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Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Heifer International 2006 Holiday Season Drive

Welcome to the WendyKnits Heifer International 2006 Holiday Season Drive! Please consider giving one of the gifts featured in my registry this holiday season. Not only are you helping others around the world, you will be entered in drawings for fabulous prizes!

What is Heifer International? In their own words:

Heifer works to end hunger and poverty, and care for the earth by providing appropriate livestock, training and related services to small-scale farmers and communities worldwide. We care for the earth’s natural resources through training in livestock management, pasture improvement, soil conservation, forestation and recast. Our cornerstone of “passing on the gift,” assures that each participant in the program becomes a donor and gives the animal’s offspring to another family in need. This concepts helps build community and enhances dignity and participation in each project. The families continually give to others ensuring self-sufficiency, one family at a time. We have field offices in major program areas around the world. We work at the grassroots level, sometimes with large networks of local nongovernmental and grassroots organizations. Our field staff is equipped with a variety of skills that help project participants prepare for the challenges and problems they encounter by providing training prior to receiving any animal gift.

Go here to donate via my gift registry page:

Please consider giving one of the gifts featured in my registry this holiday season. Not only are you helping others around the world, you will be entered in drawings for fabulous prizes! I’ll keep a running total of the total amount doanted, along with info on donating over in the sidebar.

How to be entered in the prize drawings:

After donating on my registry, please send an email to: blogcontestATcomcastDOTnet to let me know the total monetary amount of your contribution — for each $10.00 you donate you will receive one drawing for the weekly and grand prize raffles. Check out the prizes on the prize page!

I will hold weekly drawings on Tuesdays to award one or more prizes, and on the final Tuesday of the project, January 2, 2007 (which happens to be a very significant date for me!), I’ll draw a name to win the grand prize:

Canon Rebel Digital SLR camera with lens, 2 batteries, battery charger, carrying case, neck strap, and 128mb Compact Flash card

Thank you for your generosity and caring!

Lucy sez:

We’ll be back with knitting talk tomorrow. In the meantime, who the hell is this?



  1. Oh, this is so wonderful… !!
    I’ll contribute as soon as I can!
    Thank you for giving us the opportunity!

  2. Is it possible to donate prizes for your raffle? If so, can you please give me the information?


  3. WOW! Now THAT is an amazing grand prize!!! Do you have a total of how much you have raised (with the help of knitters) for Heifer over the years?

  4. Great idea. I don’t have a credit card (I hate, hate, hate paying wicked high interest rates and credit cards are way to easy to carry a balance on) though so I’ll have to go look around the site to see if I can donate another way and still have it show up on your registry.

  5. Sweet…I was going to donate anyway as a Christmas present to myself, but now I might get a prize for it! Woohoo!

    You do good things, Lady. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. My roommate’s family is doing something like that this Christmas. Instead of giving presents to each other, we take the money we would have spent and give it to one of the organizations that use money to buy animals and farming tools and whatnot for people who sorely need them. Kudos to you for taking part in such a worthy cause. (I’ll certainly try and donate if I can get together the money.)

  7. Yay Wendy!! Fun fund raiser and generous grand prize!

  8. Here kittykittykittykitty — looks like ‘Puff’ to me (if you were looking for a name!)
    Awesome prizes! I’ll keep my fingers crossed (and maybe toes, too!)

  9. I love this organization and my circle of girlfriends have contributed for the last 3 or 4 years instead of buying each other stuff.

    On another note, I have been looking for that dpn cover/holder thing that you showed last Thursday. I just checked the knitty city website from your link and can find no info on any tools/accessories. Can you provide info from packaging, etc. so that I can find these? My pen caps with elastic just aren’t cutting it. TIA

  10. Goats! How could I resist giving someone a goat?

  11. Great idea, Wendy! I hope that you will be able to tell us the total amount raised at the end of the contest. I hope it’s bazillions!! (Can’t you just hear the bleating, mooing, chirping and quacking?! A wonderful cacophone of giving and caring!)

    Don’t forget that many employers match donations made by their employees. Please remind your readers to check with the folks they work for to see if they can make their donation go twice as far.

  12. Sounds like a great charity!

    Is that a knit Lucy or a plushie Lucy? Because I want a knit Lucy!

  13. Ah……yes……memories of being a room mother & teacher explaining that her 3rd grade class was split: 1/2 believed in Santa, other 1/2 did not……what to do…….and the believers were getting razzed by the nons……so: we put it to them: do you want to spend the money we have on a party for yourselves or would you like to give to the Heifer Project…..and we gave them the information and brochures……and what do you know?…..the believers voted for the Heifer project & the nons did not and were not happy that they were not getting the party & the goodies….interesting huh?…..thus, Hiefer has always held a special place in my heart…..well done again, Wendy!

  14. Yay Wendy–yay knitters!
    Heifer is always on my gift list, I’m so glad to see you spreading the word and generosity!

  15. I have a kitty just like that i named it Miss Fits. I’ll have to check out the fundraiser

  16. Awesome Wendy!

  17. great cause.
    Sounds like Wendy has a new camera. I remember when you got the Canon. What replaces it? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. What a great charity, how is it I’ve never heard of them?! I love that the farmers then donate offspring to neighbors to pass it on!

    Thanks for asking BEFORE I started holiday shopping!

  19. anne marie in philly says:

    hey wendy, check out this link:

    donna druchunas on qiviut

    I remember your reading about this fiber from your LOOP appearance and seeing the beautiful beaded wrist-warmers from johanna.

    kisses to lucy and the koarc

  20. It is possible to print off a page with all the donation info on it so people can donate by check or money order. After I do up the bills, I’ll figure out how much I can donate.

  21. Again, is there anyway we can donate via check?

  22. This is awesome! What a great idea. Knitters rock! I hope my share is a share of a cashmere goat… mmmmm… goats…. ๐Ÿ˜‰