My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


A Wee F.O.

Yesterday afternoon I got out my size 000 needles and hunkered down to knit the beaded amulet bag kit that Susan gave me on Friday.

The first step was to string all the beads onto the working yarn (which is DMC perle cotton, by the way).

Note to myself: Cats love to help you string beads. If I plan to do any beaded knitting in the future, I must distract Lucy with some really potent catnip before starting.

Lucy sez:


“I’m innocent! I never touched those beads!”

The beads were strung on thread, so it was just a matter of tying the end of a strand of beads onto the working yarn and push them onto the yarn. As Susan pointed out in the instructions, sometimes you’ll run up against a bead that has a hole too small to go over the knot. You can crush this bead with a pair of pliers to get it off the thread and move on from there.

I think in the 6 strands of beads I had less than 10 beads with holes too small, so there was very little crushing of beads performed. A bit of a pity, because I sorta enjoyed it.


I started.


I knitted.


I finished.


The flip side:


And I gotta say, I’m quite pleased with the results.

Book Event

Just a quick heads up — I’ll be at the Martha Washington Library in Alexandria VA on September 18, 2006, 1:00pm. If you’re in the area, stop by and bring your knitting!


  1. That little bag is totally awesome. But poor Lucy… maliciously accused! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. What a cute little bag! Great work!

  3. I love your beaded bag! Will you bring it to your library workshop? I look forward to getting my book signed, too. I feel fortunate to have Monday off, see you there!

  4. That bag is fabulous! How does one order a pattern or kit of their very own? (can’t find the info on the Rainey Sister’s site, although there are other cute patterns to be found).

  5. Oh, it’s lovely! But I agree with Shelda, now I want to make one, too! Guess it’s time for a little ‘net hunting…

  6. Wow, great color combination. Looks like “weathered” copper. You are simply amazing for how much knitting you get done – not to mention how WELL you do it! I believe Lucy.

  7. Lovely little FO ๐Ÿ™‚
    What size needles do you use for perle cotton?

  8. Would you please stop knitting pretty things that I then think I need to get into making? Must focus on my own to-knit list…….

  9. Does the pattern actually have the beads in (-like curves, or is it just the angle of the photograph?

  10. How lovely!

    Thank goodness I remember well how much I disliked fidgeting with beads, or I’d rush right out and violate my yarn diet. (You must have very un-awkward fingers….I knit just fine, but throw some beads in the mix, and I might as well just eat the whole lot.)

  11. Ho boy! If you enjoyed THAT one, you really need to check out They have some really nice beaded bag pattern/kits. These are big enough to use as actual evening bags, etc. Most are just big enough to carry a girls “MILK” – Money, Identification, Lipstick and Keys!

    check them out. I’ve made a couple and they are really cute. The designer does a good job of laying every step out for you also so, that’s a good thing too!

  12. That is an incredible bag. I love the colors and I can’t believe how quickly you knit it. I know it is small, but you have a lot of patience. Nice work.

  13. Perhaps if you like knitting beaded bags you could
    make Lucy a fish one. See
    No affiliation with the shop, just the only place I
    could find a picture of one. If I recall they are
    done on 4-0 needles!

  14. I love the finished amulet bag! I checked out the Rainey sisters site too . Your helpful and informative blog which has led me to others…I looked at the other site mentioned in these comments with the bag kits. But, I favor yours the way the beads are and overall shape of bag.
    I am starting your kitty bed this week after I pick out some yarn at the Knitter’s Day Out this weekend..

  15. Your little amulet bag is cute as can be! Do you like knitting with that fine stuff?

  16. What I liked the most about the one and only beaded knit piece I’ve seen — a bookmark — was the feel of it. Very slinky. I totally didn’t expect that, and it was totally cool. Great little bag!

  17. That bag is absolutely lovely .. and Lucy is, as usual, the epitome of beauty.

  18. the bag is gorgeous, but i have a suggestion: if you’re picturing something small, could you please include a familiar object — a quarter or a business card, for instance, to give an idea of scale.

    and while i envy your speed, i can see a downside — at least for someone on a tight budget: think how quickly you’d finish something special and how long it would take to save up for another project! on the other hand, someone who knits that fast could sell some of her work to finance her addiction.

    must . . . get . . . more . . yarn . . . NOWWWW!!!

  19. I love the colors of it – the yarn AND the beads. Nice job! ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. I’m new to this website and blogging in general. Love to read of the knitting adventures! I have your book and wonder if you can knit the socks on 2 circular needles. I have only knit 2 prs. which were super but I don’t like the dp needles. How can I convert patterns to 2 circulars.

  21. very cute ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. That bag is just lovely! Great job:)

  23. Enchanting……poor Lucy – trying to be a mother’s helper…..or maybe she needs her own amulet bag…….love the pic of you resplendent in your new do on the sister’s blog……and must go and start one of the bags…….too much fun!

  24. it’s a great bag!! and I bet Lucy didnt’ touch those beads..ahemmmm… I have a kitty too….LOL
    that must’ve been like dangling cat nip in front of her and saying now don’t touch it kitty….heeheee

  25. Great job on the amulet bag… you made it look easy, but I think it’s difficult to knit with beads.

  26. You should be pleased, the purse came up lovely. What was the process like? I imagine fiddly, but I wonder if I’m wrong.

  27. Oh, I believe Wendy–my cat, Henry, once grabbed my knitting needles, complete with yarn and project in process, and ran for the hills. Fortunately I caught him before he got away, but the bamboo needles suffered fatal wounds! Another site for wonderful beaded purses is Coy’s Delight.

  28. Fantastic work, as always. Just lovely! Of course, Lucy is just as lovely! Darling kitty!

    My cats are lovers of bobbins. Knitting argyle or anything with multiple changes of color can quickly become a nightmare!

  29. Be careful, Wendy. Knitting with beads can be very addictive. While Dear Lucy may not be guilty of wanting to string a few beads herself, my Yorkie certainly was. She couldn’t believe I would be that interested in a dish that didn’t have food in it. (Guess she knew me pretty well, actually.) Your bag is lovely.


  30. Oh my gosh, you already finished it?? And I know you weren’t knitting with beads on the train. Hm. Either this is a reasonably quick knit or you knit at the speed of light! Really pretty results! Time for me to take up a friend on her offer to let me have her pattern book for this kind of little pursey thingy! So sweet!

  31. “I’m innocent. I didn’t touch those beads”

    Yeah. Right.

  32. The bag is adorable! How did your hands hold up?

    I wish I could join you on the 18th – it would be a fabulous birthday present! ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. I love the bag! The kind of accessory you don’t need but can’t live without! I tried to find a link from the sisters site–help? I love your photo on their site & the new “do”. Very attractive.

  34. The bag turned out GREAT. Though I agree with “Brenda.” Getting into beads is like being sucked into the vortex of doom. I ended up spending $hundreds$ of dollars on beads and got into it WAY too much (making different kinds of jewelry, etc.). It is a cautionary tale: do not let this happen to you!

  35. That bag is so cute. Beads are a little addicting. Have you been to the bead store in Tysons? Too much fun. Thankfully I don’t go to Tysons too often.

  36. There you go again! See it – make it – lightening speed! The color is just bead-utiful. {Lucy}

  37. The beaded bag is quite lovely. What a nice job.

  38. Beautiful bag, Wendy.

  39. Oh no,why do you have to tempt with this so gorgeous bag just when I am so content to never, ever try beads again as it is so time consuming. But I do have small beads, hm, and yarn, hm… and the bag is a wonderful glittering sea shell, a msterpiece if ever I saw one.
    Hope Lucy has overcome the missed opportunity to have some fun with beads. Sometimes I feel that those of us knitters with cats must be, regarded from the cats point of view, a rather boring lot with no idea of the fun one can have with yarn and beads.

  40. The bag is beautiful! I took a class to learn how to make one, and finished it, but I couldn’t figure out how to do the handle … you’ve inspired me to try and figure it out, thank you very much. ๐Ÿ™‚

    So, you didn’t want Lucy’s “help” stringing the beads? Gee, I wonder why …

  41. Wow! That’s really pretty. I wonder if it could be up-sized, for evening-bag purposes?…

  42. The amulet bag is fabuloso!! Love it! I can’t believe how fast you knit…that would take me at least a week to get around to threading all of the beads on!

    Cats + beads = trouble. I learned the hard way. With about 1,000 seed beads in the carpet as part of my ‘lesson.’ ๐Ÿ™‚

    Dang…book event on Monday!! My friend and I are in McLean too…but too far to just whip out there for lunch!

  43. I just LOVE the bag – you have inspired me to try one, too – my previous bead work was with wire for a necklace, and while lovely when done, was a source of constant amusement for my two dogs, who, I discovered, love to chase beads…

    as for Lucy – look at that face! How could there be any doubt??

  44. What a super cute bag. I love it. Where’s the kit from? I might be convinced to make one or two of those as gifts.

  45. OH Wow! Beautiful!

  46. hi,
    ur beaded bag is beautiful. i have done some work with beads but nothing like urs, which is truely an inspiration.

    i surfed ur site and blog and have u in my bookmark. will be back.

    please visit my blog, which is at its infancy.