My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


For Debi and the P-Man

While we don’t usually indulge in memes, Debi’s P-Man tagged Lucy to tell five weird things about herself.

1. I was a rescue kitty. The people I used to live with had me declawed and let me outside, where I was attacked by a dog. I am a Ragdoll and we are naturally docile, and the further absence of claws for defense meant I was badly bitten. The humans didn’t want to have to pay for medical treatment and had a friend dump me at the local shelter, claiming he’d found me by the side of the road. Capital Animal Care rescued me and got me medical treatment. Except that you can feel that I have a bite out of my little butt, I’m as good as new. They listed me with Petfinder, and that’s how my momma found me.

2. Even though my first people didn’t care if I lived or died, I approach every human I meet with friendliness and affection. 99% of the time I walk around with my tail straight up in the air because I’m so happy to be alive.

3. Speaking of my tail, you can’t tell because it’s so fluffy, but I have a tiny kink in the very tip of it.


4. Speaking of my being so very fluffy, I am actually a petite little girl. I’m small for a Ragdoll — I weigh about 9 pounds.


5. My favorite game is to play fetch. I think it’s hilarious that my humans get to much pleasure out of throwing a wadded up piece of paper for me, so I always bring it back to them so they can throw it again. I also like to push a piece of paper back and forth across a table with my daddy. If only he’d get me a chess board, I’m sure I could beat him every time.

So there you have it. Five things about Lucy.


I’ve been very busy mucking out the condo and have made very good progress. I’ve still got some work to do, though.

Despite that, I’ve also made good progress on my kimono jacket. I’ve got 24 rows left to do on the second sleeve, so it won’t be long!


Teddy helped.



  1. For some unknown (at least to me) reason, I seldom see the pictures of Lucy. The pictures of the knitting are lovely, but I have only seen the elusive Lucy once or twice. Is she being shy? Does my computer have a kitty bias?

  2. Well, Lucy certainly landed on her feet–lucky girl, to have a rescuer take her to a place where she could get the help she needed! I’ve never had a cat who was declawed, although at one point I was considering adopting a very sweet girl who had been. It fell through because she was too shy to manage in a houseful of other cats. Mine are all foundlings of one sort or another–sweet things, most of the time. Gigi is too old to play fetch now, but HiHi retrieves things. He’s got a low growl that alerts me to his capture of prey–usually a tissue from the trash, sometimes a bit of laundry!

  3. Shirley, in PA says:

    I remember when Lucy first came to live with you, and thought at that time she was a lucky kitty. Now I know you are both lucky. Keep showing her photos – your knitting is lovely, but I read your blog to see Lucy.

  4. Shirley Gallagher says:

    I remember when Lucy first came to live with you, and thought at that time she was a lucky kitty. Now I know you are both lucky. Keep showing her photos – your knitting is lovely, but I read your blog to see Lucy.

  5. I’d like to thank Lucy (and you) for the heads up on the Zoom Groom! I went out and bought one right away for my fat man cat and YAY! he tolerates it much more than the other metal thing. ^__^

    And I LOVE seeing your photos of yarn and knitting!

  6. Sometimes people suck. Hooray that you were there to worship Lucy, as she clearly deserves.

  7. Nice to have you posting on a holiday week-end.

    Lucy must be a great cat not to go after all the balls of yarn in your bowl and have the bowl on the floor in million pieces.

    Why do I think of this – well Suzy my youngest cat did just that to a Beleek bowl that was sitting on a table (yarn free) but none the less in Suzy’s way.

    Your kimona is lovely!!!

  8. Years ago I had a red point Oriental Shorthair cat (like a Siamese) that loved to retrieve. I would also give her puzzles to figure out. IOW, I wouldn’t just throw the wadded piece of paper, I’d throw it into a box, or into the laundry basket, or into an open drawer. Sunny loved it, and I was entertained all out of proportion to the cause. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. My Himalayan has a kink in her tail, too! I hear that’s a common flaw that keeps them from being good show cats. I’m quite happy to house a show cat wannabe. Because from the way she acts, no one’s ever told her she’s not purrrrfect.

    We used to have a cat that fetched, too. I call these creatures “cat-shaped dogs.” Lucy is a particularly, er, fetching example of one. All Harley wants to bring us are her live critters (frogs, lizards, small rabbits, chipmunks, etc.) caught for our amusement. Ungrateful humans!

  10. Lucy is a very lucky kitty indeed!

    My Ragdoll was also a “stray” and was pulled out of a shelter by Siamese Rescue and put into a foster home. She’s a tortie and has a little tort-a-tude toward the other kitties we have. She comes when I call her and follows me like a dog. Her favorite toys are ping pong balls. We think she was probably mistreated before she went to the shelter because she cowers if you raise your hand a certain way and she is very afraid of feet. She also didn’t like the husband (or men in general) very much so we assume the bad person in her previous life was a man. We’ve had her a year and a half and she’s gotten so much better.

    I think there is a very bad place where people who mean to animals end up (at least I hope so!)

    The kimono jacket is lovely. The colors are so beautiful! Now if the weather were just a little cooler so you could wear it…

  11. Wendy… you must have some superhuman blood flowing through your veins because it just is not humanly possible to knit something up so quickly!!!!!!!!!!! I am dumbfounded for sure.

  12. Goodness, but some people are ignorant. Lucy’s landed in kitty heaven with you though. Both cats I have owned were rescue kitties too.

  13. I would never declaw a cat. They were born with claws for a very good reason. So sad what happened to Lucy, but obviously her travels took her to a very good home – which I assume she runs, eh?

    Your Kimono is beautiful and I love its texture.

    Happy extra long weekend.

  14. I can’t believe anyone is capable of doing that to an animal, but god knows they’re there, and some doing a lot worse. It disgusts me. Just to wonder though, how do you know the story? Did the friend who dropped her off tell the shelter?

    Lucy’s beautiful, and is such a good companion to you, that it worked out for the best, despite what happened to her.

    Your kimono is coming along really well!

  15. It being a mostly kitty-centric post, I’ll throw in my two cents about people who mistreat animals. They should burn with the fire of a thousand cat scratches! Makes me want to grab onto my pampered little Birman and hold on tight. Wait! I do that anyway! Good on you (and other posters) for the rescue. And for the knitting! I am, however, jealous of the great pix you get of Lucy.

  16. Who would have known that sweet little Lucy would have had such a bad begining. How can people be so mean? I hope they get what they deserve. I am glad that you and Lucy came out winners, and she ended up in such a nice family. As usual your work is beautiful.

  17. Lucys story is so sad.. glad it was a happy ending for her!!
    I adopted a cat form the spca too, she’s the best cat I’ve even had… not to friendly unless she wants to be, and can give our dogs a beating too… that girl knows how to take care of herself thats for sure!

    the kimono jacket looks great!!

  18. The komono jacket is a winner for sure – and you were so right about the side to show. Lucy is one lucky kitty, thank you for being there for her.

  19. Lucy deserves the wonderful life she has with you!

  20. I’m wondering where you picked up the gorgeous bowl and pitcher with the knitting designs on them… I’d love to purchase the same.

    Thanks for any information… and, by the way, Lucy is gorgeous as well!

  21. Faster than you can say kimono, it’s done! Lucy’s story, well, whay can I say? She doesn’t look one minute neglected…

  22. What a pretty jacket!

    I’m so glad that you and Lucy found each other! Hopefully she really doesn’t remember much of her life when it wasn’t so happy.

    I truly believe that people who mistreat animals will get what they deserve in the end. Because otherwise, what’s the point?

    Hi Lucy!

  23. your jacket looks great such a nice kitty for her photo shot ;o)

  24. I love that kimono jacket! Lucy is a beautiful cat, indeed. I wish she would wear a kimono jacket, that would make me very happy. Can you sell us the pattern, puhleeze??


  25. I am another blog reader because of Lucy!! I love your speed-knitting Wendy. But I love Lucy even more. Having the both of you brings joy to my life. My Princess Puma also loves to fetch scrunched up paper, and we are awaiting our new Zoom Groom impatiently. Happy Labor Day!

  26. I just had to chime in here and thank ALL OF YOU for considering adoption. And special thanks to you, Wendy, for helping to spread the word about how wonderful adoption can be. I can’t even begin to tell you how disheartening it is to get call after call about kitten litters in woodpiles, under people’s decks, under their toolsheds, etc. — and all born to stray or feral mother cats. It’s so sad! Thanks to all of you for adopting your furkids and saving a life! Lucy is one beautiful and perfect example of the millions of furry friends who await you at shelters all across the country! Sue

  27. I’m so glad that you and Lucy found each other. Why do people like that take on the care of an animal without being totally commmitted??? Selfish *&^#! It’s amazing how sweet and forgiving an animal will be even after being mistreated.

  28. Oh my goddess…I was in tears when reading Lucy’s meme…how can people do that to animals? Everyday I’m reminded why I like animals better than people.

  29. I love hearing Lucy stories, and kitty rescue stories are even better. Lots of loving people in knitting blogland. My three are also rescue cats…Brynn and Tootsie were abandoned by their first owner because they were too much work, and I’m sure they were mistreated in some way because of the way Brynn cowers at sudden noises. Chloe came to me because her previous owner, a former friend of mine, was going to have her put down for some stupid reasons. They enrich my life now and I hope I make a difference in theirs! Thanks for sharing Lucy’s story.

  30. I just adopted a kitty yesterday!
    She’s spent the whole day under the bed or in my closet. It’s weird because yesterday she was laying with me on the couch and playing with the little catnip mouse I got her. She even slept all night on the other side of the bed with me (my husband was away hunting). Then today she got shy again. And she hasn’t eaten much. She’s SO sweet and cute, I hope she realizes soon that she is in a safe and loving home. I also hope she starts eating soon…I’m worried about her. She’s so tiny. She’s only a year and a half old and she’s already had a litter of kittens…6 of them! In fact there were a couple of her babies at the shelter and they were almost the same size as her. I think she had her kittens so young that it stunted her growth. Do you think that’s possible? I used to have two seal points and your Lucy reminds me of them ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Thanks for humoring the P-Man ๐Ÿ™‚

    I cried lots when Izzy died but then she sent Lucy to you to make your heart smile again…everything hapens for a reason and you and Lucy are a perfect match!

    Love the kimono!

  32. I remember when you got Lucy. She is very lucky to have found you. I’m not a cat person, but I love looking at her pictures and reading anecdotes about her. One can really see her personality through the photos!

    A pox on her former owners. I hate to sound mean, but I bet taking off their clothes and throwing them in the wilderness would keep them from ever doing such a thing again to an animal.

  33. I also vote for a place in Hell for people who mistreat animals (and children). Inconcievable to me. Thanks for Lucy’s story. Glad to see she landed firmly on her feet with you, surrounded by love.
    For Jill D, one and a half is not particularly young to have a litter. Probably, she is just malnourished after nursing her litter, it takes a lot out of the queen and she should have been super-supplemented. For now, try something like Hill’s AD once a day, which you can get at the Vet’s. Highly caloric and cats love it.
    Also love the Kimono!

  34. Dear dear kitty cats and whay they somestime go through. I am grateful there are good hearted and compassionate humans who believe all things great and small are important and rescue someone so beautiful.

    Wendy … I have a knitting question for you. Are you familiar with Austrian travelling stitches? I have a pattern I have tried, but got bamboozled by something in the chart symbols that did not match up with the directions. I’m looking for someone who is familiar with this technique whom I could get some help from.


  35. LOVE the belly pic, Lucy!!

  36. ๐Ÿ™‚ great story. It sounds like it would make a good book — how Lucy conquered the mean dog and owners to find her new momma!

    Can you tell us where you got the bowl and cup in your lovely yarn vignette? it looks like a cable pattern in the glass — veddy nice!

  37. I have a rescued cat as well. It’s also an advantage to know what they’ll be like as adults before you get them, instead of raising kittens/puppies without knowing what they’ll be like.

    I think you might have been a bit harsh on Lucy’s former owners, though, unless you have more information that suggests they didn’t care about her or you think that declawing is always an act of evil. (While I wouldn’t do it, I’m not sure that it’s evil.) Cats can run out of a house sometimes, despite one’s best efforts. They may have been heartbroken to lose her, but they may have had no choice, and they brought her somewhere that she could get the help she needed. I’m sure she has a happy life with you, and I’m glad that that’s the case, but it doesn’t mean she was miserable before.

  38. Lovely still-life pic! ๐Ÿ˜‰ And man, how gorgeous the kimono is! Would be beautiful hanging on your wall when not upon your shoulders!

  39. I am completely blown away by your knitting talent. It inspires me, however,I am indeed one of the worlds slowest knitters!!! But the pics and stories about Lucy keep me coming back to this blog. How so very cruel of Lucy’s former owners. I’m sure the hot place has a VERY special area for people that do such things to defenseless animals. For shame!

    Our tuxedo rescue, Buster, loves to play “fetch”, usually with his catnip mouse. It’s a hoot to watch him walk around the house with this ratty old thing hanging out of his mouth… looks like a “kill”. My husband and I are always amused to no end at this!

    Thanks for the great blog, great knits and beautiful kitty pictures! Love 2 Lucy!


  40. Thanks for the post from Lucy. My Kitty also was declawed and abandoned but still has such a taste for life on the street that it is hard to keep her in the house. She acts all sorts of tough with the other cats, no one would know she didn’t have claws. Lucy and Kitty are both living very different lives for someone taking the time to adopt a cat! The payback is immeasurable.

  41. My Packet is a tuxedo cat, but her mommy looked quite a bit like Lucy (bigger, though). Anyway, Packet’s got a kink at the end of her tail, too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. Too bad Lucy had such a rough start to her life. I wish there was a way to scan people and know if they are going to live up to the responsibility of loving and caring for their pets regardless of the cost and time. Most vets will take payments, so it’s not like they had to come up with all the money right away.

    My cats are rescue too. One was a stray kitten from someone to irresponsible to spay their cat and one was a purchased and shipped pet who freaked out on the family who bought her and attacked anyone in the family who came near her as well as their cat.

  43. Ouch! Her poor kitty butt! Chaos has a kink in his tail, too….

  44. Teddy is multi-talented!!! Who knew?

    I’m a little late in responding, so I may actually be commenting on things in tomorrow’s entry…..

    The yarn in the aran bowl–is that what the kimono is being/done been made of? Surely you didn’t need all that for 1/3 of a sleeve?

    I love petfinder–my lovely golden puppy (at 3 he still is!) is a rescue from there, and my little guy would have been too but I was impatient. Actually, the other 6 of my animals are rescues, including the hamsters…..hey, I’m not just obsessive about yarn!

    Love. The. Hair. What do Lucy and KOARC think? Very kicky and cute.

    Can I also just say that you are one of my favorite blogs for a number of reasons, but the top one lately is that you post Every Day? I do enjoy being excited by a new entry on a blog I’m following, but I know I’m getting good stuff here and it’s virtually guaranteed…….so thanks!

  45. texasjackie says:

    Lucy is beautiful, you’d never know it from the pics or her loving nature that she was neglected in her former life. I’m glad you found her and obviously dote on her. I wonder if fetching wadded up paper is a trait of ragdolls? My son has a male ragdoll who throughly enjoys the game!

  46. Gwyndolyn O'Shaughnessy says:

    Lucy-Lucy-Lucy-Lucy-Lucy-Lucy-Lucy: YAY! Love the knitting, but the kitting’s where it’s at.

  47. Gail Lucille says:

    Hi Wendy, Your kimono Jacket is
    #1 >>> I think it turned out
    so nice…You do great work.
    Like your Hair cut, & I Love
    the Yarn you thought was Ugly,
    Your such a fast knitter, enjoy
    reading your blog & Yes, all the
    photo’s of Lucy. Thanks.

  48. I’m so glad The Meezer tagged P-Man and the P-Man tagged Lucy! She’s such a love…(OK, so is he!) lolol!
    And – while I ADORE seeing your knitting photos and learning so much from you about my favorite subject, I’m such a kitty NUT, I love the photos and info on Miss Lucy, too! (But don’t stop the knitting blog, okay??)
    Rescuers of any sort are special people – we should all pat ourselves on the back – or better yet, pet our fur babies!

  49. Kudos to you for adopting a shelter kitty and for championing rescuers. I’ve spent a huge chunk of my adult life managing animal shelters. Hats off to you, and Lucy.