My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.




First off, here is a link to a Zoom Groom on Amazon — I believe this is the exact one Lucy has. Her daddy got it for her for Christmas — two years ago, I think. If you Google “Zoom Groom” you’ll find lots of sources for it, and a number of different “models.” They’ve got them for cats and dogs. I’m sure it’s available locally in pet stores, too.

I think the reason Lucy likes it so much is that the large rubber “fingers” on it give her a gentle massage while she’s being brushed.

We’ll Just Agree to Disagree

If y’all have read the comments to yesterday’s entry, you’ll see that some people prefer the stockinette side, some people prefer the reverse stockinette side. Different strokes, etc.

I prefer the reverse stockinette side because of what some people said in the comments — the colors seem to melt into each other on the reverse stockinette side, while on the stockinette side, you can see definite little blobs of each color. I really like the melting effect.

A bunch of you mentioned being surprised that you like the reverse side better. Me too. I really don’t like reverse stockinette for much of anything (just like I don’t like garter stitch for much of anything, apart from the Log Cabin blanket), but I do like it here.


A bunch of you suggested seed stitch. Actually, if you look back a couple of entries, you’ll see that I mentioned that the borders are seed stitch, and it does look very nice. However, I don’t want the whole jacket in seed stitch. Apart from the obvious drawback of me going insane from knitting an entire jacket in seed stitch, what I’m going for is drapey. Seed stitch in this yarn is not drapey.


Finishing the seams so that the jacket is reversible is a very clever idea, as some of you suggested. And if I thought I would ever wear it with the stockinette side out, I’d consider doing it. But as I am completely happy with the reverse stockinette side being the “public” side, I’ll stick with that.

Alrighty then. Thanks for weighing in with your opinions!

Woo-hoo! It’s Thursday night! Usually I don’t think Thursday night really warrants a “woo,” much less a “woo-hoo,” but I have tomorrow off from work, Monday is a holiday here in the U.S., and I took Tuesday off from work.

Five-day weekend!

I have plans. Plans to muck out my condo and give away two-thirds of my belongings. Well, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but I really want to downsize. So clothes and stuff will go to Goodwill and the Salvation Army. Crap will go in the trash.

Yarn? Any stash yarn that I know I will not use in the near future will be set aside. I’ve got an idea for a way to send my stash out into the world in a coupla-three months. Like, starting the end of November.

Okay, I’ve put it in writing. So that means I realy do have to buckle down and muck out this weekend. But I’ll take plenty of knitting breaks.

And of course, Lucy breaks. But I know she’ll be right beside me — pitching in to help. She’s such a li’l trooper.


  1. I’m sure Lucy will be a great help when it comes to cleaning up! My fuzzy-one is also, though her favorite part seems to be reminding me to take play breaks.

  2. Good luck with the mucking-out!

  3. Have a great weekend. I don’t have such grand plans. I plan to spend my 3-day weekend knitting. Good luck w/ the mucking – it’s very satisfying when it’s done.

  4. Thanks for the Lucy socks cat’s paw lace chart – I used it and just finished a pair!

  5. Here’s crossing my fingers to your finding the Shetland stash and starting one ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Love the reverse side…..sorry missed yesterday…..and who wouldn’t love a massage 3X a week!………feels good to pare down……and according to some brings good luck!

  7. Hi Wendy – regarding give-away clothes, have you ever considered donating your comfy old clothes to your local hospital rehab unit? My husband is a physical therapist and reminded me recently that we should save our comfy giveaways for patients who are in the hospital for rehab and have none of their own clothes with them. Doing physical therapy in the easy-access (read: open at the butt) hospital gown is not so fun. Just an idea! ๐Ÿ™‚
    – Meg

  8. Just a though, but I give my excess stuff away to the “free store” – a community project that was originally affiliated with the 7th Day Adventists. I know the Goodwill and Sally’s use the money for projects but some folk are really too hard up to afford even a dollar to two for a top – especially with school starting.

  9. I just ordered my Puma a Zoom Groom. Thanks for that.

  10. Miss Lulu didn’t like the Zoom on her fur. Maybe it’s better for the longer fur like your little precious. Lucy doesn’t seem to mind it at all.

  11. I have every cat brush – zoom groom, metal comb, wire brush, and love glove. Phoebe (med/long hair) hates them all but will tolerate the love glove because it feels more like she is being petted. Ricky (DSH) loves them all but his favourite is the love mitten (
    He actually drools when I brush him.

  12. A five day break from work?!? I can’t wait to see all your knitting progress! Do take lots of knitting breaks :~)

  13. Just catching up and wanted to say the Fir Cone wrap is lovely! I also just love the daily Lucy pic (my fuzzy one is sitting in my lap right now!). She cracks me up! Enjoy your very long weekend (don’t work too hard! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) and I’ll be looking forward to some beautiful jacket progress when you blog again.

  14. Jan Hughes says:

    The hell with the yarn – what I want is that kimono jacket from Chico’s! I checked their website, but no such luck. You and I are the same colorway (redhead/autumn), Wendy, so I usually really dig your taste.

    PS – Also, I bought and read your book, which is odd since I usually don’t read kitting books – I just knit! Have been knitting for the last almost-50 years and have also experienced the knitting explosion – remember when the only thing in the yarn shop was worsted wool, and only in solid colors? I almost quit knitting, I got so bored. Kinda glad for it now, though, ’cause we really had to learn construction & tailoring, and that’s especially useful now that anything goes.

    Also, have been a solitary knitter like you forever, but am totally engrossed with the knitting blogs – where have these people been all my life?! No time for my own blog now, but maybe next year. What fun, huh?!

  15. Chappy’s got a zoom groom, too–they are just wonderful for getting lose fur. I love it . . . although, he thinks it’s more fun to try to chew on it than to actually let me brush him with it (grin).

    Enjoy your weekend!

  16. When you have a nice long weekend like that, it’s much easier to devote a chunk of time to clean up. It doesn’t feel like a waste of fun time.

  17. I love when cats “help”… it’s so cute. ๐Ÿ™‚ Especially when they have to be in front of you or touching you in some way.

  18. Good luck with the muck – I’m afraid the kimono would be calling my name! I love the reverse stockinette – it’s a great texture and just something different. And if you like it of course that’s all that really matters. Have a great 5-day weekend. ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. i like the reverse too!

  20. We had something like the Zoom Groom not that long ago when we had 3 cats – 2 shorthair girls and a longhair boy. The girls never liked it, but then they don’t like being brushed at all anyway. The longhair loved to be brushed, and absolutely loved the Zoom Groom-type brush – to the point that after 20-30 seconds he would go totally spastic and try to eat it/knead it/etc while purring louder than any cat I’ve ever heard. Unfortunately he would claw/chew on us too, so we couldn’t stand to use it anymore.

  21. Good luck with the mucking out and the giving away. I love how much neater things look with the piles gone through, straightened out and cleared out.

    I think both sides of your swatch look good, although I do agree that the colour seem to blend a bit better on the reverse side.

  22. Have a great 5 day weekend!!! I’m so jealous, because I just found out that all my other co-horts who are “in charge” this weekend will be calling in sick, so it’ll be little ole me the whole time! Boo! There was no pic of Lucy at the end of your post – I missed her. Yes, I know there was one at the beginning, but what can I say, I like tradition ๐Ÿ˜‰

  23. Five-day-weekend? Fabulous, I’m slightly envious.
    And good luck with the declutter operations.

  24. Oh, love the idea of mucking out. I have to do that myself sometime next week. And I’m not lyin’ when I say I love it. I’m weird like that…

    Hey, thanks for the birthday wishes! Big kitty hugs to Lucy from the Little Dudes!

  25. Just mucked out my closet yesterday. What does it say about me that it took nearly 4 hours to do? My pile will go to Goodwill.

  26. I totally am with you on the “mucking out.” I have been doing it for two weeks now. Opened all unopened boxes from my wedding (12 years ago) counted dishes, plates, vases. Gave away generic vases and vowed to use good vases. Currently going through clothes to give away. got rid of all the xmas stuff. We have a fiber optical tree and plug it in and watch it spin. I really do believe that there is a restoreative value in dejunking, getting down to the basics and getting rid of things that you no longer need or value. You will feel great about it after you are done


  27. Don’t forget to throw in some ‘Margarita Breaks’ while you’re at it. Have a great weekend!

  28. Wendy- Have a great looong weekend. Sounds like it’s going to be productive.
    I have fantasies of a big dumpster being dropped into my driveway, and I open the windows and start tossing with wild abandon all the crap I don’t want.
    The they haul it away, and I never have to think about it again.

  29. Wendy- Have a great looong weekend. Sounds like it’s going to be productive.
    I have fantasies of a big dumpster being dropped into my driveway, and I open the windows and start tossing with wild abandon all the crap I don’t want.
    Then they haul it away, and I never have to think about it again.

  30. Have a great holiday, you and Lucy both.


  31. I found the Zoom Groom at Weber’s Pet Supermarket in Chantilly on my way home last night. My female crumbled into a ball of jello when I used it on her. My male gave me the evil eye and tried to slink away. Well…he no longer has a choice. He cannot be the bohemian cat any longer! He will have to withstand some pampering!

    Have a great weekend!

  32. Have a great and productive weekend! You are very brave – I only cleared out my stuff when I moved out of my apartment in February – all the Best and Love to Lucy!

  33. I’m coming over right. this. minute. First, I have to place the Boots and Bags Salvation sign on the side of my car. I’ve seen your cowboy boots and bags.
    Happy 5 day weekend!

  34. My cats love their Zoom-Groom aswell, even the short-haired!

    Happy long-weekend!


  35. MMMMM 5 day weekennnnnddd. Knowing you, the jacket will be done by Tue…Enjoy!

  36. Sounds like you and Lucy will be busy this nice long weekend. I agree, you will probably find time to work ALOT on your new jacket. LOVE the reverse stockinette.
    FYI, Labour Day is the only stat holiday (besides the obvious of Christmas and New Years) that the US and Canada have in common. So both countries celebrate the “end of summer” or the “new year” (whichever you prefer) at the same time! Enjoy

  37. I need a lot of energy and the right mood to “muck” out stuff and love the feeling afterwards. Seeing all those bags gives me a weird kind of pleasure like I have done a great accomplishment. Only problem is I have to do it when my husband(packrat) is not around because the stuff sometimes mysteriously shows up again.

    I just bought your book from Amazon and can’t wait till it arrives….

  38. My extra long weekend starts today too–with unemployment! Wooo Hoooo!

    I’ve had the urge for awhile to muck out my house too. I started with our files but didn’t get too far. I always seem to feel this way in September. I just want to go through every cabinet and closet and get rid of everything!

    I once had a cat that didn’t like to be touched very much, but she looooooved the Zoom Groom. She especially liked me to just hold it in the air so that she could groom herself on it.

  39. Hi Lucy you gorgeous cat! My Mom let me have the blog for a meme and I was allowed to tag my favorite blog kitty friends so of course I chose you!

    Have fun and have a great weekend hanging with your Mommy and Daddy!

  40. My cat loves his Zoom Groom too, but more as a toy than a brush. I think it’s the soft rubbery texture…he likes to play with shoe inserts too, however gross that sounds :).

  41. Marie-france says:

    I’ve just been counting the number of socks you’ve knitted this year. NINETEEN PAIRS! What do you do with them all? are you giving some of them away too? If so you can send them my way!
    Have a great weekend!

  42. It’s Friday evening — hope you’re doing OK in the storm.

  43. Chaos will tolerate the Zoom Groom for about 5 minutes, so I have to get a lot of fur off quickly! But there’s nothing better for getting loose fur. Have a great holiday weekend!

  44. Took a break from my own mucking out…next stop is a trip to the cable company to discuss a cable modem – thought we’d boost ourselves out of the dark ages and get real ‘Net connection and cell phones in 2006. Now w/ 4 months left….

    I’m starting to tick off some of the “for years now, I’ve wanted to…” knitting projects. Some of them are fads that passed me by, some are timeless classics that are more intricate, some are small things.

    Happy clearing out!