My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Self-Portrait Tuesday



Questions! So Many Questions!

And mebbe a few answers.

A couple of y’all asked how I joined in my second skein of Sea Silk on the Fir Cone Wrap. When I’ve got 3 or 4 inches left of the old yarn, I hold the new yarn together with it, and leaving a tail of an inch or so, knit with both yarns for a few stitches. Then I drop the old yarn and continue with the new yarn. It helps if you can accomplish these few stitches over a more solid part of your pattern, which I did on mine. Here it is from the wrong side.


And from the right side — really doesn’t show:


After blocking, I may trim the ends. Then again, I may not.

And a couple of you asked about blocking socks. See, I don’t actually block my socks. I just slip the socks on the sock blockers when I photograph them for posterity. Perhaps it is frivolous to own not one but two pairs of sock blockers for the sole purpose of photographing socks. If so, I am guilty as charged. Forty lashes with a limp sock.

Winter asked what needles I am using for my current sock-in-progress.


They are Skacel Bamboos and while they are alleged to be 6 inches long, they are actually about 5.875 inches long.


As you can see from that photo, I am knitting these socks in the ubiquitous feather and fan pattern. I offer no excuse — handpainted yarns of this ilk just look really really good in feather and fan.


Wavybrains asked where one could acquire the Cherry Tree Hill potluck yarns. I bought the sock yarn from the Simply Socks Yarn Company. The bulky yarn for Lucy’s bed was purchased from The Knitting Garden several years ago. I note, however, that they no longer seem to be carrying Cherry Tree Hill yarns. However, if you do a Google search on “Cherry Tree Hill Potluck” you’ll find a number of places that have it.

Lucy wishes she could do Google searches. If only she had opposable thumbs . . .



  1. Judging from the photos at Crazy Aunt Purl’s place the past couple of days it’s a good thing Lucy and her cousins don’t have opposable thumbs although I doubt Lucy could ever (or would ever) rival Soba in thretening demeanor.

  2. I’m the first! yes!! Also, CTH worsted potluck is available from, that’s where I bought mine! Wahoo!

  3. Wendy, Araucania’s Quellon has a very Lucy-Like colorway: #4. Here’s a picture:
    It’s more Lucy-like than this photo shows because the colors are muted and the contrast between the colors is much less.
    I have 2 skeins of this lovely hand-painted rayon-cotton chenille – does any one have any ideas about what to do with it?

  4. Alice in Richmond says:

    don’tcha just love those crocs clogs??

  5. OOOh this shoes again, They must be very popular in the States right now. We saw them during our vacation in Iowa really often and the husband soo wanted to buy them for the daughter. I doubted they are comfortable, but at least they have to be when you are wearing them and they show of socks 😉

  6. Lucy won’t need opposable thumbs when IBM releases its new “Meow-Recognition” software.

  7. What pretty shades of blue! How do you like the Skacel bamboo needles? My Clover ones are quite warped and I am reluctant to invest in new ones.

  8. I feel so validated now. That’s the way I often join yarn, but I always felt it was so amateur of me. Not anymore, mwahahaha. But I also feel like mine DOES show, so maybe I’m doing it wrong.

  9. Thanks Wendy (and Bronwyn!) for the recomendations. Potluck yarn rocks. If my cats had opposable thumbs, it would not take long at all before they discovered how to work the pop-top food can. Screw google, they’d be all about the tuna.

  10. I love the feather & fan! I’ve been thinking about making some socks with that pattern recently, too. Does it come out wavy at the top, or are you going to put ribbing?

  11. I love your socks!! I just wish I could get the darn toe on your pattern. Someday I will try again!

    I just ordered a pair of those Crocs…the professional ones in brown. Are they as comfy as I hear??

  12. Re Lucy: I will “paws” for a chuckle……does Lucy know that pixar is releasing “Ratatouille: the Adventures of a Rat in a Parisan Restaurant” next summer……bet she can’t wait!

  13. Hi Wendy, I just wanted to let you know that I have several potluck sock yarns as well as many varigated and solid Cherry tree Hill sock yarns up in my new store! If anyone is having a hard time finding them.

  14. Oooh, are your Crocs sage green like mine? They are so comfortable; they are the only shoes I took with me on a two-week sightseeing trip last year, and I normally have to wear custom arch supports.

    Love that Sea Silk colorway!

  15. Lucy J. International Cat of Mystery shouldn’t have to do Google searches. She should have her assistant do it for her!

  16. Thanks for turning me on to Simply Socks. I just received some great yarn from them.

  17. Wendy, you’re killin’ me here! Its lace; and cables; and socks; and patterns, yarns, needles and knitting bags; and sources for things I don’t really need; and now its SHOES! I’d never heard of crocs but I dutifully went off to their site and ordered a pair of clogs and a pair of flip flops. Nobody can say I’m not doing my part to help the economy. And Lucy, if you hold a pencil in your mouth you can press the keys. Do you have your mommy’s credit card number?

  18. Wendy, Thanks for responding to my earlier comment. I was able to contact Solveig & order a Bohus kit. 🙂

  19. Melissa G says:

    My Border Collie wishes he had opposable thumbs–he gets so frustrated with his puzzles without them. Stop with the Cherry Tree Hill temptation! I’ve completed two pairs of socks and a sweater (yes it’s their sock weight–that’s how much I love working with that yarn).

  20. I shudder at the thought of cats with opposable thumbs! I can only imagine what trouble they’d get into then!

  21. I heard this holiday season Dell is coming out with a computer mouse especially for cats who want to Google … too many requests to ignore. There’s hope for Lucy’s surfing yet.

    Nice self-portrait, by the way! Very moving.


  22. Another good source for Cherry Tree Hill yarn is I think they carry the entire line of Cherry Tree Hill yarn, and they will be having a sale over Labor Day. I got a good deal on the solid sock yarn last year, and the potluck yarn is often offered during the sales. Their other big sale date is New Year’s Day.

  23. I may need a pair of crocs. I only started making socks recently so I didn’t have many that were ready to wear last winter. Now, as fall approaches I’m ready to start wearing my new hand knit sock but I’ve been wondering what type of shoes to wear them with. I was thinking Clarks but Crocs might work well too. Do you have any preferences. I’m afraid they may be too thick to wear with most of my shoes. As I’m writing this is sounds very silly to me but I’ll ask anyway.

    By the way, I really love the new blue socks. The feather and fan is showing offthe yarn very well.

  24. Tres cool Wendy- your join looks perfect.
    I too, have the sage Crocs, and resisted for a long time, but aren’t they comfortable? You can get little buttons to place in the holes, I have a cat and a dog.

  25. I was wondering how to join yarn that isn’t 100% untreated wool! Thanks for showing that. Any suggestions on how to join a bulky mashine washable 100% merino wool (Karabella Aurora Bulky, in case you’re curious)? I haven’t even started knitting the sweater and I’m already worried about the joins. With only 56 yards/skein, there will be plenty! Thanks!

  26. I think cats evolved to get rid of their opposable thumbs ….. after all they have it so much better then we do. No work, sleep all day, let your human do everything for you and every once in a while just let the human pet you and make believe they are in charge.

  27. I’ve debated ordering a pair of the Crocs. Are they as comfortable as is claimed? I’ve seen folks wearing them and the shoes slip up and down. Is that because the person bought them too large?

  28. Lucy,Youdon’tneedthumbiestodogooglesearches. Wecantype,wejustcan’tusethespacebar!


  29. I’m pretty sure Lucy can do anything she sets her mind too – googling included. She seems like a bright little kitty. Gorgeous new projects.