My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Now This Rocks!

When I got home from work this afternoon, there was a package from Blue Moon Fiber Arts.
“How odd,” I thought. “I don’t remember ordering any Socks That Rock recently.”

I opened it up and look what was inside!


Can’t read the colorway name on the label? Here’s a close-up:


It’s a colorway inspired by Lucy! There was a note enclosed from Tina, Blue Moon Dyer Extraordinaire, saying that my fairy godmother had wished for this colorway. And I understand there might be more available if you contact Blue Moon . . .

There will be no living with Lucy now!


Some Noni Notes

Thank you for all the lovely comments on the Noni Baguette. I am very pleased with it!

How I did the finishing:

By the way, except for where noted, I did all the sewing by hand. After doing some machine stitching on the first Noni bag, I decided that handsewing was the way to go — far easier to execute, looks better, but longer to achieve.

First, I folded grosgrain ribbon in half lengthwise and stitched it together on the machine. I cut two long lengths and inserted them into the bag at the points where the handle loops were needed. I took one piece of ribbon and carefully sewed it down along the inside of the bag, with the ends sticking up on each side. The I folded down the excess and sewed it to itself on the inside to form the loop on each side.


So at each end of the bag, the loops on either side of the zipper are fashioned from one long continuous piece of ribbon sewed down onto the bag on the inside. I think this will give it extra strength while being carried — the tension on the loop will not be concentrated on one spot where it is sewed to the bag, but be distributed all the way around.

Then I put little brass purse feet on the bottom.

Then I sewed in the zipper. There was much cursing at this stage of the process.

I pinned the closed zipper into the top opening, then opened it to carefully to sew it into place. The top opening of this bag isn’t as perfect as the previous bag, because of the stripes of color, which made the edge slightly uneven. Still, it isn’t too bad.


After sewing in one side of the zipper (taking tiny, hopefully invisible, stitches), I zipped it up to make sure it looked okay. I then unzipped and sewed the other side. Then I exhaled the breath I was holding in throughout the entire process.

I ordered the custom-length zipper from I’ve used them in the past and have no problems at all with their zippers — always perfect. Their shipping is a tad slow — I think instead of mailing things they must drop-kick them to their destination. Or maybe I’m too picky.

Onward. Time to line the bag.

In-between the lining and the bag, I used a very stiff interfacing, this one, to be exact.

The baguette is rounded, it doesn’t have a flat bottom.

(Okay I’m wondering what kind of Google searches will find this blog entry since I’ve used the phrases “very stiff” and “flat bottom.” Just sayin’.)

So I cut a rectangle of interfacing and fitted it into the bag to make the tube shape. I pinned the long edges in place along the top opening and then tacked it to the bag in a few places, using sewing thread that matched the pale pink of the bag. I only tacked the interfacing to portions of the bag that are pale pink. (See how clever I am? Rocket scientist, I tell you.)

I cut lining in a rectangle, and fitted it to the inside of the bag, pinning the top edge along the underside of the zipper tape.

Then I cut two circles of interfacing for the ends of the bag and covered them in lining material and shoved them into place in the bag.

It was at this point that it occurred to me that there was no way in hell that I would be able to sew the lining inside the bag unless I turned the whole thing inside out. I took the two circles out, and turned the bag inside out.

I must tell you how entertaining it is to attempt to turn a thickly felted tube lined with an extremely heavy interfacing inside out while there is a very furry cat pacing and twirling in your lap, head-butting your hand so you will put down what you are doing and pet her.

I feared for the life of the zipper, but got the &*)%#!^$ thing turned inside out. I pinned the lining-covered ends to the ends of the bag, tucking the edges of the body-lining underneath the circle, and then sewed the whole lining together and to the bag.

And turned it back right-side out, holding my breath all the while that I didn’t seriously f— it up somehow in the meantime.

The bag looked a little crunky at this point. The interfacing was NOT amused at its mistreatment and the circles at the ends were reluctant to sit quietly at the ends where they were supposed to. However, I punched and pummelled and battered the poor thing mercilessly, and suddenly the interfacing popped back into its proper shape, and the circles settled into the ends of the back with nary a whimper.


All that remained was to attach the handles. The hardware is very cool — there’s a little bar that you slip through the hole in the bamboo and then screw into the other side of the hardware. Fortunately I have a wee tiny screwdriver, so was able to accomplish this.


So there you have it. How I finished my Noni bag. And lived to tell about it.

And of course I’m going to make another bag. I was going to make the Medium Carpet Bag, but I changed my mind. I’m going to attempt a “Noni Knock-off” and more or less design it myself. We’ll see how that goes.


I’ve also got an idea for another perverse item that I need to knit up.

So as you can see, it will be a full weekend indeed!


  1. That Lucy colourway is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Wow! Now that is a cool colorway! Lucy is a superstar!

  3. If Lucy can go from being an orphan to a celebrity with yarn named after her; than maybe there is hope for all of us.

  4. I love the ‘Lucy’ and have already contacted Blue Mountain.

    Hugs to Lucy from my 3 (Sal, Mol and Ophelia)

  5. As soon as I saw the yarn I thought, “It’s Lucy Yarn!” How fantastic that Lucy’s natural superiority and beauty has finally been recognized.

  6. HI Wendy

    Love the Sock’s that rock yarn. Lucky you to have one designed after Lucy.

    The bag has turned out great as well. I can see that , like me you have got “hooked” on bag making. I find them so much fun. Get heaps of compliments as well. A good way to “wear” and show off your knitting. By the way I found that “pelmet” viliene is a great stiff interfacing. Used it in my basket, it stands up a treat. :)[Altho wouldn’t want to turn that one inside out.]

    I have now finished your book and can’t believe how alike we are in “knitting” life. Only thing tho you are so much more productive than I have ever been. ๐Ÿ™‚ How you find time and work full time…!! My projects are in a basket by my chair and “tempt” me everytime I walk past. As my spinning wheel and loom…sigh!

    Looking forward to seeing the result of a weekends work. Enjoy.


  7. I can’t believe how cool that is custom surprise yarn. Wow!

  8. As much as I can’t wait to see the noni-lite bag, I REALLY want to see those Lucy socks knit up. But, Mama must make sure to make short socks so that there is enough left for a mouse for Lucy (I know she needs another to add to her stash ;)). Do you think Lucy would wear little cat booties? A tail cover? (JK)

  9. Lucy Yarn!! What a GREAT colorway! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Lucy! You’re a superstar, darling! ๐Ÿ™‚ That is so cool. I have been considering ordering some STR, but this is a sign…it must be done. Off to Blue Moon!

  11. That yarn is beautiful! Can’t wait to see the resulting socks, and I agree that Lucy needs her own mouse with the leftovers. I love seeing your Lucy pics every day as we had a similar looking kitty when I was growing up. Now I have an orange tabby, but I’m not sure that a colorway in his honor would be nearly as attractive!

  12. Wow! Lucy’s colorway is gorgeous! What a wonderful idea and beautiful colors! Wow!

    (I know, I’m pretty excitable, but still. THAT is a colorway that totally rocks.)

  13. Laura in NJ says:

    Lucy is gorgeous, in yarn and in person (in cat?). How about a Lucy catbed? It’s so cool to have a custom color. Cheryl Shaeffer died me a skein to match a color I requested and I’m still flying high. Talk about personal service! Now I’ll have to make Lucy socks to match my custom Ann socks!

  14. Very clever, and beautiful! I see more sewing in your future… soon you will love it. Heh.

  15. my cats, squirt & dragon, are extremely jealous of miss lucy, but i had to explain to them that her coloring really did deserve a yarn all of her own. it’s lovely and i can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  16. I want a fairy godmother like yours…. I see Lucy socks in your future — Whatever you do don’t knit any kind of kittypie bed with it- you won’t be able to find Lucy in in.

  17. That Lucy colorway is the coolest thing ever! They could have a whole line of cat colored yarn and I bet it would fly off their shelves.

  18. Must.have.Lucy.yarn.

  19. The colors are just purrrfect! That is so funny.

  20. Love the Lucy yarn … totally gorgeous, just like her.

    “Another perverse item”? Egads, a cliffhanger!!

  21. My orange tabby is jealous too, but orange and green and a yarn called “Buster” just doesn’t have the same cache! Love the picture of Lucy with her yarn!

  22. LUCY! So cool! I love how it matches her!
    I’m going to try to dye some ‘Dawin’ yarn someday now!

  23. Lucy is so lucky to have a yarn created in her honor, my Ragdoll Tohru is now ever so jealous of Lucy.

  24. The Lucy colorway is lovely. I would totally by that color

  25. Wow! I can’t believe how well that yarn matches Lucy. How fun! I bet the socks will be awfully cute. Wonder if people will want to pet your feet when you wear them?
    Question about your toe up pattern…I am using it now for my first toe up socks. However I had a wierd gauge thing happen (pics on my blog in the July 10 entry) where it looks as if I was using needles three sizes too big for the toe itself. Do you find that you have to consciously tighten your gauge as you knit the toe portion? Thanks!

  26. The Lucy color way is just too precious. Not only did Tina nail Lucy’s colors, but to get the idea in the first place is a stroke of creative genius. That yarn is going to make some very special socks.

  27. I love the new colorway.. it’s a great match to Lucy.
    did you cast on yet with it?? what does it look like??

  28. Love the Lucy yarn. Can’t believe they were able to produce yarn that matches the prototype so perfectly without having her there!! It’s just beautiful.

    My dictionary doesn’t have the work cronky in it. But I think it should. It rhymes with wonky, and if the Brits can have wonky, we should be able to have cronky. So now you can add neologist to your resume.

  29. That is an awesome dye job!

  30. rachel l. says:

    I have a rescue cat that looks like Lucy’s twin brother — only he’s a bit pudgier — so I must have some of this yarn, too! How wonderful to have a colorway named after Lucy!

    Love the purses, too — lately I am on a shawl kick, but have made a few purses too, but none of the Noni bags. Yet. ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Congrats to Lucy! That is so cool.

  32. The purses are beautiful seperately, but when you had them “posed” together, they were stunning. Your right, the hand stitching definitely adds an extra oomph if you will.

    Lucy colorway has left me speechless.

  33. That is amazingly beautiful. Lucy should be so, so proud.

  34. Wonderful yarns!! They are all lovely!

  35. Love the Lucy yarn. Just emailed BMFA to order yarn and beg for mohair in the same colorway. My four “brownies” Pudgie Mocha, Angel Baby, Mama Mia and Miss Pretty Kitty are demanding that I make socks (and maybe a mohair scarf) in the Lucy colorway. And the other 7 are very jeolous that there are no yarns in their colorway. But Nicki Epstein’s felted cat bag looks alot like my Scampurr. Nicki even gave me suggestions on how to change the purse to look just like him (she was amused with his picture when I met her at Stitches West). I think I’ll have to knit it next. Thank you so much for all of the detail on lining and finishing the felted bags. I am making the Noni Bobble Bag (still in bobble knitting hell-204 total bobbles to make) and have a perfect lining for it. The bags look so great, I may even go back and line my other felted bags. Now to find a kitty lining for Scampurrs bag…

  36. First I got your book from Amazon yesterday and read the awesome story about how Lucy came to live with you and the catnip mouse-a-thon – now today – I find there is a “Lucy” that could come live with me – Socks that Rock to be exact. I have my e-mail request in for this gorgeous colorway, it’s been in my head but I never realized it was actually your cat I was thinking about. She is gorgeous too – so its an obvious leap!

  37. I’m lovin what you’re makin here! Very inspiring Wendy. Can’t wait to see what you’re going to design, LOVE those handles. Are they leather or wood? Of course you know there’s no living with Lucy now. Will that become Lucy socks?

  38. Oh!! that Lucy yarn is beyond beautiful, just like she is. No one deserves that yarn more than you do though, you will make something amasing with it like you always do. I was so thrilled this morning when I recieved the reply to my email to you. It really made my day. But your work with knitting is beyond my comprehention and you do so much more, write books hold a 8 hr job, and I am just so in awe of your talent. How do you do it. I am just blown away. Maybe I better shut up now huh?

  39. P. S. I absolutely Love your wonderful sence of humor. I am sorry you had as much trouble finishing your bag, but I absolutely loved the story about it. Do your talents never cease?

  40. Just wanted to chme in on the Lucy yarn, it’s really pretty. I’d like some of that colorway for myself, but I don’t think my girls would appreciate that!

    I was trying to figure out how you lined that little, itty bitty felted bag..I still can’t wrap my mind around it. I “could” just sit and read your blog post explaining the process, but somethings should remain a mystery…

  41. Wow! That yarn DOES look like Lucy! Not as pretty, though ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Oh, and, I think, if you squint just hard enough, you can see a tiara on ms kitty!!! I swear!

  42. Wow, BMFA & your “fairy godmother” are too cool. Beautiful new colorway ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. Twyla Twinkle Berry, my ragdoll, says “Hooray for you Lucy!” Twyla thinks I need to order some Lucy yarn. Wendy, how about coming up w/ a special sock pattern in honor of your loyal ragdoll audience?

  44. A Lucy colorway – that is truly the coolest ever!

  45. I am in LOVE with the Lucy colorway…my favorite colors! I’ve already sent in my request….

  46. I think my favourite part of this is that you didn’t think it was odd to receive yarn that you didn’t remember ordering. Does that happen often? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  47. I LOVE the Lucy colorway–what a lucky kitty ๐Ÿ™‚ I have a Tonkinese who is the same color. Congrats, Lucy, on getting your own colorway(we should all be so lucky ;)).

  48. Oh, I can’t wait to see what Lucy socks will look like!

  49. I have to say that I wouldn’t knit the Lucy yarn. I’d hang it on a decorative hook just to look at as is – maybe with some other cat things. What an honor for Lucy!

  50. That colorway is so beautiful. I can’t believe how perfectly they got it to match her.

  51. so . . . .. you said one more pair of socks and you were done. looks like its TWO more pairs of socks! beautiful colourway though, and im sure a joy to knit it up. cant wait to see what pattern you decide on.

  52. I love that colorway! Lucy’s one famous kitty and the yarn is a remarkable match to her lovely coloring. So, are they going to sell this yarn in the future? Did you know they were making this colorway after Lucy? Or did you just get the package out of the blue? Either way, that’s wonderful! Thanks for your toe-up-sock pattern by the way. I love it and have knit dozens of socks using your pattern. Long time reader – first time de-lurker. Suzanne “The Frog” of The Frog’s Blog.

  53. Oh MY I”m in love with that BMFA Lucy! I never have much luck in getting the color I really really want always out….;o( Your one lucky lady! I’m jealous!
    The zipper looks great!

  54. I think it’s a pity you don’t enjoy sewing, as you obviously take the time and have the foresight to get all the details right. As a sewer (perhaps that should be sewist) who has been ‘driven’ to knitting by poor health, I usually found that the way to stop being bored/annoyed by a stage in the process that I didn’t like doing was to take the time to do it very thoroughly and that way I usually learned the difference between doing it well and doing it badly and from then on I was able to enjoy it more – e.g. if you press seams as you go, then the garment looks fabulous much sooner. I apply this to knitting now and take more trouble to do the ‘right’ knid of decrease or whatever, and it does make the whole thing more satisfying. So it’s a pity you don’t enjoy putting your bags together so beautifully, but at least you have the satisfaction of the result – love that green ribbon.

    And the Lucy colourway is heaven. I can see a whoe new range opening up – tabby, marmalade, calico…

  55. anne marie in philly says:

    a pretty yarn for a pretty girl!

    my meredith and steven are envious of their cousin’s fame. but they are never spiteful.

    I am personally in love with the blue part of the hank.

    wonder what it will become……..

  56. deborah green says:

    Beautiful yarn inspired by a very beautiful cat -enjoy!

    With purrs from my Birman “Snowflake” to your Ragdoll “Lucy”

  57. The Lucy yarn is beautiful! It’s almost too pretty to use. Can’t wait to see what it becomes.

  58. I’m stunned by how well Lucy and her colorway yarn match. They’re both beautiful. Kudos to BMFA for a great dye job!

  59. What a fantastic colourway (and compliment) ๐Ÿ™‚

  60. Boy am I jealous. You got your Noni bag zipper lined up the first time! And I like to sew! I was getting to the stage where I was going to install the lining. I zipped my bag closed and noticed that the handles no longer lined up and the srripes were off. Geez – how did that happen? Without me noticing no less. Ah well back to the drawing board. I’ll get it done eventually. Sounds like a Saturday afternoon in front of the TV job.

  61. The Lucy colorway is lovely, it looks just like her. What size needle do you use for the STR yarn? Both it and the Fleece Artist have quite a bit less yardage for 4 ounces than ‘standard’ sock yarns like LL or Regia – I haven’t knit with either one yet and didn’t know whether that difference results in a gauge difference…

  62. Hmm…I have an orange Pomeranian whose colour would make for VERY nice Socks That Rock!

  63. Your fairy godmother seriously rocks. Can’t wait to see Lucy knit up (as it were).

  64. Your Noni bag is fabulous. Did you change colors on the underside of the bag? I am trying to do this but for the life of me I can’t seem to make the color sequence work this way. Like the sequence that is 1-cream,2green,1-cream.So assuming the first row of cream starts in the middle of the bag, I must knit to the end of the row, and purl back to the center of the row to switch to the green color. But if I do this…wont this look like two rows of cream instead of 1? Please enlighten me ๐Ÿ™‚

  65. That yarn is beautiful just like the inspiration for it. The bag looks wonderful too.

  66. Lucy is a feline Cinderella!I can’t believe anyone could create yarn as gorgeous as she is but Tina did. I’m off to buy some right now. (Has Lucy requested her own blog yet?)

  67. Oh boy that’s all you need, your cat getting attention! ๐Ÿ™‚ I could use that myself as I have a Lucy cat – his name is Tye and he knows he is pretty. Love the Noni bag!

  68. Wow, after all that work, I’d probably never leave home without it. If I put that much effort into something, everyone better see it and instantly fall in love with it. Even if it meant I was carrying two purses.

    Love the Lucy colourway. That is a tribute indeed.

  69. what an absolutely fabulous colorway!

  70. The Lucy is lovely! I just hope Lucy doesn’t let my cats know… I can’t wait to see your version of a Noni, I’m sure it will be great!!

  71. I am amazed and enthralled by your adventures in finishing the Noni bag. i am wanting to make one, but the idea of finishing it as nicely as you did makes me want to poke my eyes out….

  72. Wow, I just LOVE that yarn colorway. They got it perfect, didn’t they? Does one skein make a pair of socks, or do you need two? By the price it seems like it should make a pair, but I’d hate to get enough for only one sock. :-/

    Have a great weekend!

  73. Ignore my question about the yarn. After looking around at your past socks and sock pattern, I realized (duh) that 100g makes a pair, and a skein of STR is 4.5 oz. which is roughly 100g. So it’s not too expensive after all. ๐Ÿ™‚

  74. Just think, when you’re done with your Lucy socks, you will clverly never be able to see how much cat hair is stuck on them!

  75. Lucky Lucy with her own color! How cool is she?
    And such a pretty colorway.

    I can’t wait to see the bag. I love browns this time a year. Coming up on fall and all…

  76. How cute! It looks like Lucy has a yarn-kitten. You could call him “Hank”. (get it? hank of yarn…haha)

  77. awesome bags.

    awesome color for lucy.
    it looks just like her.

  78. Oh ya, forgot to say I’ll be dyeing up a similar colourway to Lucy for an online buddy of mine who has requested it awhile ago!! Come check it out…well, in a little while anyways!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  79. Oh my goodness!! Lucy is so precious, it makes me tear up! ๐Ÿ™‚

  80. I think your bag and the workmanship are great. And carrying the extra ribbon under the body of the bag is really smart. You know how screws can undo themselves therefore because of using the screw in the handle, if you’re going to use your bag a lot, you might see if you can get a drop or two of “stuff” which might be called ‘loc tite’. I’d try a hardware store, or preferably somebody who is really handy who already has some.

  81. Oh that is so cool. Lucy is truly an inspired cat.

  82. How fabulous is that Lucy Yarn!! That is so great.
    Um, I can’t comment on the sewing because sewing makes my eyes cross but that is going to be one beautiful bag!

  83. Lucy’s colorway certainly deserves a special pair of socks. Any idea what pattern you’ll use? Maybe a Feather and Fan?

  84. Lucy SO deserved to have an STR colorway named after her!

  85. I love the Lucy color way! It was only a matter of time wasn’t it! My cat’s are black and white. If they made a color way of that I would look like an inmate……

  86. The “Lucy” yarn is just gorgeous. I opted for a different type from my pet- 100% pure Shetland Sheepdog. SInce we live in Houston, and he’s a long hair, we get him shaved annually. I then send the fur off to be processed. No big projects have ever been made, just a scarf that sheds like crazy.

    Thank you for the book review. My youngest turns 5 in September, and I am getting her that book. She keeps begging me to teach her how to knit, but she hasn’t sat still long enough for that to happen. ALthough, she does like picking out yarn for me to knit for her.

  87. I bet Blue Moon is covered up with orders right now. Lucy and her yarn are beautiful.

    Wonderful finishing in the Noni bag – for someone that hates to sew you do a great job.

  88. Lucy’s yarn is gorgeous. But of course so is she so that makes sense.

    Seeing and hearing about Lucy has made me want a Ragdoll of my own!

  89. Gorgeous Blue Moon!!!!! What a wonderful idea! Afterall, nature does know best when it comes to mixing colors, no?

  90. Love the colorway of the Lucy yarn. Beautiful! And the inside lining in the bag is too cute!

  91. Barb in Texas says:

    I whipped right over there and asked to be notified if and when there would be enough “Lucy” for a pair of large women’s socks, and LO! An hour later I had a PayPal invoice in my mailbox!

    Lucy is a beauty and so is her yarn. Now I’m on the hunt for flame-point Siamese yarn….. May have to be a Fair Isle project, but Finn wouldn’t mind.

  92. I got one! I got one! I sure am glad my precious kitty matches your precious (and famous) kitty so he can have special fur-matching yarn. (Good thing he doesn’t know how to read, so I can tell him that it says “Roosevelt” on the label and he’ll never know better.)

  93. Congrats to Lucy on the colorway! And what a cool bag!

  94. Lucy, you are the muse for ALL fiber artistes!
    Here’s looking at you, kid!
    Yours most sincerely,

  95. Gorgeous Lucy yarn – they sure got it RIGHT didn’t they? What a great gift.

    Excellent finishing work on the Noni bags. I can’t wait to see your version – and of course – your Lucy Socks that ROCK.

  96. Now how cool is that??? I love that colorway…
    Gee wonder what a colorway called JETHRO would look like? My boy dog Jethro is caramel, black and white…sounds pretty cool….

  97. I love that colorway- so perfectly Lucy indeed. The look on her face is priceless.

  98. Duh, I kept thinking, ‘why does it have the blue in it,’ until Lucy posed with her eponymous yarn.

    I have 2 hanks of ‘Pebble Beach’. I think Pebble Beach should be renamed ‘Faux Lucy’.
    xoxo Kay

  99. Felicidades, Lucy!
    I’m like so incredibly impressed!
    Your own color!
    But give your Wendy some credit…after all, she did take the pictures which allowed Tina to get all the colors JUST PURRRR-fect!

  100. That is quite a beautiful colorway! Lucky Lucy! Someone pointed out that it would be a lovely yarn for Project Spectrum’s theme this month. ๐Ÿ˜‰