My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


This Never Fails To Amuse Me

Whenever Lucy lies like that, it cracks me up.


And she does. A lot.


There’s something about her little furry legs that amuses the hell out of me. But I try not to laugh at her because she gets insulted when I do.

Sally A asked if I’ve worked on my log cabin blanket lately. I have not, because a while back I used up all my sock yarn leftovers. I set the blanket aside until I had built up my stash of leftovers. I like to have a little bit of choice when adding a new color. Heaven forbid I should use two green colorways in a row.


But I will return to it — eventually.

I’ve got so many projects waiting in the wings. I have 2 skeins of Sea Silk in the Nova Scotia colorway (you didn’t really think I stopped at one colorway, did you?) that at this point in time is slated to be used for Sivia Harding’s gorgeous Diamond Fantasy Shawl.


I got my pattern in the mail yesterday.

I got something else in the mail yesterday that’s gonna make you soooooo jealous . . .


That is 1320 yards of sportweight Cormo, handpainted by the very talented Carol of Black Bunny Fibers.


Why, yes, I did wind one skein into a ball. It’s Cormo, for gosh sakes! I haven’t swatched yet, but I’m sure I will in the next , oh, 20 minutes or so. I haven’t decided exactly what to do with it yet. I’ve got a couple of nebulous ideas. What do you all think?

I’d show you a picture of the Fir Cone Wrap, but you really don’t need to see it again. It looks like yesterday’s picture, only a bit longer.

In closing, I just wanna say that I feel a bit sorry for Pluto. I only hope it doesn’t feel like it has to go out and buy a big car to compensate.


  1. I always think of Puss N Boots when I see my cat’s legs like that!

  2. now that pluto has been demoted i’m thinking of applying for it’s job. i’ve always wanted to be a planet.

    the black bunny yarn is incredibly gorgeous.

  3. Pluto will probably respond to one of those spam e-mails about enlargement.

    I get such a kick out of the way normally well groomed appearing long haired cats look so disheveled when sprawled like that – their coats in tufts like they’ve never been near a brush. I must admit that I’m happy to see it even happens to Lucy and it’s not just because I’m a poor cat-mamma.

  4. Looks like Lucy has her dancin’ boots on! Does she roll over and do that when you walk in the door at night?

    Pluto is no longer a planet?? Think of all the Science books that will have to be re-written….

  5. My Ragdoll, Chelsey, also lies around like that and I too am greatly amused. She has fairly stumpy legs so when she makes “long kitty” (as stretched out as possible on her side) she looks so silly!

    Isn’t Black Bunny yarn great!? I got some the first time you posted about it (what an enabler you are) and now have several gorgeous hanks of various weights and fibers. Can’t wait to see what you do with yours. Plenty to make a great sweater, or jacket-y thing, or wrap of some sort. Endless possibilities!

    Poor Pluto. The planets are probably laughing and pointing…

  6. My Siamese/Himalayan lies around like that all the time and I have to say I also find it highly amusing. They act so dignified most of the time and then…splat. No dignity whatsoever.
    I just love the new Sea Silk. Can’t wait to see the shawl!

  7. i was wondering how you get through Christmas presents. i’ve already started mine in an attempt to finish on time.

  8. Charlotte says:

    So sorry! i didnt know how URL worked! I thought that i was supposed to put what i type to get here!

  9. You have one truly happy kitty. I love the blanket, but know what you mean about the left over sock yarn.

  10. Lucy looks like she rolled over to suggest that scritching her belly would be a good idea. And then promptly fell asleep.

    And thank god I bought my Nova Scotia sea silk a month ago, because now there will be none left for a few months. People should pay you to advertize their yarns because an endorsement from you is better than a full page ad in IK.

    Oh and thanks for the toe up pattern, I used it for the first time with some self striping yarn, and I got perfect stripes.

  11. I liked your Black Bunny Fibers yarn so much I just ordered some aquamarine sock yarn. I’ve knit the Nova Scotia colorway in Fleece Artist merino socks, but in the sea silk it looks even lovelier. I just got the same Diamond Fantasy Shawl pattern, and I want to make the scarf size using Fleece Artist merino in ruby. I haven’t knit a lace shawl before, so I am looking forward to the challenge. I plan to get my own knitting blog up and going soon, and I hope to be able to show actual lace progress. Lucy is a sweetheart, but you are right: cats do not like to be laughed at. Our childhood cat used to sit and wash a front paw very thoroughly when she knew we were laughing at her. She pretended unconcern, but twitchy ears would give her away.

  12. LOVE the yarn-BBF has a whopping 4 items for sale now. Was that the result of the mad rush of knitters who saw your lovely colorway and had to buy some for their own stash?

  13. Wow…they’ve been debating the whole Pluto thing for years. I’m surprised they finally came to a decision.

  14. Poor Pluto…..but hey, the Disney dog is still a dog!…….Lucy looks comfortable……and the yarn is (oops!……started to drool!)……wonderful!…..thanks for the link…..

  15. I always used to say “Don’t go to Pluto, it’s a Mickey Mouse planet” I guess I can’t even say that anymore.

    (I know – I’m the only one who ever thought that was funny)

    Beautiful yarn. I can’t wait to see what you are going to make with it.

  16. Man, I feel terrible about Pluto. How am I going to break this to my grandson? On the Cormo–what about the Forest Path Shawl in IK Summer 03. Or have you knitted that one already?
    Margene has some beautiful photos of it in green on August 14 at

  17. So, now the mneumonic goes:

    My Very Educated Mother Just Showed Us Nine ?

  18. I have to laugh at the Pluto thing. I argued with my astronomy professor that Pluto technically wasn’t a planet for a number of reasons. We used to go at it for hours and hours. I do feel sorry for it, but then, I’ve always felt sorry for it, it sort of hangs out there on the edge all by it’s lonesome, far away from everyone else.

  19. beautiful yarns and such a cute kitty!

  20. I have the nova scotia colorway too! I have had it for months, 1 ball. Have not found a pattern I like just yet.. πŸ™‚

  21. I see that Lucy approves of the Log Cabin blanket, but tell me, does she like the Sea Silk?

  22. Silly Lucy, my kitties do that too. Unfortunately(?) they aren’t quite so furry, so their belly tufts look even funnier standing up!

    I haven’t been quite in my right mind lately, but I keep almost shedding tears thinking about poor Pluto. I hate to think how the kiddies will react.
    I wonder what the new mneumonic will be? *sniffle*

  23. First of all, on the whole Pluto issue my daughter and I decided yesterday we are in no way going to agree to the new 8-planet solar system manifesto. Pluto has been a member of the family for too long and it is a disgrace to attempt to put her out to pasture that way–I certainly would not appreciate being treated that way. Nope. We have nine planets, and Pluto is one of them. End of story, period.

    The Diamond Fantasy Shawl will be scrumptious in your Nova Scotia colorway.


  24. One of our cats lies like that too. I have lots of pix of her doing it.

    Poor Pluto. He’ll probably be out looking for more maidens to capture. Stock up on the pomegranates, everyone.

  25. Love the kitty pics. Does Lucy also do the ‘elevator butt’ thing when you pet her? πŸ˜€

  26. OMG! All that beautiful geen yarn and the sea silk are saying the darndest things to me. I’m trying to resist but you’re making it so hard.

    I was thinking last night that Pluto’s demotion is just part of a vast conspiracy by the publishers of school books. Just sayin’

  27. The Black Bunny looks delicious!!!

    I’m still drooling over the sea silk, especially after I touched it last weekend at my LYS, hopefully soon πŸ™‚

  28. I think that colorway cries for a watery pattern – something south seas….

  29. Lucy is by far part kitty, part DIVA! Gotta love a DIVA! Question… I’m curious what your opinion is on the new white sweater on the cover of VOGUE knitting. I have an itch to take on the challenge and love the look. I however cannot imagine getting through an entire cardi in white without using 5 stain sticks and 2 tides to go. Have u considered making it. I was tossing over the idea of doing it in a oatmeal type tweed. Any thoughts?

  30. Um, what’s a Cormo?

    We had a dog that used to expose herself like that on the couch. She would take up the entire sofa bidness exposed for all the world to see. It really got funny when her tongue came out midsleep.

    Oh yeah, I feel sorry for Pluto too. He’ll either buy a big car with no muffler and a loud stereo or a motorcycle with no muffler or both. Poor guy doesn’t know what he’s in for.

  31. Oh, I recognize that kitty yoga posture — the human stretch. Great for cooling off the belly.

  32. Wendy, I too may never recover from seeing the Sock Monkey Gown πŸ˜‰

  33. patty bolgiano says:

    My big guy, merlin, stretches out and man is he huge! A couple of quick questions

    Are you going to Stitches East, It’s in November 1-5

    Will you do a booksigning or meetup? I could help.

    How do find all these yarn sources. I constantly troll the web looking for fun things, and am more unsuccessful than successful.


  34. Fluffy kitty belly alert! Will Lucy allow kitty belly kisses or does she rip your face off if you get that close to a tender area.

    Emy likes to pretend that she’s going to tear your arm off if you even get close to touching the tum-tum.

    Beautiful cormo yarn. Can’t wait to see what comes out of it.

  35. Long-haired kitties are so funny with their pantaloons! Love the Cormo…hmmm..Wendy you are SUCH an enabler! lololol!

  36. About Pluto: that would explain the Corvette and the trophy moon.

  37. Boy…I should have tagged Lucy…Oh well, Lucy–Consider yourself tagged! That is if Mom will let you use the computer to give away other wierd secrets about yourself!

  38. That Sea Silk is gorgeous, but it’s no competition for that fluffy kitty. I LOVE when they lie on their backs all splayed out like that.

  39. You’ll love knitting the Diamond Fantasy. I finished a scarf size one last April, and it was so much fun to knit. If you go to her Yahoo group, you’ll find files with tips on the patterning. Have fun!

  40. yummy yarn colors πŸ™‚

  41. My cat also loves that pose. It’s her favorite “you picked up the camera to take a picture of me doing something cute, so I’m going to stop doing that and show you my tummy instead” pose. *sigh*

    And I am not going to look any closer at the sea silk. I’ve been having enough trouble avoiding buying my own with just the fir cone wrap, and I like these new colors even better…

  42. I wonder if my Lucy is related to your Lucy. Never mind that my own is a dog, but she totally lies down with her back paws splayed out like that AND she likes to roll around on her back and scratch her nose with both paws. They gotta be distant cousins.

  43. Lisa in Georgia says:

    O.K., I don’t want to complain, BUT, first the totally cool Noni bag patterns and now the gorgous Sea Silk. I”m covering my eyes and plugging my ears… you’re making it impossible to stick to my self-imposed yarn diet. Keep up the good work! πŸ˜‰

  44. Oh, darling, darling kitty! Lucy is a precious kittykat!!! I just know she’d love belly rub! My tuxedo cat, Buster, likes to sleep on his back, but he doesn’t stretch out like that. He curls up both sets of legs… but loves a belly rub!

    Love the yarn and the bee-yeu-ti-ful shawl pattern. I have a weakness for green yarn and yours is drop-dead-gorgeous! Maybe a simple scarf or scarf and sweater set? I’m now lusting after that yarn too, like I did the “Lucy” colorway! I have too many projects going now!!

    Poor Pluto! A LOT of Scorpios will NOT appreciate this downsizing! Whoops, I think I just gave my age away!

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful projects (and the Lucy pics are fantabulous!)
    Knit and blog on! MaryO

  45. In addition to being floored about poor Pluto, I also had a twinge of concern for Mrs. Pluto, AKA Mrs. Clyde Tombaugh. Both my astronomer husband and I believe she’s still alive. Poor thing. Couldn’t the scientific community have waited to announce this? There oughta be a law!

  46. We have a dog and two cats and their chosen sleeping positions and places always amuse me!

  47. I wouldn’t worry about Pluto that much as it is a Mickey Mouse planet anyway.

    That is a natural way for Ragdolls to sleep. Tohru sleeps like that all the time, just not on the floor, as she is particular about where she sleeps. She only sleeps like that on the bed, which she takes up like three fourth when she lays like that. Don’t you just love Ragdolls?

    I also want to thank Wendy for all her help, as if was not for her, I would not be so brave to try out all the things I have of late. Never would have learned to cable if not for her catnip mouse, nor learn to do lace if not for seeing all of her wonderful work. And now she has even got me brave enough to want and try doing a sock with a pattern.

    Thanks for all the help, Wendy.


  48. I love the way your log cabin blanket looks so trippy! What kind of yarn is that? It looks like some varigated yarn. I love it!


  49. Ann Carpenter says:

    Awww, poor Pluto. Well, I guess he can go with the guy for some natural male enhancement. It seems to make him pretty happy! Don’t you just love the flopped out cat pose? Mine take that several times a day, especially if it’s hot. Love your yarn. I must now wind up MY sea silk in the melon colorway and do something with it. BTW, it does smell a little funky. Hope it washes out!
    Ann and the cats in HOT Dallas

  50. Hi Wendy,
    As always, you amaze and inspire me!
    I was just wonderin’ if you heard about the sock wars KAL? I bet you could win that sucker! =)
    Keep up the beautiful work. I look forward to your blog every day. Your my favorite!

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