My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


The Lucy Sock

The first Lucy sock is done.


I showed it to a non-knitting coworker today who said “Cool — and you have little pawprints knitted into it.” I was highly impressed that she recognized the pattern as being pawprints.

As I mentioned yesterday, the lace pattern is the traditional shetland lace “cat’s paw” motif. At least I think it is, because I drew up a graph for it from memory:


I’m doing the leg over 68 stitches, so the 17-stitch repeat is one-fourth of a round. I did the foot over 64 stitches, so when I did the cat’s paw pattern, I started in at stitch 2 on the first repeat, and ended with stitch 16 on the second repeat, because I was doing the pattern on only the top half of the sock.

Lucy checked the sock carefully and she gives it two paws up.


The Mystery Item

Pay no attention to the safety pin.

I often put a safety pin on items that I knit in the round to mark the beginning of the round and to mark my progress from the beginning. Now, if y’all had been hanging on to my every word, you would know that, because I mentioned it on the blog a while back. Heh.

Anyhow, some of you guessed right — the mystery item is a mitten.


It’s a top down mitten with a silly ruffle around the wrist, knitted from Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport on 3.25mm needles.


I came up with the idea because of Dave’s Bitchin’ Mittens project. However, as I am not overly enamoured of the results, I doubt I’ll knit the second mitten.

But I’ve got some ideas for improvement so Mitten 2.0 may appear at some point.

Lucy Sez


It’s exhausting work being an international superstar.

Me? I’m thinking about starting something new . . .



  1. Ooh, pretty Lucy socks! However will you handle your international superstar kitty now that she has a sockyarn named after her?? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sea silk? A one-skein shawl possibly?

  2. I got to fondle some of that sea silk at Stitches over the weekend and it is lovely stuff. Can’t wait to see what you make with it. I’m thinking of getting some for a shawl myself.

  3. Oooh. Sea Silk. I’ve been resisting the urge but it’s getting harder.

  4. Oh my goodness – the paw prints are just perfect for Lucy’s sock yarn! I can’t wait to see what you make with the Sea Silk. I bought some last month and but haven’t decided what to make with it yet. Right now I just love looking at it! Mine is in Dragonfly.

  5. Danielle M says:

    Great sock!! The colors are beautiful, as I knew they would be, since they’re Lucy’s colors! Thanks for showing the pattern you used. I just may need to use that one at some point.

  6. Can’t wait to see what you make with the Sea Silk. I’ve been drooling over the Pumpkin colorway ***Must put credit card away. I will NOT have yarn envy***

    the Lucy sock looks great!

  7. And…just in case there should be any STR Lucy left over…a Lucy STR mouse would be purrfect!

  8. Ooooh. Love the Lucy sock .. it’s so beautiful And I love the pattern especially because it’s pawprints!

  9. The Lucy Socks are great.
    The mitten? Maybe needs one of your felted flowers or something…?

  10. Love the Lucy Sock. Of course, my Lucy yarn is on its way. Can’t wait to get it. Yum!

  11. Those Lucy socks are so pretty and the design is clever! And the colors are so perfect, they are just like Lucy!

  12. Oh my, Wendy! Now I really can’t wait to get my skein. The pawprints are great, too. I was going to use your feather and fan pattern with my Lucy STR, but now I’m not so sure. Decisions, decisions! Thanks for two great patterns!

  13. Wendy, The Lucy Socks are beautiful. I love the little cat paws–what a neat idea that you came up with. I really do like the color combination. I haven’t really gotten into knitting mittens as I don’t like my fingers to be bound up and not be able to move them freely. I know you can move them within the mitten, but it’s too confining for me. But, I like your mitten with the little ruffle at the wrist.

  14. I like the mitten with the silly ruffle. This, from a woman who doesn’t wear mittens ~or~ gloves.

  15. anne marie in philly says:

    sweet socks!

    did I win a prize for guessing “a mitten”? no? damn!

    something lacy in mind for the sea silk, perhaps…..beautiful colorway, BTW.

  16. Those socks are great, especially with the decorative stitch which begins after the toe : )

  17. I love the mittens, ESPECIALLY the silly ruffle. IF I ever learn to knit socks (I am working on it)I want to try mittens, can you tell me a good simple pattern for a “toe up” mitten?

  18. Great socks. Thanks for the graph. Do you have graph paper on your computer, numbered like that? Could you tell me if it’s a program or what?

  19. I love the sock! Mitten needs some embellishments! Maybe some duplicate stitch or embroidery? I think it would look swell with vines and flowers creeping on it.

  20. Amazing Lucy socks! Ditto on the paw print – a perfect touch.

    Re: Sea Silk, I bought some recently. Does yours have a distinctive aroma of seaweed or fish? Just wondering…

  21. The paw prints are quite noticible in the photograph. Looks like Lucy ran her little feet up and down yours!

    I think your green mitten is very youthful and I would enliven it with some floral embroidery it it were mine. I think I’m getting that idea from the latest issue of Vogue. Only where they did red flowers on a black sock, I’d do pink, purple, and orange flowers on your green mitten.

  22. HI Wendy.

    I really like the sock , and the cats paw pattern is one I have often used altho I put yarn over, slip one knit 2tog psso, yarn over in the last pattern row rather than K2tog , yarn over, knit 1 yarn over, ssk. So was interested to see this version. Hmm must do a sample.

    Anyway as you were so kind as to get me an answer to a good site to get longer circs was wondering if you or your readers could point me in the direction to get the best deal on Noro yarn. It is not available in NZ that I can find and it is so expensive to mail order was wondering if it would be cheaper to buy direct from the supplier??

    Any links would be appreicated. I am keen to give this yarn a try but the $23 US postage + $8+ US for one ball of 50 grams may be a bit prohibitive!!

    Any way many thanks in advance. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Knit on >^..^<

  23. Love the way Lucy knits up! Your mitten’s pretty cool, too.

  24. Seeing Lucy and the sock together really shows how well they nailed her eye colour in the yarn. That’s awesome.

    Your mitten reminds me a bit of a girl’s glove from the ’50’s. In a good way.

    Sea Silk. So pretty, so hard to resist. I must for now, but I’ll be living vicariously through you as you knit it up.

  25. That is a very cool kitty themed sock!!

  26. Love how the Lucy sock turned out! It got me to wondering if you had a “most favorite ever” pair of socks that you have knit?

    I also really like the mitten with ruffle – as long as you jazz it up with some embellishments. Definitely knit the second one.

    I’d like to watch you knit someday. You get SO much done!

  27. I love the Lucy sock, I’m in more of a tither to get my very own skein!! And I like the mitten, agreeing with a previous commenter that some embellishment would take it over the top – though I get the lack of enthusiasm for the “second” anything when your not so enamored with the first..good luck!

  28. The Lucy sock came out great! Can’t wait to see what you make with the sea silk.

  29. The Lucy yarn turned out real beautiful. I love the color combination.

  30. The Lucy sock is awesome! Really quite an accomplishment for a kitty, mine is all kinds of jealous. I like the mitten too even though I’m not a ruffle kind of girl, heck, you know we’d anything you make. Sea Silk uuummmmmm

  31. Hi Wendy- Just when you thought you’d seen it all- socks the same colors as your cat. And the cat’s paw design- Wendy- SOOOOPER GENIUS!

  32. The Lucy Sock is very pretty. I’m just surprised they put so much blue in it. Since Lucy’s mostly tan/brown, I thought it would have just a ‘touch’ of blue, like Lucy.

    You should really knit the 2nd mitten, Wendy, they’re so cute. And you could always donate them to charity if you wouldn’t wear them.

  33. Dude. How can you tell the Lucy Sock and the Lucy Cat apart? The resemblance is uncanny.

    Was wondering if you receive pics of FO’s from your book that readers have knit? (And if you might do a gallery?) Because I reeeeealy want to make the Melody Sweater, and can’t decide what to make it with…

  34. mmm seasilk! I just finished a shawl with it and I’m quite sad that it’s over… seriously, I keep reaching for the purse project and my hand is sourly disappointed with the trekking sock it meets. Beware of this yarns’ lasting effects.

    I noticed the smell as well, I’ve been eating tons of sushi lately, so I thought it was me at first.

  35. I know I must sound pretty stupid, but what do the symbols stand for on your cat’s paws chart? I would love to try it on my next pair of socks!

  36. Wonderful Lucy sock! Great photo of the sock on your foot with Lucy checking it’s perfection….where does the sock end and the cat begin???

  37. I am so impressed with how quickly you got the Lucy sock finished. I ordered the yarn since my new baby is a seal point kitten, although Siamese rather than Ragdoll.

  38. Oh the Lucy sock is absolutely beautiful! I love the little cat paws.

  39. Doppleganger??? Seems to me that Lucy is taking a page from my cat, Miss Thing, in the sassy-cat category ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. Okay, ‘fess up – – how on EARTH do you knit an entire sock and a mitten in, essentially, one day? And still work a real job?? And eat, and sleep, and bathe, and feed Lucy???

    Are banned substances in use here? Should we call the Olympic Knitting police to test for knitting steroids?

  41. Great Lucy Socks! And such a great pattern. The colors do match Lucy perfectly. Perhaps, if there is a little yarn left over, you could make Lucy a Lucy-colored catnip pillow?

  42. Please send bitchin’ mitten to: Sandy Hurley…..hee! ๐Ÿ™‚ I can’t help it, I love it. I love your Lucy socks more!

  43. ok really dumb one here…. would a dog paw print be the same as a cat? I love the idea so much that i thought i’d put a doggie print as a little signature on some of my fun knitting..

  44. what gorgeous sea silk someday I hope to try some myself..
    I’m awaiting patiently for my STR Lucy! any day now….lol
    Thank you!