My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



Here are the front and back of my Elizabeth I sweater, side by side.


I’ve started a sleeve, so I am preparing myself for a long stay on Sleeve Island. The sleeves are not nearly as alluring as the body of the sweater. While they have the textured band at the bottom, that’s the extent of the “fun stuff.” The rest of it is plain old stockinette with some decreases and increases for shaping.


So. I’m using Daletta fingering weight wool for this and I think it’s a good choice. It shows the texture nicely and is not unpleasant to knit. The only complaint I have about it is that it does have a tendency to split. Quite a lot, actually. I find I have to pay pretty close attention to what I’m doing. More than once I’ve noticed a split stitch a few rows down. In each case I’ve carefully ripped back that single stitch and picked it back up with a crochet hook. So far so good — that’s worked. But I’m trying to pay closer attention so I won’t have to do it again.

There are a number of resources on the internet on how to pick up a stitch with a crochet hook — here’s one. It’s a very handy skill to know — it’ll save you lots of ripping out anguish.


It’s been one of those days. Starting out with idiocy from our IT department at work. We work in a severely managed IT environment. Unfortunately, we are managed by incompetents. For the past two weeks they have been trying to fix something they broke on my system. They perform a system restore to revert the ‘puter to its pre-broken state, then perform the exact same action that broke it. Over and over and over. Not surprisingly, they re-break it each time. It’s like Groundhog Day.

Next, we had a new employee start today and as is custom, he was brought around and introduced to everyone. When he was brought to my office and introduced to me, he was talking on his cellphone, obviously on a personal call, and simply stuck his arm out to shake hands — didn’t even look up.

Is it just me, or is this unspeakably rude? Way to make a good first impression, buddy. Consider yourself lucky that you don’t report to me.

Then this afternoon I got the following email from an editorial assistant at Knitters Magazine:

I am trying to contact Wendy Keele. If you are her, would you please contact me. I am trying to update her information.

I wonder if she sent that email to all the Knitting Wendys? Hee hee. (Maybe it’s just me, but I think it’s pretty easy to figure out my last name from links on my blog.)

When I got home, I went down to the lobby to get my mail. I saw our condo building engineer who cheerfully told me that the mailman had come, but was in a snit about something, so he dumped the mail in the back room and left. So, no mail actually put in the mailboxes. (This is, sadly, not an uncommon occurrence.) Ah, the work ethic.


To make myself feel better I surfed over to The Loopy Ewe and ordered myself a set of their new sock blockers, a little project tote, and a set of their impossibly cute Loopy Ewe stitchmarkers.

Why, yes, I do feel better. Besides, none of these annoyances are major — it’s just . . . WTF??!!

Another thing that makes me feel better . . . the current total on our Heifer Project! Remember, the first of the weekly raffle prizes will be awarded tomorrow. I’ll draw randomly from all names received by 4pm Eastern time tomorrow. Winners will be emailed, and announced in tomorrow’s blog entry,

But don’t worry if you miss the first raffle — there is plenty of time and plenty more prizes to be awarded in the coming weeks.

Lucy sez:


“When will my flock of chicks be delivered?”

I think I’m gonna have to break it to her gently. I may hafta share my supermarket sushi with her. Assuming I had any supermarket sushi, that is.


  1. It seems like the WTF day was not just in your area, it was in NYC too – must be something in the air

    I love the way Elizabeth is looking; can’t wait to see the finished product ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Errr … so we don’t get to KEEP the animals?



  3. Maybe you have some Easter chicks stuck away in a cupboard to entertain Lucy…

  4. That crochet-hook trick has saved my sanity more times than I can tell you. Fortunately I crochet as well, so I there’s never any trouble finding a hook when I need one. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Elizabeth and Lucy both look lovely!

  5. Raye, mother of the other Capricorn Wendy, in NYC says:

    Nothing you or they can do about the ‘puter. Mercury is in retrograde! (I just had my son’s ‘puter fixed…it worked perfectly in the shop. Got it home and he’s ready to drop it out of his apartment window.) So…relax. Go with the flow.

  6. Yep….it is the planet alignment thingie…..but the cell phone guy: not good…..Lynn Truss wrote about the incredible rudeness in “Talk to the Hand: 6 reasons why you should bar the door”….you could have said: I will wait til you are finished….but who remembers to say those things at the time….Lucy looking lovely……

  7. Lucy wants a flock of chicks, and I want a hive of bees! To each her own!

  8. I have a retail job. Does the whole store need to listen to a customer break up or hook up or review her doctor’s recommendations. I’m just saying – shut up and shop or get out!!!!! It’s been a bad day.

  9. WTF is right. I’d have whacked that guy at work upside the head. How freaking irritating!

    And OMG the total for Heifer!!! It’s amazing!! You are going to hit 15K at this rate. WOW!

  10. I’ve had a bunch of those WTF days recently. Must be something in the air.

  11. just reporting in from mpls – yup, it was wtf here too – a friend was dropping her kids at daycare and ended up calling 911 as she watched 2 road raged guys pull into the parking lot and start with the fists. in a daycare parking lot! wtf?

  12. Those stitch markers look exactly like Shawn the Sheep! Ahh, the wonder that is income.

  13. I am a firm believer in retail therapy, so I’m glad to see it worked for you today. I love the sheep stitch markers, although they look like they might be a little heavy.

  14. Wendy, I’m having a crisis. I’m trying to knit your Fir Cone Wrap. I’m a new lace knitter, and I have a question. In row 1 in the first 6 stitch section you “make” ONE stitich with a yarn over but then you “decrease” TWO with the sl k2tog psso….so what happens in row 3 because you have 5 stitches left in the 6 stitch section. Sorry if the answer is obvious and I’m just not getting it.

  15. Oh my gosh! The Heifer project total is amazing! You must be thrilled.

  16. Sounds like we had very similar days. I guess someone forgot to tell us that today was ISD (International Stupidity Day).

  17. Elizabeth I is a beauty. Hey! I didn’t you worked where I do! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Please tell Lucy I’ll get her some chicks.

  18. Cell phone guy was rude. You should have said, “So sorry to interrupt your call… Wait! This is my office!”

  19. At least they didn’t hire a 19/20 year old who wants your job!

  20. The cell phone guy is a bonehead, no question!

    I’ve been having those Groundhog Day days myself…tell your managers the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over yet expecting a different outcome ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. People on cell phones drive me crazy! I used to work in a dr’s office and I hated it when I was trying to get vitals, current medications, or give an allergy shot and the person was on their cell phone! Or they would get a call in the middle and take it! I may not be the dr. but my time is valuable too. Plus the dr. may have been waiting for me to get done.

  22. Cell phone use like that? Drives me crazy. Dude’s off to a great start!

    I’m loving Elizabeth I…encourages me to pick my lazy butt up and start her up again when Dalarna’s done.

  23. What a day you had yesterday, such aggravations. My daughter and I worked at an Internet start-up several years ago and she kept having problems with her computer. The head tech geek would come “fix” it, and it would just be in worse condition each time. My brother is an IT guy at BofA, and when I described the problems we were having, he told me he thought the guy was sabotaging the computer so that he would be “needed” over and over again. He didn’t smell good either. Not fun.


  24. Next time you see the new employee in the building, just say “Hey,can you hear me now?” and keep walking!

    Elizabeth is beautiful & so is Lucy–even without chicks!

  25. Patty Bolgiano says:

    You know, I thought it was just me, but yesterday was horrible. My commute was long–I don’t think I got above 20 mph’s, I was upset by the time I got to work, there were changes and updates on my desk, my boss was in a foul mood (but that cleared up) and I had to run out of the office for projects a couple of times, and let me tell you Baltimore City just isn’t fun anymore! It’s rather depressing, and don’t get me started on cell phones. “Hey, you aren’t that important and you and your cell phone are really annoying!”


  26. WTF definitly! but don’t blame the IT people… they probably have limited resources for equipment & education. It’s very similar here. As far as the cell phone guy, are you kidding me? That is unbelievable!

    Both Elizebeth and Lucy look great!!

  27. laughingmuse says:

    WTF?!?! about the new guy, especially. That is, indeed, *intensely* rude. What the hell is up with basic courtesy and social interactions? I was ticked off when a former co-worker’s young son did the same to me – she told him to say hi, and I got a sad little hand lift while he was engrossed in something. And that’s a kid. Someone who clearly does not give a crap about being introduced to his new co-workers – or can’t excuse himself for 5 minutes to finish his phone call – is very very rude.


  28. I agree that the cellphone guy was rude, I would’ve been upset too. OTOH, I saw something in the news recently that a lot of the 20-something generation do not think it’s rude to talk on the cell phone while also talking to/being with ‘real-life’ people. The article that’s going to be an issue for those 20-something people.

  29. Lucy is too funny! Every time I read about the flock of chicks she wants for Christmas, I giggle. And then I remember what my outdoor kitty has been doing lately and, well, it’s probably best that no chicks come to live with you. Maybe we could make her some catnip chicks???

  30. Oh Yes, that’s rude. And dumb.
    Goes along with a lot of other WTF issues in my life these days…a neighbor just said, “I think we have to accept that this is the way life is going to be…”
    THAT’s helpful, huh? (not to mention defeatist!)
    “Yes, Lucy, dear…the chicks do not come for din-din…but we’ll get extra salmon at the store!”

  31. You’ve gotta love that good work ethic!

  32. Boy, looks like you had quite a day there. I’m very offended by those type of cellphone people too but if that’s their way of going through life, maybe one has to give them a call to get attention…
    I wish you would not have posted the link to the little sheepy stitchmarkers, they are TOO cute, and out of stock! Where’s my fimo….must make sheepy markers ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. I’d say yarn store shopping cures pretty much everything.. doesn’t it?

    I think some of the people from your place of work are moonlighting at my place..

    just sayin.

  34. It’s weird how those little things all wait to pile up on one day. And the cell phone thing… ugh. I hate cell phones, and do not understand the need for people to be in touch every minute of the day.

  35. I can appreciate your mailman woes. Our “mail delivery persons” (1) won’t pick up outgoing mail, or if they do, they drop it off at a neighbor’s house down the street; (2) get so frustrated at a barking dog INDOORS that they MACE the dog through the glass window; and (3) have recently started telling new homeowners that they must replace their house mailbox with a curbside box. They have no authority to do this, which has been confirmed with the local postal officer – they just don’t want to walk to the houses. Maybe they’re afraid of the window dogs. Yes, we got a post office box.

  36. cheese louis! And now you have to work with him! Too rude. How is the connection not made? If he were to carry on a conversation with a live person, and fail to adequately acknowledge you as he’s introduced–how is that different?

  37. I think it’s been a WTF day the last couple of days all over the place! By the way, this is the first time reading your blog, and your kitty is very pretty. I myself have two kitties, both black, but my parents still have the cat I grew up with – a lilac point siamese also named Lucy. I can’t believe that cat is almost 18 and still going strong! Cats are amazing, huh?
    Hope your day goes better!

  38. Explain to her with pictures that despite what she may have heard those chicks would be a lot of trouble and pain the bottom. Not to mention, she would need to share your affection.cecilia

  39. Oh, a WTF day on a Monday – that’s just terrible. I hope today has been a better day. The new sweater looks gorgeous, but nothing can compare to the gorgeousness that is Lucy. Be gentle when you tell her about the chicks. She’s likely to be annoyed.

  40. Ugh, I’ve so been there with the weird stuff over and over.

    But hey, at least the mailman comes to your building. If it’s raining or nasty out, ours doesn’t even bother to come because they have to actually walk up to the house and put the mail through the slot. So much for in rain, sleet, and snow!

  41. JerseyGirl says:

    In defense of us IT people at least we can break it repeatedly, this time it’s not random! The cellphone guy….hmmmm he’s not all about himself now is he. I bet in some big director’s office he wouldn’t have been doing that. I agree, everyone should have waited until he got off the phone but that would have wasted your precious time on an obvious fool!

  42. Wait, doesn’t the PO have rules about who gets to handle mail? If he just dumps it in the back room who puts it in the boxes? I’d be a little concerned about privacy issues (bank statements, credit card bills…) and who has access to the back room. My daughter did an internship at a large southern college this summer and all mail for a 4 bldg residence block was delivered to one building and the students manning the desk sorted and “delivered” the mail to the hallway in front of each door. One pkg I sent her finally got to her 10 days after the PO’s “confirmed delivery” date and after she spent several days trying to track it down. After that she had all mail delivered to the lab. Hope you got all the WTFs over with and the rest of the week is better!

  43. Awww, whenever I see Lucy draped across the knitting, I always think about my Chloe (long-haired tortoiseshell)who was my famous knitting cat. I could never lay out anything without her immediate investigation. She passed on a few weeks ago. Rest in peace, Chloe!

  44. I love supermarket sushi. Ukrops makes the best. And I’ll gladly share some with Lucy. But no chicks (or guinea pigs) for her!

  45. Elizabeth is very pretty.