My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Pssst! Sleevage!

Knitting plain stockinette sleeves does not make for exciting photographs.


This is the first sleeve. I’m doggedly knitting along. There is some shaping in it, so that saves it from being terminally boring, thankfully.

Traditional Swedish Knitting

Nancy J. asked:
What books would you recommend as ‘must haves’ in Scandinavian (and particularly Swedish) knitting?

Sadly, there don’t seem to be too many books on Swedish knitting around, particularly ones in English. I do have one that I love: Swedish Sweaters by Britt-Marie Christoffersson. The link takes you to Amazon where there a number of copies available for sale from third-party sellers, some at very good prices.


I bought this book new when it first came out in 1990 and have pored over it many many times since then. It has photos of 27 Swedish sweaters, museum pieces, knitted in the 1800s. The photographs are in color and are excellent and in most cases charts of the design elements are included. The book also contains 14 patterns for designs based on the historical sweaters. There are a couple of them I could see myself making, and while they are not knitted at the extremely fine gauge (some may say ‘insanely fine gauge”) of the original designs, most are knitted with sportweight or finer yarn.

Someday I may actually design a sweater using design elements from this book. Just . . . need . . . more . . . time . . .

I’ve got other books on Swedish knitting as well.


These two were sent to me by my friend Johanne, who lives in Stockholm (hej Johanne!). While the text is a bit beyond my reading comprehension, the illustrations are fabulous! I did use a traditional motif from one of these books as the inspiration for my Ingrid sweater in my book.

I also have this fabulous book on Swedish spinning, send to me by Nicole in Sweden (hey Nicole!) a couple of years ago.


Nicole kindly included English translations of bits of it.

Susan suggested Poems of Color by Wendy Keele (who is not me — heh!) as a good book on Swedish knitting. While I agree it is an excellent book, I don’t include it in my shortlist of tomes on traditional Swedish knits. Bohus knitting is something special — in a class by itself.

That reminds me . . . I do have a Bohus kit marinating in my stash . . .


Jackie at the Knitting Hutch has issued us an invitation. She writes:

Hi Wendy,

I would like to extend an invitation to you and all Wendy Knits blog readers to my Virtual Holiday Open House and ‘Door Prize’ drawing.

Also, if anyone is in the Hollister, CA area on Saturday 11/25 please stop by the open house. There will be refreshments, holiday music and of course plenty of knitting.

Happy Holidays,

Jackie Hutcherson

The Knitting Hutch

Wish I could stop by in person!

Jackie is one of the prize donors in our Heifer project, by the way. Which reminds me . . . have you checked out the prize page recently? I put some new stuff up today.

This morning the total donations went over $10,000. I am verklempt. Now I’m rooting for $15,000!!!

Lucy sez:


Paws up, everyone who loves baby chicks!


  1. Ooo, I live an hour North of Hollister! Road trip for me and the goats, hooray!

  2. Wendy you so rock… 10k and looks like you might beat your goal of 15k.

    Belly rub to Lucy, someone get the poor girl some chickies ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Thanks, Wendy! Appreciate your answering my question. Seem to be waaay more Norwegian books than Swedish books and my grandmother would be horrified at that! (She held true to the fact that one did not speak of Norwegians, only Swedes.)

  4. Wendy – I feel like such a clutz… I have tried to donate to your registry.. it takes me to the Checkout page – I add all my billing info, hit Continue and it brings me back to the checkout page. Is anyone else having that problem? Any suggestions?

  5. Hey Wendy, have you considered putting Lucy up on

  6. $11,000+ = Wowwee!

  7. Wendy, Congratulations on the huge success of your warm-hearted project. It makes a real difference for families around the world. We donate to them every year at the Holidays and ask the family to make donations instead of presents to us. Hope Lucy gets her chicks!!!! Such a little dreamer.

  8. This is my first time commenting. Be gentle.

    I thought I’d messed up my donation to H/I this morning, so, I sent the nice folks an email. They assure me that it went through to the wendyknits registry just fine. Imagine my computer-challenged shock! I used the big H/I navigation buttons at the top of the page, not the link at the bottom, fwiw.

    Wendy, have you considered adding a signed copy of your own book to the prize page?

    Lucy, honey, do you have any idea how incredibly noisy (not to mention messy) a flock of chicks is? It’s simply not worth the effort, darling. Stick with the Fancy Feast.

  9. Just thinking: all the bloggers & no one has a chick to knit?…..just for Lucy?…..

  10. Love that Eliz I — the color is gorgeous!

  11. i’m sure you will get $15,000โ€”i am hoping for $25K wendy!

  12. a few other Swedish knit books in English: The Mitten Book by Inger & Ingrid Gottfridsson, Nordic Knitting by Susanne Pagoldh, & Knitting in the Nordic Tradition by Vibeke Lind…last two are Scando-inclusive, not just Swedish.

  13. Elizabeth I is in a color I just love. It’s too late to even think of Swedish knitting right now, so sleepy. I’ll have to read this again in the AM when I can fool myself into thinking :yeah, I can learn that” ๐Ÿ˜‰ Here’s to 15K! {Chicks & hugs to Lucy}

  14. The stockinette may be boring to knit, but the fabric you’re creating is just lovely — I love the drape and the sheen of it.

    Girl, you can sure drum up some huge donations overnight! I think you missed your calling!

  15. Dear Wendy

    Reading your blog every morning makes a great start of my day, thank you!

    I have a few suggestions for books on Scandinavian knitting that are in English. Swedish Susanne Pagoldh has written a delightful book ‘Nordic knitting : thirty-one patterns in the Scandinavian tradition’ which contains patterns as well as knitting history. The Danish artisan Vibeke Lind’s book ‘Knitting in the Nordic Tradition’ is also both entertaining, inspiring and useful (Amazon has some secondhand copies of both books for about $50 each).


  16. Kajsa Silfverstrand says:

    Hi Wendy

    There is a Swedish knitting book published in 2003 that available in english by Inger Fredholm called Knitting with a Smile. It’s available on Inger’s homepage but I’ve also seen it on ebay. I haven’t seen it myself but it gives a good, solid impression.


  17. When it comes to Sweedish knitting books, the Two end knitting-book is my favourite. I have the sweedish copy, but there is an English translation:
    It’s old (1984) and may be hard to come by, but I just love it!

  18. What do you think of “Scandinavian Knitting Designs” by Pauline Chatterton? The book has wonderful charts of all sorts of motifs, but the patterns are not so great (pillows!–not the sort of thing I’d knit). I’ve put the motifs into small projects (gloves).

    I also have two leaflets from Sandnes Uldvarefabrik (Peer Gynt yarn) that are very hard to find, but they’re great. One has hats, mittens, and socks, the other has sweaters. I’ve made the hats for many presents, and I’m about to wear out the one I made for myself. I wish I knew where to get more of these. I have used the patterns with Heilo.

    Elizabeth I is fantastic. I anticipated needing 6 to 8 weeks for it, and your speed (and the beauty of the knitting) is beyond comprehension (at least my comprehension).

  19. That is alot of stuff. Way to go on the donations!

  20. I hope you get your $15,000. I may see if I can help again after next payday.

  21. web site has a section on books, which has a section on Scandinavian knitting, which has some pretty interesting choices. Worth taking a peek, at least. Their customer service is excellent.