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Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Knit From Your Stash 2007


I think we’re on to something here. ๐Ÿ™‚

There has been a great response to this idea. And a bunch of questions. Let’s clear things up, shall we?

For L-B and me, the point of this exercise is to attempt to use yarn that has been marinating in our stashes. You know how it goes — you buy something you absolutely love and fully intend to knit x from it. Then you see something else and change your mind, and buy yarn for that project. Et cetera.

We both have yarn that we love in our stashes. I’ve got yarn earmarked for several Starmore designs that I really want to knit. I’m hoping to knit these in 2007. I’ve also got some Dale of Norway kits stashed away, among other things.

Several of you pointed out that L-B and I could buy yarn for each other and call it gift yarn. But that sort of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it? It’s sort of like going on a food diet. If you look for loopholes and ways to cheat (“Why, yes, this 5-pound baked potato counts as one medium baked potato”) you aren’t going to make very good progress. Besides, I re-read our rules and there is no allowance there for buying yarn as gifts for other people (just for buying yarn to make a specific gift).

L-B and I do give yarn to each other as gifts. We also knit things for each other. But despite what L-B might assert in the comments (heh!) we will not be buying and giving each other yarn as Groundhog Day gifts, Flag Day gifts, Leif Erickson Day gifts, etc.

You can join us in this endeavor if you want to, but we certainly are not trying to force this plan on anyone.

If you do decide to join, you can certainly tailor this plan to suit you. Change the start and end dates. If you don’t knit socks, the sock yarn exemption is pointless. Ditto for spinning and spinning fiber. If you want to try this and some of the rules don’t make sense for you, modify them. Like Valerie, who does not knit socks, but wants an exemption for yarn she needs to buy to make things for her wedding. And Mari, who wants an exemption for baby/toddler friendly yarns so she can buy yarn to knit for wee relatives.

Other questions:

A number of you asked what I’ll do about the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival. Call me crazy, but it doesn’t tempt me that much. Last year, all I bought was some sock yarn. Some years I’ve bought nothing, and some years I haven’t even bothered to go. I may or may not go next year. For me, the point of the “get out of jail free” card is to cover an extraordinary circumstance — something that could come up that we hadn’t planned for, so that we could make a purchase for that eventuality without feeling like we failed. I have no event or purchase planned for it.

And no, I’m not going to go on a yarn-buying binge between now and the first of the year. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’ve actually not bought too much new yarn lately, apart from sock yarn. The next big project I’m going to knit, and will likely start next week, is from yarn that I’ve had in my stash for a year.

And some of you asked if books were exempt. For me they are, because I can’t say that I “stash” books and never use them. I buy them and read them, put ’em on a shelf, and pull them down and read and refer to them again and again.

I say tools are exempt, too. No, this does not mean I plan on buying twelve spinning wheels next year.

The bottom line — L-B and I are going to make an effort to refrain from buying yarn for the stash or for new projects, and we are going to do our best to knit from our stashes for nine months, to use yarn that was purchased because we loved it. We need to make it a reasonable plan because, like a food diet, if it is too strict it will be impossible to follow.

Anyhow. If you are interested in trying this, look at our rules and decide if they will work for you. If not, adjust them to suit you and set yourself reasonable goals. (Feel free to post my or your own modified rules on your blog.) Heck, if you are an insatiable yarn buyer, set yourself the goal of having every other project come from your stash.

If there are any button-makers out there, please feel free to create a Knit From Your Stash 2007 button that will undoubtedly surpass my lame attempt. Y’all are welcome to use the button I posted here as well — but you’ll have to save it to your own server to use it. I’ve got a handy little option on my server that makes it so that images on my site that are hotlinked to don’t show up on other people’s pages.

Back to knitting progress tomorrow!

Lucy Sez:


I hope she has enough yarn to knit me more catnip mice.


  1. Ann Carpenteer says:

    Hi Wendy,
    I like the idea of a knit-from-the-stash deal and I know my husband will too! The one thing I need to have exempted is reasonably priced yarn for my charity knitting. I do lots of that and never have enough–do you? I think it’s mainly because I tend to buy a lot of expensive stuff like the Tilli Thomas I bought and started yesterday or the Ritratto I started tonight. I never have a lot of really washable stuff lying around for soldiers, orphans, Mongolians, foster kids, preemies, and all the others I do charitable things for. I also intend to claim an exemption for indie dyed sock yarns because I LOVE them like my husband loves chocolate. But, otherwise, I think the idea of doing things from the stash is a good one. I’ll give it a try. Of course books are off. There are three coming out in Feb. from XRX that I just MUST have! Don’t forget to give that baby girl of yours some of those baby chicks. She looks like she really deserves them!
    Hugs from Ann and the Fur People in Dallas

  2. Not even the traditional basket of yarn gift for Leif Erickson Day? Man, that’s harsh!

    I think the idea of knitting from the stash is good, if only to rediscover all the nifty yarn I’ve got lurking in the underbrush. I enjoy buying pretty new yarns a bit too much to embrace total denial but I do plan on cutting back in 2007. It might be nice to actually knit some of the projects I’ve already got planned.

    The sock yarn exemption would never work for me, though. Sock yarn is one of my worst vices. I’ve got yarn for 440 pairs of socks – yes, I’ve got a list – so exempting it is sort of like giving a chicken exemption to a fox.

  3. OK. *heave sigh* I’m allowed ONE exception, right?!

    Where do I sign up?!

  4. I love it! I mean, I hate it, but I love it, ya know?!

  5. Ok Wendy, I’m in. I posted my own twist on the rules to my blog.

    This sounds like just what I was looking for.


  6. So everyone’s planning to reduce the liklihood of leaving yarn in their will? “How sad” I think, since I am the recent recipient of such a generous person!
    I do think using the money saved for a personal treat once a month and a little charity giving is a nice addition to the rules (like when I quit smoking and built a great album collection – yes, they were albums back then)

  7. This is so timely! I just put all of my stash in one place today (and blogged about it with a photo) and was astounded at my own levels of gluttony. So much yarn! I promised my husband I wouldn’t buy any more.

    I would allow myself 2 exemptions.

    1. I’d buy sock yarn (cos I just finished my first sock about ten minutes ago and am hooked!); and

    2. A friend and I have arranged to do a yarn swap in January and so I’ll buy her something just for that.

    Other than that, my last yarn purchase happened last week. that’s it. I’m knitting from my stash!

  8. Alice in Richmond says:

    I am so NOT in this challenge. But I reserve the right to knit from my stash if I want to. Good luck ya’ll!


  9. Ok, it sounds like a challenge although I might have to exempt my stash of handspun since it tends to be small amounts. Hmm, so does the rest of the stash. Scratch the exemption. This is a particularly good idea for me because 1. my beloved Johnson kitty Lyndon, who had to be confined to my knitting room because of a spraying problem (room is draped in plastic) died recently and I need to clean out; and 2. 2 new kittens are due here after New Year’s. Cute little barn kittens born to a semi-feral cat (who is about to be spayed). It’ll give them less yarn to wreck.

  10. I don’t have a blog – maybe some day. Someone on one of my e-mail lists posted about this challenge. I’m in!! I have been trying to do this for the past couple of months – but have purchased yarn for gift projects that required it – I feel that fits into your list of rules (2b), so I’ll be using your list of rules as is.
    Kate in Dansville, NY.
    Thank you for the incentive to join others in this personal challenge.

  11. I think I’ll make it more of a ‘goal’ than an actual ‘challenge’ – does that make sense? I do have a lot of projects waiting to be started. Maybe I’ll do the challenge for a couple of months and see how it goes.

  12. What is this bit of server magic that allows you to prevent hotlinks? I just got my own server and I’d be interested in finding out.

  13. Count me in, but from end of January…Burns night gifts ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Dearest Lucy, Of course your momma will have enough yarn to knit you more catnip mice. She wouldn’t do that to you. Good thing I have more than enough yarn in my stash to work on the gansey and the fair isles I’m planning out for the new year!Happy weekend!

  15. I hope this doesn’t cause yarn stores all over the country to go out of business!

  16. I LOVE the idea! I have put myself on something similar over the past few months. I called it the Yarn Diet. I have to complete 5 major projects to be able to get a treat. I reached my first goal and pix of my treat are currently on my last post to the blog. Major projects could be a sweater, 2 pairs of socks, 4 washcloths, 2 scarves. Like that. I think I’ll join in with you and keep to my 5 major projects thing at the same time. ๐Ÿ˜€ The only thing is that for my treat I’ll have to think of something else I could buy myself… I’ll figure it out! GREAT idea!

  17. I had been toying with this idea on my own. But now with a tremendous support group, I will do it — I can do it! And when it’s over, with the money saved, a splurge on cashmere or qiviut would be a lovely re-entry into the market, and a peace offering to the LYS.

  18. Definitely sounds wonderful to me! I’ll also try hard to use stash fabric, but make no promises to that effect – it brings in the money to pay the rent! So it should be exempted in a way…butnot completely for me – No new outside yarn…
    But as many shawls as I have lace weight for and planned for….well. I’m in and sock yarn doesn’t count!

  19. Oh I need this – what a great idea! My stash is spilling out the craft room into the rest of the basement plus upstairs.

    I would have to switch the sock yarn exemption (as I have several skeins but have not yet knit a single sock) for a weaving yarn exemption. I just recently took up weaving, and my stash is 90% knitting yarn, 9% spinning fiber, and 1% weaving stuff.

    I’m relatively new to blogging – I don’t know how to add a button, and I’m not sure what a hotlink is. Can I just paste a link in my Blogger blog to this particular blog entry?

  20. Yeah, I’m thinking of signing up as well, but I would allow myself these exceptions:

    1. It’s ok to give a percentage of your stash away to a worthy cause (including a friend who needs a skein to finish a project).

    2. You may buy more yarn if you run out of stash. Heh. (I’m not really worried about this for myself, but I’d want it as an option in the contract.)

  21. FYI – I created a button, if anyone wants it. You can download it off the sidebar of my blog.

    It features some LOOOVELY makalu…yummmm….

  22. It’s a grand plan and for you of the epic stash you can always go into the stash and ‘shop’. Chances are you will find something wonderful you didn’t remember was there.;-)
    My sock yarn stash is rather epic (maybe not compaired to yours) but other projects, not so much. I’ll be watching you knit the wonderful designs, as in AS, already in your stash.

  23. I am fully in love with this idea. It really helps us think about the way we shop and acquire, and appreciate what we already have (a stash!). My only reason for not joining up is that I don’t really have much of a stash. I’ve been a starving student, then a starving publishing minion, and now a not-quite-starving-but-hey-the-yarn-that-gets-bought-gets-used-ok? teacher at private school. So my stash is skimpy! However, I do recall buying some yarn for a shawl I’ve not put on the needles yet, so I will resolve to do that in 2007. Any one else in favor of this idea but stashless? : ) Happy weekend, everyone!

  24. I think I’ll be participating in this. I have bags and boxes full of yarn that needs to be used up. (Mostly in the form of sweaters right now, since I’m one of those cheapy sweater recylers. :p) I have plenty of things I want to knit, and a lot of yarn to knit them all with, and it’s about time I went on a sort of yarn diet, to prevent it from spilling into even more sections of the house.

    Though I think I’ll allow myself one extra exception to the rules. I’ll be allowed to buy yarn for one project and only one project, provided it’s a large project, and I have no other projects on the needles or in the waiting area at that time. (I get this feeling this will be one of the many shawl patterns I’ve wanted to knit for a long time, but haven’t been able to justify spending the money on. The yarn diet will allow me to save a little money to put towards such a project.)

  25. I’m in…. since I can’t seem to discipline myself weight watcher wise, I may as well try in another obsessive arena. I chose to ban sock yarn as well….I can knit enough socks for the seven dwarfs (7 pair), three little pigs (6 pair) and cinderella and her stepsisters (3 pair)… without leaving my rubbermaid container. I am planning my get out of jail free card as the one and only day my LYS has this fun frenzy type sale… it is on Superbowl Sunday… I usually only buy enough yarn for 1 or 2 projects, but the price is good and the atmosphere has that fun static crazed knitter adrenaline going…so nine months of abstinence,…hmmmmm… if this works I can think of a few more challenges for the future! concerning hubby?! LOL

  26. Wendy – You continue to be an inspiration! Here are my exceptions: charity knitting, the Seasilk that is on my Christmas list (in case the DDs don’t get the hint), travel purchases (I may be in Denmark and Norway this summer). Thanks for the great idea. I hope your holiday preparations are all in order.

  27. I’m in…. since I can’t seem to discipline myself weight watcher wise, I may as well try in another obsessive arena. I chose to ban sock yarn as well….I can knit enough socks for the seven dwarfs (7 pair), three little pigs (6 pair) and cinderella and her stepsisters (3 pair)… without leaving my rubbermaid container. I am planning my get out of jail free card as the one and only day my LYS has this fun frenzy type sale… it is on Superbowl Sunday… I usually only buy enough yarn for 1 or 2 projects, but the price is good and the atmosphere has that fun static crazed knitter adrenaline going…so nine months of abstinence,…hmmmmm… if this works I can think of a few more challenges for the future! concerning hubby?! LOL

  28. Okay, count me in too. I think it’s hilarious that so many people wrote to you with clever ways to circumvent the “rules” – hey, if you don’t want to do this, don’t, but what’s the point of doing it, all the while planning innovative ways that you can still get away with buying more yarn? (However, I confess that if the rules didn’t exempt sock yarns, there’s no way I could to this… except, come to think of it, I probably already have more sock yarn than anything else in my stash to begin with!)

  29. Count me in!! I just looked at my stash and saw enough acrylic yarn to make at least 2 afghans, 4 dog sweaters ( Chloe, my coonhound pup, doesn’t like to get cold when out harassing the ducks ), 3 knit teddy bears and an odd assortment of sweaters and shawls. Where I differ from your ” rules ” is – I plan on doing this over the next 12, count them, 12 months and then dive head-first into my stash of raw Shetland fleeces and make them into yarns. I don’t think the LYSs will be able to tolerate the loss of income easily but they will prevail nontheless. Good luck to all who enter this.

  30. I’m in! I’m even giving myself one more rule on the sock yarn. I can buy sock yarn only IF I finish using the sock yarn I already have in stash. I did a yarn diet last year that went well but fell off the wagon the last few months and need a swift kick to get me reducing the stash again.

  31. One more question – can we swap yarn? Or buy yarn with money we get from selling stash yarn on Ebay? Kinda like bartering?


  32. Yeah! OK, so will there be a separate blog for this endeavor or at least a separate link from your blog or is this a “monitor yourself” find of thing????

  33. Oh, what a good idea! I think I’d like to have an exemption for baby-related yarn because it seems like everyone I know is either pregnant or has infants whose 1st/2nd/3rd birthdays will be rolling around during the knit-from-stash exercise.

    Considering I don’t knit many socks, I think I’ll choose to substitute kid-related yarn for sock yarn in my exemptions.

    Oh, and since I JUST got a spinning wheel, I think I might need to keep spinning-related things available…

    What a great idea this is–I have 2 or 3 things in my stash that I’ve been meaning to tackle, but keep getting distracted by new things.

    I’m in!

  34. Do you have a pattern for catnip mice or do you just wing it?

  35. Valerie Michael says:

    Count me in too! I so need to do this. But unfortunately I am only human. Exemptions: 1. Stitches West 2007. I live 20mins from the venue. And I’m taking classes all four days. 2. Spinning fiber…just bought a Schacht so I.MUST.SPIN.
    But other than that…great idea! I’m excited to start.
    Valerie M.

  36. Hey now, wait just one cotton pickin’ minute here (mmm… cotton… ) What about us yarn sellers? We’re gonna be sitting by the keyboard, crying in our beers here. Just remember, every stash addition means a yarn seller gets her wings… or something like that.

    Just kidding. I think it’s a good plan and well, um, you know if you fall off the wagon we’ll be here waiting to help you up off that nice fluffy pile of yarn!

  37. I definitely need to join! I cross stitch, crochet, and knit, and my stash is out of control also. I borrowed your guidelines and amended them to apply to cross stitch as well. Thanks for the great suggestions! ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. I’m in! Maybe this will inspire me in other (ahem!) challenge areas. But can a woman really live without buying chocolate…?

  39. Shoot, I’m in too. I just closed my online shop, so I have a ton of stuff I need to either spin or get rid of, and I’m a tried and true sock-yarn-ho, so I’ll be banning sock yarns *and* spinning fiber from my purchase lists. I just purchased sock yarn this month, when it arrives, I’m done.

  40. anne marie in philly says:

    At this festive time of year,
    I wish you lots of holiday cheer!
    (with apologies to Bugs Bunny)

  41. Just last week I announced to my guild that I wasn’t going to buy any more yarn next year. Two days later one of my guild friends forwarded a link to your original post on Knit From Your Stash 2007. I LOVE your rules, but am including sock yarn from my own personal ban. My stash has hit the point where it is stressing me out, and I can’t justify any more purchases because of that! Besides, there were reasons why I bought all of that yarn in the first place, and it’s time to remember why.

  42. I like this idea, especially calling out to others in the knitting (and other craft) world to join in. I’ve been looking at my stash and thinking what in the world I could do with it. Then I realized that I had been stashing a number of yarns in blues and purples that would work well for a jacket with the leftovers being an afghan. Then there are the Dulaan projects just aching to be made. Now to get that knitting machine to make use of the piles of acrylic I’ve been given as donations for preemie caps.

  43. I’m in. I have to do SOMETHING, as I don’t have any more closets to commandeer for the stash.

  44. How do I join in? I was quite ill recently and made myself clear ALL my WIPs (work(s) in progress) but now I need to start to clear my stash. My husband reckons that if I knit every minute from now until I die I still wouldn’t use it all up….HELP….I want him to be wrong! Where do I sign up….(and how do I stop spotting these ‘must-have’ bargains?)

  45. I’m in. I’m looking at my stash and starting to get withdrawls already.

  46. I’m in. Will be hard, but I really do need to work on reducing my stash. I’m running out of room!

  47. Barbara-Kay says:

    To say that I will follow this plan is somewhat devious, in that I try to buy about a year’s worth of yarn when we travel (and I get to go to a “real” yarn store!). I just stocked up on yarn for 4 projects in Victorian Lace Today, and there are a few projects lingering from last year’s stock-up. I’d say I’m good for a year! VBG!

  48. Count me in. The perfect nuddge to attack some of those more elaborate knitting patterns…after all those take longer to do than Zen knitting. : )

  49. Skeetshooter says:

    Darn. I used to have a stash until the local town paper put out a plea. Older ladies of modest means in the retirement community in the next town were looking for extra yarn for charity knitting. So all my leftovers and never starteds went there – about five 13 gallon trash bags in all. I figured it was all for the good cause and they probably knit a whole lot faster. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m down to a handful of small hanks of homespun, a couple of sock yarns, three donegal tweeds, and a couple of others for practice. Talk about withdrawal!

  50. great idea! i tried a “stash reduction” project this summer/fall . . . turned out lots of scarves and caps for a women-and-children’s shelter, but i kept on finding yarn on sale that said it wanted to go to the shelter too . . . somehow, the stash grew no smaller.

    meanwhile, yarn for sweaters sat in bags and sulked, knowing it was supposed to become christmas gifts for my kids and grand. since then, i’ve made a few caps to sell and a few scarves to give, but also, yeah, bought the colors the recipients needed. so my stash overfloweth.

    so once the christmas chaos is over, i’ll settle down to figuring out what to do with my two big, overflowing baskets/bins of yarn. that is, once i’ve been to my lys’ after-christmas 40% off sale (my holiday gift to ME!).

  51. Ass-headed Bottom (or DH) says “Yea! Wendy!” I really think he’s tired of my yarn creeping out from under the bed and grabbing him about the ankles if he gets too close! I’m up for this! That gives me roughly 2 weeks of stash acquisition until the diet…kind of like your last meal. ๐Ÿ™‚

  52. Ok, since my cohort in crime Ellen is in on this, I guess I am too. I am glad sock yarn is exempt, along with charity knitting which I will also exempt AND baby projects since I never get that for stash.

  53. P.S. I guess that STR club doesn’t count, as I signed up for that in November! ๐Ÿ™‚

  54. Ummm… Can we see a picture of your stash?

  55. Raye, mother of the other Capricorn Wendy, in NYC says:

    Re: stash diet: This is so very serious, because otherwise why would you have blogged on Saturday, huh? Just to pique your interest, I went to Bryant Park in NYC because they had many vendors for the Xmas season, including a booth of Jacques Cartier Fashions from Banff, CA. They are purveyors of …OMG, gasp…Quiviut! Now this is one day after I thought I was going to go along with the “knit from stash” model, and eve, in my mind, committed to it. Alas, I am a very weak woman, and as I plunked down my credit card, I invoked the name of the great Quiviut enabler, WJ. Yep…I told the vendors it’s all your fault. They loved it and are waiting for you….teh heh.

  56. This is almost feeling like a surgery, but I’m in! How about for warmups, folks can “flash” their stash or something? Like a weigh-in, before and after. Now I know why occasional no show photos are no show. That’s a cool feature.

  57. Well..actually it sounds like a great idea, especially since my boyfriend and I just got our first apartment (yea!) and using up some of the yarn stash may not be a bad idea…HMMM…I think I’ll give it my best shot!

  58. omg look at all these comments…I just can’t do it yet. My stash is not huge enough yet…I can see it growing fast as I took over another a closet. I just started this year so I need to catch up..but need to watch it a bit..

  59. Count me in! It’s starting to bother me that I have a ton of yarn hanging around and it’s starting creep out of the basket and make it’s way in to various other areas of the livingroom. So a stash bustin’ I shall go!!

  60. What a fabulous idea! Fiber is definitely not out for me, though. My fiber stash far outweighs my yarn. I have acquired around 25 pounds of various fleece over the past 6 months and cannot seem to resist anything fuzzy.

    My only 3 exemptions will have to be: If I get a charkha for Christmas, cotton. Sock yarn. If by some miracle I run across some inexpensive local bison fiber.

  61. Ok, I think I need to readjust my rules after looking with wide open eyes at the amount of sock yarn I have. Plus, I already belong to two sock clubs (The Knitter and BMFA) so will be getting it anyway. So my exemptions will be MDS&W and yarnivirs…you know, little skeins of love you pick up on vacation. I think I had better remove eBay and Destash from my toolbar.

  62. Wendy!

    I love this idea!

    I am in…but I’m going to change the rules for myself, slightly. I’m not going to specifically buy sock yarn, and I’m not yet into spinning so I don’t need spinning fiber. However, if I come across a sale where a yarn that I a.)absolutely love and b.)I already have a project in mind for and c.) is drastically on sale (read at least 50% off normal price) I can buy it. But, it has to meet those 3 criteria. And, I think we should all throw up pictures of our stashes too!

  63. I would love to join! Do we have to join? Please add me to the list, and if you could send me the code for the button? I think it’s a great idea. Good for you! Moneywise, it just makes sense, for my house, anyway, so I’m glad to be joining something that I was pretty much going to have to do anyway… =)

  64. Karen Frisa says:

    I’ve read through all the comments so far — lots of interest in this! While I’m as up for using stash yarn as the next knitter (maybe more so), I have to say that I’m a little concerned about what will happen in the yarn industry as a result of this movement. This may sound silly, but with your huge influence and as this spreads to other blogs, this really could have an impact on all of our LYS.

    I’m “in the industry” enough to know that yarn shops across the US were seeing sales about 30% less this fall than they were last fall. This is really tough, especially for smaller shops. We’ve been enjoying a knitting boon for the last several years, with lots of new yarns and colorways, and I think it’s easy to take it for granted that we’ll always have that. But if there is a big falloff in demand, we’ll see the impact of that in the yarn lines, and in the number of yarn shops.

    I don’t mean to put a damper on things, but this has been on my mind, so I had to speak up.

  65. I’d love to join, too. I posted a translation of your guidelines in my blog.

  66. My stash is getting a little out of control lately so I think I’ll join you!

  67. anne marie in philly says:

    count me in!

    I have 9 projects awaiting the needles, and 5 projects already on the needles in various stages of completion.

    PS – one of the to-be-started projects is your kimono jacket.

  68. Ruth Martin says:

    It’s great to see everyone coming out of the closet (baskets/boxes/bags) about their guilt-inducing stashes (and I thought I was the only one. Maybe we need a formal 12-step group for yarn and fibre addicts?). I’m up for the challenge, though I’ll whole-heartedly embrace the sock yarn exemption. My own recent goal or challenge has been to knit garments that I’m proud to wear anywhere in public. Remember Lene’s adage of “Wear Thy Knitting”! I’m blogless, but will pass along the challenge to my knitting buddies.

  69. I was thinking of doing something like this anyway so I’m in. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve modified the rules to suit – let’s see if I have the will power to stick to them!

  70. Hi Wendy,

    there are some more Germans who want to join. Since not all of them are able to participate due to the fact of lacking knowledge of the English language, some of us do a little organisational stuff like translations. I hope you don’t mind us borrowing your button. After all we do not want to start something new but to join your woll-diet-along. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  71. I think this is a great idea! But the yarn manufacturer’s might frown on it. I’ve been thinking about doing something like this, or at least making a point of knitting from my stash. Like for each month, choose some stash yarn and make it my featured project.

    I’ll check out your “rules” and tailor for my own needs, but I think my stash will look totally different by next year. I will figure out useful projects to make, or give away or sell the yarn.

    I think to start the year I will take a picture of my stash and post it, perhaps once a month!

    Thanks (as always)for the inspiration!

  72. I set this as a goal for myself for 2006, and with the exception of sock yarn (and not that much of it, really) and getting my husband to buy the yarn for a specific sweater as my birthday gift, I’ve made it through the year without much effort. When the stash is full of things you love, it really isn’t all that hard. Looking forward to seeing what beauties you pull from your stash this coming year!

    (And with a baby around now, 2007 looks to be a stash-knitting year too. Good thing I stockpiled in previous years!)

  73. Well, I’m in. I’ve also decided to start my own Yarn Management and Containment Program, and posted about it to keep me honest. I’m being ambitious, though, and promising myself to knit from stash for the whole year. Quilt from stash, too. You read it here first!!

  74. Fantastic! I’m in, of course. He he, I see that fiber isn’t part of stash.

    *I’m* looking forward to seeing the Dales and Starmores you’ll be knitting, Wendy!

  75. Love the idea. I’m going to organize my yarn today so I can see what I have, and then let the stash-busting begin!

  76. I’m in, too. Until I find a job, anyway. ๐Ÿ™‚

  77. Is there a place to sign up? I’m in for sure. I think with my stash at this point I’d have to live to be 200 to get through it. I have no control–I see it I want it! Help! Thanks Wendy and LB for a great inspiration.

  78. Well, I can’t wait to see you knit from your stash, since we won’t get a chance to see the whole darn thing. (Come on, flash your stash for us, at some point!) But if you won’t flash, then seeing it, one project at a time for nine months will have to suffice.

    I went on a stash organization tear yesterday and fell in love with my yarn, all over again, so I’m going to try and do my best to knit up a lot of it next year. But no promises, and no yarn diets. In fact, yesterday I just splurged on some Lorna’s Laces and All Things Heather from the Loopy Ewe. Boy, does she carry some great yarns!

  79. I’m in! And I’m including sock yarn!

    I’ve made a button, too.

    Hmm. I just remembered I was planning a major yarn crawl holiday in New Zealand next year. That might have to be my ‘falling off the wagon’ moment. Or should I make buying yarn on holidays exempt? Decisions, decisions.

    I managed a four month stash diet at the end of 2005. It helped to have goals (reduce it enough to fit in the storage boxes, for example) and to have photos of my stash around the house to remind me of all the wonderful projects I still had to knit.

  80. This is a great idea!

    My stash was getting out of hand so I soley knit from it in 2006. It’s great! I finally finished some projects and dug out some yarn I had forgotten completely about. I’m going to keep knitting from the stash into 2007 until I have it down to a bare minimum.

  81. I’m with you Wendy. In fact, I bought more last night in anticipation of starting this challenge. Self defeating…yes, but I have some very nice sock yarn (which doesn’t count after all) coming to me ๐Ÿ™‚

    Oh and a few balls of Noro jumped into the cart. I swear I did’t put it there….

  82. While I’ve been a miserable failure at some of these stash diets, I do think I’m in desperate need of something like this. Okay, count me in too, with the same exemptions as well. Sock yarn could never count nor spinning fiber ๐Ÿ™‚ I just need to make one more tiny little sweater yarn purchase and I’ll be happy.

  83. I have to say that Dallas made me feel a little better. 440 pairs of socks?! I thought my approximately 150 pairs was bad. Now I feel almost sedate or something.

    I’ve also been thinking about a year of stash reduction, though I can’t think of many exceptions I’d need to make. I stopped buying most yarns a couple of years back, but a person can go pretty wild with only sock and shawl exemptions. Ask me how I know!

    I’m thinking of also rationing purchases of patterns. I seem to “have” to have just about every new singleton pattern I see, and at $5-10/per, it adds up. And not a lot of them have been knit, either. We’ll see how it goes, but I appreciate the camaradarie and suggestions.

  84. I love the ‘socks don’t count as stash’ rule. I instituted the same rule a year or so ago for my favorite, now discontinued, yarn. Even though I have 5+ sweaters worth and the SO has 2 sweaters worth in the stash.

    I may join you in the stashalong – but I find the more noise I make about stashbusting, the more I fall prey to temptation.

  85. I have to be in. My second bedroom is overrun with stash: the closet is full, the bookshelves have boxes and now I’m starting on the floor by the filing cabinet (full of patterns for future projects.) I so need to stop buying yarn and enjoy making some of the things that I already have the yarn for. My end date will be August because I go to Stitches Midwest (unless I can continue for the rest of the year when I get back) and to be allowed to buy yarn for socks I would have to have completed a pair at least for each new sock I would buy. I don’t spin so I don’t need to worry about that! I’ve talked about a yarn diet before. Maybe going public like this will give me the push to do it!

  86. I sooooo need this stash diet! I was looking for something in my stash last week and was overwhelmed by the amount of yarn and proposed projects I have! I am also signed up for the STR 2007. Thanks for having this. Count me in!!! I figure if I must have an addiction…this is the best kind!

  87. Count me in. I have enough sock yarn stash to knit a pair a week for a year and a half! Crazy but true. I will fall of the wagon in April. The sea sock cruise is going to be a major enhancement. So I guess this will be my free day or 6!!!!

    If you think that’s weird I have a dishcloth stash too.

    Now if that is not strange enough for you than how about this. I do not have yarn for anything else…..Not one single sweater waiting to be made.

  88. I was just thinking that I needed to spend 2007 knitting up all that gorgeous yarn in my stash – now I will have sympathetic comrades! I don’t know if I can handle all the baby gifts that will almost surely need to be made, but I will give it my best!

  89. This is definitely an idea I could use. I just recently reorganized my stash, and there is definitely enough in there to keep me busy until June (when I will be done with school and working full-time again). And then I can start rebuilding my stash without guilt.

  90. Since sock yarn is pretty much all I buy I’m going to have to change the “sock yarn doesn’t count” rule to “non-sock yarn doesn’t count”…or something like that.

    I’m in. My husband will be thrilled.

  91. Wendy, I’m joining, too! I have too much yarn! I’m feeling guilty that I have so much and always seem to find more I’d like to buy. Well, that’s changing now.

    My one type of yarn that I will continue to buy is the yarn that I use for CIC and/or charity knitting. I do go through yarn for charity purposes quickly and always need to replinish the supply.

    I will, however, be adding my sock yarn to the *do not buy* list. My stash is heaviest with sock yarn. If I knit only socks, continuously, for the next 9 months….I might use it up, maybe! So, no sock yarn for me. That will definitely be coming from my stash. : )

    I’m looking forward to getting my stash downsized!

  92. I don’t have a blog either, but I do moderate an online group and approached them with your idea. I am getting more takers than I believed I would! This is a great idea. I like it that books are exempt and my girls like it that sock yarn is also exempt!! LOL We will look at your rules and those of some of the other gals and decide how our group will do this. Thanks for the idea and, as always, we admire your marvelous knitting and your site.

  93. Yes Karen Brisa from previous comment, it does sound silly.

    And Gina who said ..’I don’t know you personally, but I DO sell your book at my LYS in Va. and…I think not buying yarn and encouraging others to not do so for 9 months is a VERY BAD IDEA. If everyone decided to join you in the challenge, I wouldnt be able to buy more yarn from Phyl, and I would untimately go out of business. I think you haven’t really thought this one through.’

    Presumably Gina, when you say ‘everyone’ you mean, like, um, EVERYONE? I know Wendy’s popular, but are you saying 100% of you customers are slaves to Wendy Knits? I’m so sorry, G, but it appears to me that it is you who hasn’t thought this thing through. Your suggestion that this idea will ruin your business is ludicrous.

    But, I have a better idea anyway. Wendy, can I knit 2007 from YOUR stash?

  94. I am going through with it. I must use my stash. I have one question. What do we do with paid yarn clubs, or did I miss that rule? I am getting armed with patterns that fit my stash, or I will rely on the items I have kitted from my stash (items with yarns and pattern put together). I feel you hit something BIG! We will all know come September. I must leave some time to build up my started blog to where I can get people to want to read it. I didn’t list it because it only has a couple of entries.