My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Sock Blockers and Sea Silk

A couple of you mentioned the sock blockers pictured in yesterday’s entry. They are new — from the same place I got my other sock blockers, this eBay store. They have lots of cute designs, apart from the kitty designs, and are lovely to deal with.


Thanks for all the nice comments about the Lucy socks. I am delighted with them and am looking forward to wearing them when the weather turns cooler.

I do think Lucy deserves a little toy knitted from “her” yarn.


Julie asked:
I have a sort of technical question. I have some Blue Moon yarn, and I wondered, did you reinforce the heel or anything?

I didn’t — but I did knit it very firmly on size 0 needles. I’ve not yet had any problem with my handknit unreinforced sock heels wearing our. Yet.

Thank you also for the comments about the Fir Cone Wrap. Here it is as of this afternoon.


I have just started the second skein, so I’m just an ootch over half done.

The lace pattern I’m using is the traditional shetland lace fir cone motif (hence the name of the wrap!) and the idea to use it came to me because I was flipping through my 365 Knitting Stitches a Year Perpetual Calendar and the April 17 page caught my eye. I thought it would look good in a rectangular wrap, so charted it out.

Clearly I had the same experience a while back, because there’s a Fir Cone scarf in my book.

Sacha asked:
I like how the colors in the shawl have a sort of crossed design with the green, did you expect this?

Nope — didn’t know what to expect, but I am liking it!

Lorraine the Knitting Hammy asked:
The seasilk is amazing- do you like the smell- all oceany and salt waterish?

I do like the smell of the silk. I notice in the skein it is quite aromatic, but as I knit it, the wrap loses a lot of the scent. I guess from being handled and aired out.

LaurieM asked:
Which photograph shows the true colors of the Sea Silk best? There’s a fair bit of variation.

Always hard to get a good photo of colors indoors! The photo above, I think, is pretty accurate.

Your monitor, of course, may vary.

New Sock in Progress

My new sock is being knitted from Cherry Tree Hill Supersock yarn in one of their potluck colorways — blues/purples.

I’ve bought several of Cherry Tree Hill’s potluck yarns and have always been delighted with what I got. It’s always a bit of a surprise — my understanding is that the potlucks are made from dyes leftover at the end of a dyeing run, so they do vary from skein to skein.

The second kitty bed I made for Lucy was from Cherry Tree Hill bulky in one of their potluck colorways.


Anyhow, while knitting on the sock on the commute this morning, I realized how nicely it color-coordinated with my outfit. Here it is, sitting on the blouse I was wearing today.


Where does the blouse end and the sock begin??!!


  1. I noticed that you made a sweater using a Kimmet Croft Fibers kit. I tried to order one, but the company seems to have gone out of business. Either that, or they’re trying to — they don’t answer their phone or email. Any inside information on this?

  2. Ah, so close to being the first comment!

    I do love the colour of the sock yarn you’re currently working with. I’ve always had a fondness for blues. Out of curiosity, what kind of needles are you using for them? I can tell they’re wooden, but having never used wooden needles before, I’m curious as to what the best kind (in your opinion) would be.

  3. wendy, you’ve done it again. you’ve answered a question before i had the chance to ask.
    it must have been a little thing stuck in the back of my head after seeing your post yesterday–but i spent my morning googl-ing sock blockers to find out more.
    i have not blocked socks and i wanted to learn more.
    do you find it makes a difference???

  4. I just got my lucy sock yarn today!

  5. I might have a nightmare about that last question you posed … where does the blouse end and the sock begin. Yikes!

    Pretty stuff though.


  6. Cool kitty bed for Lucy!She’s just adorable but those socks are gorgeous! Mine yarn still hasn’t arrived yet! ;o(

  7. Those blues are luscious! (And that blouse is lovely, too.)

  8. Hi Wendy- I bet you didn’t even plan that little color episode- you clever girl!

  9. Hi Wendy – do tell, I’m just learning the art of the shawl and plan to join my second skein of wool by clipping the plies, moistening them, and rolling the ends together to create a seamless join, but when using Sea Silk, how will you make the ends disappear (since it isn’t wool and won’t kind of felt together so to speak). (And if this is a silly question, please humour me).

  10. Enquiring minds want to know–how do you get the potluck yarn? Is it advertised? Bi-annual? On Ebay?

  11. Very pretty yarn. Can’t wait to see the finished socks.

  12. Hi Wendy and Lucy, remember me? ๐Ÿ™‚

    I LOVE CTH pot luck, some of the “remnants” make some pretty spectacular one of a kind skeins!

    I love your matching outfit and socks too!

  13. Hi Lucy, Is your cat bed pattern available?

  14. Hmm…Sockoflage ๐Ÿ™‚ Hopefully no one concluded that you color coordinate your outfits with your knitting project hehe

  15. The new sock is lovely! As is the blouse it matches ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’m curious about the sock blocking as well. I’ve only blocked the very top of one pair, (the top was curling weirdly and that just can’t be allowed) I have heard of people using the blockers just ‘cuz they make it easier to take pretty sock pictures.

  16. I am impressed by those sock blockers. I have NEVER seen anything like that before! (My lack of knowledge of sock knitting is so showing right now.)

  17. I am thinking I might have to make me something in that Paris colourway… ๐Ÿ™‚ And what better to shove my derriere back towards knitting than silk??

    Wondering though… How does the Paris colours compare with other autumny warm colours (it looks like it *might* kinda be on the same front as LL Gold Hills etc… only a bit greenier??)

  18. You mentioned you did your Lucy socks on a US 0. How many stitches did you cast on? I started some STR on size 0 using 72 stitches and am concerned I will not have enough yarn. It would be close.

  19. I love the Lucy socks from yesterday. Very cute. I like how the colors swirl around the sock. I have a question…how did you join your two skeins of seasilk? I joined using the russian method. It’s holding and held through blocking, but the ends are sticking out. I’m having the same problem weaving in the ends too. I wove in the ends by using a needle and piercing some of the other yarn(after blocking), but the ends still want to stick out.

  20. Wow, the sock and the shirt really do match quite closely. The shawl looks fabulous.

  21. The more and more I see the seasilk wrap, the more and more I know I have to make one – my bf will kill me for spending the monies, but se la vie – it could be worse, I could be spending my money foolishly ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Love the blues in your newest socks, how funny they match your top so well.

    I like the look of your wrap, the colours and texture. I also like that the Seasilk airs out. I wasn’t all that big on the scent.

    Love the finished Lucy socks.

  23. I noticed the same thing about the Sea Silk smell when I knit it. I wet blocked it and it became downright perfume-y. Not unpleasant, but certainly not yarn-like either.

  24. Ah, glad to see I’m not the only one addicted to those sock blockers.
    And that photo of Lucy looks like she’s being swallowed up by some space plant.

  25. I love the wrap!

  26. Can you use the sock blockers to actually block wet socks with?

    Your kitty is as cute as a bug.