My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



It has already been established in my mind that Theresa and I are sock twins, what with our mutual love of Crown Mountain Farms fibers, but I have long suspected that Phyl was my bag twin. This suspicion was confirmed late last week with this blog entry by Phyl.

I got my Zelda bag last week. From The Loopy Ewe.


Oh, all right. I’ll admit that I got two Zelda bags, in two different sizes.


Phyl is right that the straps are exactly the right length to neatly tuck under your arm, and the bag fits snugly at your side. The only thing that prevents this from being the ultimate, perfect bag is the lack of an outside pocket.

Holiday Decorations and a Quickie Contest!

Thank you all for your stories of holiday decorations in the comments — I really enjoyed reading them all!

(By the way, I can see that I am closing in on 30,000 total comments on this iteration of my blog. I’ll send a nice prize to the 30,000th commenter. Yes, I am whoring for comments. I love comments.)

But we did no decorating this weekend. Maybe next weekend.

Um . . . Yeah . . . Knitting Progress

On Thursday night, I went to bed at 7:00pm with Lucy snuggled tightly next to me. Remember how I was whining about not feeling well? I’ve been having sinus issues of Epic Proportion, no doubt brought on by inhaling too much dust and other icky stuff when we moved offices. Ew. So I’ve spent the past few days hopped up on Zyrtec, in a zombie-like fugue. The KOARC spent the weekend not only enduring my sniffling and whining about feeling ill, but made sympathetic noises and made me cups of tea, and not once did he make fun of me for reclining on the couch, Camille-like, with tissue stuffed in my nose (the tissue up the nose is very un-Camille-like, I admit. But effective).

Anyhow, that doesn’t do much for one’s knitting progress.

But I do have some progress.

Here’s the first of my Magic socks. Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!


and I did finish the Red Scarf on Friday night, while watching Captains Courageous on DVD.


It ended up about 66″ long (not including fringe) and 6″ wide, so it’s within the parameters requested for the Red Scarf Project.

With the Red Scarf complete, I needed another project — something simple so as not to overtax my sinus-infection-befuddled brain. I pulled out some Handmaiden handpainted 4-ply cashmere I bought at Knitty City when I went to Manhattan at the end of October. I had two skeins of it, so decided to knit it with two strands held together and make a mistake rib scarf. One strand is dk weight, so 2 strands made a nice chunky weight. I did the scarf 23 stitches wide and used a 6mm needle.

Two movies on DVD on Saturday afternoon/evening (The Desperate Hours and Streetcar Named Desire) and I finished it. The results:


It’s about 5″ wide and is about 66″ long (excluding fringe). This one’s for me — I bought the yarn because I thought it would make a great scarf to go with my black cashmere dress coat.


I’m feeling much better today, but am having a quiet afternoon, and am starting a fun not-too-taxing knitting project. I’ll talk about that tomorrow. I’ve got tomorrow off from work, so that’s a good thing. More time to rest up!

Lucy sez:


“I’m available for kitty snuggles whenever you need them, Momma!”


  1. Echoing the Ooh!Ooh!Ooh! to the Magic socks! But really shamelessly trolling for the 30,000th comment prize! Hee hee!

  2. As I am the first one to leave a comment today I doubt I will be the right number. No matter. It has been a while since I left a comment. I always enjoy reading your blog and seeing the prolific amount of knitting you accomplish. I started grad school this fall and the knitting has been truncated greatly. I still manage it when I can. I’m glad your sinuses have cleared up. Take care.

  3. Oh, sinus infections are the worst. Are you on an antibiotic, or are you interested in some of my wonder cures? I’m (I should say I WAS) a chronic sinus sufferer.

    Lovely, lovely scarves. Lovely bags, and of course great socks. Thank you again for the red scarf. Gawd, that’s gorgeous!

  4. The sock looks great. I hope you will keep getting better from that cold, and that your knitting is rewarding. We’re all looking forward to getting to know what it is.

  5. Gotta work toward your comment goal. How long do we have to wait to hear about your upcoming big project?

  6. I love the scarf!!! I just finished a red scarf and dropped it off at Panera the other day. Now back to my second sock. Your sock pattern rocks.

    Thanks again:-)

  7. I have been lusting after the offhand designs for some time…man this is making my buying finger hurt I want one so bad…gorgeous!!!

    Love the scarf as well ๐Ÿ˜€ and who couldn’t love Lucy

  8. I love the way that Magic sock striped up! The scarves are both lovely too. Glad you’re feeling better!

    Also: mmm…Marlon Brando. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Oooh, not sure which I like more – the Magic socks or the cashmere scarf. The colors of both are beautiful!

    You mentioned combining two strands of DK to get a chunky weight. Is there a standard way of combining to get a different gauge or is it just trial by fire?

  10. Dearest Lucy: Please cuddle up to Momma more today and tonight. She needs your karma to get well. And maybe, if you do an excellently good job, she make some Swedish Christmas goodies. sighpurrrrr. (signed with a purrrub) Nikki

  11. I love the scarves- the cashmere one is my favourite!

  12. I love your socks!! That sinus thing can really be a killer. Fluids are the only thing that I’ve found offers relief! oh, and sitting on the couch doesn’t hurt…..

  13. wow, even sick you still knit at the speed of light.
    beautiful socks, as always.
    (am i the 30,000???)

  14. Your socks are just gorg!!! Sorry to hear about your sinus probs – what a bugger! Have you tried homeopathic medicine? I suffered for years but haven’t had problems since using homeophathic. ๐Ÿ™‚ (Can I just say, this is my first post, although I’ve been lurking for ages – first posts are always scary!!)

  15. STELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love that part. I really do. When we read that in Southern Lit, my prof. kept doing that, it was terribly funny because she was verrrrry preg. at the time and her belly poked out all funny when she put her hands out to do it. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Yeah, I’m shamelessly trying to be the winning post. I’m not even gonna try and hide that.

  16. Bean and I had really horrible colds recently and stayed in bed together for several days. She got up to meander about the house and when she came back into the room, she had wound two Kleenex’s into twists and put one in each nostril. I admired her ingenuity and I have to admit that it’s easier on the nose than wiping it every 10 seconds.

  17. I love all of your stuff Wendy! I, too, have been overtaxed and in scarf mode. I love a good, quick project for meditation-like knitting. I do have a question for you: where did you get your wonderful sock stretchers? I’m in the market for some myself…

  18. The Zelda bag is a beauty … especially love the fabric. Please tell Lucy she has fans up here in Canada – we love her to bits!!

  19. Shamelessly delurking because of your contest! : ) Your 2 scarves are beautiful though! And love your Wild Thing socks, they’re gorgeous!

  20. Hope you are feeling better. Love the Kleenex up the nose. Must remember that. You so inspired me with the diagonal scarf that I shopped my stash for a very similar wool/soy I had and immediately whipped it up for Stepmother, reds/mauves/graybrowns (her colors). It is very nice, almost finished. Fast knit and not totally boring. Do appreciate having your measurements so I know when to stop.

  21. Hope you’re feeling better. Your amazing multiple FO’s must comfort you somewhat. I bow to your prolific production.
    If you’re looking for an interesting scarf, check out / Li has herringbone rib scarf that has its own following. She’ll share the pattern for a comment or request. It’s lovely

  22. I’m just a fool for new bags…must go check out Zelda!

    Lovely scarves! The colors are quite rich looking.

  23. It’s next to impossible for me to do any decorating until right before Christmas since I have two little ones under 3 yrs old, that would love to tear everything down every 5 minutes. I think the week before Christmas will save my sanity. Good luck with your decorating.

  24. Lurve the red scarf. I want to make one too, waiting for the semester to end and to finish up a little holdiay knitting – then the scarf!

  25. Kitty schnuggles always help – no matter what the problem. You’ve got so much time off I’m utterly jealous – but since I was unemployed this time last year I won’t complain ๐Ÿ™‚

    A bit of nicely alcoholic eggnog may hep you feel better.

  26. I love the cashmere scarf. i have really been into the cashmere lately. I have been using the Debbie Bliss, Handmaiden and Jade Saphire.

  27. Lovely scarves! And thanks, Wendy, for your fingerless mitts pattern – you were so right about Kuyeron being a good sub, they fit perfectly! (pic on my blog)

  28. Oh, please NO MORE bag shots. Almost caved in after Phyl’s pics…Dreamweavers have a few on sale..
    Hope your feeling better. I have the mother of all colds, haven’t had one in EONS and not around any kids the past few days.. Mange ceylon tea, by Republic teas, the BEST for sinuses and sore throats..

  29. I’m in awe of how fast you knit. I’m currently racing the calendar to finish my last holiday gift (Peek a Boo from Inspired Cable Knits in Knit Picks Shine Sport) and fretting that I won’t be able to finish the front and two sleeves in the next two weeks (at least without doing some permanent damage to my hands!). How do you do it?!

  30. Streetcar Named Desire is one of my all-time favorite movies – since you watched it by choice, I assume you like it as well!

    Congratulations on the Heifer success – knitters really are a generous group.

  31. I’d take Norma up on a wonder cure. Her post recommending throat sprays and Elderberry has helped me overcome many a tickle (and spaz spaz cough).

    By the way, since you posted linking to the Loopy Ewe, I broke a no-more-luxury-sock-yarn diet. Oh well, you feast during the Holidays, right? It all doesn’t count!

  32. Feel better, Wendy! I also have a sinus infection (due to hugs from germy little ones when I’m subbing at my son’s school) and have already finished one course of zithromax. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to have done the trick so I hope you get better faster than I am doing.
    Still blogless here, but am thinking of starting one. Any advice would be appreciated.
    Maria in NY

  33. Love everything on your blog today. The Zelda bags are beauitful. I’ve been looking for a work bag to carry files, etc. Thanks to you I checked out the Zelda link and saw the Eve and Ursula bags. I’m not sure if either of them would work for a work bag, but the style and fabrics are gorgeous.

    You are amazing … finishing the magic socks, the red scarf, and beautiful Handmaiden scarf. I spent all of my knitting time on Friday & Saturday night working on a sweater for my toy poodle Sammy. After reaching the front legs I realized that there was something wrong and ripped it all out. (All 5 inches of it:-).

    Hope the sniffles go away.
    Sherry (Twyla Twinkle Berry the ragdoll’s Mom)

  34. I hope you start feeling better soon. I’ve been feeling under the weather myself. I just love those Magic socks!

  35. Those bags are so pretty! I wish we weren’t moving so I could swing one!

  36. DARNED good looking knitting bags you have there. I (ahem) bought two as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better today!

  37. I have a needle case from Offhand designs that was a grad school graduation gift from my sister. I love it, even if it never seems to have the needles I want stored there. (which may or may not be my fault.)

    I finally started decorating today. I’m really hit and miss on the holiday decor depending on where I am living and how long I’m going to be there. I’ve had a tree in the house and set up here for days but only put the lights on this afternoon. I did spruce up a plain wreath with some fake red berries and candy canes as a nod to my highly-lighted neighborhood.

  38. Hi Wendy, I am “delurking” to exclaim at how amazed I am on how quickly you finish your projects…(I know you hear it all the time.)
    I like to tell myself that if I can finish something in twice the amount you do, I am doing pretty darn well for myself.
    I absolutely love the magic socks..and REALLY like the Red scarf..think I may have to make one up as well.
    I’m still waiting on pins and needles to hear what your next “big” project is..I don’t think you have announced it yet…when do inquiring minds get to hear about it? =)

  39. Socks are so comfy looking…. but the bag… oh man— I’m going over to look at the site;) abd they do coordiante nicely with your Lucy;)

    so am I #30,000????????????

  40. one day i am just going to have to make me that mistake rib scarf, every one of them i have seen look so good!

  41. You poor kid…but at least you had a wonderful kitty to give you hugs when you are feeling poorly. If you try any of those wonder cures that were mentioned by Norma AND if the problems go away…well, be sure to post, cuz I just may have to look that girl up!

    Congrats on the knitting too, I love the red scarf!

  42. I love my Zelda bag I also got from The Loopy Ewe! I find it to be absolute perfection for sock knitting. Run, don’t walk, to get one!

    Sorry about your sinus problem. I suffer the same fate when the Santa Ana winds blow here in SoCal. We recently had a 5 day event (the usual is 2 to 3 days) and it was nasty and horrible. Glad Lucy and the KORAC took good care of you.

    Lovely scarves and socks!

  43. also de-lurking because of contest. I only own one pair of handknit socks, and I love seeing all yours and contemplating that some day I’ll have a sock drawer that is so well stocked. However, the men in my life (dad, DH, brothers) like them too, they are perfect guy knitting…..The real problem is that I have no resources for sock yarn…..However, you made those knee highs look so easy I might have to get some cheap stuff and give it a whirl.

    Socks are one thing (commuter knitting) but how do you knit _scarves_ so fast. They are sooooo long.

  44. … then I shall leave a comment too since you asked so nicely ๐Ÿ˜› The knitting is gorgeous and prolific as always. Hope you feel better soon!

  45. I’m loving the magic socks. sigh!

    (I plug my nose with a tissue when I have nighttime allergy attacks too. The kitties don’t laugh at me (maybe behind my back, though.)

  46. Your red scarf is so beautiful, I’m thinking of maybe trying to knit one JUST LIKE IT!!

  47. I’m loving the red scarf!

  48. I’ve been meaning to say this for a while but as now is a superior time to make a comment I feel it is a good time to make said comment. I come from a home with a few (occasionally upwards of 20) pets, the heart of which are our two cats. Ever since I came to school last year (re: no pets at all) I’ve been missing my kitty Jane and Lucy is not only a good cyber-replacement, but also is sitting exactly like Jane in that last picture. It really helps me get through the days.

    ok done being sappy, I’m clearly aiming to be 30,000

  49. LOVE the first magic sock!!

  50. I always love how many people de-lurk when they might get something out of it. Personally, I just feel that my comment will get lost in the crowd. That said, I’m de-lurking!

    I love the magic sock, it looks awesome!

    I also have a question – any suggestions for a project for 1000yards of sock-weight alpaca yarn OTHER THAN a shawl, wrap, or scarf?

  51. Handmaiden makes cashmere? Oh god. I’m going to go cut up my credit cards right now.

  52. Wendy,

    I too work in a germ infested toxic office building. The only thing that has saved me is a netti pot. Looks like a tiny tea pot or Aladin’s lamp. You use it with salt water to flush out your sinuses. Yep, it sounds gross and is a little disconcerting at first, but once you get used to it, it only takes two minutes. Health food/vitamin stores usually have them, and I know there are many sources online. I haven’t had a full blown cold, or sinus infection in the four years I’ve had my netti pot.

    BTW, thank you for sharing your techniques for those of us who also have “shapely” ankles and calves!

  53. I tried to do the tissue plug with my 2yo her last cold. She didn’t get it. I had a cold at the same time and thought it was a fine idea.
    Love the bags. My current favorite is a vintage leather one. Red leather box with flaps to close and a toggle lock. only drawback is the straps are too short for over the shoulder.

  54. Love the socks….I’ve now ordered 4 sets of those sock blockers. The first set was for me. They were so lovely that I’ve since ordered 3 more sets for gifts to fellow knitting needle wheelding lunatics. I’d originally seen them on your blog. Thanks for recommending them.

  55. I love the red scarf. Must be the holiday season because I seem to love just about anything red lately ๐Ÿ™‚ Aren’t cats wonderful when you’re under the weather? They just really pick up on it and are there to provide comfort. Speaking of the old sinuses–you mentioned the temp in the temp space was in the *80s*–I don’t know about you, but that would probably set off sinus problems (and mega-headaches) for me if I was going back and forth between that and cold/cool outside. Not to mention the warmer temp provides a more…uh…fecund environment for nasty viruses and all ๐Ÿ™

  56. I look and see so many comments and say, hey, she doesn’t need to be bothered with just one more! Isn’t it nice to be relaxed and not pressured by holiday knitting and stress this time of year?

  57. I’m very picky about the length of my purse straps–too long and they hurt my shoulder, too short, and well, they’re annoying AND they hurt my shoulder! If my elbow “rests” on the bag (thereby being held at an angle from my body), it bothers me . . . not to mention that I hate the “cluttered” feeling of too much bulk around my arms (the one real problem with winter coats worn over winter sweaters). I use the “Elbow Test” when I buy bags–if I can’t hold it in my hand and swing the bag past my elbow to hang it on my shoulder, the strap’s too short!

    But, you know, that’s just me….

  58. 30,000?! Whoa. Love the red scarf!! And, of course, all bags. *twitch twitch*

  59. I love the bag! And the scarves! I think I’m going to use the same pattern for my Red Scarf.

  60. Holy Toledo! That’s some bag! I’ve never spent that much on a bag before! LOL Does it knit for you when you put your yarn inside?? Love reading about you and Lucy every day, Wendy. Keep knitting. Someday I’ll knit a sock… maybe even two of ’em!

  61. Oh I do so love the Magic Kitty socks and the bag is lovely.

  62. I can’t pass up a contest. I do hope you feel better, and enjoy your day off tomorrow.

  63. Here’s to trolling for the 30k comment…

    The red scarf turned out very nice. I’m sure whomever recieves it will be very appreciative!

  64. I love the cashmere scarf. T’ve been looking for a good scarf pattern for some cashmere. I think I’ll try it.


  65. Love the new bags! I’m going to have to take a look. I still can’t believe that you can knit so many wonderful things in such short of a time.


  66. Beautiful knits! Just beautiful… almost makes me want to be an orphaned college student! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sorry to hear about the sinus stuff… yucky, that!

  67. Your blog has been a source of inspiration to me to find the time to knit with small stolen increments and to be better at finishing! I’m also inspired by your blog to do my own and am hoping to finally get around to it later this month. I’m probably going to shamelessly steal your concept of including your Partner Lucy in your blog and submit the world to pictures of my two Pembrokes on a regular basis.

    Thanks for the entertainment.

    Anna M

  68. the zelda bag is cute.. and the baby zelda bag is adorable… I once knew a guy whose dog was named zelda too… nice dog but the guy was a arse.


  69. Oooooh lovely bag! I haven’t broken down and gotten a Zelda bag yet, though they are awfully tempting. I’m thinking about buying a Lexie Barnes bag after the holidays – how did you like yours?

  70. Hope you are feeling better. Sinus issues are never fun! I love all of your socks. Reading your blog makes me want to knit socks all the time!!

  71. The red scarf is lovely — and I think some young person will think so too. Your bags are terrific – enjoy – and get better.

  72. Okay, Wonder Woman! You knit like a rocket even when sick! It must be Lucy’s influence. And what’s wrong with two strips of Kleenex up the nostrils? It’s better than dripping all over the place. Happy day off and get well quick.

  73. One of the ladies I know has some serious sinus issues going on this weekend as well. Poor you two. She was definitely in some pain when I saw her at our hockey game.

    Your scarves are beautiful as is the sock. Even though you weren’t feeling well you still finished up a wonderful scarf for a worthy cause. Good for you.

    (whoring for comments ROTFLMEEFWAO!!)

  74. dana meadows says:

    sorry you are under the weather………..i usually suffer thru 2 sinus infections every year (usually winter and spring)….have had the winter one already…….

    i know you hear this question all of the time, but how do you knit so quickly…years of practice or technique? i really would like to know, esp if i could use the same to increase my speed a tad…my eyes are bigger than my ability to knit all i’d like to!

    i do enjoy your blog……carry on!

  75. sorry..gave wrong email address on last post and updated it before i caught it.oops!

  76. sorry..gave wrong email address on last post and updated it before i caught it.oops!

  77. I agree with Beth’s info about the Neti pot. There is also a premixed buffered salt water solution with a squirt bottle you can get at most drugstores now, called NeilMed Sinus Rinse; I like the little premixed packets because it’s fast and I don’t mess up the mixing, but I like the Neti pot better than the squirt bottles. My 8-year-old daughter finds the squirt bottle easier, though. The rinse helps clear out allergens and snot, and helps keep things moist and soothed, especially in the winter, when the air’s so dry. You can use it daily or just when you’re having problems.
    As my 8-year-old said today: “I wonder who invented Kleenex? I’m glad I didn’t live before they invented it!”
    Feel better, knit easy and cuddle with Lucy!

  78. I’m so sorry to hear of your sinus woes-we’ve been passing the same thing around my house among my 2 daughters and hubby and myself-and trying to not get the new 6 week old baby sick, too! But I had to laugh at your tissue-up-the-nose comment-we do that too and every time I do it I think fondly of my grandpap who used to do it–he was such a sweet funny cute man and it makes me smile when I am sitting there wondering if I’ll ever breathe thru my nose again…funny what brings about the warm fuzzies, isn’t it? hope you feel better soon! I loved your red scarf, btw!

  79. Anne in Wy says:

    Uhh,, … just an unbiased, unprejudiced, unsolicited, unwelcome question: could you possibly be allergic to Lucy?

    Ducking and running, fast, to avoid whatever you are throwing at me now.

  80. Ah yes, the kleenex-up-the-nose tchnique. I too have employed this not-so-elegant method when suffering a cold. It might not be pretty, but it sure beats rubbing your nose raw blowing it! Stay warm and snuggled up with family. (misery loves company, right?) Hope you are feeling better soon!

  81. Poor Wendy! I hope you are feeling 100% better very soon!

    Christmas decorations–alas, I’ve none in our little home in HK. The malls here are all decked out in Christmas-like regalia and lots of little stages of Disney backgrounds (I still don’t understand that), but no real snow. =(

  82. Sinus crap is the absolute worse. I’m a singer so I can vouch for this big time. Re holiday decorations – everytime we acquire a new pet, I get an ornament which represents it. I’ve lost 4 pets in the past 2 years (3 in 13 months) and have another cat ill, so I cherish those ornaments even more. The good news is I put dibs on 2 kittens this week. They’re not weaned yet so I’ll have to wait awhile but I’m looking forward to them.

  83. Hope you are feeling better soon!

  84. LOVE the projects! I REALLY like the color of that yarn for the magic socks.

  85. ohh, now I want to spin sock yarn, how does the kitty yarn knit up anyway? If it was yarn that you had orderd how would you rate it?

    Being sick is highly annoying, I gave my cold to my poor SO and his is turning int a sinus infection, right before finals too… I hope you feel better soon!

  86. Hope your feeling a lot better by now! The handspun is making a beautiful sock. The more I keep reading and seeing about CMF, the more I have to keep myself from placing an order. ๐Ÿ˜‰ The scarves are beautiful too. I’m sure the recipient of the red scarf will be very happy.

  87. Glad you’re feeling better. Sinus problems are No Fun At All.

  88. Hope your feeling better soon! I suffer from allergies every year, so I do know how you feel. LOVE the red scarf and sweet Lucy of course.

  89. I hope that you feel better soon. The new scarf is beautiful and should go great with a black coat!

  90. I always read your blog, but I never comment because I’m so overwhelmed by your ability… maybe I shouldn’t let that stop me.

    Wonder what a “not-to-taxing” knitting project is for you…

  91. Ooooh, we’re sinus twins!

    I too spent the weekend with the kleenex stuck up the nose. Quite effective for catching errant drips so as not to soil the knitting. Also, makes it a whole heck of a lot easier to breathe, which is a good thing.

    Love the sock. Very magical. :o)

    Floating around in a Zyrtec haze with you,

    Mel :oP

  92. I’m glad you’re feeling better Wendy! And Congratulations on 30,000 comments. Lovely fun simple knitting projects – and the Magic socks are awesome! I really like how the colors came out in them. ๐Ÿ™‚

  93. Oh, I hope you are feeling better. Kitty hugs should help! Love the magic socks too!!

  94. So lovely, that CMF sock! It is very Coco-esque, I think. I definitely need to get cracking on my second Sloopy sock so that I can have a pair of CMF socks soon, too!

  95. Great bag!

    I think you got a lot of knitting done for a sinus-infected brain! What colorway is the Handmaiden yarn? I would guess Paris, if I had to guess. I hope you continue to feel better.

    Cats make the best nurses; I think Lucy deserves an extra catnip mouse for Christmas for cuddling excellence.

  96. Love the Magic socks! That colorway is so neat and I cannot wait until my spinning is good enough to knit for my feet! LOL BTW, I take Zyrtec at night…seems to work better that way. Remember to drink lots of fluids too…helps the allergies and any potential antihistamine drying.

  97. Love the Magic socks! That colorway is so neat and I cannot wait until my spinning is good enough to knit for my feet! LOL BTW, I take Zyrtec at night…seems to work better that way. Remember to drink lots of fluids too…helps the allergies and any potential antihistamine drying.

  98. anne marie in philly says:

    oh my, 30,000 comments…but I’ll never win…

    such a nice KOARC and lucy to help you up when you are down. pretty yarn and new bags speed the healing too.

    and I’m witcha on the kleenex-in-the-nose thing…

  99. Ann Carpenteer says:

    Very nice Magic sock. I’m glad you’re feeling better. I just KNEW you were coming down with SOMETHING the other night. Glad you plan to stay home tomorrow. the more rest the better. Poor Lucy looks like she may be getting your sinus trouble, poor lambie pie precious baby. Good of the KOARC to take care of you. My beloved husband isn’t a good caretaker. Oh well, we all have our failings. By the way, did you hear the Fluffy Knitter Deb’s dad had a stroke yesterday? Hope he’s doing better. That’s a hard thing. Take care and cuddle your baby Lucy good.
    Ann in Dallas, Texas

  100. I think the bags are very pretty. The red scarf is beautiful, as well as the socks and Lucy. Everyone loves Lucy though right? Yes we all do.