if the a/c is working at all, it’s minimal) this afternoon, one is pretty wiped out. I want to finish my green Noni bag (can’t finish the pink/green one til the zipper gets here) by making the lining and attaching the hardware, etc., but I’m just too tired and overheated to think about it.

But I can answer a couple of questions . . .

A couple of you asked where I got the lime green handles. I bought mine from EweNeedYarn. She doesn’t list them on her website, but you could drop her an email and see if she’s still got some.

Also, try Angelika’s Yarn Store. She carries a lot of hardware for the Noni Bags, and when I last checked she had some of the lime green ones in stock, but in a larger size — 6.8″. She might just be out of stock on the 5.5″ ones that are called for in the pattern.

Lisa asked what colors I used for the body of my bag — I used colors #9407 and #9459.

Christina asked: “Do you think you’ll carry this purse?” If I do a good enough job of finishing it and make it sturdy enough, I will!

Honor asked about the loopy bits shown on the photo on the front of the patterns — those are supposed to be vines. I didn’t make any vines for my bag. ๐Ÿ™‚

What I Am Knitting

I am more or less happily knitting along on the second Pond Scum sock during the commute. I find that I don’t mind knitting wool socks too much when it’s hot and steamy, and I do, after all, have to make the time pass while on the train, right?


And at home, I finished the back of Keelan:


Yee ha.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go stick my head in the freezer.


  1. I really like your feather and fan socks. So much so that I am going to begin a pair in that pattern as soon as my second shaped sock is done. You are a gorgeous knitter and I LOVE your book! Am so glad I bought it. Your blog and knitting are inspirations. I got the Noni bag patterns a few months ago…now I need to try to knit one!

  2. Isabelle says:

    Sorry about the heat. Those of us in Northern California have finally cooled off. I’d send you and Lucy some fog if I could.

    I keep thinking of you and the black violet socks because I’m having trouble with some dark green silk/wool/mohair blend yarn for a gift scarf. My hands clean up easily with soap and water, but I’m afraid that my bamboo needles are toast after this project is done. Can wood or bamboo needles be cleaned safely?

    Thank you for the continued inspiration. I felt brave enough to knit socks for my 5-year old niece using your pattern and they were a hit!

    Give Lucy a scratch behind the ears.

  3. Sorry about your heat. Exhausting, isn’t it!?! Here in SoCal we are a bit cooler. Thankfully! has the handles for the Noni bags. They have (or maybe had by now) the green acrylic ones in the smaller size.

    The Pond Scum Socks are wonderful. And Keelen looks great!

  4. Lucy looks like she knows how to enjoy the A/C!

    Keelan is looking lovely ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. What’s all the hubbub about the heat? Welcome to my world everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

    I love those socks, the color is awesome and perfectly suited for the feather and fan! Love Keelan too!

    PS- I bought BOTH the Fresh Mix and the Natural Six Artemis…I believe I’ve taken obsessive to new heights!

  6. It’s all very wiltable right now up here in Boston, too. (And, thank you for thinking of Lucy in this weather. Miss Lulu has her AC, too.)
    I’m loving the Pond Scum, it’s a great color. But I have a particular fondness for cables. And, I know, you don’t use a cable needle. That amazes me.

  7. The heat broke in the Upper Midwest today – so maybe it will there in a day or so??

  8. Oh, Wendy – I remember those Metro trains in this kind of heat. You have my sympathy and I’ll pray to the Gods of Electricity right along with you for all of us, okay?
    Socks are good hot weather knitting, I think!

  9. Hi Wendy! I’ve been sticking my head in the freezer all day too! Want to start a club?

  10. The center of the Midwest is stiffling still. When I went to the polls after work, it was still over 100 degrees F.

    Socks are about all I can STAND to knit in this kind of heat. I really want to finish the edging on my shawl, but I can’t stand it my lap. Even lace is hot in this weather. Please, cooler temps and RAIN, please…..

  11. Hi Wendy! I’m glad someone (i.e. you) is making knitting progress — I’m carrying my project around with me everywhere and never taking it out of the bag. I wish my clunky federal building would turn the a/c down overnight — my office got so cold this afternoon that I actually opened the window. The hot air blasted in like one of those fireplace blowers, so it didn’t take long to thaw out. Fingers are still crossed that the grid will survive the heatwave!

  12. Funny how some people don’t understand the blog’s incessant need for interesting pictures, isn’t it??

  13. Speaking of the heinous heat on Metro – just last week I heard that Metro is going to spend something like $30 Million to upgrade the air conditioning in Metro Stations (those below-ground).

    The news story said that the current A/C in the stations is not adequate to maintain the desired target temperature of 86 degrees.

    That means that the a/c in the stations is intended to bring the temperature DOWN to only 86 degrees, and that it’s not doing that now.


    However, there is a cold spot in most of the underground stations. On the platform level (lowest platform at bi-level stations… Metro Center, Gallery Place, etc) near the escalator are the vents that are pumping out the cold air, and if you position yourself just right while waiting for a train, you can get a nice cold blast of icy air right on your head.

  14. Roasting here in PA too. I’ve been sticking my head in a gallon of ice cream. How do you get so much knitting done and work a full time job? Inquiring minds want to know! Amazing.

  15. elizabeth says:

    Lucy is lucky to have to have the AC-It was almost 100F here in VT today-I have 2 ragdolls who have spent their time stretched out on their backs. I keep the fans running-helps me knit a wool sweater at the same time.

  16. The PTB turned the A/C off at work because they were trying to save energy. Or at least that is what the Post reports. I am happy that I live in the country where at least we had a breeze today. Thank God for A/C though!!! Who could survive a mid-Atlantic summer without it?

  17. Hi Wendy, we’re following the Eastern weather as we’re out to Stratford and Montreal next week.
    Did your green Noni bag change colour in felting? The light green seems to be more mellow. I had this with a Cascade marl in the Constant Companion from A Knitter’s Stash. I used it in the stripe, but couldn’t stand it in the pocket. After felting, I wish I had just let go.

  18. I hear ya, girl. I took the Amtrak to Baltimore on Monday and thank goodness the A/C was working properly, but it was still hot everywhere else. Bleh.

    As a new sock knitter and recent train traveler, I have to ask – do you every drop and lose a DPN during your commute? I tend to be fairly clumsy, so if a needle can be dropped, it will be, and I can’t think of anything more frustrating than knitting happily along and then having to stop knitting until the next time one can find a replacement for the lost needle. Do you carry extras for such an occasion, or are you just savvy enough to not have that problem anymore?

  19. Oh, and a Lucy question – is she of the belly-rubbing breed or is she of the freak-out-if-you-touch-my-belly species? She sure looks like she wants a belly rub in that last picture! ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. I hope you’re eating ice cream while your head’s in there. (‘Cause that’s what I’m doing.)

    Keelan looks good. I love how there are just two panels for the cable pattern. It really pops this way.

  21. Our building management: It’s hot? That’s because your blinds aren’t closed completely and you have a fan on. The fan is making it too hot for the AC to work.

  22. In our building, the exterior office occupants swelter while the interior office occupants are constantly looking for fingerless gloves so they can type and keep warm at the same time.

    Seems the building was designed to trigger heat and A/C depending on the temperature of the exterior hallway (one big hallway all around the building. The office occupants with doors facing said hallway are supposed to draw the blinds to ward off the heat of the sun, BUT they like the view so they never do. Hence, a dichotomy of temps. For we of the interior offices, the first five seconds out the front door to go home is bliss – we finally warm up – then of course we join the sweltering crew! ๐Ÿ™‚

    They are calling for relief for the weekend. I certainly hope this is the one in five time the weather forecasters are right!

  23. Your socks are gorgeous! Thanks for the links for the handles.

  24. Kathleen Y says:

    Hi Wendy, I’ve just bought a copy of your book, and I love it! Very funny, kept me up till all hours last night, chuckling, sympathising, empathising, agreeing… Thanks for the blog, and your commitment to keeping it fresh. I check it whenever I’m online.
    Cheers from Troon, Scotland !

  25. My husband’s federal office building closed yesterday due to a water main break. It had caused the air conditioning to stop working in the high-rise glass box. Yikes.