My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Lucy J., International Cat of Mystery

Lucy was very pleased to see all the positive comments about the Socks That Rock “Lucy” colorway. She would like you all to know that despite being an international superstar, she enjoys the simple pleasures of life.


Here she is, spending some quality time with her daddy, who is reading to her from Knitting Nell.

A good weekend was had by all. There was a tiger sock sighting!


And speaking of socks, I finished the Kool-Aid socks.


And speaking of socks, I started my Lucy socks.


I am using a size 2mm needle and employing the shetland lace “Cat’s paw” motif on these socks — I’ve put it on the top of the foot.


After turning the heel, I am continuing it all the way around the sock up the leg.

I also finished knitting my “Noni-Knock-Off” bag.


Felting this afternoon!

Now, can anyone guess what this perverse little item will become?



  1. The first STR Lucy-sock sighting! Beautiful! From what I hear, there will be many more to come!

  2. All the socks look great! Good idea on the cat’s paw motif too – that’s going to look wonderful.

  3. The Lucy sock is gorgeous, the Noni bag looks like fun, the Kool-Aid socks are darned cute, and Lucy looks like she is really enjoyed reading time with Dad. The mystery object looks pretty much identical to a sock toe, but that’s too easy. There has to be more to it than that. It’s a mega-extreme close-up of a sock for Lucy, knitted with thread and size 0000000000 needles? It’s a deceptively scaled photo of a ginormous sock for Paul Bunyan? Do tell!

  4. I can’t believe how the yarn transitions look just like Lucy’s fur transitions. It’s really something. I would be so excited if I had a Tootsie colorway. I can imagine it must be fun to knit Lucy!
    Perverse item…looks like a short row toe or maybe a mitten top but how is a sock/mitten perverse? Unless it’s a willy warmer….;)

  5. Wow! That’s a lot of knitting going on! And that Lucy handpainted looks delicious!

  6. I love the idea of yarn in one’s pet colors. I’ve already asked sweet gorgia to make some for me, naturally my dogs colors. I hope she’ll do it. Is it possible you’ve cast on another pair of socks? Woman – you are a regular knitting machine!!! ;o)

  7. Chin cozy?

  8. Could it be that the bear is finally going to get a hat to keep?

  9. Could it be ear warmers for a bigger bear we have not yet met?! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. your quite busy today! That sure does look like a sock to ithe works… or maybe a mitten….
    I really am loving htis Lucy I’me mailing BMFA!…;o)0

  11. Those Lucy socks are great, especially with the cat’s paw pattern…And I, too, must admit that looks for all the world like a sock toe…just what KIND of sock toe, I can’t guess!

  12. Love the socks, absolutely love the Lucy colorway and I think the mystery thing is a mitten top. But where, oh where did you get those wonderful SOCK BLOCKERS?????

  13. Beoootiful bags! Where can I find the cat’s paw sock motif? Ann

  14. The Lucy socks look good now, I can’t wait to see the finished product. I like the paw motif as well, just adds more to the colorway.

    The kool aid socks came out very nice as well.

  15. I think the mystery object is a mousie for Lucy, for stuffing with catnip. Ciao and Miao. =^,,^=

  16. Lucky Lucy isn’t a plain ol’ black cat, like mine! haha
    That wouldn’t be much fun, yarn-wise.
    LOVE the kool-aid socks, I really do.

  17. A tequila warmer!?

  18. I love the Lucy sock, I love the Kool Aid sock. I want some tiger socks!
    My mum just sent me an e-gift certificate for my birthday. I went ahead and ordered Knitting Nell with it. I am very excited for it to be here.(No, I don’t have children. I just don’t read grown up books, unless they’re knitting books or my mom says I would like it. I trust her.)Thanks for the recommendation!

  19. That’s a lot of socks.

    So what’s with the saftey pin in the perverse item? It looks like it’s holding a dropped stitch, so I’m going to guess that the yarn is being perverse and giving you a hard time somehow. Oh and that it’s a sock.

  20. I have serious sock envy right now. My four meezers would just love some of that yarn to match their colourings! (Or just to pull it apart and let me spend hours putting it back into skeins …)

  21. How funny! The Cat Paw pattern on the Lucy socks! They’re gonna be knockouts…The Kool Aid socks are really “kool”, nicely done! I look forward to your Noni Knockoff, just my colors for a cool weather purse. The new item? My 1st instinct says a sock, but I never listen, maybe a mitten?

  22. Oh, the cat’s paw with the Lucy STR is just TOO cool! But then, you knew that.

  23. anne marie in philly says:

    nice close up of the KOARC – handsome dude! (you are one lucky chick) how precious lucy looks on his lap!

    so many socks, so little time…..all gorgeous.

    mittens, peut-etre?

  24. I love the Lucy colorway knit up – thanks for getting on that so quickly for me:) I’m excited to get my own!

  25. How clever to put cat’s paws on the Lucy socks! ๐Ÿ™‚ And that yarn is a dead ringer for Lucy’s coloring – how super-cool is that??!!

    My guess for the mystery project – another toe-up sock? By the way, I like the tiger socks that KARC is wearing — very fun and very Tony the Tiger! ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Well clearly, it will be a sock.

    Or not.

  27. Well of course you have to use catspaw pattern for the Lucy sock. The yarn is lovely but not as lovely as Herself. I suppose guessing that the object with the pin is going to be a sock is too obvious so…a bra, a mitten, a bag for a PDA? A sock perchance?


  28. Lucy’s colorway is beautiful, and I like the cat’s paw pattern.

  29. I love Lucy and the new STR colorway – will be departing from my stash diet to purchase my own!

    Pls do tell … your knock off bag … what yarn are you using? Cascade 220??

  30. i’m supposed to READ to my cats?

    uh oh. i’m a bad cat mommy. ๐Ÿ™

  31. Hi!
    I just want to say that I just loved the yarn, Lucy, and you have already started to knit socks out of it??? With cat’s pad? It is a pattern with that name or it is just something you called it, ;).
    I just love it all, the yarn, the pattern and your little cat, ;). Just like a cat would look if I could have had some, :(. I can’t… because of my children…
    Be proud of a yarn, named after your cat… and I think it will sell as butter out in the hot sun, ;). I don’t no your way of say it, but that’s our way in Sweden, and in my english (?). If someone understand a word, I’m impressed, ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Hugs from Gunnarskog, Sweden

  32. It must be hard to be famous and have the spotlight on you. I think Lucy is handling it remarkably well. It doesn’t seem as though she is making unreasonable diva demands yet. Of course Lucy socks should have cat’s paw pattern! I love it.

  33. While it looks like a toe-up sock, there is an interesting marker (the pin) that makes me doubt the sock theory. However, I can come up with nothing other than perhaps a nose warmer for a friend north of the Mason-Dixon line?

  34. Cat paw pattern on your Lucy socks …. way too cute. I’ll go read to my cats now. Gee hope they are interested in whatever is on the back of the oatmeal box.

  35. I love that sock-in-progress. The Lucy yarn knits up in a beautiful pattern! I’m just amazed at the way they nailed the colors, especially the blue of her eyes. ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. Hmmmm. The mystery object. 48 stitches. 10 left unwrapped. 4 needles. 1 safety pin. Interesting. A new swimming suit for Lucy and the pin is where you did a big yarnover for her tail to pop through?

  37. Felted coin purse to put inside the lovely pink and green Noni. Yup. I didn’t even look at other ppl’s comments to come up with that.

    (It *obviously* can’t be a sock since it’s not on little bear’s head. doh)

  38. Mystery item is a felted case for either your eye glasses, cell phone, or ipod music thingy.

  39. What a perfect stitch pattern for those socks!

  40. I absolutely love the lucy colorway and am tempted to try some socks myself. BTW, I think the Koolaid socks are quite cool!

  41. Did you separate the lucy yarn into two balls or do you just knit one sock then the other from one big ball? Just wondering.

  42. That colorway is so spot on and rockin’–and I’m glad to see we’re not the only ones who read to furry overlords.

  43. LOVE the Lucy sock! and the kool-aid sock! All the Best to You and KOARC (Great photo of him reading to Lucy.)

  44. Hi Wendy,
    How ironic I came on to your site when I did a google search on the welted felt bowl. (I have enjoyed following your site over the past year or so.) I borrowed the Sophisicated Knits book from the library and took interest in felting a bowl, which I’ve never done before. Have you finished this welted bowl project, and do you have a picture? I wonder if you enjoyed it. I came on to the free cat bed pattern – THANKS for it, I just may move to that projected instead of making little bowls. I have paternayan yarn I’ve had over the years and wish to use it up.
    Happy Knitting. Suzie

  45. Perfect – kittypaw lace on Lucy socks! I love it – and that colour. That colour tempts me to spend the big bucks for special yarn.

  46. I love the way the Lucy yarn is knitting up. I’m tempted to get some of my own, even though I have more than enough projects on the needles (classes start in a week…). I’m jealous, too, I wish my kitty had her own yarn. She’s got gorgeous green eyes and I love green. Maybe I need to start a blog.

  47. LOVE the Lucy socks! Question re: toe-up socks. After finishing the first half of the toe and picking up the stitches from the provisional cast-on, those stitches looked twisted. So I’ve tried both knitting through their back loops and un-twisting each stitch before knitting them and they’re STILL twisted. I can live with it – but as yours are perfect I know there is something I’m not doing properly. Please share the secret as I’m laid up with a broken foot and knitting more socks than planned this summer.

  48. I love the Lucy socks. Cats paw lace…what a clever idea. When I called BMFA on Friday, she said I was about the 70th person wanting Lucy. Since sweet Lucy has the greatest catmom and catdad already, we will just have to settle for her yarn. I ordered the sock yarn (will be my first pair) and they are also making it up for me in their KidMo mohair. So now I know what lace pattern to use for the scarf. Wendy, you are such an inspiration. Thank You. How sweet that KORAC reads to Lucy, my husband is so jeolous because our Pudgie Mocha won’t even sit in his lap.

  49. I love the Lucy socks. They look weirdly pettable. The blurring of the colours really reminds me of fur. I like your Kool-aid socks too. They turned out really well.

    How awesome that the KOARC reads to Lucy and she actually seems to be listening and following along.

    I can’t wait to see how that Noni knock off felts up.

  50. Helle Reed says:

    That sock yarns looks Yummy!!:-) But it cannot beat the beauty of Lucy. Im so in love with her. She is just a “doll”!!:-)

  51. Love the blog, love the socks and love, love, love that gorgeous Lucy! I have a Siamese mix (rescue kitty) named Yoda (he finally DID grow into his ears) and am lusting after that Lucy colorways yarn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-))) m.

  52. Love the blog, love the socks and love, love, love that gorgeous Lucy! I have a Siamese mix (rescue kitty) named Yoda (he finally DID grow into his ears) and am lusting after that Lucy colorways yarn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-))) m.

  53. Perfect cat’s paw motif on the Lucy socks.

    Mystery item: A Noni bag for Lucy–to carry her fan mail, of course.