My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


This House is Clean


(I could have used Tangina’s help with the cleaning.)

I’ve vacuumed and polished and dusted and scrubbed and I think I’m done.

Here, for posterity, is my little kitchen . . . spotless.


I’ll spare you photos of the rest of the place, but it’s all clean. Woo!

A couple of you asked about the bowl and pitcher in yesterday’s blog entry. They are Aran Ware — from Kara Pottery. Aren’t they great?


They were both gifts and I love ’em.

Lucy thanks you for all your kind words about her story yesterday. Here she is, proving that she loves to play fetch!


I did manage to finish the Kimono Jacket yesterday. Here’s a blurry photo:


It looks better on Gwendolyn.


I did an i-cord loop for the front closure, but I’ve not decided on a button yet because I’ve not received all the ones I’ve ordered yet.


I’ll have them all later this week and will be able to select one then.


I also finished one knee-sock.


Still life with Lucy:


I’m working on the second sock now.

That’s pretty much it for the knitting right now. I’ve really been busy with this cleaning nonsense. It feels good, though. I’ve gotten rid of a lot of stuff. See?



  1. Kitchen: spotless
    Kimono jacket: gorgeous
    Lucy: adorable
    And you still have tomorrow off, too??
    Me: jealous

  2. Your hair? Looks lovely! I don’t remember seeing a pic of it this short. The Kimono looks great too.

  3. Love the kimono and the new haircut! Does Lucy give retrieving lessons? Neither of my foolish dogs will play fetch!

  4. hmmm want to come help me finish my house? seems to take so long…

    Great jacket and love the knee high sock!

  5. Your hair! Wow – it’s a whole lot shorter but still looks good ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Fantastic hair cut!

    My boy kitty, Moose, plays fetch with bread ties, bobby pins, and the occasionaly toy mouse (when we can find them).

  7. I know that Tangina is really Zelda Rubenstein, but check out THIS definition of “tangina.”

  8. Yow! Sexy hair!
    Brynn fetches too…when she feels like it. What would we do without these crazy cats!

  9. Nice hair and a great new jacket too. Looking forward to seeing your button selections. Didn’t get to comment yesterday, but Lucy’s story really got to me. I really wish we could do to some people what they do to animals. It makes me furious!

  10. Gwendolyn does a fine modeling job. Kimono is gorgeous. I love the loop for the button, and it all looks really fine.

    Very nice haircut. I ended up going longer this summer – I was a dolt. You’re going shorter for the fall. New doos are fun.

  11. Congrats on the cleaning! I didn’t notice the pattern on the pottery in the last post. It is totally awesome!

  12. LOVE the new ‘do.

    Spotless kitchen. Nice!

  13. Your jacket looks great, but I LOVE your hair. I just got mine cut off too. Must be something in the air!

  14. Wow, that’s a great haircut for you. Why are you hiding behind that camera, huh?

  15. Ah ha! Clean kitchen means one of two things: 1. TKORC does all the cooking for a while or 2. You’re going out to eat! Nobody who has cleaned a kitchen like that dares to cook in it for a while!

  16. Great hair! Kimono is lovely – can’t wait to see the button you choose. What will you wear with it?

  17. The reverse stockinette looks great with the seed stitch! Excellent choice! OMG, when you clean, you mean it! Your hair looks really good, must feel good too. I love me a clean house, jus hate to do it. {Lucy}

  18. anne marie in philly says:

    LUV the hair! red becomes you (said another fabu “redhead”).

    if you publish the kimono pattern, I will buy it.

    enjoy the rest of your holiday.

    PS – if you run out of things to do, my house could use a cleaning…. LOL ๐Ÿ˜‰

  19. Cripes ! Your hair ! It looks rather sexy.
    I love the kimono jacket. That,too,is rather sexy.

  20. I really like the kimono jacket- its looks so comfy and swingy- will you be posting the pattern?

    My Milo wants to know: Is Lucy partial to big handsome grey tabbies? Because, you know, he has a thing for cute fluffy girls…..

  21. Check out! Trust me. She’s changed my life (clutter, cleaning, keeping house)!

    LOVE the hair! So stylish… hot stuff!

    My cat used to fetch when he was a kitten I thought it was so odd.

    The Kimono Jacket is beautiful – really stunning.

  22. Your hair! It looks good though, you have a face shape that pulls off really short hair very well.
    Lucy, I never doubted you could fetch.

  23. Nice haircut. As a machine knitter, I’m amazed at how fast you finish handknit projects. The jacket is beautiful!!

  24. Love it.

    Are you planning to provide the kimono pattern? I hope so; it is brilliant.


  25. I had a cat a number of years ago who fetched. You only had to start crumpling up a piece of paper, and Mr. Dicken would come running, ready for his game. He was a lovely orange tabby.

  26. Oh my gosh – you’ve cut your hair! Wow – it looks super cute! Your jacket looks just right in the reverse stockinette – I did not like it nearly as much in stockinette. ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. oooo I LOVE the new do!! The jacket is dreamy too!

    I love seeing Lucy “in action”.

    One question…what are the cattail like things sticking out of the Aran Pitcher?

  28. Wow! Your hair looks fabulous Wendy, and the Kimono jacket is not so shabby either ๐Ÿ˜‰

  29. The hair — fabulous.
    The kimono — fabulous.
    Lucy — fabulous.

    Three for three!

  30. Great haircut!

  31. I revise my earlier assertion in voting–the reverse stockinette is perfect here. Your hair looks lovely too ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. Whoa! That’s a seriously short cut! I’ll bet it looks adorable on you — you must show a full head shot!

    And how much would it cost to get you to come clean my house? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    The Kimono jacket is fantastic, by the way! Why am I continually amazed by how fast you knit? Can’t wait to see which button you choose. ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. wow! nice hairโ€”now yours looks like mine! and i am SO jealous of your clean house. i need a good time warp in order to catch up . . .
    i’m thinking about making kneesocks; it just makes so much sense for living in this big old drafty house.

  34. love the kimono jacket, love the hair cut!
    you are very naughty for posting the pottery link, now i want some!

  35. The kimono jacket looks great!
    The knee-high socks, I’m a little envious about though. I’m inspired by you to keep on knitting and learning about knitting. Then, maybe, I can make a pair of knee-highs that actually fit my calves.
    You really have beautiful hair. It looks good short too.
    I have been reading your blog forever. I always look forward to seeing pictures of Lucy and all your knitting progress. I can’t believe I’m actually responding instead of just lurking. This has been my saying for this past year or so, to stop just reading about knitting and do it.(or stop just reading about life and live it)
    Thank you for sharing your love of knitting with all of us!
    P.S. I had no intention of mucking out my sewing room or the rest of my house, until you mentioned it..but thanks, anyhow, it does feel good. ………back to lurking and knitting..

  36. Can’t wait to see the beautiful jacket and the new haircut in the same shot!! The reverse stockinette looks fantastic. Lucy looks tired from all the cleaning!

  37. Love, love, love the kimono!!!

    Please!!!!!!! can we have the pattern!!!

  38. Everything is looking great; the kimono jacket is very pretty.


  39. Ha, I knew the new look of your avatar meant something. Can we see a pic of you sans camera? The hair, the sweater and the sock look terrific, teddy looks adorable, and Luch is without peer.

  40. the kimono looks great – what a difference on the model than laying flat – love the short & sassy do too!

  41. Wow! LOVE the new do. Adore the new jacket. A tad jealous of the spotless digs. And, as always, amazed by your ability to focus and complete projects!

  42. Lisa in Georgia says:

    Love the Kimono! Love the haircut!

  43. love the new hair!

  44. You look very pretty with your new hair style.

  45. Love the pottery, love the new “Do”, love the kimono jacket, will you be posting a pattern for that? I am desperately seeking a simple jacket of that type and alas, have not the skill to create my own design.

  46. The kimono sweater looks great. I love the way stuff just flies off your needles. It’s amazing!

    Nice hair cut too.

  47. Love the jacket, and the new do!

  48. Great hair do!……..brings out the pixie in you!……isn’t great to have things in place (if only for a bit)……Like the song Aretha sings says: “I got a new attitude”……..not that you need that, but hey!…….new beginnings in Sept are fun!

  49. Looks like a great hair cut.

    Love the Kimono jacket and the sock. The colours of both are beautiful.

    Lucy looks like she’s having a great time.

    You got yourself a great gift with that pottery.

  50. LOVE the kimono — if none of the buttons work out, try an i-cord Chinese ball button.

    Hey, love the hair and I’m glad you posted a photo so I’ll recognize you!!!

  51. Great haircut, but then I’m a big fan of short hair. ๐Ÿ™‚ Isn’t it great to use a teeny DOT of shampoo and spend 0.05 of a minute styling it? Yes, I thought so.

    The kimono is awesome, too!

  52. Great haircut!! Lovely kimono jacket, too.

    Lucy’s furry feet are so adorable.

  53. Gah! Your hair! No fair. You always find a way to keep us coming back. ๐Ÿ™‚

    The Kimono Jacket – absolutely stunning. The fabric and appearance of texture makes it interesting – the color – everything. It’s great. The beauty is in its simplicity yet the details draw you in and make you want to touch it! I’m sure it feels wonderful on. And it doesn’t even have the perfect button yet! ๐Ÿ™‚

  54. Holy cow batman. When you say you’re getting rid of stuff, you don’t kid around. The hair looks super cute (what I can see of it). I love the kimono sweater and the sock.

  55. Ooo, I like the hair cut! The jacket looks great too and I can’t wait to see what you choose for the button!

  56. Wow! The haircut looks great, and I love the color of your jacket. Two for two, as usual!

  57. love the haircut…
    love the sweater…is that pattern in our future also?
    love the lace pattern – i started before you posted the correction and i am not redoing the first 1.5 repeats to correct (unless i have bigger mistakes)
    love the kitty…as always
    and the big one is the Kara Pottery – I contacted them today (they are a Massachusetts based distributor in US) and I can’t wait to order some pieces. I think dinnerware that is knitty is such a cool idea.

  58. Love the Kimono Jacket and your haircut. My question regarding all the cleaning: Is your mother coming?:)

  59. Whoa! Dreamy ‘do, Wendy. I’m trying to grow mine again but what’s the use? Yours will be down to your shoulders by Halloween so I’m not racing.

  60. sonja poor says:

    Boy! Super-productive time off for you. Kitchen, jacket, sock, and *especially* the hair all look great! I always enjoying visiting your blog.

  61. Wendy – I LOVE the hair!

  62. The kimono took my breath away. I was so surprised to see the overall effect. Guess I don’t judge too well by looking at a swatch. But it’s a WINNER!.

    And your hair is gorgeous. I’ve been growing mine out and it’s such a pain. After seeing your new hair I’m wondering why I’m bothering with the grow out thing.

  63. Oh your Kimono Jacket is beautiful.

    Just wanted to drop you and Lucy a line, to let you know that my parent’s cat, Sly, found his way home! We were very excited Friday.

  64. Ohh Cute Hair and Clean House Envy!

  65. LOVE the new hair!!