My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Magic & Cats & Heifer & Charity Knitting

Yesterday, I finished spinning up some Magic.


This is the superwash merino roving in the “Do You Believe in Magic” colorway that I got from Crown Mountain Farms. I spun up 4 ounces of it, for 300 yards.

The Sock Hop yarn I bought from Crown Mountain Farms (and am currently knitting) is approximately 210 yards per 2.75 ounce skein. So unless my math is off, my 300 yards for 4 ounces is pretty much comparable. It looks and feels pretty much the same, too.

I got a total of 8 ounces of the roving, but I think I’ll not spin the rest right now, but knit shorter socks from my 4 ounces of yarn. I’m getting one knee sock out of each 210 yard skein of Sock Hop, so I will be able to get a nice-size shorter sock out of 150 yards.

I love this yarn. A lot, I suddenly realized why. It reminds me of something:


That is Margaret’s beautiful little Siberian kitten, Coco. I think the yarn’s colorway matches her nicely!


I made Kitten Yarn! Woo hoo!

Continuing the Cat Theme

I finished the Whiskers and Paw Prints socks. Here’s an upside-down pic:


I love these socks. What a fun pattern this was to knit. So much so that I think there may very well be more Whiskers and Paw Prints socks in my future. Just sayin’. Thank you, Theresa, for such a great pattern.

Nope, I’m not ready to start on a big project yet. I’ve got a couple more small things I need to make. A Red Scarf, for starters.


Heifer Drawing!

Seven raffle prizes this week! Wheeeeeeee!

Julia K. wins the Amazing Graze Alpaca Sock Yarn, 75% alpaca fibre/25% nylon, approximately 100grams and 350 yards, Gauge 8st/in on 2mm needles and Amazing Graze Alpaca Rovings, 100% superfine cria fibre provided by Mike, 100grams of mini-mill prepared rovings, both donated by Marj. of Amazing Graze Alpacas.

Chris wins the Peace Fleece Lighthouse Socks Kit, donated by Sybil, The Skein

Cathy in MN wins 6 bars of handmade soap from Blessed Juno, donated by Laurie, Blessed Juno

Kathy W. wins the Susan Lawrence pattern of your choice, plus yarn to knit that pattern, donated by Susan Lawrence, I’m Knitting As Fast As I Can

Maeve D. wins Traditional Knitted Lace Shawls by Martha Waterman, donated by Nancy Degener

Stephanie wins a Sheep2Shoe kit, donated by Blue Moon Fiber Arts

Lesley W, wins Knitting Rules by Stephanie Pearl McPhee, donated by Nina S.

Congrats to the winners and thanks to everyone who has donated so far. ๐Ÿ™‚ All winners have been emailed.

Speaking of Charitable Causes: Caps to the Capital

I got an email from Barbara and she told me:

You may have heard of the Caps to the Capital Project, which is being sponsored by Save the Children and several yarn companies, among others. The response is so far not very good. I got a newsletter from Bernat yarn, saying that they’ve received less than 25,000 caps. And at the time of the count, only 149 from California ! My seniors’ group alone, from our senior center here in Burbank , is sending just over 75, after I finish a couple more myself before I seal and send the package.

This is a very worthy cause — if you have time, you might consider whipping out a hat or two! Check out the Caps to the Capital web site and Barbara’s blog for information

Lucy Sez




  1. Kitten yarn – too cute! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Meow?? Looks more like “Tonight, while Mommy sleeps, I shall use her ‘kitten’ yarn and lasso some chicks with it”

  3. Meow indeed! Nice kitten yarn, you are so wicked talented. My group knits for caps to the capital a worthy cause yes! Kittens and kitties oh my! There’s so much beauty in the world!

  4. oooh nooo!! my little devil Coco is now immortalized in your wonderfully spun yarn!!! thanks for the mention. I’m sure the sox from it will be exquisitely soft and – MAGIC!!

  5. Hmmm. Interesting comment about Caps to the Capitol. Perhaps I should take the time to label my contribution and send it off. I have a basket full here. I just counted. I have 43. Plus 4 that friends made and gave me to ship for them.

  6. OK, now I know you knit in your sleep. You have finished both those gorgeous socks (although the photo doesn’t show up on my computer, but I take your word for it). Or else like Mrs. Weasley in Harry Potter, you cast a knitting spell to make the needles work on their own. Love your newly spun kitty yarn. Looks like my Persian tabby, too. A meow back to Lucy.

  7. Thank you so much, Wendy! I’ve already had one comment about the Caps project. Your excellent karma increases once again.

  8. Caps to the Capitol sounds like a worthwhile project. My knitting group is working on Hats for the Homeless. No particular organization, we just deliver them locally to a shelter. They have certainly been needed lately.

  9. Lisa in Georgia says:

    I just love those socks!

  10. Mmmmmm….handspun sock yarn… It looks great!

  11. I love that little kitten! The yarn is gorgeous! The socks look awesome too. Meow, meow Lucy ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Oh, LOVE the kitten yarn. Why isn’t there more kitten yarn, I ask you?!

    *bounce bounce bounce* Oh, I won! *squeeeeeee*

  13. I’ve just put a PDF on my blog with 8 Caps to the Capitol tags on a single sheet. It can be downloaded by anybody who has multiple contributions to label.

  14. anonymous says:

    I’ve got a pretty miserable cough, but that kitten yarn just brightened my day. It’d be cool, for us non-spinners, if companies offered a pet-dying service.

  15. Love the kitten yarn! I bought 2 colors of the Sock Hop roving (because I didn’t want to wait for the yarn to be back in stock) and I’m kinda skeered to try spinning sock weight yarn. Maybe when I get the Christmas knitting done.

  16. I sent the Caps to the Capitol message around my office a few weeks ago, and several of my generous co-workers have either donated yarn, or knitted and crocheted caps. One wonderful man has crocheted eight plus hats, including a bumble bee, a skunk, a flower pot, an angel and more! We should be sending in a large box the week after Christmas. California Caps to the Capitol!

  17. That Lorna’s Laces is stunning!

  18. Cool new socks! Love the kitten yarn too!

  19. Oooh! Kitten yarn. Great name. Also great kitten!

  20. I adore your Kitten Yarn as well as your Whiskers and Paws. Whee! So much feline goodness!

  21. I bought the whiskers and paw prints pattern too, and I am so totally loving it. I got disrupted with needing to finish a couple of pieces for a secret Santa gift tomorrow so I haven’t finished mine yet, but I am doing mine toe up. I panicked at the last minute as I was prepping to do the sock because of the 135091835 sock yarns I have, none were quite the right weight/yardage that I needed for the pattern (I’d have the weight but not the yards, or the yards but not the weight). So I just had to add 4 stitches to my toe up pattern and voila, I have 2 repeats across my foot (I’m turning my heel now and debating about the heel whiskers, I really want to do this!) and I’ll have 4 pattern repeats around the leg! Man what a fantastic pattern, thank you for linking it Wendy. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. I passed the word a few weeks ago at our church and ladies there are knitting hats to contribute (Caps to the Capital). I’m also contributing to this one. It is so worthy. The due date is early January, there is even time to knit some caps just after Christmas and get them in the mail on time if you don’t have time before then.


  23. Love your kitten yarn! And those socks are terrific…will have to consider cuff-down socks!

  24. your spinning is so lovely! and how fun that it DOES look just like that adorable kitten ๐Ÿ™‚ I can’t wait to see this colorway knit up into socks.
    Congrats on your success with the fundraising.

  25. I love that yarn you spun! When I bought it, I bought it for man friendliness. Who knew it would be cat friendly as well!

    And you know I absolutely love the socks. When I make a pair for myself, I might have to add in an extra couple of repeats in the like you did.

  26. Meow indeed, you adorable little cross-eyed blue-eyed baby. I smooch you!

  27. Those Caps for the Capital is a great cause and knitting a couple of caps doesn’t take that much time–I pulled a skein of washable wool out of my stash and ended up with a two great little hats.
    I feel terrible that the response isn’t that good and I suppose it is time to go stash busting again and find another skein. Considering one cap can actually save a child’s life, it’s amazing to consider how one night of knitting could make a huge difference.

  28. Lovely yarn and beautiful socks! I may just have to order that pattern myself :~)

  29. What was your wpi on the singles before you plied? I’m trying to con my mom into spinning me some “Big Yellow Taxi.” Thanks!

  30. I love the kitten yarn – it looks so luxurious! I can’t wait to see it made up! The Caps to the Capital project is a worthy cause – keep up the good work.
    Meow back!

  31. I so love the kitty yarn. I’ve already asked to be notified when they have sock hop yarn available.


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