My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


The Moth Has Landed

Yesterday afternoon at 4:35pm, I cast off the final stitch of my Wing-o-the-Moth Shawl. Here it is, pre-blocking:


I used a needle two sizes larger than Ithe one I knitted the shawl with to cast off, and used the same cast off in the instructions for the Flower Basket Shawl — knit 2, then knit those 2 stitches together through back loops, then knit 1, and repear with those 2 stitches, etc.

The cast-off edge:


Today at noon I soaked the shawl in cool water, and blocked it. Ta da!


It took me only about 45 minutes to get it all pinned out. I used blocking wires across the top, and pinned out the bottom edge with t-pins.


Pinned out, it is 88 inches across the top, and 44 inches down the back to the bottom center point. The finished dimensions in the pattern are listed as 86 inches across the top and 36 inches down the center back. But I’m an aggressive blocker. ๐Ÿ™‚ It will shrink slightly when I un-pin it.

To recap, this is the Wing-o’-the-Moth Shawl, designed by Anne Hanson and available for sale from her here.

I knit mine from Alchemy Haiku in the Dragon colorway. I used three skeins (325 yards each), and used all but a very small bit of the last skein. I knitted my shawl with a size U.S. 6 needle, and cast it off with a U.S. size 8 needle.

The pattern and charts were very clear and well-written and easy to follow. I thoroughly enjoyed knitting this and I can’t wait to un-pin it and wear it!

Lucy got excited at the start of the blocking process, but quickly lost interest and headed off to her kitty pi for a nap.


Liam Pattern Now Available

A couple of you have asked me recently about the Liam aran sweater I designed a couple of years ago. I’ve posted that pattern for sale as well. The permanent link to the pattern for sale will stay over in the sidebar.


  1. Pretty! I’m starting to get a real itch for lace because of wing o’ the moth

  2. Oh. my. GOD. That may be one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. The edging alone…wow.

  3. Wendy, your shawl is stunning! I love the edging, particularly the shell-scalloped part.

  4. Wing O’ the Moth is gorgeous! I like how the edging looks all pinned out, like individual little fans. I enjoyed seeing it in person at your book event, very beautiful work.

  5. wow the shawl so very beautiful and delicate. I am sure you will get tons of compliments wearing it!

  6. Your shawl is absolutely beautiful. And it really does look like a moth! Which is a compliment because I think moths are lovely creatures.

  7. Oops, me again. Are the sizes for the Liam sweater “finished” sizes or “to fit” sizes?

  8. Love the Moth! (Bought it myself… LOL) I have a stitch/style question – would it look funny to do a more solid-looking increase in the middle? I know alot of shawl patterns use the YO-K-YO center increase, but I personally think the solid line of holes detracts a bit from the lacework. Could just be me, though…


  9. You have inspired me to pick up my Moth again when I finish the little things on the needles.

    She is languishing in a bag but…..I think she will be my vacation knitting.

  10. Wow! That is absolutely gorgeous!

  11. I love how you pinned the corona edging all scallopy. Lovely job!

  12. Gorgeous!!! Y’know, I used the same bind-off for my shawl, albeit on 4s. I love that bind-off!

  13. Thank you so much for making this available. I can’t wait to start!

  14. Beautiful! Amazing how different it looks blocked. I’m still in amazement at how quickly you finish things. Does going up 2 needle sizes help with elasticity, or does it affect how the bind-off looks?

  15. What a stunning piece of work – the edging is just gorgeous! Please provide a photo of you wearing it when you do!

  16. The shawl is really beautiful. I particularily love the scallops at the bottom, they almost look like a ruffle. No wonder you can’t wait to wear it.

  17. Stunning! Absolutely Stunning!

  18. I, too, love the bottom edging. It really is different looking! One of the most gorgeous triangle shawl patterns I’ve seen in a while. ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. That shawl makes me want to throw off socks for a while and just knit this.

    While this is a good thing, generally speaking from a diversity standpoint, I’ve got six sock designs I have to get done in the next six weeks, and being distracted = less socks done. This, though…WORTH IT. Totally. Mrrrrowr.

  20. That’s so beautiful, it ALMOST makes me want to try lace. Almost. I tend to knit only for myself, and I can’t imagine where I’d wear something like that. The olive you used is PERFECT for that pattern.

  21. Oh My God…

    (stunned silence)

    I’m speechless…

    er, er…


  22. Allow me to ditto the OMG sentiments. Wendy it is absolutely stunning. The cast off edging is something else.

  23. THAT is pretty! i never get tired of seein all the moth incrnations! thank you for showing it wendy!

  24. Ooooh. Must. Buy. Pattern.

  25. Absolutely gorgeous!

  26. Blue is a very fetching color for Lucy.

    For a split second, when I read your title of this entry, I panicked–MOTH! Congrats on your latest FO!

  27. I adore your shawl. It came out beautifully. I’m anxiously awaiting the finish of one of my shawls so I can start mine.

  28. Dear Lucy:

    I’m surprised you didn’t go for a nap on the moth. Just as well… all the better to see the gorgeous work your Mom did. I expect it to lift lightly on the breeze and flutter away on those breath taking wings.

    You do look beautiful in your Pi though. It matches your eyes.

  29. It is very pretty and I like the edge so much.

  30. Ooh, that’s nice! I have some superwash laceweight merino here that would work for that. It’s beyond my skill level at this point but I’m tempted … (and I have the pattern, having a penchant for purchasing things I can’t make)

  31. Love the edge of that. Can’t wait to see it after it’s dry. ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. Gorgeous! The bind off you used is perfect. I think it is one of the most beautiful shawls I have seen.

  33. Ohhhhhh!! That is one fabulous shawl!Beautiful!!

  34. Just beautiful. {Lucy}

  35. Wendy, Your shawl is incredible along with the speed in which you knit it. Are u sure there isn’t a litte Tabitha in you?! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Question for my mentor… I’m working on the Fibertrends Lace Leaf. Twice I gotten to well over 35 rows. Everythings going good. I get side-tracked and suddenly, I have one too many or one too little stitches. I’ve backed off row after row and have not had to rip and start again for the 3rd time. Is there a trick to recovering from an error. It just isn’t the same as picking up a dropped stitch on a sweater or sock. How in the heck do you know where to begin?

  36. moth is lovely ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. Stunning… wow.

  38. Lovely, beautiful, and scrumptious.


  39. The shawl is beautiful Wendy, I love the edge detailing.

    Thanks for posting the details!

  40. Beautiful shawl!

  41. Shawl is pretty but I don’t know that I like the whole moth thing. They are rather loathsome creatures for rather obvious reasons. Do you really want people to know you are wearing, if not purposefully knitted, something named for an insect that would eat said knitted item if given the chance?

    I’m just askin’.

  42. Gorgeous. I thought of you and Lucy yesterday as I pinned out my Mystery Stole. Abner (my labrador) went absolutely insane like I had soaked the shawl in catnip for dogs. He started rolling all over it, and then anything that had touched the woolwash I used. Obviously he has a thing for kookabura woolwash. It was quite funny, and made me think of you and Lucy. And Lucy laying on the blocking shawls. Although I had to move my project up to where he couldn’t get to it, because an 85 pound dog does a bit more damage then a dainty Lucy kitty.

  43. Is that first picture upside down? Or were you standing on your head when you took the picture? It makes me dizzy looking at it.

    The shawl is gorgeous. I wasn’t expecting the blocked version to have such an interesting detail on the edging. I’ve never seen this shawl before, hence my surprise. I love it.

  44. It’s gorgeous!! But I’m disappointed that Lucy didn’t stick around to add some directly applied fur to the blocking process… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  45. Love the edging on Wing O’ the Moth! Gorgeous!

  46. Gorgeous. And you really made quick work of that pattern.

  47. Oh, that is one lovely shawl, Wendy. Gorgeous. I love the yarn you used for it, too.

  48. Incredibly beautiful. The edging is what tempts me the most. Do you ever make the same shawl pattern twice? Just curious to know if you’ve ever found one you liked so much that you knit it again.

  49. Hi Wendy,

    I love the way you model your newest sock project on Teddy’s head. I was wondering if you could model the side of the toe next time. I’m a beginner at socks and am following your toe-up sock pattern for the first time, as well as make my first short row toe and heel. I’m getting this little line of bumps where the double wraps occur, it’s not smooth like knitting in the round. Is this normal? I’m afraid I’m slipping the wraps up incorrectly before knitting them together with the stitch. Any advice would be much appreciated.