My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


The Best Day Ever

I had the greatest day today.

Didn’t go to work today — had a dental appointment for teeth cleaning. No, that’s not the great part of the day, although I love having nice clean teeth, even if the process of getting there isn’t the most fun.

I got together with Phyl for lunch — that’s what made it such a great day! I haven’t seen her for ages, so we went out to lunch and had a wonderful, long chat, scrutinized each other’s socks in progress, fondled yarn, laughed, and generally had a great time.

Look what Phyl brought me:


I am beside myself with joy. This bag is perfect. It’s a carpetbag, from The Carpetbagger. It could not be more perfect. As you probably have noticed, I am a bag and purse ho. This bag meets all my requirements for the ultimate purse/knitting bag. It has handles and a detachable shoulder strap. It’s exactly the right size to carry to the office because it holds all my purse stuff along with a small wip. It has several pockets inside. And there’s even a tiny lock on the clasp with a little brass key.

And Speaking of Awesome Stuff

Remember when I was in search of the perfect button for the kimono jacket a little while back? One of the links sent to me was to Christine’s awesome handcrafted jewelry. While scrolling through her available jewelry, this piece caught my eye. I emailed Christine and asked if she could do a custom pendant for me, of my dear little Lucy. I emailed her my favorite photo of Lucy, and yesterday I got this in the mail:


A close-up of the pendant:


The back side of the pendant:


And the wee tag hanging from the bottom of the pendant:


Is that not perfect? Christine did a beautiful job of this — it’s exactly what I wanted. She was lovely to work with — the process of creating my custom piece was great fun from start to finish. Just a heads up — if you’re looking for something special, check out Jewelry by Christine. She has some lovely things available and does beautiful custom work. No affiliation, I’m just a hugely satisfied customer!

You can see some lovely clear photos of my Lucy pendant on her site here.

Yes, There Is Knitting Content

Here’s my new work in progress:


As some of you guessed, it’s Anne’s lovely Wing-o’-the-Moth pattern, being knitted in Alchemy Haiku (as some others of you guessed!) in the “dragon” colorway. The yarn has been in my stash for nearly a year and for some reason I thought it was a tobacco brown (even though I just looked at it last week in the great home clean-up project). Rather, it’s a lovely shade of pea green with some subtle brownish tinges here and there. Perfect for the Wing-o’-the-Moth, I think!

Even though I was off work today, I did very little knitting. Must buckle down to it tonight. I’m off work tomorrow, too, as I have a plumber coming to replace a couple of faucets. Hopefully more progress will be made then.

What Lucy did all day:



  1. It’s a very good thing my kitties (Woody and Alice) are napping now and not sitting on my desk — else they would be wondering when their mom was going to get a totally awesome necklace with their photos! And I really love the tag!

  2. What a beautiful necklace! I’d be a satisfied customer too. Heck, I’d be satisfied if I could get the cats to keep their freakin’ eyes all the way open for a picture. They’re so demure. They see the camera and all of a sudden the fun is gone. Sheesh.

  3. Such a cute pendant! Really sweet.
    And, isn’t it difficult to find a really great purse?! So glad you found one you love.

  4. Great bag!! I’m with you, #1 on my list of “musts” for a bag is that it is big enough to hold my purse stuff and yarn, needles, etc. for socks to knit when I stuck waiting on someone or something. Beautiful pendant. What a neat idea!

  5. Love the new bag but realy..really like the necklace.My pugs would look perfect in one..
    I read your book today and could not put it down..Being a new ‘addict’ to knitting I could relate to so much in it and want to try new needles,yarn and patterns..oh my more $$$
    My only concern with knitting is that I have put on a few pounds since starting 6 months ago from all sitting maybe… I think?

  6. Oh, yummy bag. I’ve been searching for the “perfect” work/knitting bag. I’m going to check out the site. The necklace is gorgeous.

  7. Funny – that’s how my Grace spent all day too. She thinks it’s so nice and quiet now that the kiddos are back in school! πŸ™‚

    What a great necklace! Christine is very talented. Could be dangerous to click on that link…oh what the heck! Here I go!

  8. Maybe it’s just me and my sick little mind…but when I read that your perfect new back was big enough for your purse stuff and a wip, I died laughing. I know you meant work in progress, but I couldn’t help seeing a whip come snaking out of that carpetbag! πŸ˜€ Oh, if the gov’t is watching you, they now think you are a little more randy than the docile lady with pointy sticks and yarn. πŸ˜›

  9. hey, since it’s the plumber, you could be there all day! Sounds like plenty of knitting time to me. I did get through the first chart of Icarus today, only the lacy bit left. Wahoo!

  10. Great bag, perfect pendant (or would that be “purrfect pendant”?), and no work? Yeah, I can see how that would be the best day ever! Enjoy!

  11. Lord, please grant me a day like Wendy’s at least once in my miserable life.

    The bag is beyond gorgeous and I am so jealous. And that pendant? Well I simply must own one. Except with my DeeDee’s picture on it, not Lucy. Not that Lucy isn’t beautiful but well … DeeDee’s a very jealous girl.

  12. Your progress is superhuman. I stand in amazement. I find that when I am knitting my lace shawl (1st one by the way)I MUST give it my full undivided attention and I need to count the stitches on each purl row to ensure accuracy. I’ve already ripped back 7 times. Do you knit from memory or are you using a pattern?

  13. That necklace is just awesome. Such craftsmanship it’s certainly purrfect (sorry). Anne’s Wing of the Moth is stunning isn’t it. I’m looking forward to seeing your finsihed one and your yarn is beautiful.

  14. Okay, were it not for the fact that you’re an awesome knitter and I’m just a rank amateur, I’d be sure we were separated at birth. As soon as your page loaded and I saw that bag, I said to myself, “OMG!” I agree — it is absolutely and perfectly stunning. You know I’m going to have to get one for myself now, don’t you? I’m a shameless bag ‘ho myself, so shame on you for enabling another bag purchase in my life! πŸ˜‰

    Love the Lucy necklace, too!

  15. LOve the bag!! And the Lucy pendant is quite amazing! Enjoy using them both!

  16. i am just tickled pink wendy! i kinda thought maybe a moth shawl was what you were starting there, but i didn’t dare say. i hope you are having fun with itβ€”i LOVE the color.

  17. I like to travel with a whip myself – or a can of mace, or a switchblade, or a sawed off shotgun. You need to be able to defend yourself in case someone wants to make off with your wip.

  18. Wow, that bag is just gorgeous . . . as is the pendant! You always have the niftiest stuff to show! You must have wowed the class during Show-and-Tell back in kindergarten…

  19. Wowie zowie! Great bag and beautiful piece of jewelry! The cat paw prints and the name tag with “Lucy” are too precious!

  20. Exquisite pendant…….and the bag is incredible……shades of Miss Marple!…..and what a lovely friend Phyl is…….lucky you!…..all that and sparkly white teeth!……film at eleven!

  21. What an awesome necklace! Perfectly personal. And the bag is great! I like a bag or 20 around too, don’t know what the allure is, it’s just fun! Can’t wait to see the shawl, Michelle and I are embarking on our 1st(s). Have a relaxing day off!

  22. Is Lucy waiting for her royalties check now that
    her likeness is being “used”?!! Beautifully I might add.
    I’m a bag ho too & I adore your new bag. My birthday is soon—maybe I can drop hints around my house!!!
    I was just looking at the shawl pattern on line before I read your blog today! It looks wonderful in the Haiku. You really did have a great day.

  23. lucy is splendid in her pendant!
    love the carpetbag fabric, love the haiku πŸ™‚

  24. What a cuuuute bag. Is it really roomy?

  25. Wendy- I was beginning to think that the perfect bag simply did not exist- but it does (I’m a bit of a ho myself).
    The necklace is divine- does Lucy get a matching one of Momma?

  26. The photo of the Wing o’ the Moth project makes me want to reach through my monitor and touch the soft yarn … hold on a sec while I give it a try. Ooohhh yes, that is nice. The Lucy pendant is precious indeed, but then why not when the object of your affection is so precious herself.

    Joy is shared in the sharing of your great day.


  27. Hi, Wendy,
    I work at Lark Books and I was wondering if you could contact me. We are publishing a book on knitting and would love for you to submit. My email is Thanks! Shannon

  28. It’s always a great feeling after having the dentist clean your teeth!! ;o)

  29. Oh that necklace is incredible! And you picked the perfect colorway for Wing of the Moth. πŸ™‚

  30. anne marie in philly says:

    ***What Lucy did all day*** – you expected more from her (snark)?

    in my next life I want to come back as a pampered house puss like Lucy.

    DIVINE necklace and bag, BTW.

  31. I am *thrilled* that you are knitting the Moth. πŸ™‚ Love the color you chose, too!

    The Lucy pendant is spectacular! The little paw prints on the back of her portrait are such a sweet little touch. πŸ™‚

  32. Did SpongeBob & Patrick help you and Squidward have your Best Day EVER?

  33. And here I thought I was the only one with Victorian-ish portrait jewelry of my Loved Ones. When I left the USAO, colleagues gave me a picture of me with the US Attorney and Attorney General Janet Reno. On a charm bracelet. That was going too far. It’s not nearly as cute as Lucy with her little pawprints and Lucy dog-tag. Cat-tag. Whatever. Excellent advanced shopping skills. xoxo Kay