My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Trekking Socks

The Trekking socks, they are done.


Plain ol’ toe-up socks with a picot edge at the top. I sewed the live stitches done on the inside.

Gotta say, I’m not overly excited by the Trekking yarn. While it certainly does that cool shading thing as you knit it, I found it to be somewhat splitty and not overly soft.

But perhaps I am spoiled by all the lovely soft handpainted yarns I’ve been using lately.

One thing I did enjoy, however, was using my lovely Celtic Swan needles to knit these socks.

The Denim Sweater

I have started knitting the front of the denim sweater.


The color is way off. Weird.

Michelle commented:
I am so in awe of the perfection of your rows & stitches. You are a craftswoman and knitting scholar. Do you realize the rest of the general knitting public does not have the ability to knit at the speed of sound?!

As much as I’d like to simply blush prettily and say “why, thank you!” honesty compels me to tell you that being washed and dried did wonders for the perfection of the rows and stitches in this piece of knitting. It looked like 17 kinds of crap before I washed it, really.



I have a hard time making nice neat rows and stitches with this string-like yarn, so I was hoping that a run through the washer and dryer would even things up — and it did.

As for the speed thing . . . well, the back took me an entire week to knit. And it’s plain stockinette, nothing complicated. Just sayin’.

My goal is to have the front completed by October 27. I hesitate actually saying that out loud because that’s the fastest way for me to jinx myself. Well, we’ll see.

How far will I be on the front by Sunday’s blog entry? Will I go completely insane from the mindless stockinette stitch? Tune in Sunday.

Speaking of Sunday, Lucy will announce her charity project then. So y’all come back now. Hear?

In the meantime, Lucy checks her stash.


To close, some bonus photos taken of Lucy last weekend by her daddy.


And this:


And this:



  1. That Lucy – she’s a real cutie – what more is there to say? Welllll, lots more – but the photos say it all.

    Celtic swans needles? I missed info about them in your blog.

    All the Best to you and KOARC. (love to Lucy)

  2. Ah, Lucy and her cosmic beauty! And don’t you think the Trekking needs a second opinion? I know there’s a subliminal enabling message in there.

  3. Wendy? Were there margaritas involved in the sock finishing? =) You’ve got a couple of typos in your always perfect blogprose…
    All kidding aside, yours is one of the blogs I read everyday and have really learned a lot (maybe not enough yet to get over my fear of toe up socks but, we’ll see).
    Seeing Lucy featured is always a plus! So cute!

  4. Lucy has definitely got some of a classic cat poses down–I’m always a sucker for the “tummy tease”. One of my cats has it down to a science–he displays his temptingly soft little underbelly, I move in for a raspberry kiss and he curls up like a protective turtle JUST as I get there 🙂 Booger. (well, and his name is Kleenex, so….go figure)

    I’m actually admiring your tenacity with cotton, string-like yarn. I love it as a finished product, but it seems to create just all kinds of hand pain when I try to knit with 100% cotton 🙁

  5. I’m actually not sold on the Trekking colorways I’ve seen, either. They’re usually a bit too random for me. I like blends of complimentary colors.

    Purrs to Lucy, and here’s hoping that her stash stays just the perfect size. I’m sure she can get someone to buy her more as the catnip toys get knit up…

  6. I should clarify – the Trekking yarns I’ve seen have too many colors. They may complement each other well, but I think there are too many shades all put in one yarn.

  7. Like many sock yarns, the Trekking will soften up considerably when washed. While I had some splitting problems with it, there are comparable yarns that are far worse (Wild Foot, I’m talking to you!). As for the colorways, I really like the ombres, because of the lack of discrete border between the stripes.

  8. Claire Staples says:

    Trekking does soften when washed. They also have more colorways for men than any other yarn I’ve used.

  9. So, how bad is Lucy’s catnip habit? With all those containers of Cosmic catnip, she’s going to be zoned out nearly full-time! Thanks to ‘her Daddy’ for all the cute Luci-poses.

  10. I’m glad to see that Lucy gets the best catnip in the world. There is no way I could leave the Cosmic Catnip out on the counter. I have to hide it in the cupboard and so far the cats haven’t figured out how to open it.

  11. Yeah, Trekking isn’t my fave to knit either — but it is my favorite to wear. Washed a fluffed a little, I love my Trekking footies. Love them.

  12. how long did it take you to get your Celtic Swans? I ordered mine the day you posted the photo of yours and they still aren’t here…not sure if I should be worried, yet, or not.

  13. If Lucy can refer to catnip as her “stash”, can I call the beer in the fridge my stash? Because I have to tell you, dude, in that case there’s going to be some serious stashbusting this weekend *g*

  14. They’re lovely! And those sock blockers always make me smile.

  15. Lucy is cracking me up. Bean wants to trade our dog for your cat. I have to say that I think you’d lose on that deal. Molly is a lovely beastie but she’s a dog only a mother could love. Very tiny brain on that dog. Very. Tiny. Very.

  16. I just finished a pair of Trekking socks, and I was not overly impressed by their softness either until I washed them. Oh my, they are so soft now. I was really surprised. They feel wonderful.

  17. That’s one whack of a big stash Lucy has there! She must feel so secure knowing that it’s all hers — no sharing required. (You know how well cats like to share.)

  18. I agree on the wee bit splitty part of knitting Trekking, but I’m personally enchanted by watching the colours melt into one another, and oh dear gawd are they lovely to wear. Especially, as others have said, after washing.

  19. OMG! I can’t BELIEVE that catnip stash!!!

  20. Lucy’s got a great stash. My girls are very jealous (their stash is stored on top of the fridge). And such a pettable belly!!
    I’m knitting a pair of Trekking socks and I love the yarn and the shading…but I have been casting longing looks at some of the handpainted yarns in my stash. I have yet to cast on with any of them for fear that I will ruin them and they won’t look as pretty in sock form as they do in the skein. Have you ever been disappointed or surprised by the way something knitted up?

  21. Lucie is adorable as always, I have never knit with Trekking but your socks look great, too bad about the splitting.

  22. ’17 kinds of crap,” … funny expression and does paint a picture. Still, you are fast, I can’t believe how much production you get out of those fingers.

    Pretty daddy photos of Lucy. She exudes the feeling of being safe and cozy and loving it.


  23. Lucy is such a wonderful cat! I only wish my Siamese, Miss Kitty, would stay still long enough to pose for photos. I think ragdolls are more mellow — MissK seems to be moving even in her sleep!

    ps I have this crazy idea of knitting a sweater to match the Siamese/Ragdoll colors — start with chocolate brown at the bottom, melt into shades of tan, end with a few rows of bright blue. So far, I haven’t found the right yarn.

  24. The Trekking socks do look very nice and rich in color. Do you prefer to design all your wearables? And does the Sweater Wizard (given proper measurments) really “do all the math work” and produce a pattern? I’m seriously considering purchasing the program. {{Lucy}}

  25. Glad to see your comments re: Trekking. Makes me not feel so bad about passing up the Coconut Candy colorway (color 126) after which I lust that seems to have passed from existence, except for the two skeins on ebay now. Now up to $43 with eight days to go, if anyone’s interested. I decided to dye my own KnitPicks yarn and try to recreate the cool Brach’s socks I saw over on another blog. Won’t be self-striping, but maybe it will be even better! Glad to see your opinion on Trekking.

  26. I have to say that, initially, I had the same reaction to the Trekking. Then I wore the socks. I was amazed at how light and wonderful they felt on my feet. Keep in mind, I wore them the day I went to the Virginia Fiber Festival and sloshed through the mud all day. My shoes were totally soaked and full of mud but the socks never felt clammy or squishy and… after all that abuse I washed them and they look like new.

  27. Hey Wendy!

    We used to have a cat that looked just like Lucy-she’s beautiful! I had a question-do you know if they make wooden glove blockers like your sock blocers? And if so, where I could find them? I looked online and on ebay but all I found was hockey equipment-not exactly what I had in mind! BTW, my little 4 yr old just came up to the computer and said “Is that Lucy?”-apparently she catches me reading this a lot:)!

  28. I brought some trekking yarn for sock kits but, haven’t used any myself as I have an abundance of handpainted 100% merino wool yarns for socks, and very fussy family, and customers.

    Like your blog and love your Lucy. I haven’t had a cat in the house in 7 years. Dogs don’t like them (3 mini schnauzers with attitude problems)
    karen austin

  29. Hi Wendy- Gotta get ourselves some of that Cosmic Catnip- every girl needs a stash.
    Here’s a question for you- how do you decide what projects you want to do- where do you find inspiration? Is it driven by what’s in your stash, or more seeing a new yarn or pattern?
    And btw- you are a very productive knitter, take it from someone who isn’t.

  30. You’re making me want a denim sweater of my own. I have a Christmas knit list as long as my arm – I don’t have time to knit a denim sweater right now!

  31. Glad to see your rows look like mine before washing and blocking sets them all up purty-like. So far Trekking has had very mixed reviews with many people leaning toward it not being the softest stuff to use.

    Great Lucy photos.

  32. Lucy is such a pretty little lady.

  33. I haven’t read through all the comments, but in my experience, Trekking yarn feels just…eh, ok on the needles, but is surprisingly comfortable when worn.

  34. Holy “‘nip-stash batman! That cat’s gonna be high forever.

    Trekking is my favorite sock yarn! And I agree, it washes and wears well, after softening up.

  35. I just love Lucy!! Would love to just squish her and give her a big hug!! I am amazed at your speed of knitting, too. With my arthritis and carpal tunnel, I need to take too many breaks when I knit, so I take longer to complete things. At least I can still knit!!

  36. Shhh, don’t tell, but I’ve never knit with Trekking. I think I actually have one ball in the stash, but it’s just never on the top of my list. Your socks did turn out lovely. The sweater looks great and that Lucy is still the cutest thing ever.

  37. I’ve been pretty underwhelmed by Trekking XXL as well. I haven’t as yet been able to complete a pair. I agree, it was splitty and just didn’t feel very nice. Thank goodness there are so very many nice sock yarns out there. I’m making my little boy a pair out of the Claudia Handpaint now. Good stuff that is. That is some stash Lucy has!

  38. ann in CT says:

    Ah, look at that sweet little face. Nothing quite as lovely as a kitty sleeping in your lap. My dogs take up considerably more room, but it’s still lovely.

  39. Wendy!hi…to encantada com seus tricôs são maravilhosos me são inspiradores…suas meias tambén são maravilhosas,quero muito aprender tricotar meias como vc são lindas,mas aqui no Brasil tenho dificuldades de encontrar alguém que ensine com tanta perfeição.Você poderia gravar um video ensinando o passo a passo de como se fazer uma meia?…visite meu blogger,ele é simples e humilde mas eu ainda aprendo fazer maravilhas como você com as agulhas rsrsrs,um grande abraço virei sempre ver as novidades feitas por você.Sou BRASILEIRA.

  40. I love Lucy!
    And your blog, of course…….
    But I really love Lucy…

  41. That Lucy is one beautiful kitty! My mom used to have a kitty that looked exactly like her, and amazingly, she was the offspring of a plain little gray stray kitty we adopted and who knows who the daddy was! Like your Trekking socks, I have a pair on the needles too.

  42. That Lucy is one beautiful kitty! My mom used to have a kitty that looked exactly like her, and amazingly, she was the offspring of a plain little gray stray kitty we adopted and who knows who the daddy was! Like your Trekking socks, I have a pair on the needles too.

  43. Seeing the Lucy stash now I know why Lucy is always belly up and it’s such a cute belly. Luv the Lucy pic’s. your friend Lulu.

  44. That’s it – ya’s gots to WASH the Trekking.