My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Dragon Moth

Here is the yarn I’m using for the Wing-o’-the-Moth shawl, Alchemy Haiku.


It’s 40% silk and 60% mohair and each 25 gram skein is 325 yards. I have a total of three skeins for a total of 975 yards. The shawl pattern calls for 900 – 1,000 yards, so I ought to be fine.

Here is the shawl in progress:


And a close-up:


The first section is very easy to memorize, so it’s very pleasant, almost mindless, knitting. There’s a boatload of it, though, so I’m not even half done with this section. I thought having two days off from work would cause huge knitting progress, but I seem to have spent large chunks of time occupied with non-knitting tasks. But there’s always the weekend.

The truly observant among you may have noticed that I removed Keelan from my Works in Progress list. I decided the yarn I was using was not right — it was too fine and I didn’t like how it knitted up. So progress thus far has been scrapped. I did some swatching last night in another yarn, and plan to rework the pattern in dk weight wool.

What Lucy did all day:


She is lying on my side of the couch.


  1. That’s done it–I ordered the pattern today! Another moth will, I hope, soon take flight!

  2. It’s lover-ly and the color is perfect for spring or fall (or winter, or summer for that matter).

  3. You just thought you had a side of the couch. :0)

  4. Great fall color!

  5. Oh Wendy! I am in looooove!

  6. Moth Wing will be beautiful in that colorway!!

  7. No, Lucy just lets you sit on HER side of the couch from time to time. And then there’s HER other side of the couch.

  8. That is like my cat, Munchkin. She insists on sitting squished between my back and the back of the computer chair. No other seat will do. (Very pretty by the way, but I don’t think I can handle knitting another leaf-based pattern any time soon. Any shawl patterns NOT based on leaves out there? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. OK, now I’m feeling some hate. I’m still slogging away on the twin leaf portion three weeks after starting! And, I’m running out of yarn, despite having 1000 yds. Nothing like your gauge slapping you upside the head.

    I’m looking forward to seeing your since it’ll be finished before mine ;>

  10. If she sits on your side of the couch you will pay attention to her – right? Lucy’s no dummy!

  11. What a beautiful color! So fall-like!

    Where do I sign for Lucy’s job???

    ๐Ÿ˜‰ A wink w/a smile! m.

  12. Is the color chartreuse? The Wing-o-the-Moth stitch pattern is gorgeous, your knitting is lovely, and your photography is fine indeed.

  13. Your Wing O’ The Moth shawl is simply stunning. Love the color.

  14. Gorgeous color and Lucy looks so content and asking to be adored.

  15. Sorry to hear about Keelan – I was eyeing her progress. Knowing you’re not a ripper, what happens to Keelan and all the other Knitting Cemetery projects?

  16. Love the colours and the silky look your shawl has.

  17. I think I wanna be Lucy in my next life.

  18. Susan Johnson says:

    I love the Haiku yarn, but where did you get it? I have been searching the net and can’t find an etailer. It’s lovely and is perfect for WOTM.
    Sue J.

  19. Beautiful colorway! Beautiful Lucy!

  20. Lucy, Lucy, Lucy … you do “cat” so well.

    The shawl is looking very pretty, and oh so soft.


  21. Gee I always thought Lucy was nice to let you use any part of the couch at all.

  22. Wendy, good pics of your shawl – it looks lovely, as usual! Thanks for the links to the pet pendants the other day – what a great gift for one of my knitting group. She has two adorable chiihuahuas that she takes everywhere with her, even to work. They are beautifully behaved.

    I’ve also appreciated all the discussions about cleaning up and getting rid of stuff – between you and Knitu, I’m finally making progress on my UFOs and organzing up my knitting stuff!

    My cat, Pretty Girl, sends a sniff and nose kiss to Lucy! She’s a long haired domestic with all black hair and a full, fluffy tail. She gets a daily update on Lucy’s antics :>

    Carol in Prince George, VA

  23. OK Wendy. I love the Wing of the Moth shawl. I’m not tempted (yet) because I’m just learning charts. It’s stunning. And with your Lucygrl…..the entire couch is hers. She merely lets you sit on one side from time to time.

  24. Well, really, Wendy!! How are you to appreciate her on your day off to pet her if she isn’t there to remind you???? You _did_ take the day off to pet her, yes?

    (Least she’s on the couch and not on your bosoms. That’s where mine thinks he needs to be if I’m home when I’m not usually.)

  25. The color is purrfect for fall! I love it. Beautiful lacy pattern. I’ve never been much of a lace shawl girl, but you may make a convert out of me.

  26. Ooo, what a lovely yarn choice for that project! It is going to be sooo beautiful!

  27. I’ve been meaning to knit that shawl. And Miriam’s really lovely Hidcote Garden Shawl too. Have you seen it?

  28. wow your fir cone lies flat even before you block it! not mine.

    and as for the yarn amount – just a note – i had over 1000 and am getting anxious that i will run out – check out my blog for the details. and even the author ran out on one of hers.

    that color is beautiful for a moth shawl.

  29. Something about the word “Dragon Moth” that sounds really scary. Like the title of a horror movie for knitters. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Although, I never saw anything but beauties coming off your needles. I think I saw one at a work function one time & have to post it.

  30. I love ragdolls. I have 2; Obi is a blue and Zeke is a linx. Lucy is very adorable. I love to knit and would like to learn to spin. Felted purses are my thing right now. First time visitor. Thanks

  31. I’m working on the Tina in Haidu in the Scarlett’s Dark Secret colorway. It’s coming out really well, the color variation is nice a subtle and it’s showing up really well in the center fir cone lace. I’m just picking up the stitches around the edges of the center square–that is a bit hard because it is a dark color.

    Re your 9/11 post–I have to agree 100% with you. I think about it every time I get on the Metro, even managed to change work hours so I’m not riding at 9:00 am – which is the time I think most likely for an attack.

    I work right next to the White House, my employer issues each employee a little emergency kit with a wind-up radio flashlight, water and food bars, etc. Tells us to keep a pair of comfortable shoes at work in case we have to walk home (15 miles in my case!).