My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Wild Thing

I think I love you.


The Wild Thing knee socks, they are done, And not a moment too soon, because otherwise? Blog-wise, I got nothing. So here they are again, avec cat:


I did make some good progress on the Red Scarf last night, but that hardly makes for exciting blogging. But here it is, avec cat:


(Don’t worry, it’ll be washed and blocked before it leaves my abode.)

I’ll have an F.O. photo of it for Sunday’s blog entry. And I will have no doubt started something else. Hmmmmmmm . . . what will it be?

Well, I know I will start my Magic socks (or are they my Kitten-Yarn socks?), but those are slated to be commuter knitting. I need an at-home project as well. I’ve got something in mind. We’ll see if I change my mind between now and when I finish my Red Scarf. Are you overwhelmed with anticipation yet?

Yeah, it’s been one of those days. I couldn’t decide if I was sick. Am I getting a cold? Or is it just allergies brought on by dust stirred up during the office move? Do I have a fever? Or am I just overheated from the office temperature being one billion degrees Fahrenheit? Do I have a headache? Or is it just — Wait. That one I can answer. I do have a headache.

But enough whining.

I was toying with the idea of putting up my fake Christmas tree this weekend. So here’s a question for you — if you indulge in Christmas decorations, what do you do to decorate and when do you put them up? I’m just curious nosy.

Heifer Project

We did indeed go over $20,000 last night. This project has exceeded my wildest expectations — thank you to everyone who has donated money to Heifer, donated prizes for the raffles, and given this project a shout-out on their blogs. We are still several weeks away from the end and I think we can mark this a huge success!

Lucy sez:

“Purrs and kitty kisses to you all!” And as a special treat, proof that she is not a little angel all the time:


Yup, she unwound some yarn and spread it around.

(Didja notice that because I have almost no content, I put three photos of Lucy in this post? Shameful, isn’t it?)

I’ll be back Sunday, and hopefully a tad more coherent.


  1. Lucy would never do such a thing – it was KOARC.

    Bite your tongue. And really, you can never have enough Lucy pictures.

  2. Danielle M says:

    I love the scarf. I may need to pull out a similar pattern that I have and make one!

    As for Christmas decorations, I say, “More is always better!” (At least, within reason.) I put them up as soon after Thanksgiving as I can find time. Our tree is up and decorated, but I still have so much left that I want to do this weekend. Decorating is such fun.

    Enjoy your decorating and maybe give us a few pictures. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Our tree gets put up and decorated Thansgiving weekend. I try to get all the house decorated by that Sunday. Usta be I’d wash all the walls, wash curtains, wash windows, etc. in between taking down stuff and putting up Christmas. This year I said Bah Humbug! to that and just put up the Christmas. And now find myself doing other cleaning, etc. that needed to be done anyhow. Can always wash walls after the new year starts! I have a sheep decoration collection tree that stays up all year long and my other 2 trees (one ours and one that has my mother’s ornaments on it that I inherited) are the typical memory trees — just precious memories collected over the years. But lots and lots and lots of lights!
    My Nikki Cat thinks that it couldn’t have possibly have been Lucy to scatter yarn unless there was something more interesting to chase, like a fly…

  4. Kate/Massachusetts says:

    Oh Lucy was busy today! Little Miss Mischief wants those baby chicks, Momma! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Man, I love that Wild Thing yarn…gorgeous!

    We’re pretty low-key with holiday decorating. We will put up our tree this weekend. We usually put it up 2-3 weeks before Christmas. We always buy a small fresh tree, decorate it with white lights and our favorite ornaments from when we were kids…12/26 I get rid of it. Take off all the ornaments and throw the tree away with the lights still on it (they’re cheap enough that I don’t like trying to take them off a dead tree and storing them, so we just buy a new set of lights every year).

    We don’t own a house yet so we don’t put up any outdoor decorations…the only other decoration we do is that I string a piece of yarn across the top of the living room wall and hang up all the cards we get throughout the season.

    We’re expecting our first child in January so I am guessing Christmas will become more of an “event” in the years to come…;)

    How does Lucy react to the tree? My cats are obsessed with trying to knock off the ornaments and chew on the lights, so the bottom 3rd of the tree always has to be left empty…it looks a little sad!

  6. I love those socks!

    Our tree was put up on the Friday after Thanksgiving. The only other decoriations we have are a “Santa’s Marching Band” on the mantle, and outdoor lights that the husband put up last Sunday.

  7. Hi Wendy and Adorable Lucy,
    In regards to Christmas decorations, I try and get the decorations up the weekend of Thanksgiving. I decorate just the living and dining rooms (they become my Christmas rooms). I also read about a neat little trick years ago in a magazine on how to properly dress a Christmas tree to show the ornaments more. Put the lights on first of course, then put the garland on second (making sure mot to “squeeze” the tree with the garland), and lastly the ornaments. I have used this method for the longest time now, and the tree comes out beautifully every time.

    The socks are just great, I love the colors!!!

  8. If Lucy didn’t spread some yarn around sometimes, you might forget that she is the boss.

    We put up a tree and a few decorations Thanksgiving weekend. We are always visiting family in the Midwest for 10-14 days over the actual holidays, so we like to put the tree up early. I’ve been collecting glass ornaments for the past 20 years. There’s a picture on my blog. My parents need a 14 ft tree because they have been collecting glass ornaments for 44 years. They have over 1000. That makes for a spectacular tree. We also both use the small multi-colored light strands. In our family, all white lights would be considered too boring.

  9. Feline photos are always in good taste!

    Christmas decs….well. I always like to throw up the outside lights (condo so not a lot) Thanksgiving weekend. If it’s a year where I’m going to travel at Christmas–meaning artificial tree time–then the tree goes up then too. Every once in awhile I sully my low carbon footprint commitment and take a tree out of commission–I just adore the smell of fresh Christmas trees. But, to avoid fresh tree all over the house as the needles dry, I have to hold off on the decorating. BTW, I’ve had up to 5 cats and never had a problem with them trying to climb or scratch on my trees (fake or real). Very occasionally one succumbs to temptation and I find a broken ornament or one batted far from the tree–but I put expendable ornaments at the bottom just for that reason ๐Ÿ™‚ (it is, after all, their tree too).

  10. The last few years my husband and I have been putting our tree up on the weekend after Thanksgiving. It’s not a big production, though. We live in a small apartment and have a cute little metal/wrought iron Christmas tree that we decorate with a few ornaments and very small glass balls. Other than that, we put up a string or two of lights around the living room window, hang (hand-knitted) stockings (this year we are in an apartment with a mantle and non-functional fireplace, so they are hung in the “proper” place). We tend to display our Christmas cards as well.

    Happy decorating!

  11. This year (thanks to the fire) we are going to buy a small real tree and decorate it with lights and candy canes. That will be the extent of our decorating. Our Christmas decorations were saved from a firey death by being in the shed but are now in storage. It’s going to be a very modest Christmas so it will fit the theme.

  12. I try to wait a while before decorating but I think I’ll start this weekend – it takes me a while. I do two trees, an angel display and a bunch of other stuff as the mood hits. I also leave everything up until 12th Night, when Dh and I have a private celebration to end the season.
    Lost yet another cat this month – one of the Johnsons. I miss him terribly but know that kittens will be on the way soon.

  13. Hey, we all can’t be prolific every day!

    As far as Christmas decor, being as this is my 12th Christmas living alone, I have sorta let the holiday decorating go by the wayside. The cats don’t seem to mind.

    Love the knee socks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. RE: Christmas decorations, nothing outdoors since we live in an apartment. The tree (a fresh one) and decorations won’t go up till the weekend of the 16th. However, I’ve been playing Christmas music for a couple of weeks. FA, LA, LA!

  15. Me again. I had an idea for blog fodder for you. It would be fun to see which of your handknit socks you wear to work each day. Perhaps a “name that sock” segment. Just a thought….

  16. There can never be too many Lucy pictures (though I’m sure she would prefer to skip the incriminating ones).

    We put up our Christmas decorations starting after Thanksgiving weekend, in a more or less progressive fashion. Usually everything is up by the middle of the month. We keep things up until after January 6, which is the last day of Christmas. (Not December 26 as lots of people and most radio stations seem to believe!)

    We always have a tree, and then lots of other decorations throughout the house. Our cats love to, ahem, “redecorate” from time to time …

  17. We put up our lights on the Sunday after Thanksgiving (white led icicle lights and a strand of blue led bulbs around the eaves, a garland of the same colours wrapped around the pillars at our front door and the holly bush in the front yard). Our tree went up the week after thanksgiving and is a pre-lit artificial beastie that came with white lights. We’ve added coloured lights for a grand total of 2200 or so mini lights and the whole glittering creation is topped with a Taz angel. (one cat related ornament loss thus far) . . . more led icicles around our biggest fishtank cover and around the breakfast bar, cards on top of the fish tank. It occurs to me that I’m going into too much detail so I’ll go ‘way now and work some more on my mittens.

  18. JerseyGirl says:

    The outdoor decorations go up Thanksgiving weekend. The indoor decorations the following weekend along with the must-have natural tree as big as I can get in the door. Give me plenty of time to enjoy. This year I bought my very first house and will get in a week before Christmas. Can’t hardly wait!

  19. I agree with everybody else-knitting pictures are always appreciated but so are Lucy pictures.
    As for Christmas Decorations I have always been in charge of them and this year i put them up the weekend right after Thanksgiving. i usually wait until the second week of Dec. but this year my son is 2 1/2 and he can enjoy it all even more so i wanted to start decorations and Christmas stuff early and i am very glad i have. I just do a tree and hang a few things around the house and a Christmas tablecloth. My favorite part is going thru my ornaments they are all so special especially the ones that my grandma sent me from Germany that she used to hang on her tree. Have lots of fun decorating!!

  20. I can’t believe how many people put up decorations on Thanksgiving! People, people. Sheesh. Years ago I ordered a pre-decorated tree from I whip out that baby on Dec. 20th. Pre-decorated and pre-lit. That’s long enough! And you could never post too many Lucy pictures for me! Love those very orangy socks, Wonder Woman.

  21. Congratz to the Heifer project. about Christmas decorations not much here as my Dad has this issue with “pagan” holidays but sometimes I sneak in some decorations on the myrtle tree in the front yard. But when i finally move their is the victorian village to put out. Have to be careful with the cats I’m at nine(12) now and i still say its your fault …. if i had not seen that link to petfinders while i was mourning…but hey i love them all. anybody need a kitty????

  22. Ok, this will blow all of your mindsmy husband starts putting up the outside decorations November 1 or as close to Halloween as I will allow him. He has to have help with them as some are very heavy. They are never lit until the Friday after Thanksgiving. (Guess that’s one consulation, right?) The inside decorations are put up usually by the middle of November and likewise not lit until the Friday after Thanksgiving. This year, I’ve had to extend my time frame because of the furnace mishap last March—had to redo my Snow Village and am still working on that. You can go over to my web site and look in the photo albums for a “Tour of our home at Christmas.” Hope you enjoy them. We love Christmas and we love to decorate. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Love the socks, Wendy. They look so warm!

  23. Warm knee socks – yay!! Shhhh… you’re not supposed to point out that more cat pictures are inversely related to amount of other content…

  24. We never decorate before December 1. Currently, we have the nativity up, and some odd Christmas nick-nacks here and there. We’ll likely put up the tree this weekend.

  25. You probably feel all that because of the move. Hope you feel better soon. I know I love wild thing. Gorgeous and the scarf shows such a lovely texture. There will be one happy college student wearing that come February.

  26. I know someone who’s gonna have warm leggies this winter. I must be becoming a geek, I do not find the red scarf boring, great pattern & shade of red. Can’t wait to see what the next house knit will be! Lucy’s super cute, even when she’s bad!

  27. Two skeins of sock hop makes 2 knee socks, right? Oh, I’m hoping. Means I have enough for two pairs!!! Love yours!

  28. Duh, you asked about Christmas stuff. Thanksgiving weekend, the lights went up around the house. The only time I go that high up a ladder. Inside is almost decoreated, all gifts wrapped, 1 cookie dough done, 5 to go. Cards are usually mailed but I’m late. I am pooped. I try to get all ready so that the week of Christmas can be spent relaxed. Kinda like an early gift.

  29. Those socks are amazing, very nifty! I’d have to wear them out with a jean skirt or shorts in summer just to show ’em off.

    As for Christmas. We put a decorative Christmas lantern out on our porch around the 5th of December for St Nikolaus to find our house on the 6th and improve the windows of the house daily as time goes on. The tree, mostly out of lazy-ness, isn’t completely done until the 24th. About an ornament or two per day until the deadline, which is the 24th.

  30. Decorating? Well, I deck the halls, family room, kitchen, dining room, and bathrooms the weekend after Thanksgiving…. it’s great oncce it’s done… it absolutely SU$%@ks taking everything down. I think next year I’m going to throw a skein of pretty red wool on the table and call it a day!

  31. Christmas decorations? We put them up on December 6th, St. Nicholas’s Day. Our tree is fake, due to the poor tree-selecting weather in some Minnesota winters, and due to allergies.

    To decorate, I get the boxes down from the closet, and put them away when my they’re empty. My children (now 10 and 11) do all the emptying of boxes, tree assembly and ornamenting, and stratetgic placement of Christmas items throughout the house. Better yet, I repeat the process in early January!

  32. I agree that you just can’t have too many Lucy pix!

    As for holiday decorations, it really varies for me year to year. For the past several years, I haven’t been home for Christmas, so I just hang Santa on the door (he’s on my blog today) whenever I start feeling Christmassy–could be Thanksgiving weekend, could be Christmas Eve. It’s usually sometime in between. Haven’t decided where I’ll be for Christmas this year, but I probably won’t do a tree at this point. (Maybe a little pre-lit one–we’ll see.) When I do a tree, I do it big–lots of little white lights and ribbon. It usually takes the whole weekend, and I usually put it up early in December.

  33. We always have a fake tree, since I’m allergic to real trees. A couple of years ago we bought a tree with the lights already on it – saves tons of time.

    And that’s it. We put up a tree. Usually a week or so after Thanksgiving. And then we admire the extensive lights all our neighbors put on their houses…and sit snugly in our living room as they take them down in near zero temperatures in January.

  34. I have four cats and a dog and since everything in my house is “avec les chats”; Christmas decorations are kept to a mimimum.

    I am getting way too old to try and remember high school French:-)

  35. 3 Lucy pictures = good stuff

    I love that red scarf!

    Let’s see…The more “on my own” i get, the morei decorate. This year I decided to get funky with it. I have a real tree in the den, with white lights, classic ornaments, etc. Then I have my fake tree in the bedroom (I’m allergic to pine oil) with colored lights, bright ornaments, and a funky star. And then on the hearth I have 4 bright metallic fake trees (tiny 2 foot tall trees) with disco-ball ornaments in various colours, and then plain garland draped from my hearth, and a faux-log candlabra in my fireplace.

    lots of decoration…I love Christmas!

  36. It fascinates me that Lucy lets you drape your knitting over her. My darling kitties tolerate my knitting — excuse me, I mean, using up their yarn-ball stash — but if I were ever to place it upon them, it would be shredded in three seconds flat. So kudos to you, and to Lucy’s reserve.


  37. Wild Thing socks…love those! As for Christmas decorations, I’m like catspaw….wait a bit and take a while. I enjoy that and am not so tired of them by Christmas. I leave them up until at least New Year’s. My mother always put them up a week before Christmas and the tree went out around New Year’s. My daughter puts them up at Thanksgiving and takes eveything out on the 26th…sometimes even on Christmas Day! In this instance we aren’t bound by previous generations ๐Ÿ™‚

    The Heifer total is TOTALLY AWESOME!…kudos to you.

  38. anne marie in philly says:

    wild thing, I think I love you, (duh duh duh duh)but I wanna know fer sure (duh duh duh duh). kewl!

    fake tree goes up this weekend on the sunporch so as not to be disturbed by my perfect little angel cats (not). ornaments are either handmade (by me or someone else) or store bought (by me).

    single electric candles (green bulbs) in each window.

    no outside anything.

    all stay up until 1/6/07.

    lucy pix (with knitting/yarn) are always a welcome sight!

  39. Ann Carpenteer says:

    You know Wendy, those of us who love kitties wouldn’t mind a day of nothing BUT pictures of Miss Lucy! So, if you ever have a day of total brain fade (never happen I know but if it should) you can just cover your blog with Lucy Pics. She’s such a cutie. Maybe you should send the pictures of her with the socks and the scarf to the website called Stuff on My Cat. They have really cute pictures of cats wearing all sorts of things including furniture, food, etc. Check it out. Hope you feel better soon.
    Ann in Dallas, Texas

  40. great looking knee socks!

  41. I didn’t decorate at all last year, for the first time ever, and decided no more of that, Missy! This year I put up my girly-girl tree again. Plain old artificial tree, white lights, pale pink and silver balls and about a million yards of pink tulle instead of a more traditional tree skirt. I love it! Makes me smile every time I look at it.

    That said, it’s the only decoration I have out, and I ended up getting rid of a lot of things I’ll never use again.

    Here’s a picture:

  42. I like the red scarf pattern so much, I may have to make my own. And I’m giving red yarn to my college friends who knit – it’s important to learn about charity knitting, I think.
    I used to make time for an afternoon with music, eggnog and family to put up the tree and decorate the house. Then, (as kids got older, like middle school) it became a couple of hours stolen between sports, friends and homework. Next, the tree would get put up, I’d do the decorating of the house and the kids would put up the ornaments as time allowed. We are now down to – slap up a few decorations and the tree whenever – don’t bother with everything because nobody noticed last year when I didn’t decorate except for the table and the tree! Oh – and I buy cookies from a local bakery that are like homemade, only better (because I didn’t bake).

  43. Oops! The URL didn’t show up!

  44. The tree goes up the day after Thanksgiving. This year my DH came home with LED lights for the tree. They are suppose to last ‘almost’ forever. No more trying to find the one burnt out bulb so the whole string will work. Yeah. They are brighter than the old ones also.
    When my DS was in first grade Hallmark came out with a school picture ornament – one that you put the very smallest size school photo in. I’ve gotten them for the kids ever since. Now DH is in 12th grade and we have little photos of the kids from every grade all over the tree. They are the first ornaments (put on by the kids) that go on the tree every year. The rest of the ornaments are Hallmark also – I’m a fan of their ornaments. Also some tatted snowflakes that my grandmother or I made go up every year.

  45. Patty Bolgiano says:

    We do less and less decorating every year. It use to be I would get a huge tree and decorate it to my and hubby’s content. However once I was in grad school, he was in undergrad school, projects from said school due, plus working full-time, it was just too much. I bought a small fiber optical tree at Wallie Mart and plugged it in. Now it is wreaths (only two, one for the door and one inside the house), with lights and a few ornaments, plus lights on some of our house. Sometimes less really is more. I don’t miss cleaning up needles for months, and I can easily compost things now.


  46. Blogging rule: When you have little to share on the subject of your blog throw in pics of cute animals and children to distract.

    I think Lucy was just doing the cat version of decking the halls. Not having holly or access to a car and money to get some she was resourceful and used what was on hand.

  47. Oh we love kitty pics! Knitting content is important, but kitty pics you cannot have too many of!
    Hope you’re just having an “icky” day and not coming down with something.
    I usually put up tree, door ornaments, other “stuff” around the apartment on T-day weekend. But not this year. And maybe not at all, as family will all be away this year.
    (somehow, this feels like a HUGE relief to me!)
    “I’m dreaming of a calm Christmas!”

  48. We got the artificial tree so that we (I) could start decorating right after Thanksgiving.It’s full of homemade ornaments and treasures. The first item that I get out are Wise Men made by my mother almost 40 years ago. Stockings, creches, lighted pine cone baskets, and all the Christmas china is set up on thedining room table. Garland on the staircas–yup, I love it. Thanks for info on Red Scar project—I’ll spend one afternoon with tree lit knitting for it.

  49. becky clark says:

    We will go to get our tree this weekend and put it up and decorate it on Sunday. Real only, have to have the smell! Stockings hung on mantle – only handmade will do. Various Christmas knick-knacks and bric-a-brac spread about on any surface that will support them, and garland wrapped around the staircase railing. I am usually a decorating minimalist, but at Christmas more is better and too much is perfect!

  50. I simply love those socks…..wonderful!

  51. I could read you count to ten on your blog and it would make my day. Have a Great weekend. Love to Lucy!

  52. Deborah C. says:

    Keep the Lucy pictures coming! She’s beautiful.

    Christmas decorations – we put the outside lights and polar bear up right after Thanksgiving, and get a tree the week after. Then it usually takes us a week to get it decorated – the tree has to “relax” after being bound up for transport. We have the mini-lights in white and multicolor, and antique-look glass ornaments, icicles, candy canes and kid-made ornaments. Since we have 5 cats, the bottom third of the tree has the unbreakable ornaments -the satin balls, metal and plastic Hallmark stuff. My 3 daughters help to decorate, which is the fun part. The tree stays up until after New Years, when I get to take the tree down – the not-so-fun part.

  53. re: decorations. I don’t have too many, and I don’t have much table space. I don’t put the tree up too soon–it stays up until Three Kings Day. I put out the lovely Nativity my brother-in-law gave up (no baby Jesus till Christmas Eve!). I have some fake garland that I hang in the doorways of my living room–it always looks grand (with a really large red ball hanging from the center of each (high ceilings)). Red bows on the wrought iron chandelier are very effective. Wreath on front door. Stockings on china cabinet. Voila! Christmas!

  54. Thanks for the trip back to 1968 and my last year of high school. I just loved that song;-) The socks look fabulous and will keep you so warm. Feel better quickly, too and congrats on the Heifer total!

  55. Outside lights and inside lights around the front window went up last weekend. Wreath will happen this weekend, but I am forbidden to bring a live tree into the house until after the 15th. Pooh! But after that, all bets are off! I have 2 giant boxes of christmas decorations – mostly antique ornaments that go on the highest branches of the tree, hopefully out of reach of curious little paw pads!

  56. *drool* those would look soooo cool with the funky skirt I made for myself!!! Awesome knee highs, Wendy!

  57. Put it up? You mean you’re supposed to take it down?

  58. Definitely “kitten yarn”. And as for “cat content” instead of knitting content, that’s good too! Kitties is totally adorable. Therefore they make good blog fodder.

  59. My husband LOVES, LOVES, LOVES Christmas — so our tree goes up the day after Thanksgiving and comes down…get this… on VALENTINE’S DAY!!! Before we were married, he used to keep a live tree up that long! I convinced him to go with an artifical tree – much safer. We’ve downsized our tree because our two cats like to climb it. And I’ve had to tie the (nonbreakable) ornaments on with ribbon and KNOTS – because our little girl kitty, Cody, is a WHIZ at untying ribbon bows and pulling the chili covers off the Christmas lights. But that does make it easy to take it down — I leave everything on it, and cart it down to the basement on Valentine’s Day.

    Does Lucy bother the ornaments?

  60. We’ve got a gold-spray-painted rattan conical thing that resembles a tree. We stuff a string of teeny multicolored LED lights into the center of it, and call it a day.

  61. cheekiemary says:

    As a child Santa brought and decorated our tree and we first saw it on Xmas morn. Lovely tradition, but I just can’t wait that long. Our own tradition has been that the tree goes up the weekend before Christmas – then I started doing daycare from my home and felt an obligation to start the festivities earlier in the month. Now that I am retired, sometimes it doesn’t even go up at all – no more little ones in the house. But, my sister is living with us now, and she is one hell of a jolly elf, so the tree went up last weekend and she has the front of our house bright and shiny, as well. The tree it 9′ and FILLED with ornaments – quite gorgeous. And there are knick knacks representing the season and wreaths in the windows, over the mantle, and stockings for all (none knitted, but a couple cross stitched!)

  62. We put up the tree as soon after thanksgiving as I can get my hubby to drag it up from the basement. and by “indulge” I thought you meant eggnog, which we DO indulge in while decorating. Keeps the cuss-o-meter below 10 (on a scale of 1 – 10) while we untangle lights.

  63. Christmas decorations? A nearly continuous process. We came home a day early from Thanksgiving to get the outside lights on the house cause I love coming home and seeing the house lit up. Evergreen centerpiece has replaced the mini pumpkins, hearth rug and doormat are out, we buy the tree tonight and assemble two wreaths for the front door (one on either side), after the HS Xmas program. Tomorrow we decorate the tree and get the other stuff for inside the house down from the attic, including the Christmas dinnerware. Then tomorrow night the church Xmas concert. The MOST important item? I have a double batch of pepparkakor dough in the fridge and have to get cracking rolling and cutting them. Our office Xmas thing is next Thursday and I will not be allowed in the building without pepparkakor, despite the fact that I’m the boss!

    Everything stays up until Ephiphany, St. Knut’s day if it isn’t too dry. We have an 8-month old Golden Retriever and this is his first Christmas, so no telling what he’ll do about the tree. He did, however, due to lack of attention on my part, gnaw a hole in my first and favorite pair of hand knit socks. I am pondering unraveling the lamented sock and re-knitting as I do have leftover yarn from the original project.

    God Jul!

  64. Dear Wendy,

    is it allowed to use your “bad ass-knitter-icon” on my blog?


  65. I feel a bit Scrooge-ish with all you post-Thanksgiving decorators…but I wait till Advent starts (last Sunday) at earliest, and by tradition not till after my daughter’s Dec 15 birthday (even though she’s not home anymore). Spode Christmas tree dishes for all meals, Advent through Epiphany. A couple small table top trees, a wreath collection (my favorite: one made for me with the theme “Deck the Halls with Boughs of Prozac”, bows and Prozac sample boxes cut into ornaments with glitter)(I’ll put a photo up on Flickr, Mantle and table decorations. I’ll miss singing Christmas Eve service this year, but Lessons and Carols happens. I’ll lend some of my decorations to the post-Lessons&Carols cookie and hot cider reception. Just don’t ask how much decorating I’ve gotten done so far this year. Progress is happening on a scarf for my New York City niece who said at Thanksgiving, “Oh, Aunt Judith, I love what you knit for me”. Well brought up, that young woman.

  66. I hope you feel better soon. If it is any consolation, I love pictures of Lucy and your Red Scarf and Wild Thing socks look great.

    Now we have to try to get that Heifer total up over $25,000.

  67. We generally put the tree up around December 1st. I like to enjoy seeing the tree and listening to Christmas carols during the entire month. It seems taboo to have the tree up much longer than New Year’s Day and the carols certainly drop off about then.
    I’m fortunate that my daughters put the tree up this year. Maybe that will become the “new” tradition.

  68. I like seeing Lucy photos!

    OK, I like stuff about knitting, too. In fact, whatever you’ve got that’s wearing you down, I’ve got it too. Thus, I have declared that Fridays evenings are for Mindless Knitting. I am casting on for a totally mindless stockinette stitch pullover. That’s about all I can handle right now.

  69. This year we had an unsceduled (un-heard of) snow day, so I let my daughter put up the tree early. In time for our office party. I went a bit soft on jingle bells around large candles and came up with a silver and white theme. Very simple this year. When I opened the Christmas boxes I found the red berries and gems of last year. I guess I am more thematically similar to my mother than I thought.

  70. I absolutely love how you put Lucy pictures in every post (I am definately a cat person). The traditional day after which it is okay to decorate the house with Christmas decorations is Dec. 1 which stems from when I was a kid. That was the day after which my dad would not complain about the decorations being up too early.

  71. See, the thing is, we’ll tolerate any number of photos of the beautiful Lucy. So there. Plus she is a great knitting model. Plus the picture with the blue yarn made me laugh out loud and scare my husband.

  72. Absolutely LOVE the knee socks, even if we can’t actually see the knees!!
    Question: Do they “stay up” well?

  73. Regarding your question about Christmas decorating…my husband and I always travel to visit family for Christmas, so we traditionally don’t have much at-home time with our tree. So, when we moved into our very first house, we decided to get our tree the day BEFORE Thanksgiving, to give us time to enjoy it before we went driving “up north” (from VA to NY).

    We stay put for Thanksgiving and sometimes even host friends and family, so now we decorate the tree with our guests on Thanksgiving day. It’s a nice way to break up the eating. ๐Ÿ™‚

    And we love having our very own tree in our very own house with our very own decorations–that feeling just doesn’t get old.

    My husband is like a little kid about the tree lights–they’re the first thing he turns on in the morning and the last thing he turns off at night. His childish enjoyment makes me love it even more.

    So that’s our tradition, such as it is.


  74. My husband just bought a magnificent Norman Christmas tree this morning, tomorrow is the day for decorating !
    Not very far in your book I’m afraid, I’ve so much to learn I must stop each page to put your advice to test, takes hours… I’m happy !!!

  75. Help! I want to make that scarf pattern but I’m stuck! on row one!!!
    cast on 2 sts
    row 1: k1, p1,k1 in first stitch, k1

    I don’t get it! The first stitch is on the right needle, how do you knit one in first stitch or are you knitting in the purl stitch?? Am I close! Good thing it doesn’t have to be mailed till January! Thanks for your help.

  76. I’ve spent the last 2 weeks decorating in between migraines and excruciatingly hot weather. Come have a look if you dare!

  77. Theresa in Italy says:

    You WOULD ask about Christmas decorating—I’m not doing any this year since this is our year to go “home” (the States) for Christmas. But if we were staying home, I wouldn’t start decorating until December (my birthday is at the end of November and we celebrate that first, thank you) and then it would be a melange of tiny lights, candles, and a tiny artificial tree that we put up on the mantle, well out of reach of children and dogs. (Even though the children are teenagers now and can be trusted not to molest the thing.) When I first moved here, I had a heck of a time finding Christmas decorations—now it’s much easier. Funny thing—in this part of Italy, the kids get their presents from Santa Lucia on Dec. 13. Go figure.

    Love the knee socks, and as I also have “shapely” legs, I will take careful note of the increases you made. And never apologize for Lucy pictures!


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    In the world of tipping points, I think this blog has reached at least one, perhaps several. The one I am talking about is the emergence of Lip-sticking as somewhere to connect with — women. It isn’t the women’s market. It’s women as a group, as a col…