My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Winging It

I’ve been working on the Wing-o’-the-Moth exclusively this weekend. Two-thirds the way through the first lace pattern it was just zipping along. But of course, because the rows are getting longer, it took most of the weekend to get the last third done.


But now I’m in the second chart, the Twin Leaf pattern — there are 40 rows total of that, which of course, keep getting longer.

If you’ve been considering this pattern, I can tell you that I’m enjoying it very much so far. I’ve found no errors and the instructions are very clear and thorough. And the instructions are written out as well as charted, so if you don’t like charts, you can knit it from the written out instructions.

Still life with cat:


The Alchemy Haiku is, I think, perfect for this project.


The silk content gives it a lovely sheen, while the mohair provides a nice halo without being too fluffy. I can’t wait to finish and block this!


Anyhow, it’s time to get back to the knitting. I get to stay up late tonight and knit because I’m off from work tomorrow. As I mentioned last week, I’ll be at the Martha Washington Library in Alexandria VA tomorrow (September 18, 2006, 1:00pm) for a book event. Stop by if you can!

What Lucy did all weekend:



  1. Wendy, I’m convinced.. you must not sleep or eat. Amazing how much you get done. I’ve had the Moth on the needles for two weeks now, and goodness, I’m seriously trailing behind you! I just can’t knit lace at that speed!
    Anyway, good work. Its looking lovely!

  2. Moth is lookin’ good, indeed. Seems like Lucy’s gettin’ in practice for winter cuddling.

  3. I saw this shawl on knit-spot and was sorely tempted. With the clarity of instructions provided, do you think it appropriate for a newbie lace knitter?

  4. That yarn looks yummy. I agree – it looks perfect for that pattern. Something else to add to my “must buy” list. The list is getting long!

    Any chance of you coming to Canada for a book event. I’d love to see you if you ever come to Ottawa. I love your book!

  5. I’m on row 26 of the twin leaf pattern on mine. I just want to be done at this point!

  6. Your shawl looks like a beauty.

    I hope you have a great time at your book signing event.

  7. oh the shawl is beautiful—that color happens to be a favorite of mine. have a ton of un at the book signing tomorrow!

  8. Wish I were going to be in Alexandria tomorrow! (sigh)
    And I can’t wait to see your shawl blocked, either! I bet it’ll be stunning as usual.

  9. That’s such a beautiful colour, I love any shade of green.

    I may have missed this… but who designed the shawl?

    Enjoy tomorrow!

  10. Aha! Found the link! It’s going to look amazing when you’re done.


  11. I’ve been eyeing this shawl off for a bit now too. Yours is doing a good job of pushing me in the casting on direction! Love the Alchemy Haiku.

  12. Wendy, I hope this is a shawl that you plan on wearing because the color will be gorgeous on you.

  13. It’s funny, but even though I might love a project, I still get bored with it and end up flitting about. I contrast varigated yarn knit plain, with plain yarn knit in an intricate pattern. So do you every find yourself drifting from the task at hand? Is it a meditation thing?

    I do finish projects, so I guess what I’m doing works for me.

  14. That yarn really does look perfect–I love the color! (Of course!)

  15. Perfect combination of yarn & pattern…..looking quite exquisite……..have fun tomorrow!

  16. I bought the pattern and have it all printed out and ready to go, but I am waiting for the perfect yarn to find me still. Your’s is wonderful so far! Wow!

  17. Thanks for the up-close and personal shot of the Haiku yarn for those of us who don’t have an awesome LYS that carries stuff like that. What beautiful color variegations – I know it’s making a really beautiful shawl! I don’t blame Miss Lucy – weekends are for relaxing. 🙂

  18. So very lovely.


  19. So… you have been working on this shawl for 6 days and you are super-speedy-intuitive-lace-knitter. I have to get one of these done for a friend’s grandmother’s 90th birthday by 1 November. I have knitted precisely one lace shawl previously (well, it had holes in it, anyway). I’m quite worried. Should I give up my job and eating now?

  20. Just beautiful…Looks like Lucy has the right idea (if there’s no knitting to be done).

  21. Love the color! What a lovely way to step into fall. Enjoy you’re day off and stop rubbing it in. Must be nice to stay up late and knit! SOME of us have to be at work on Monday!! (Can you detect the hint of jealousy in my voice??) 🙂

  22. The more photos I see of the wing of the moth shawl, the more I want to knit it. The yarn you’re using for it is gorgeous!

  23. When I am knitting a shwal, I use the shawl percentage calculator in the sidebar at

    Instead of x number of rows per day, I use x percent a day. That keeps the stress of those last LONNNNNGGGGGG rows from getting to me. 2 % is 2 % whether that’s the entire 30 row first chart or the last single row. Just don’t forget to give yourself enough time to bind off and block.