My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Weekend Road Trip in Photos

Starting off:


The destination:


The view:


The mountain:


The knitting buddy:


The knitting buddy’s sidekick:


The ambience:


The knitting project:


The trip home:


The welcoming committee:



  1. Gorgeous Mountains!!!!! Gorgeous!!!! I miss the fall colors and greenage…. And the knitting stuff looked fabulous. Thanks for the “postcards.”

    Another Wendy who knits.

  2. Hmm, Highland or Bath County? Actually it looks like my backyard (really) but I think I’d have known it if you and a knitting friend had been there.

  3. Wow, nice! Did some body get an early Christmas present? {Lucy}

  4. Looks absolutely wonderful! There is something magical about autumn, and it looks as though the ambience inside matched the wonders outside!

  5. Looks like a lot of fun! I miss getting to see fall foliage (I live in Phoenix, AZ) so really enjoyed your pictures.

  6. A weekend in pictures! Short & to the point.

    By the way, I have a Lucy kitty too. Her picture will probably be featured in my next blog post.

  7. Was it big fun?…..looks like it was…..good for you!

  8. ARGH, those mountains made me homesick for Pennsylvania! I miss colorful, soft, low mountains — we’ve got these enormous, jaggedy, brown things to our north out here in LA.


    Miss home now …

  9. Sheesh, for just a split second there I thought your knitting buddy’s sidekick was Dolores! That would have been a very, er, colorful trip.

  10. Looks wonderful!

  11. Gail Lucille says:

    Hi Wendy:
    Thanks for the pretty Weekend Road Trip Photos.
    Always enjoy you sharing them with us all.
    We had rain this weekend…
    Was just wondering, have you used your Noni
    bags yet?

  12. Gorgeous view! Where did you go? Anyway, hope you had fun.

  13. Looks like a lovely trip! I have question – your knitting bag in the car (in the first photo) – who made it and where can I get one? I know I’ve seen them online, but I can’t remember where! Thanks!

  14. Wow, I just love that spinning wheel with a seat belt, how funny!!

  15. Poor “welcoming committee”! Didn’t she like her “sorry I left you behind …. again!” gift? Or did she not get one?

  16. Your pictures are truly worth a 1000 words! Did you have a special toast for L-B’s bday?

  17. You caught the elusive LB on camera! A shy but intense creature rarely spotted in blogland, but often spoken about in hushed and admiring tones.

    Love the seatbelt on the wheel!

  18. Wow, sounds like my kind of environment! Glad you had a nice trip.

    Eeeep! Is that “Elizabeth I” I’m spying…?!

  19. Lucy must be so sweet to come home to. The photos from the trip look beautiful … looks like a lovely time, and refreshing most likely.


  20. Beautiful scenery! Looks similar to Northern Michigan.

    Lucy seems to be like my Grandma Kitty . . . very glad mommy is home, but still brooding about you having to leave at all. Lucy is a special kitty, and you take wonderful care of her.

  21. Beautiful view! I hope you had a quiet relaxing time with lots of fibery fun!

  22. Looks like great weekend.. to bad the welcoming commitee didn’t look more excited tho?? lol

  23. OMG is that a Majacraft Little Gem???? That’s my dream wheel. I’ve been secretly (well not so secretly to people who know me) lusting after that wheel. I have to know if it spins as heavenly as I imagine it does.

  24. Beautiful mountains. I’m hoping for a place in the mountains when we retire. I could sit on the porch and knit my little brain out. But….here I thought that your trip was to Stitches East. A bunch of knitters and then the strange people dressed in orange and black striped costumes for the football game. My kids said that Baltimore was a madhouse.

  25. Looks like a knitter’s Dream Weekend Trip. Fall foliage, mountains, wood-paneled den, fire in the fireplace, munchies nearby and good knitting friend. Welcome home to blogland!

  26. That looks like knitting heaven on earth…..

  27. Takes my kitty Puma a couple of days to forgive me for leaving!

  28. nice! lucky you—i miss the company from the fhinebeck trip every day!

  29. Hi Wendy! Could you pass the apples? (hee hee!)

    It was great to meet you this weekend. Thanks for sharing a peek at your projects and your bodacious trunkful of sock yarn. You are one cool chick!