My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Random Sunday

Check out High Country Knitwear — a source for some extremely cute patterns. For example, the Bison Scarf, which is in my possession. It was pointed out to me that with some slight modifications, it could be turned into a Lucy scarf. Awwwwwwww!

This pattern is well-written with clear pictures and charts, so I’m betting all of Pat’s patterns are. I think all the scarves available for sale at High Country Knitwear are adorable and perfect for relatively quick holiday gifts. And there’s a free pattern available — an extremely cute polar bear scarf!

New Book Alert

I was lucky enough to receive an advance copy of this book, Arctic Lace.


My one-line review? “Everything you ever wanted to know about qiviut but were afraid to ask.”

There’s a wealth of information about qiviut and its history, along with lace projects to knit. There are also “templates” for people who would like to design their own projects, and lots of lace charts to put together with the samples.

It reminds me, in a way, of Poems of Color, another book I loved. I think this book is to qiviut as Poems of Color is to Bohus.

More on Skein Dividing

With regard to weighing a skein of yarn before dividing it, in the comments someone pointed out that the the skein weight is printed on the label. This is true, but I always weigh my skein before dividing it. The actual weight of the skein will vary, depending on humidity, altitude, and no doubt phase of the moon. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I very often find (particularly with small operations who sell one-of-a-kind handpaints) that the skein is a little larger than the weight on the label. I really appreciate a generously-sized skein! So if you want the actual, true weight at the time you are dividing your skein, weigh it first!

Guess Who?

Do you know who these lovely ladies are?


They are the Rainey Sisters, of course!

I had lunch with Susan and Sally last Friday and could barely tear myself away to trudge back to the office. What fun we had! And look what Susan gave me:


A teeny amulet bag, knitted from her pattern of course. And a little kit for me to make one myself — which of course I am going to do almost immediately.


Susan teaches a class at her LYS in beaded knitting and this is the pattern and materials she uses for her class.

Lucky I just did a major housecleaning — I know exactly where my size 000 needles are!

Lucy was impressed with the little bag that Susan gave me:


I was impressed that in finishing the Vague Stripes with Blue Zits socks, the two socks more or less match:


Teddy was impressed that I immediately cast on for a sock using more Opal.


This is Opal Handpainted in color #22 — it’s fingering weight, so I’m knitting it on a 2mm needle. So far, so good!


  1. Becky Clark says:

    Have always loved the look of those beaded amulet bags, but I did NOT enjoy the knitting the one time I attempted to make one. Those eeny-weeny needles are too sharp! How lucky you are to have a beautiful one gifted to you – much less pain. P.S. I am on my 3rd consecutive “easy toe” pair of socks. I resisted for years, but I think you have converted me to the toe-up cult.

  2. Is that amulet bag the one that Vogue Knitting published back in the late eighties? I just printed off a pattern very similar, and I was wondering how it would look. Yours is lovely. What a nice gift that would be for my 5 sisters for Christmas. The socks really aren’t so ba either, I’d wear em.

  3. I know this is about 10 posts ago. But thanks for the tip on the zoom groom. My kitties are looking better and they love the massage. Hopefully, this’ll cut back on the vacuuming.

  4. Teddy has a maniacal smile. Is the Opal sock another Christmas gift?

    On the High Country Knitwear site I like the felted cowboy hat a lot!

  5. That little bag is adorable. And the Bison scarf?? Too cute!

  6. Lucy sez…”A couple of Greenies would fit in there very nicely!” ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Lucky you! I saw that bag on their blog and find the Rainey Sisters quite a talented duo. With you in the mix, I’m certain it was a triple treat of talent!

  8. I love that lil bag, can’t wait to see your progress!

  9. I like the blue zit socks. I like the randomness of the zits against the backdrop of stripes. I call it serendipity entering the serious stripe world. And what a beautiful bag. Karen B. was correct – you three are a “triple treat of talent”. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. That Arctic Lace book looks very interesting; I happen to have some qiviut sitting around (got it from the Windy Valley Muskox people who have a very impressive color range) so maybe this book will give me some ideas.

    On top of that, having you compare it to Poems of Color means I have to pre-order right now!

  11. Love the random speckles in the socks. Very intrigued by the Arctic Lace book – quivet is such a wonderful fiber. Did the publisher mention a release date?

  12. Hmmmmmm…….amulet bag for Lucy… will she wear it and have adventures……like Stuart Little?……and will she let you tell the story?…….Artic Lace looks intriguing……well check it out……thanks!

  13. I made one of those little amulet bags ages ago in a deep black. I really enjoyed the pattern!

  14. I love the polar bear scarf too! Thanks for the link to the site. Now….if you adapt one for Lucy, what about adjusting the pattern for fingering weight and using a skein of Blue Moon’s Lucy? (I have two newly arrived skeins that keep whispering project ideas to me) I was secretly hoping that with two skeins in such prolonged, close proximity on my counter, I might manage to get them to produce a litter of skeinlets, but so far, no luck.

  15. Just FYI: there is a Artic Lace KAL that’s started:
    If I remember right you did a qivuit KAL about a year ago. Maybe it’s time for another one.

  16. I am a dyed in the wool(hee hee) skein divider. My solution for forgetting to weigh the skein first is that I weighed the plastic core part of my skein winder that the yarn winds around. I have the weight in grams on a sticky note by the skein winder. I can then weigh the skein even if I’ve already started winding. (Mine twists off–probably everyone’s does, don’t we all buy the same skein winder?) And I can also weigh the ball while it’s still on the core to see if it’s done.

  17. Wendy — I really enjoyed our lunch! It was great meeting you in person.

    I wish I had filled the amulet bag with catnip for Lucy. I appreciate the credit you gave me for the amulet bag — but it would be like someone writing a pattern for a stockinette stitch crew neck pullover and trying to take the credit for the design! I did write the handout with helpful tips I have learned, but the design itself is very standard and very basic. I do hope you enjoy knitting the bag — can’t wait to see it.

  18. Where can one get the pattern for that amulet bag, it is soooo cute!

  19. The tiny amulet bag is very pretty. That is also an wonderfully clear photo of such an itty gem. Lucy continues to have good taste.


  20. I would like to use your “from memory” cat paw motif for a pair of socks. If that’s okay..I plan to cast on 64 stitches so should I do that repeat stitches 2-16, which would be in fourths? Thanks for you help!

  21. Cute bag. That was a very thoughtful gift.

    I’ll have to check that book out. It looks promising on heavier weight lace knitting.

    Cute Bison Scarf by the way.

  22. socks look great and just adore your teddy model too

  23. Hi All,

    I’m the author of Arctic Lace. Wendy, thanks for the great review! So glad you liked the book.

    The release date is October 1st, and you can pre-order at amazon or (no affiliation, but they are a great knitting book resource!)

    Most of the projects can be made with 1-2 balls of qiviut. There are a few larger projects for those who have a bigger qiviut budget than the rest of us!


  24. Can’t wait to see the amulet bag in process, nice!
    Also looked at High Country Knitwear. I feel a spend coming on.

  25. I first read “More on Skein Dividing” as “More on Skein Diving,” and thought that you’d come up with a yet another way to find yarn bargains on e-Bay …

  26. I can’t wait for the artic lace book to come out! Especially if it has lace design pointers.

    I made Branching Out from Knitty in Quviut this spring. I don’t know if I can splurge for more, but it is so yummy. I loved how it bloomed after it was washed!

  27. Did you see their lamb mittens? ( Too cute! I also like the Balaclava and the Caroller’s Hooded scarf. And definitely the bison and polar bear scarves. So clever!

    And that Artic Lace book looks very interesting — I want to get my hands on that, I think!

  28. On a recent trip to Alaska, I was lucky enough to find qiviut fiber on sale at a gift shop. I bought 3 oz even though I don’t know how to spin.

    Some day it will be yarn and I will have to buy that book! Thanks for sharing it.

  29. LOVE the picture of you on the Sisters’ Blog. Your short haircut looks great! Thanks for the info about the lace book – can’t wait to see it. It’s on my wish list at Amazon. Love the Lucy!

  30. that little bag is awesome!

  31. I can’t wait to see your finished amulet bag, it looks like the colors are blue and green maybe? Too cute. The finished blue zit socks look warm and cozy.