My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Behind Blue Eyes

Thank you for all the nice comments about our home movies of our Lucy. As you can see, she has a tough life . . . not!


She didn’t always have it so soft. She was a rescue cat, abandoned at a shelter by her first owners. I was lucky enough to adopt her when she was two years old, thanks to and an animal rescue organization, Capital Animal Care.

Some of you who have been listening to me yammer on for years will remember that shortly after Miss Lucy came to live with me, the possibility of a Lucy Calendar was discussed. But nothing ever came of it.

Until now.


Lucy is proud to present the 2007 Lucy Wall Calendar, available in my Cafepress store. A different cheesecake photo of Lucy each month! Retail price is $17.99. The Cafepress base price is $14.99, so we’ll make a $3.00 profit on each calendar. That profit will be donated to animal rescue in its entirely.

We’ve also added some less expensive Lucy items to the store. What’s not to like? One-stop shopping for all your holiday gifts!

I’ll add the link to the Cafepress store to my sidebar. If there are other Lucy items you’d like me to add, please let me know!

Some Knitting Content

I’m ahead of schedule on the denim sweater, for I finished the front earlier today.


This is the front, washed and dried. Dried, but no thanks to my new dryer, which after less than 2 weeks of faithful service, died. Kaput. After I had washed the front of the sweater and needed to dry it to get it to shrink to match the back.

So the sweater front and I took a quick road trip and used the KOARC’s dryer. And I’m relieved to say that the front matches the back in length exactly, even though they were dried in two different dryers.

And for my stupid dryer I scheduled a service call. They can’t come out to fix it until October 30. Sigh. Am I pissed? Oh, yes.


So I’m starting a sleeve.

Lucy is relaxing by watching television.


She’s quite a fan of Jimmy Neutron, as you can see.

Some of you noted that there was roving piled alluringly on the floor in the video I posted Friday night. Surprisingly, Lucy does not mess with my roving. She very rarely messes with my yarn, either. She is a good kitty!


  1. I aquired my cat from my back yard – she was a stray that wandered in one day, and was so sweet, I kept her. When I had a baby a year ago, I was concerned about how the cat would handle it — silly me. The cat is more patient with the baby than I could have imagined, and functions almost like a nanny.

    Rescue cats. Gotta love ’em.

  2. Lucy has earned her posh lifestyle!

    Can you ask her to send some safe kitty prayers our way? my 3yo left adoor open and both cats got out. One is home safe and sound, the other is still wandering in the cold. I’ve seen him in hte yard, but he won’t come in. It’s getting cold in CT!

    I’d LOVE to get my hands on soem of that STR Lucy yarn!!! I’d be making Lucy socks for the whole family if even a portion of the proceedes went to animal rescue.

  3. Love the Lucy Calendar and the gift you’re making to animal rescue.

    My friends have gone nuts over the USPS stamps I had made from a photo of my orange and white tabby, Nikita. You’ve given me an idea for another way to donate to my favorite local shelter. Thanks!

  4. The Denim Sweater is looking good! So sorry to hear about your dryer woes.

    Love the Lucy calender. It was a difficult choice, but I think that the April photograph is my favorite. I also like July; with the remote it’s kind of a KOARC tribute.

  5. I wish my cats were as good around knitting as Lucy is! If it’s not Jakob trying to bat at my knitting needles, it’s Nick trying to chew or lie on the yarn.

    And I totally want one of those Lucy calendars! Looks like I’ll be saving up my pennies!

  6. My Ninna, a tabby, is a huge fan of the sci-fi channel and action films She’s a fan of Battlestar Galactica and Star Wars. We have caught her in front of the tv enjoying the special effects.

  7. The Lucy colorway of STR was very popular yesterday at Rhinebeck!

  8. Unrelated lace question. How do you care for your knitted lace? I’m made a scarf/shawlette for my mom. It’s baby alpaca and beautiful after blocking. Each time it needs to be washed, I assume she will she have to block it just the way I did. Should I send a box of pins too?

  9. I bought my calendar! Can’t wait to get it!

    My three kitties are rescue cats too, as were the two before these. For those who want pure (or nearly pure) breeds, there are rescue groups for many breeds of cats and dogs. My three came from Siamese Rescue.

    Keep up the good work Wendy!

  10. Will we next see super model Lucy on the Catwalk? (sorry I know that was a sad pun, but I couldn’t resist what with Project Runway and all)

    Congrats on the calendar and the denim sweater is beautiful.

    Dryer lasted 2 weeks? You got every right to be some kind of pissed, not to mention you have to wait that long for “service”

  11. Instead of “service” I would insist they bring an entire new dryer combo complete with a new service warranty. Keep a log of how long you had it, service, etc. and if you keep this one and it gives you any more problems I would be after them for a new one.

    I tried to get Lucy STR and the company never responded to my email…not even to tell me they didn’t have it! I love the STR I bought but am not impressed with the company’s lack of service. I have heard the same thing from some shops that want to sell it…no response from the company.

  12. Stupid dryer! They should re-imburse you for inconvience.

  13. Dear Lucy,

    Great new toy! When you get tired of that one, have your Mom and Dad get you a laser pet toy ($2.99 in the pet toys section at the grocery store!) We love it, you will too!

    Love from Indy and Murph

  14. my sympathy… for the loss of your dryer ):
    Congrats on your sweater and Lucy calendar!

  15. Congrats to Lucy on her wonderful charity project! She’s so photogenic, the decision to buy a calendar was easy.

    One of our cats, who lived to age 21, started out as a stray. Unknowns doused her–a gray calico kitten about 8 weeks old–with some kind of petroleum product and threw her in the swimming pool of our apartment complex. She made such a racket, I had to rescue her. Naturally, she became the best pet we ever had.

  16. michellenyc says:

    just an idea – wouldn’t it be cheaper to make them yourself and sell them on you would probably have a bigger profit margin and therefore MORE money could go to the charity!!

    don’t know if that would be feasible for you and the KOARC, but it’s a great site and you make more money for all the kitties in need.

  17. I am shocked to hear about your dryer, that is just not right! If it is any consolation, my computer died today, nice timing after getting Al a new car.

    Please thank Lucy for helping me with my Christmas shopping for Al.

  18. A Lucy calendar, WOW!!! I am so excited!! I love that cross-eyed sweet face. I buy an Abyssinian calendar every year in honor of my kitty Puma, but next year I’ll just have to use two calendars!

  19. Don’t tell my FOUR! cats..but I must have a Lucy Calendar.

  20. What a darling calendar! My mom loves pictures of cross-eyed cats. You can count me in for Christmas. 🙂

  21. Great idea: the Lucy calendar…..lovey gesture to the shelter……as for the dryer: do any products last these days?…..replace a phone this weekend…..and seem to remember when your phone lasted decades…..not a few years…..quality…..a thing of the past……by the way… sweaters – the hand knit ones – last decades……not like the chain store junk……craftsmanship, quality, and cat calendars: a new way to live

  22. Indeed, a GOOD kitty. You are SO lucky. So very, very lucky.

    Congrats on the calendar deal, Lucy!

  23. Lucy ~Superstar~
    Rather early for the new dryer taking a leave. Wouldn’t it be nice to buy a new one a pay for it say Mar 17th? Ha! I love the sweater-denim at its very best! It’s a great thing that you’re doing with the calendars!

  24. anne marie in philly says:

    will be stopping at the lucy shop after payday next week.

    all 4 of my cats (2 of whom are now angels) have been rescue kitties. wouldn’t have it any other way.

    WTF about the dryer…waaaaay early to fall apart. and you probably paid good money for it also. whatever happened to quality…oh yeah, the mfg jobs went overseas…ugh.

  25. Wendy, thanks for making Lucy Calender finally. I got it already and it is on the long way to Tokyo. Your cat travels the ocean and will be decorating a part of Tokyo next year. Next year, I hope smller size will be available to put it on my office desk to make people smile. By the way, I laughted for 5 minutes looking at Lucy mousepad. Lucy makes us all so happy. Miki

  26. I must ask: is the dryer from Sears? If the answer is yes – that explains everything.

  27. Love the Lucy Calendar. I’m saving a bit of money to get one now.

  28. Why is the KOARC’s dryer not your dryer? I’m so confused …

  29. Hi Wendy,

    I adore your blog…and have been reading since I first began knitting (summer of 2003?). I second Beth’s comment, though, and am confused (and perhaps a little nosy?). I thought you and the KOARC lived together and were married?? Maybe I just assumed so. Don’t feel like you need to clarify, I’m just highly curious.


  30. I’ll have to tell my husband about Lucy being a fan of Jimmy Neutron, because he is too. We watch it together and always get a good chuckle. Now we’ll know Lucy is out there somewhere watching it too!

    Whenever you speak of Lucy’s rescue and adoption it reminds me of a wonderful book I read years ago, “The Cat Who Came for Christmas”, a true life story about a rescued cat who showed up at Christmas in man’s life. It was a great read.


  31. I love the calendar! Speaking of charities, are you thinking of collecting donations for more Heifer International “knitting baskets” this year?

  32. Thank you great enabler… I’m waiting on my order from Celtic Swan Forge….

    one set of Bronze… then… OOPS I emailed for a set in sterling…. they sound absolutely fantabulous!

  33. How about a Lucy coffee cup?

  34. The KOARC’s dryer? I thought ya’ll were married and lived together!!

  35. I fell in the comments abyss yesterday, hopefully this one will go better…

    I have one of those jam-your-head-through sweaters from last winters knitting crop. I keep saying I’m going to undo the cast-on and do better/looser but I keep jamming my head.

  36. um. I’m so confused (behind the 8 ball?). I’d thought, all this time, that you and the KOARC were, like, married, or at least cohabiting. Cohabitatinging? Something. A ‘quick road trip’ to his drier (dryer?) totally discombobulated me. Eh?

    Come what may, I love your blog.

    (pre-reading my post, checking back over comments to see whether I’m coming from the Department of Redundancy Department, I find I’m not alone in my confusion. So I plow ahead, post away.