My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Change of Plans

I made some progress on my current sock, but this morning decided that I’d rather use the lovely Rosewood merino/tencel for something other than socks — it would be so beautiful knit into lace. So off the needles it came!


And I pulled out of my stash a recent sock yarn acquisition: some handpainted superwash merino from an etsy shop — Lavender Sheep.


The colorway is Blue Raspberry — isn’t it gorgeous? I love that the turquoise and raspberry work so well together.

So, on the train this morning I started a toe-up sock with a crochet chain provisional cast-on, as is my wont.


But I did the short rows a wee bit differently.

I recently saw a tutorial on a different way of picking up your wraps that is supposed to eliminate the holes that plague some people on their short rows — it is here, on the Misocrafty blog. It’s a popular tutorial! I saw that Lolly linked to it today as well. The basic idea is that instead of knitting the wraps together with the stitch, you pick up the wraps, put ’em on the right needle, knit the stitch, then pass the wraps over the knitted stitch.

Anyhow, I read through it with interest a couple of days ago, so tried out the technique on my sock toe this morning.

Yup, no holes on the sides of my toes.


And it looks nice and neat.

My only complaint is that there are bumps on the inside of the toe, running up each side. And I’m wondering if those bumps will annoy me when I’m wearing the sock. Remember, I’m a delicate flower.

So I’m going to switch back to my old method of picking up the wraps and knitting them with the stitch. I’ve never had holes when I do my short rows this way, and the inside of the toe feels smoother to me.

But I encourage you to give this method a try, particularly if you are plagued with holes. The inside bumps may be due to my own stupidity while executing the technique. Your mileage may definitely vary!

Speaking of sock yarn . . .


This is some Claudia Handpainted in new colors I just got from The Loopy Ewe. Top to bottom, the colors are Toast, Leopard, and Boot Camp. Are they not gorgeous?

Denim Sweater Update

Still working on the first sleeve.


Barbp asked:

Wendy I didn’t think about this from the post the other day when your sweater looked like a tank design after you washed and dried it (and were cheated on by your dryer). But my brain has caught up to your process, do you recommend washing and drying the pattern of most of your garments before doing the neckline and sleeves or is it more of what the properties are for the individual yarn your using?

I’m washing each piece separately and then putting the sweater together because it is what is recommended for the denim yarn, which shrinks on the first washing, It is important to seam the washed pieces with washed yarn, too, otherwise the yarn you used to seam will shrink the next time you wash the sweater, and the rest of the sweater won’t.

Technology Bites

Yesterday for a chunk of time my comments weren’t working. Thanks to Josette woh mentioned it in an email to me, otherwise, I probably wouldn’t have figured it out for a while. I did manage to fix the problem of my corrupted comments script by uploading the backup, after which I hid in a darkened room and rocked back and forth, whimpering, for a while. I don’t know nuthin’ about birthing cgi scripts. Anyhow, things are working more or less now, but I noticed that the database seems really slow from time to time. So if things are moving slowly on this here blog, I apologize! Hopefully all will return to normal at some point.

Lucy! Lucy! Lucy!

There was a suggestion in the comments that I offer a Lucy coffee mug for sale. There are now two in my Cafepress store. Buy a mug and the $1 profit will be donated to animal rescue.

Lucy sez:


Wednesday Oct. 25 is my Daddy’s birthday! Happy birthday, Daddy!


  1. All these pictures of beautiful sock yarn are really whetting my appetite for yarn shopping! I especially like the Blue Raspberry.

  2. Thank you for the new short row tutorial. My purl short rows look great, my knit side have holes in it. I’ve frogged 2 socks already because of this.

  3. I’ll be trying Misocrafty’s short-row technique on my next pair. For the toe, however, I’ve found that the lifted/raised increase works well. Here’s a good pictorial link:

    Have you tried this one yet, Wendy?

  4. I’ve never had a problem with holes at the sides of short row heels and toes, so I always thought the problem was just where you started back up going in the round.

    I use your method all the time, although I did make one major change. I noticed the the two sides of the heels/toes looked different, and I preferred one (the one where the knitting just looks like it bends) over the other (which has a row of dashes).

    So now, to match them up, instead of just purling the stitches & matching wraps together on the back side, I purl them together through the back loops (it IS harder to execute, but the perfectionist in me really thinks the result is worth the effort).

    If you prefer the side with the dashes, knit through the back loops on the front side, and then both sides will have the dashes.

  5. Hello Wendy,

    I’m a long time reader/lurker. I am a huge fan of your toe up sock formula….I use it every time. Your new yarns are spectacular too!

    The reason I’m writing is that my mom has Lymphoma and I’m running a contest on my blog to help get blood donations. She was in dire need of blood and we had to wait DAYS for her blood type to be located and transported. Simply, I need your help to get the word out. Please help.

    Thank you,

    Martha Holiday

  6. I have some denim yarn I have been planning on knitting up but I have been dragging my feet since I get lazy when it comes to swatching. I like the idea of washing and drying the yarn first. How to you handle the yarn during the wash and dry?

  7. OY. (smacking self in head) I’m on my 4th pair of socks ever! Never was sure just what I was doing that made my toes look funny (besides the holes – I’m getting a lot better at them). BUT…I guess somewhere I missed that the wraps on the purl side and those on the knit side would look different? I feel SOO much better!
    lololol! (just call me SLOW Nana!)

    Ohh…I have the Leopard colorway, too! Can’t wait to see the sock-yarn-turned-lace you’re going to make!!! Such gorgeous pinks!

    Happy Birthday to Lucy’s Daddy!

  8. Wow. I love the blue raspberry. It makes me want to finish those socks I started a couple months back only so I have an excuse to buy more sock yarn.

    And your cat makes me miss my old cat. -_-

  9. Hi Wendy,

    Twyla Twinkle Berry (my ragdoll) and I have not commented in months. But we have to chirp in and say we can’t wait to get a calendar and now we must get a mug ASAP.

  10. I’ve fallen in love with the Magic Cast-on (from for toe-ups…with just simple make-one increases rather than short rows…no bumps, no holes, no fuss, no do-overs…if you haven’t looked into that cast-on (which can even be done on a train! hehe), you might find it an interesting alternative as well…

  11. Hey, it’s my birthday, too. And Picasso’s. And Minnie Pearl’s.

  12. Happy Birthday, KOARC “De Mille.” Thank you for the Lucy films!

  13. Thanks so much for your reply to my question. Happy Birthday to your KOARC.

  14. Curious about how your Log Cabin blanket progress..I decided to start a practice one tonight to get an idea of what I am doing. Hav enot had alot of practice picking up so many stiches before.Wonder how yours looks using left over sock yarn?

  15. I want to know why “Toast” has blue/lavendar in it. Unless it was toast slathered with grape jelly . . . . . maybe that was the thought process there. At any rate, all three colourways are beautiful, cannot wait to see what they look like all knitted up.
    I tried your method of socks, but i got stuck trying to figure out the “wrap and turn”. i tried it six ways from Sunday and used up all my curse words, so therefore i am still doing socks top-down. i *want* to learn to do them your way, but maybe i need more practice. ive only been knitting since february so maybe i should learn to walk before i try to run?

  16. Happy Birthday KORAC!

    I LOVE that Bootcamp colorway Wendy! How did I miss it, I haunt Sheri’s store like the Blair Witch, LOL!

  17. It is because your blog is so well loved. Seriously. Yours is one of the larger Movable Type installations I’ve come across (the Harlot’s being another notably large MT blog).

  18. Oh my. That sock yarn is resulting in a puddle of drool at my feet.

    Before I take a moment to lick the monitor, I must do the “Happy birthday, KOARC,” thing.

    Happy birthday, KOARC!

    Commence licking.

  19. You are so right about turquoise and raspberry – I ran across this by serendipity when knitting a shawl with sari silk. I now have vague plans to knit a colorwork pullover in turquoise and raspberry. Not that I have the yarn mind you – just the vague plan.

  20. Well Happy Birthday KOARC! Ooooo the colors on the new socks! I guess it’s the knitter’s perogative to change as she wishes. 😉

  21. I am amazed at the speed with which you knit. Seriously amazed. My progress usually consists of maybe an inch of sock knitting or a few rows on my lace in an evening.

    BTW, I LOVE the blue raspberry sock, do you think the striping will stay that small throughout the entire sock (it looks like one round of each color) or will it even out into wider stripes?

  22. The first sock was beautiful, as is the second. I love both colorways! And the Toast sock yarn is gorgeous too! So much yarn, not enough time. Interesting information about having to wash each piece seperately, I’d never heard that before! (Maybe I should read the ball bands better?) Hi Lucy!

  23. you are a delicate flower!

  24. Tammy J. Pell says:

    Yes, I tried the slip stitch over, short row
    method and I really like it. The inside doesn’t
    bother me. Enjoy reading about your knitting.
    Take care!

  25. Happy Birthday to Lucy’s dad! The socks are looking good and so are the needles. I love mine and am waiting patiently for the other sizes. As soon as it is lace, please place a picture. I have started a pair of fingerless mitts using Opal and am still not sure.

  26. Happy birthday to the KOARC!

    Beautiful sock yarns there. I like the Toast colourway best.

  27. Your tips and techniques are so helpful … I always feel so appreciative of what you share.

    A Lucy Mug … well, I’ll be. That’s something very special indeed.