My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Several Loads of Laundry Later

Did I mention I took today off from work?

It’s nice how much you can get done when you don’t have to go to work.


To recap, this is the Peapod Baby Sweater, designed by Kate Gilbert and available in pdf format from the Interweave Knits website. (Check out yesterday’s blog entry for the link to the pattern.)


I made the smallest size (3 months old), which called for four skeins of Debbie Bliss Cotton Cashmere. I made it from three skeins, and had an ootch of the third skein leftover.


Becky asked:
How are you finding the cotton cashmere? More cotton-y than cashmere-y? The stitches look nice and glossy on my monitor…

It is more cottony than cashmere-y. But not unpleasant to work with. The stitches are not quite as even in person as they appear on-screen, but they aren’t too bad.

I steam-pressed the pieces to block, and that helped even out the stitches. I mattress-stitched the whole thing together and that worked well.

The buttons are shell and have a tiny baby carriage etched on ’em.


Speaking of buttons, Ruby asked how I made the buttonholes on Keelan. I cast off 2, then cast on 2 over the cast-off stitches on the next row.

The buttonholes on the Peapod are made by doing a yarn-over, k2tog. Its buttons are smaller, so a smaller buttonhole is in order.

So, I started something new, but I’ll talk about it tomorrow. I’m heading back to work tomorrow, so progress will slow down. Damn.



  1. Your Peapod Sweater looks much more appealing than Kate’s did — and I’m not even a purple person! And those carriage buttons are wild!

  2. Awwwww, the purple Peapod Sweater is so cute it makes my teeth ache!

  3. Oh very cute. The last thing I need is another “to knit” but I may have to substitute this for one of the baby gifts I need to make. It looks rather springy and one of the babies is due in February so that might be perfect. Looks like it was a fairly quick knit too.

    Thanks for sharing the info about it.

    Lucy you are such a ham! But isn’t that they way it should be.

  4. You must be the faster freakin’ knitter in the entire DC area! Simply amazing. And a beautiful job, to boot!

  5. OK, I know I should not be at all surprised that you’ve already finished the Peapod Sweater. But sheesh! SPEEDY, you are!

    So are you all caught up on laundry now?

  6. O my! This is truly darling. And the buttons, perfect.

  7. Lucky baby. It’s a great sweater.

  8. Super cute purple sweater. My fondest wish is to stay home and knit (well, it’s a toss up between that and a tropical vacation).

  9. I’m in awe – you are freakin’ fast and it’s gorgeous to boot ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. LOVE the Peapod Sweater. Have some nice striped cotton I am going to use to knit one for my great-niece who is due to arrive in January. She lives in Georgia so cotton will be perfect. I had printed the sweater pattern a while back but your version is much prettier than what is with the pattern. Based on Lucy’s photo I think she agrees!

  11. Lovely peapod — lucky baby! I think the color and pattern are non-traditional without being TOO interesting – do you know who it will belong to?

  12. LOVE LOVE LOVE that sweater! I’m all over it soon! I have 2 full skeins and a half skein of one color of DB Baby Cashmerino and a half skein of another color of same.

    Think I have enough??

    Where’s that Yardage Meter when you need it! UGH! I should’ve ordered it last time…

    :::mutter, mutter:::

  13. Ummm…Didn’t you JUST start that sweater? I am stabbing myself in the chest right now over it. I must be the SLOWEST knitter alive. It looks great though. Really cute. I love purple, and it makes it look like a totally differnt sweater when it’s not knit in green.

  14. The baby sweater is just as cute as can be. Lucky baby.

  15. Another Julie says:

    Hey, we have the same washing machine! We got ours a few years ago and so far there have been no problems with it. The only things that bug me are the wait for the lid to unlock after the spin cycle is over and the annoying buzzer when the dryer cycle is finished. Small things, really.

    I tried to knit the Peapod sweater but got exasperated with the way the pattern was written. I couldn’t even get the ribbing right after several attempts. I’m an experienced knitter but I just couldn’t fathom it out. Maybe I’ll give it another whirl because it is a cute sweater.

  16. Love that sweater in purple! (And Lucy’s astigmatism – in blue.

  17. Divine…….so much so that I want one for me!……wonder how that would work?

  18. Those buttons are soooo adorable. What is your main button source/where’d you get them?

  19. I’m thinkin’ you just need to put in for early retirement and spend your days knitting. It just suits you. (Of course you get more knitting done than most people who ARE retired and can spend their day knitting. Maybe we ought to rethink that.)

    The baby sweater is darling. Who is the lucky recipient?

  20. Yesterday you show us a picture of, what, 3″ or 4″ of knitting and today you show us a picture of an entire freakin’ sweater, sewn together and complete with buttons? Ye gods, woman, slow down! Your needles are on fire!

    Cute, though…

  21. Just love it. The buttons are the best!

  22. Super speedy baby sweater! I love the color – it’s so refreshing to see baby clothes that aren’t lt. pink or lt. blue.

  23. Very cute Peapod sweater. Great colour too.

    Yay for the new washer/dryer.

  24. I love the Peapod sweater! It is just beautiful. Too bad the fortunate baby will not know how utterly gorgeous she looks!

  25. Love the sweater, especially the buttons! Couldn’t you have knitted it a little faster? Say, in an hour or two? ๐Ÿ™‚
    Who’s the lucky recipient?

  26. I love the Peapod sweater. When I saw it I almost jumped up and cast on to make one for my expectant-mother friend, but my stash Cotton Cashmere is pink, and we don’t know the gender of her baby yet. Not to mention I’m working on other things already (but that never stops me).

  27. i love the sweater it looks fabulous and you are like master knitter it would have taken me at least a week to finish that sweater.
    its fantastic.

  28. So adorable … the sweater and Lucy. I put a special treat on my blog today for Lucy … in case she gets a chance to take a peak while you’re at work.

    I don’t know why I am like this, but I want to bite that sweater, it looks so good.


  29. The sweater is beautiful. I’ve only seen a few people make it in green and though I’m not much of a fan for purple, it is gorgeous!

  30. Purple Pea Pod!! I love it, it’s adorable.

  31. Are you the fastest knitter on the face of the earth???????? I am feeling all smiley and virtuous because I completed the BACK of a Debbie Bliss baby sweater in a 12-18 month size in one short week. Hah! I’m remedial! My goal to finish the left front by the weekend seems so lame now! The sweater is gorgeous and is on my list of patterns to try.

  32. Amen to the speedknitter comments!

    And I looked at those pattern yarn requirements. Looked at the baby. Looked at the pattern yarn requirements. And said, “No freakin’ way it takes that much yarn for that.” I’m a smug bastard to see your experience bearing that out.

    I’ve been noticing that lately though–my bicolor cardi from Annie Modesitt took just over half of the yarn “required.” I know that patterns are made to sell yarn, but it seems a little much, especially most people by extra over the stated requirements for “just in case.” Just making me think.

  33. Ok, your purple version is the cutest Peapod I’ve seen!