My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Lucy Socks! Lucy Socks! Lucy Socks!

The Lucy socks, they are done!


I tried them on and took a photo, a la Cara:


Even Lucy tried them on:


To recap, these are knitted from Socks That Rock Lightweight in the “Lucy” colorway, beautifully handpainted by Tina of Blue Moon Fiber Arts. I used my generic toe-up pattern on a size 2mm (U.S. 0) needle, and incorporated a cat’s paw lace motif, chart shown in this blog entry.

Fir Cone Wrap

I’ve made some progress on the Fir Cone Wrap:


I’ve still got a bit left in the first skein and unstretched, the wrap measures 28″. I can easily stretch it to 36″, so the wrap will end up being at least 6 feet long — plenty long for my purposes.

A close-up, with the pattern stretched out slightly:


And closer . . .



  1. Oh! The socks! They’re wonderful!
    And, I have to tell you I’m inspired, and am making a small log cabin blanket for my cat, in HIS colors.
    Your Fir Cone wrap is gorgeous, too!

  2. Paws-itively wonderful! I’m quite impressed at the custom colorway. Tina did a smashing job.

  3. Lucy socks are gorgeous! Is Lucy getting a toy from leftover sock yarn?

    Love your fir cone wrap. What is the pattern for the lace design…one you designed or from a book. I am knitting a shawl using Trekking XXL and am knitting the Kimono Shawl pattern from the shawls book. I think shawls are such fun and when they are blocked are amazing! I love the yarn you selected for yours.

  4. The socks really are wonderful–and the colors look like they’re the PERFECT match, too. How super is that, huh? The fir cone is looking mighty fine, too.

    Oh, I think Kim’s got a great idea, there, too–really, it seems only right that Lucy get to enjoy the yarn, too….

  5. I LOVE LUCY!!!! What a brilliant color combination. Those folks over a Blue Moon are just amazing.

    And how I wish I could touch that fir cone wrap It’s just lovely!

  6. It’s all lovely!

  7. Where on earth did you find the Lucy sock blockers to go with the Lucyh colorway? I hope Lucy appreciates the person she allows to own her!

  8. The socks are awesome – I love the cat’s paw motif! Lucy must feel so honored. ๐Ÿ™‚ The fir cone wrap is beautiful. Is that fir cone pattern the same as the one on the scarf in your book?

  9. The sock blockers are cracking me up. I like the color “pooling” in the sea silk.

  10. LOL! They look great! Glad my technique is catching on.

  11. LOVE the Lucy socks. LOVED the colorway so much, (I had a beloved Siamese cat growing up), I e-mailed and asked if they had some more… and now there is a skein of Lucy headed my way! Hope my dog doesn’t object…

  12. The only word that comes to mind is… special. a special yarn in perfect pattern reminicent of a perfect puss ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. The colors that Blue Moon create for their socks are amazing and fun to knit. Yours look fantastic. I like how the colors in the shawl have a sort of crossed design with the green, did you expect this?

  14. I really love the idea of the Fir Cone design on your wrap. Hey, I may even be able to get that one down, all thumbs that I am when it comes to lace…

    Gandalf says thanks for welcoming him into Blogland! He’s LOVING the attention he’s getting from all these ladies. And yes, he is just too heart-able!


  15. The socks are beautiful!!!! And I am loving the wrap!

  16. Those socks are great, and look like they are Lucy-approved, too.
    When are you coming out with a sock-making video? I am in desperate need. Really, I am. Some things just don’t translate from the written pattern.

  17. Oooh I love the Lucies! hehe Bluemoon did such a great job on that colorway…have some coming, you enabler you! Been trying to resist the Sea Silk too LOL

  18. The Lucy socks are wonderful!

  19. Super cute socks! I just did some “Meezer” yarn named after a friend’s cat too…what fun!!

  20. Have you really looked at the picture of the Pine Cone wrap? The color looks like pine cone shapes! Very cool, I know you planned it this way on purpose, right? Love the Lucy socks!

  21. I love the Lucy socks! And it’s so cool that your sock stretchers have cats on them!!!

  22. Lucy’s mama dancing in her Lucy socks…priceless!

  23. Gotta love that Blue Moon STR. Have some otn as we speak. That Lucy is *amazing*!!

    The Fir Cone Wrap is looking good, too.

  24. Hi Wendy- The seasilk is amazing- do you like the smell- all oceany and salt waterish?
    Bit of info- can’t rely on the source- apparently, if you are a retailer and want to sell STR, you have to submit an essay on why you should stock their products. How curious.

  25. Those socks are lovely. I have a sort of technical question. I have some Blue Moon yarn, and I wondered, did you reinforce the heel or anything? and if so with what? Again, those are beautiful!

  26. Interesting the way the colors are pooling in blobs like that. Which photograph shows the true colors of the Sea Silk best? There’s a fair bit of variation.

  27. WOW! The Lucy socks even more beautiful than I’d imagined. The colors match her perfectly. I’m just about to start the heel of my first ever toe-up sock. It’s been languishing for weeks now, but now that I’ve seen these, I’m very anxious to finish.

  28. The Lucy socks are beautiful just like her!
    So glad you will have enough yarn for the wrap it is divine.

  29. The colorway of the Lucies is beautiful … almost like a black and white photo hand tinted with a touch of 50’s blue.

    Very pretty, and cozy looking too!


  30. Those Lucy socks are beautiful. I guess I’m going to have to break down and get some of that yarn for me!

  31. WOW The colors are amazing!

  32. Love love LOVE the socks! such a cool colourway!

  33. Beautiful. Tina did an amazing dye job. I think it looks remarkably like Lucy. And the cute little paw prints. ๐Ÿ™‚ Sweet.

  34. The socks even look furry! How fantastic. ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. Very nice socks. I’m gonna ask my Mom to make some Rascal socks.

  36. The socks fit you much better than Lucy …. and might I point out that since there are only 2 not 4 I suspect you didn’t make them for her after all.

  37. The socks are lovely. And I love that you stuck little kitty paws on them! So cool. The wrap is looking gorgeous too, I want to touch it!

  38. Wow! Gorgeous socks!!! They do indeed rock!

  39. Ooh…the Lucy socks are almost as pretty as the real Lucy. I can’t wait until my own Lucy yarn gets here.

  40. Beautiful socks, beautiful kitty, beautiful shawl!!! Thanks for sharing these wonderful items!m.

  41. YAYYYYY for lucy socks…
    they are so pretty!

  42. WOW! Those are hot!

  43. I love the socks. I think it would be so cool to have the sock pattern written up for this particular yarn.

  44. What a beautiful Siamese and what beautiful knitting!! I am so impressed. Also, thanks for putting the sock blocker info on your blog. I need a pair and will check out Ebay. Thanks for the info. Happy Knitting!

  45. Ok, so I’m not a brown person, but I really do like that Lucy colorway!

  46. Love the colorway. Your Lucy is the same colors as my Pollie. Pollie is Siamese. I need some of that yarn! Just found your blog today from someone who mentioned it on one of the lists (knitlist? socknitters?) . Love the photos of your kitty!!