My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Ruffles Have Ridges

And so do my new silver dpns.

A number of you commented on the ridges in the dpns, asking if that impeded the movement of stitches on the needles.

One of the main issues I have with metal dpns is that the needle falls out of the stitches way too easily. I remember a pair of patterned Norwegian socks I knitted on some small size steel dpns — I had a hell of a time keeping my needles in my work.

I took my new silver needles on my commute on Friday and am happy to report that the ridges in the needles kept the stitches in place, even on the bumpy train. But they do not slow up my knitting at all — I can easily move the stitches across the ridges. They just give the needle a bit of “grab.”

They are certainly heavier than my bamboo dpns, but in size 2.0mm, this is not an issue. It only took a couple of rounds before I was used to knitting with them.

Unlike the Knitpicks dpns in the smaller sizes, the points are not so pointy that it’s painful when you stub your finger on them. Yet they were pointy enough for me to easily pick up my wraps on my short-row toe.

Does it sound like I like these needles? Yes I do! The surface of them is not completely round — they have a lovely handmade look (because they are — duh) and it does not in anyway detract from their usability. If anything, it adds to the enjoyment of the process for me.

As was pointed out in the comments, these needles were made by Celtic Swan Forge. (But I bought my set from The Loopy Ewe, who now appears to be sold out of them. Check out the Celtic Swan website — they’ve got lots of beautiful things there.

Segue to Sock Yarn

Kittie asked:
What is your absolutely, positively most favorite sock yarn to use for yourself?

So many sock yarns! So little time!

Sorry, but I can’t narrow it down to one. I love Socks The Rock. I love Claudia Handpainted. I love Cherry Tree Hill. I love Fleece Artist.

What sock yarns do you all love?

Because my stealth commuter project is now over, I am back to knitting socks on the commute. Here’s my progress on the toe I showed you on Thursday:


As I mentioned, this is Trekking XXL in color #108. I had never knit with Trekking yarn and having seen photos of Trekking socks in blogland, thought the color gradations were very cool. I do like this sock, but I still love the sock yarns mentioned above the best!

What I Did This Weekend


What Lucy Did This Weekend



  1. WOW!!! Keelan is amazing! You must be so pleased with it, I am in awe.

    You enabled me to order those lovely Celtic Swan needles before The Loopy Ewe ran out, I am expecting them on Tuesday.

    I like many sock yarns perhaps Koigu, Cabin Cove and Cherry Tree Hill are my favorites.

  2. Keelan is beautiful, and I hope you have time to write up the pattern soon. I’d love to make that for my DH. I just finished reading your book, and I wish that your publishers would send you to LA, so that we Left Coast knitters could meet you. I can relate to some of the incidents in your early knitting days, but you have far outstripped me and many other knitters with your creativity, not to mention your incredible level of output. Thank you for your blog; it’s a daily read.

    Lucy, of course, is beautiful always, and perhaps one day our home will be purr-dominated by a ragdoll. Whenever our cats stretch like she’s doing in today’s photo, it always makes me want to do the same, at least as far as humans are capable of doing!

  3. Keelan looks amazing… like you should be studying huge 200-year old tomes in the Bodleian!

  4. martha in mobile says:

    I hope Lucy had a little lie-down after that incredible stretch. She must be exhausted.

  5. Keelan rocks! What a great design. Congrats on another great project!

    I have to agree with you on the sock yarns; I love the Fleece Artist Merino sock yarn in particular. Yum. my.

  6. Keelan just in time for the cold spell late this coming week!

  7. keelan is beautiful—it would make a great cardigan too!

  8. Keelan is gorgeous, I know a few people I’d like to make that for 🙂


  9. Keelan is gorgeous (no surprise there) — can we have a close-up of the buttons? The silver looks lovely on that blue yarn.

    Tell Lucy to be careful — if she stretches in that position too much, something may snap and she’ll stay like that forever. (That’s what my father used to tell me when I made nasty faces. I’m sure it’s true.)

  10. Absolutely beautiful! I’m sure it will look as beautiful on as it is in the picture. And Lucy looks like she could use a Keelan also…lol.

  11. Keelan is *Fab*. Yay!

    I like Sundara sock yarn best for the knitting experience, though the lack of nylon (I believe she uses Henry’s Attic Kona Superwash wool as her base) makes the socks a little soft for heavy wear. But it’s worth it for the sensual knitting experience.

  12. Love the socks on the feet……so am not attached to any particular yarn……just love the finished product………love Keelan……and am slightly struggling with finishing…..especially with the bamboo yarn….very slippery……any hints?

  13. I caved and bought a set of their brass DPNs. I figure I’ll give them a try and if I like them, and find I can work with them…I’ll definitely invest in the silver! I’ve never been able to use metal dpns, but I love how these look and really hope they work well for me. 🙂 You are sooooooooooooooo not good for my budgetary diet. I blow it almost regularly while reading this blog and thinking “ooooh, I need me some of that!” **grins** I’m not about to stop reading, tho I may have to hand over the reigns of my finances to “the boy” in order to keep myself in line. **giggles**

    Speaking of stuff I say, “oooh, I need me some of that!”…The new vest is definitely in that category. I love it. I don’t wear vests often, but I really like this one…a lot.

  14. Just one more quick question about the neato new needles – are you concerned at all about fuzzing your yarn on the little ridges? Is the fuzzing minimal, if there is any, or is your knitting loose enough that it holds onto the needle but doesn’t scritch along the needle?

    Okay, that’s three questions, but they stuck in my head, so I’m asking ’em.

    Miss Knotty (aka) Regina

  15. Oh Wendy, Keelan is gorgeous!!! I’ll have to have that pattern when you make it available 🙂
    Like the socks as wellbeautiful colorway.

  16. Is the King of All Remote Controls sharing with Lucy?

  17. LOVE Keelan!

    Since sterling silver oxidizes very quickly, open, in the air, I was wondering if you noticed any dark marks (black smudges) left on the yarn? Also, I’m wondering if over time, they will dent, and show scratches. Silver is considered a fairly soft metal (jewelry was my life, professionally, for 14 years).

    Please keep us posted as to how they hold up!

    Lucy looks amazingly content!

  18. Keelan is destined to become a classic. I can see someone like Katharine Hepburn wearing it, or maybe Lauren Bacall. Absolutely gorgeous.

    Fave sock yarns? Cabin Cove Mercantile, Koigu and currently, Vesper.

  19. LOVE the way Keelan turned out. CongratS!

  20. Keelan looks great!

    Lucy looks so comfortable.

  21. Ann Carpenter says:

    Of course Lucy looks darling. Just had to get the obvious out of the way first, ha, ha. As for a favorite sock yarn, I just did Hubbo a pair of socks out of Lisa Souza’s 100% merino hand-dyed and it was grand. He loves them I enjoyed the knitting and the feel is very soft. So far all is well with them. How they will last is a question yet to be solved. My second fave so far is Tiny Toes. It’s soft and pretty. I have several others to try so the above results may change.
    Ann in Dallas, Texas

  22. Love Keelan! And the new sock seems to go rather well with it! Do you knit socks to “go” with say a sweater or shawl “on purpose”? Or have you just made so many they’re bound to match something anyway? 😉 Any thoughts on another book? {Lucy}

  23. The sock is pretty, Keenlan looks quite lovely and so neat and crisp. And of course Lucy looks huggable and cuddly as always … Lucy-licious.

    The handcrafted dpns fascinate me.


  24. I’m a sock novice compared to you, but I have had very nice results from Mountain Colours Bearfoot (merino and mohair, I think). Did you ever try it? I think it is slightly thicker than the yarns you’ve listed, but I did the Nancy Bush socks in a recent IK, and they’re warm and soft. I also have some Icelandic sock yarn from Tongue River Farms (that I haven’t knit up yet), and it seems luscious. This yarn comes in natural colors, and I bought their book of stranded designs just for some guidance. They’re at Rhinebeck, but they also sell on line.

  25. Keelan came out beautifully – as all your projects do!

  26. Thanks for the insight on the needles. Your recommendation means a lot and I’d be more likely to buy some now.

    Keelan looks great. I think the cables show up very well when they stand alone like that.

    I love Trekking, partly for it’s economy. I’d like to try two-color knitting with it. Charlene Schurch does some cool things with hand paints and a solid. I think you would also love Koigu, if you haven’t tried it yet. The colors are amazing!

  27. I am knitting up some KNITPIKS sockgarden in Geranium. I am really liking this yarn. My favorite previous was the KOIGI I knit last winter. I have knit socks before, but have just begun to love knitting socks.

    I want to thank you for the wonderful toe-up sock pattern. You have solved all of the things I did not like about knitting socks. So now I am knitting my 6th pair since August.

    You are a true talent among knitters. Thanks.

    I loaned my Wendy Knits to a friend who showed me the downloaded cat bed pattern she was planning to knit. [I gave her and 3 others felted cat beds last Christmas. She is giving them this year.] She had the 2 patterns to contrast and compare and called to thank me, she said the comments you had in the book about why you made the changes really helped. She is knitting her 3rd cat bed.

  28. My favorite sock yarn is Sockotta. It feels good in the hand, doesn’t split, and the stripes are entertaining.

    Right now I’m doing a sock from a similar Trekking XXL (color 105) and it’s becoming my Second Favorite Sock Yarn. Don’t you just love those color changes?

    Keelan… yum.

  29. Keelan is simply gorgeous, classic, the perfect vest to give…oneself.

    has anyone else had problems reaching Knit Happens? the website seems to be down, emails bounce back and when I have called, the phone rings and rings. I know there are many Knit Happens loyalists on Wendy’s blog, do you know if the store is still in business? I knew Kristine had some health problems.

  30. Becky Clark says:

    I heart Lucy! My cat loves to sleep in the middle of the driveway in the sun with one paw over her face. If you have the bad manners to try to drive in or out, she sighs and rolls her eyes.

    My very favorite sock yarn is Mountain Colors Bearfoot. Super soft and yummy colorways.

  31. Favorite sock yarns? Oh, a such complicated question. Here are my sock yarn ‘Oscars’:
    Best Wearing: Opal or Regia
    Best treat to knit with: Sundara Yarns and Lorna Laces Shepard sock
    Feel best on my feet: Mountain colors Bearfoot
    Best colors: Sundara, Koigu and STR
    On my list to try: Trekking XXL, Lang Jawoll (to make Eunny Yang’s amazing Bayerische socks),Fleece Artist, and Knitpicks’ Gloss.
    Actually, Wendy: you should do a poll: other catagories could include favorite sock yarn to make socks for a gift, sock yarn you are tempted to make a shawl out of (if it just would come on a cone), favorite solid-color sock yarn. The list could go on and on….

  32. Judith Crossett says:

    two moderately dumb questions.
    first, the Trekking yarn–where do you get it? Google is not helping me.
    second, I’ve promised a cousin a pair of sox (what he would accept for rescuing me with a very flat tire. A cousin with good taste). I offered color choice, he’d like a heathered blue or grey or brown…any suggestions?
    I love your toe-up pattern, and have recommended it to others.
    the third question, unanswerable: how do I persuade myself I deserve a pair of those needles?

  33. Thankyou for the link – my darling husband responded well to the blatant hints and he’s ordered me a set for my birthday next year!

  34. Love Keelan! She is gorgeous!
    And I must put Socks that Rock at the top of my list…Fabulous hand on that yarn! Trekking is great for it’s colors, but the yarn is a little hard. Koigu is sproingy wonderful, as well. I guess I have to try Cherry Tree Hill as everyone raves about it. My LYS doesn’t carry it, and I haven’t run into it in my travels, so I’ll have to order it….I think I can trust you guys! :=)