My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Crikey! I Forgot the Flower Basket Shawl!

Well, yeah, I did forget my Flower Basket Shawl, knitted from my own handspun. Thanks, Wen, for reminding me!

(If you have no idea what I’m talking about, look at yesterday’s blog post, where I answered the question of “what had I knit from my handspun.”)

So . . . the knitting on Keelan continues.


Marjorie asked if I did short row shaping on my Keelan shoulders. I didn’t. I probably smooshed the shoulder out at an angle when I took the photo of it.

Marjorie also commented:
I always find that doing the fronts and sleeves at the same time saves a lot of “record keeping”. I usually take detailed notes on what I do, since I generally modify a pattern at least a little (probably because I rarely use the yarn specified). So, I don’t have to do things like count rows to be sure both are the same if I knit them at the same time. Do you have any “tricks” for matching that go beyond just pencil and paper notes?

While it is true that knitting two pieces at the same time saves record keeping, I’d rather do the record keeping than knit two at a time. Particularly when I’m designing something, because there may well be some ripping out and reworking involved in the process. I find it much less loathesome to rip out and reknit one piece than two pieces.

When I’m doing something with pattern repeats, keeping track is easy anyhow. I just make a note of how many repeats and partial repeats it takes me for each piece.

New Pattern

A couple of you asked about the availability of the pattern for Rose, my Scandinavian style pullover. I actually have the pattern pretty much ready to go, so you can expect it soon.

Woo Hoo!

I was delighted to find out a little while ago that I won Julia’s “Knitting for Men” contest. I got my prize in the mail yesterday:


Three skeins of Gjestal Naturegarn, a single-ply lopi style wool in a manly shade of grey, and a copy of Alice Stamore’s Sweaters for Men — one of very few Starmore books I did not buy when it was first published. While it’s not one of her best books, I always regretted not getting it. It’s got a lovely aran in it. Actually, I’ve made that aran twice — at the time the book came out the aran pattern was published in a magazine and I got it there.

I still can’t believe I won — thanks Julia!

Another Woo Hoo!

Look what I got in the mail today:


Those are handcrafted sterling silver dpns, size 2.0mm.


I ordered them from the wonderful Sheri at The Loopy Ewe. They are fabulous to knit with!

How do I know?


(That’s Trekking XXL sock yarn in colorway #108.)

Lucy is still wiggling.



  1. Those are gorgeous dpns! Makes the fun of sock knitting even better when you’ve got really nice tools.

  2. Wow! Those DPNs are very pretty…they don’t look smooth in the picture…almost spiral? …maybe the picture is deceiving? Your socks seem to be looking good as usual though.

  3. I saw those somewhere else and was curious if the texture on the needle interfered with sliding the stiches along. I’d have to guess no if you’re in love with them.

    Or maybe it’s not texture, but color I’m seeing?

  4. Those needles are gorgeous! Are they heavy at all? They look like they would be.

    Wiggling seems like such an undignified thing for Lucy to do.

  5. Interesting dpns. Are they corregated (for lack of a better word) or something? It’s hard to tell from the pics.

  6. Glad the goodies arrived. The needles are made by Molly at Celtic Swan, and are also available from her in bronze (I have two sets of the bronze). She also makes shawl pins and other things – I have my eye on a hand forged bronze spinner’s hook! You can see them at

  7. I love those needles!! How beautiful! You are such an amazing knitter. Beautiful work. I love checking in to see what you are working on. Give Lucy a hug!! She is so cute.

  8. Sitting here in open-mouthed amazment and envy at those silver dpns. Those are SO going on my Christmas wish list.

  9. Congratulations on winning the contest — what will you make with the yarn? or is that too personal a question ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Are the dpns textured? If so, does the texture interfere with the stitches sliding along as you knit?

  10. OMG. I SO love you and hate you all at the same time. I’ve been longing for some silver DPNs. And those would make the perfect birthday gift.
    Thanks for the head’s up.

  11. I also received my 2.0mm Celtic Swan Forge dpns today from Sheri at The Loopy Ewe. Aren’t they beautiful!?! For anyone who has been avoiding 2.0mm needles because they look really tiny and like they will snap under the slightest pressure, get these needles. They don’t look small or fragile and feel more substantial than bamboo 2.0mm needles, without being heavy. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to cast on for some socks on my new fabulous needles!

  12. What gorgeous needles! I had no idea such luxury existed. As usual Wendy, you are quite the shopping enabler!

  13. How could you forget your own handspun shawl!? I had a sterling silver tool for needlework but it left a bit a tinge on my thread. Careful when you use the needles and don’t knit with white yarn, whatever you do! Just a word to the wise;-)

  14. Celtic Swan Forge makes AMAZING shawl pins. And she’s very nice, and does beautiful custom work. If you order, tell her Cindy says hi. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Yum. The whole damn post just makes me drool!

  16. So glad that your needles arrived and that you love them! I think they’re just beautiful. I need to nab a pair for myself before we sell them all. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Wow. Silver DPNs? Just . . . wow!

  18. martha in mobile says:

    Those are beautiful needles. But the way I lose dpns…I would be in agony if I lost one of those babies. I’m better off drooling at them whilst knitting on bamboo.

  19. Wait, are those needles going to need to be polished?! Eeek.

  20. OOOO DPN Jewelry, nice.

  21. Thanks for your answers. I am in the unhappy position of ripping two sleeves.

    Sterling silver needles–wow! I’ve been lusting after your Holz & Stein ebonies ever since I read your posts about them, but these are over the top. I’ll never be able to look at my humble bamboo and birch DPNs again without a sigh of envy.

  22. The needles are beautiful. I have looked at the 0’s twice and now that I have seen them at work, I will probably try to order them this very day. The Keelan is getting close?

  23. Those silver needles are gorgeous.

  24. Congrats on your winnings! The DPN’s are beautiful – I ordered some patterns from the Loopy Ewe, and gave your email as my referral – I think you get a store credit or something, hope that was OK!

  25. Alas, you got the last set! I’ve been knitting on the bronze dpn’s made by the same artist for awhile now, and I love them. (I think I have 3 sets of 2mm) I want to upgrade to the silver, but handmade dpn’s can only be made “so fast”. I’m having a hard time getting my hands on some…..

  26. I love those DPNs. Sadly, the store has no stock, right now. I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes open for them, tho! Gorgeous stuff.

    I really like how Keelan is coming along and cannot wait to see it all come together.

    What is your absolutely, positively most favorite sock yarn to use for yourself?

  27. Woo hoo is right … those handcrafted dpns are awesome looking. So pretty, they could stand in a little vase with a dried flower or something to be on display when not in use.


  28. Mary Tess says:

    The sterling DPNs are beautiful. How do their points compare to the points on other DPNs you’ve used?

  29. Gorgeous needles. Another thing to add to my wish list.

  30. I know that you no longer put the start date on your FO pages, and I remember you saying you stopped because you got flamed for it. I’m wondering if people haven’t grown up enough now that you couldn’t begin to put that on again. I absolutely loved seeing the start and finish dates of your work. It’s just my opinion, but I find it inspiring. Thanks.

  31. Aren’t the SS needles a bit cold and inflexible?? Slippery??

  32. Ann in CT says:

    Ditto on the sterling silver DPNs. I so deserve a set.

  33. What beautiful new needles!
    Are those actual grooves or a design detail in the shaft? Do you find that it interfers with the stitches sliding smoothly?

  34. what clever needles! i’m wondering, does the incised pattern help keep the stitches from sliding off the needles? i have some trouble with that when using dpns. this might be the ideal, and aesthetic, solution. thanks!

  35. I finished some Trekking 108 socks – great colorway! – but mine were not knit with those fancy needles! ๐Ÿ™‚ Those are great!

  36. What’s the most extreme thing you think you’ve ever knit (I think the silver DPNs are extremely beautiful). A friend put an idea for a whole new blog into my head on Thursday evening… ~x~

  37. Christina says:

    So happy to know that Rose will soon be available to purchase — thanks! Also, I agree with the person who finds your project start & finish times inspiring but more than that, it’s helpful when I want to go back and read the details. When the start date is listed it’s easy to get go right to that date and read the entries in order. And finally, congrats on your contest win, you’ve certainly funded many a contest!

  38. Yea for Rose!!! I have been lusting over her for a while…and those needles! Wowsa!

  39. Sterling silver dpns?!? Man, oh man. I love those. So fancy! I’d want to knit with them while wearing white gloves and drinking tea and eating scones. (Okay, maybe not the white gloves part.) Lucky you!