My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Let’s Clear Something Up, Shall We?

Yesterday I decided not to talk about this on my blog, but other people keep bringing it up to me in comments and emails, so it’s time to clear the air once and for all about my “Knit From Your Stash 2007” project.

There are a few people who have expressed to me via email (and one in a comment) that they think this will ruin some yarn shops. One LYS owner (who I do not know or ever bought anything from) posted on her personal blog that if I were to do this, no one would buy yarn for 9 months and LYSs would go out of business and there would be “blood on her (my) hands.”

Let’s review, shall we?

If you go back and read my original entry about this, on December 14, you’ll see that I mention it as something L-B and I proposed to do, and at the end of listing our rules I mentioned that anyone who wanted to join us was welcome to do so.

I got a surprisingly large number of comments from people who said that they had been thinking about doing the same thing, or were already doing so. A lot of people asked me about the “rules.”

So in my next blog entry, on December 16 I encouraged people who were interested in knitting from their stash to make up their own guidelines with their own exceptions. To do what worked best for them. Not to do anything too drastic that would be hard to stick to. I mentioned “Knit From Your Stash” briefly in the next blog entry on the 17th, reiterating that people should make their own rules for what they plan to do and talk about it on their own blogs should they have them. I said I have no plans to start a blog or knit-along in conjunction with this.

And that’s the last I mentioned it on my blog, apart from something about sock yarn not counting!

The concept of a yarn diet is not new, and I did not originate it. I’ve seen “Yarn Diet” buttons on blogs for several years.

The bottom line? This is my idea for myself that I posted on my personal blog. I’m not advocating that people stop buying yarn altogether and put yarn shops out of business. I have a large stash of yarn, and it is my intent to use some of it up in 2007, with the exceptions that I have allowed myself.

If you look at my rules, you’ll see what I am proposing to do is to only buy yarn that I need for 9 months — and even then allowing myself the indulgence of buying sock yarn and spinning fiber whenever I want. If a business is going to fail because people are only buying what they need, well, there’s something wrong with that. Of the blogs I’ve read where people are proposing on knit from their stashes, not once have I read that anyone is planning on not acquiring any yarn for the period of time they set themselves.

Further, only a fraction of the knitters in the world read knitting blogs, and only a fraction of knitting blog readers read my blog. And only a fraction of those readers are planning on cutting down on their spending. So I don’t think yarn shop owners really have anything to worry about here.

The reason I posted about this in the first place was to put in writing what I plan to do — doing so makes it easier for me to stick to my resolve. I always find it easier to do things like this that require some level of willpower when other people know about it. It never once crossed my mind that anyone would think this would put LYSs out of business!

You know, in the past L-B and I have gone on a food diet at the same time so we had each other for moral support. Do you suppose if I had blogged about that I would have gotten hate mail from General F**ds and Kr*ft?


(Asterisks were inserted in the brand names because I read Cara’s blog entry today. A girl can’t be too careful.)

So, enough. Okay? Let’s move on to the point of this blog — knitting.

I’ve been knitting away on my Bohus — see?


I’ve got one more set of increases to do in the yoke, a few rows down from here. While I’m eager to be done with the yoke and start on the body, I’ll also be sorry. It’s so much fun to see the colorwork emerge!

The Other Reason for This Blog

That’s Lucy, of course.


Yesterday I mentioned to L-B that I had a bit of cashmere left over from a project and I planned to knit Lucy a new mouse from it for Christmas. This is what greeted me when I got up this morning.


That would be the leftover cashmere that Lucy has unwound. Clearly she approves.

Most Importantly

Check out the total for the Heifer Project!!!!!!


  1. Hear, hear!

    (Perhaps you should knit Lucy a baby chick with that yarn…)

  2. YAY for topping $30,000 for Heifer! IIRC you’ve done this in the past and I’ve never noticed a total that high!!!!

    As for the knit from one’s stash resolution… I think the people concerned with the demise of LYSs as a result of this resolution should keep in mind how many resolutions are broken by the end of January anyway.

    Knit on Wendy =)

  3. so I’m away for a day or two and all hell is breaking loose? good grief.

    I propose a combo for 2007 ala Rabbitch – no pants and more mac n cheese!

    that’s something I could really get behind! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Good grief! People actually got upset about that? Such craziness!

    I am in awe (and a touch jealous!) of your knitting. I was all proud of myself that I managed to finish a washcloth in one day, you on the other hand, have finished the yoke of a sweater! And quite a lovely one at that. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Lucy is looking very lion-ish in that shot. Such a gorgeous girl she is.

  5. I suppose you really can’t please everyone. It’s a great idea. And even though I’m going to try, I know I’ll give in and buy some yarn. What’s the fun of a diet if you can’t cheat a little????

  6. Woohoo on the Heifer total. Congrats!!

    I’ve bought so much yarn in the past that I haven’t needed, and love, and have those projects to do. Sounds like you. So what’s wrong with resolving to actually use the stuff that I’ve purchased from those LYS’s? I don’t think they’d mind, actually, if I said I wasn’t going to buy new until I actually use what I bought from them last time. I think most LYS owners want their customers to knit what they purchase. My 2 cents, for what it’s worth.

  7. Somebody [yarn shop ranter] needs a little time out. She should chill out, for cryin’ out loud. All due respect, but I doubt if your influence is quite THAT significant. You knit lots of socks and fancy sweaters, but that doesn’t make me want to knit them (I’m a scarf and shawl girl myself). Me, I’m here for Lucy. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. oh man!
    i am SO excited about that heifer total! now on to 40 grand baby!

    i plan to knit from MY stash in 2007 because it is WAY out of control. i supported yarn shops all-too-well this past year, after several years of being austere. and now i want to get back to being reasonable. and that’s MY choice! not the yarn shop’s to make.
    i see that my dollars might be better devoted to TSF or heifer, and that’s wht i plan to do.
    your idea was timely, that’s all! and good for you.

  9. Yeah, I think that person probably drew more negative attention to herself than anything. Nobody says nasty things about our Wendy! Sheesh.
    Merry Chris-mice to Lucy (and you)!

  10. Since I was the one who planted the stash knitting seed, may I abuse your comments for a moment? The suggestion was made very sincerely and without malice because I have a stash that has grown over 40 years (Let’s hear it for Columbia Minerva yarn!). Some years more slowly than others. Even with my voracious knitting,that leaves a lot of yarn that I frankly wonder if I will live to knit,especially since I’ll never totally resist something new that jumps out from my LYS shelves or from my favorite online displays! Most of my stash is for things I want to wear myself, so knitting those items may even have a beneficial effect on the vendors I bought the yarn from when I finally wear them or lend them for display. And ,indeed,there will be yarn purchases in the next 9 months. We didn’t exempt gift knitting and neither of us has much stash in the colors our favorite giftees wear.

  11. I’m sure the “Yarn Diet” won’t ruin any yarn shops and if then not only in the States but in Europe / Germany too. It’s an odd idea to make you responsible for ruins that may come. But enough of that!
    I was really happy to read your entries because I just needed an impulse to look at my stash … and “join”.

    Have nice Holidays


  12. Oh, my STARS. Are you kidding me with this? Between you and Cara, the ridiculousness of the day is amazing me. Take heart that it is a very small percentage of people who believed that this challenge would actually hurt others. Good grief!
    Lucy, indeed, has good taste. My cats would concur and since they have long since “eaten” most of the one mouse I made them, I should really get on making them some more.

  13. On the subject of knitted mice. I have to share my mouse story. Last night I made your knitted mouse from your pattern and stuffed it with catnip. My one cat went nuts over it (the others didn’t care for catnip). I haven’t seen that kind of movement from her in a long time. I had to take it away from her. She was getting to aggressive with it and I was afraid she would destroy or eat it. Only supervised play. Thanks much for the pattern.

  14. Yeah! for the Heifer Project total…absolutely fabulous!!! As for Lucy…I think she wants a new toy from the cashmere…baby chick color or not! LOL Looks like she is having so much fun. As for the comments about your knitting from stash in 2007 forcing yarn shops to close…PLLEEEAAASSSEEE… give me a break. Yarn shops close for a variety of reasons…and it is highly unlikely that your blog posting is one of them. No offense meant. I love your blog and you were making a personal comment…not telling people to only knit from stash. Onward to knitting …. your sweater is gorgeous…I’m so jealous and appreciative of your talents.

  15. Well, I work in a yarnshop. And I say if the only way that a shop can stay in business (any shop) is by over-consumption of its customers, then too bad for them. There is WAY too much greed, hoarding and over-consumption in our society. The idea of saying “I have enough, I have all I need (and more)” , or “I’m not spending more money than I can afford” or “I’m going to give some of my disposable income to people whose children may die tomorrow if I don’t help them”, these are good things. Go Wendy! I’ll be giving to Heifer if we get any Christmas money. Thanks for the inspiration.

  16. I’ve read about it too. I for one being a “yarn pig” have been acquiring more yarn so I can do this. My choice too, because I have been thinking about it too (before your post). I was thinking these shops may experience a little “run” on yarn buying. Someone always wants to kill the fun by taking things way too seriously. I’m in my 40s, & if I retired today & started knitting now, I would long pass before I used up what I have. So I hope these business owners save & invest wisely. I see Lucy agrees with your choices-that’s what really counts. A big congratulations on Heifer $$ raised! I joked on another’s comments by saying if LYSs went out of business, they shouldn’t worry-we can raise plenty to get em going again…

  17. I’ve been only knitting from my stash (except for gift stuff or if I need more yarn to finish a project) for 4 months now – I still stop in to see my LYS owner and look for a pattern or book or just to show her a finished project. She’s fine with that, knowing I’ll be in to purchase yarn when my space and budget allow. Methinks that store owner is looking for a reason to fail.

    Woot! on the Heifer total ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m so pleased to have been a part of this project even though I haven’t won anything except a warm feeling.

    Happy Christmas and great vacation if I don’t comment between now and then.

  18. Carol, I agree with you; my stash is ridiculous and it sounds like fun to knit from my stash and see what kind of dent I could make!

  19. Wendy… said… no… more… yarn… I… hear… and… obey…

  20. Like the idea of knitting from your stash, although my stash is actually small. Enough for 4 pair socks, 1 pair slippers & 2 lace scarfs. This of course doesn’t count the WIP of 1 pair feather-fan socks & 1 Dale St. Mortiz sweater for my son, only sleaves & collar left to knit:).

    I made a promise to myself a while back that I wouldn’t by the yarn to make my Dale sweater until I had finished my son’s. I think now I will make that include the rest of my small stash. Thanks for the inspiration to finish my projects.

  21. So this is the first moronic thing you witnessed today huh. IMO, if a yarn store is going to go out of business because people start knitting from their stash then maybe the owners should rethink their business plans. Sounds like they don’t have much security in the business they’ve chosen.

    But, then again, look how much power we knitbloggers have! I’m ready to take down a whole INDUSTRY! Mwahahahahahahaha!

  22. Your Heifer contribution total has really been skyrocketing! Hurray, hurray!

    About Wendy killing off LYSs, well, I think whoever has said that has gone far beyond sanity. LYSOs are going to be having their winter yarn clearances soon, spring & summer yarns will be arriving, new yarns will be introduced, and yarn-buying will go on. My stash expanded by an embarrassing amount since summer, and very little of the new yarn has been knitted. So I’m going to try my own version of a ‘Yarn Fast’, right after I get some of ……

    Maybe Lucy would like a baby chickie squeaky toy?

  23. I have been on a yarn diet for quite some time…..I do buy every now and again but mostly, I have been knitting from my stash.

    People need to be a bit more “nice” and not get all sensitive!

  24. I think a lot of us were already re evaluating our stashes. It is very easy to get carried away by the whole thing ( especially when you see some of the lovely yarn that people have bought on their blogs). I am considering twinning knitting from my stash with losing weight. I can only buy new yarn IF I reach certain weight targets – sort of a reward ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. I had informally decided to knit from my stash in 2007 before Wendy posted anything; I am neither as fast or prolific as you seem to be, but I have yarn purchased specifically (last year!) for 2 longer projects, and enough sock yarn to knit a pair every month, which is about as fast as I go. The thought never entered my mind to avoid buying yarn, just wanted to accomplish these goals in 2007.

    People who jump to such far-reaching, slippery-slope conclusions leave me with a bitter taste in my mouth. In fact, I wouldn’t want to give such a Negative Nelly my business anyway! There are plenty of positive, enthusiastic yarn shop owners who I’d much rather give my $$ to.

    Just my 2 cents…

  26. Hi Wendy,

    You said, “not once have I read that anyone is planning on not acquiring any yarn for the period of time they set themselves.”

    Hahah. Ain’t that the truth. I posted on my blog about participating in the Knit From Your Stash idea. And then I proceeded to list what yarns I need to buy after January 1st, anyway. You are right. There’s no way any knitter can make it 9 months without buying yarn! ๐Ÿ™‚ But it is nice to get that stash yarn used up every once in a while!

  27. How funny, yarn shop owners don’t want you to knit from the yarn you bought – in their shops in the first place…?? What is it then for? Just wondering…

  28. I like that you are going to knit from your stash. I also like the new project you are working on. It’s really awesome!

  29. Oh good grief…people are nutters. These same doomsday criers…has any one of them also acknowledged how much yarn you’ve probably caused to be sold at LYSs and other small/independent yarn/fiber producures sites?

    I know my stash has grown considerably from the enablement I get on your and various other knitting blogs, so if anything, it balances out.

    And if any stores are that much at risk for going out of business because some folks who are actually going to start to USE what they’ve already bought, well, not stable businesses to begin with.

    People! gah. LOL Bunch o’ Chicken Littles…

  30. I don’t think I have a big enough stash yet to knit exclusively from it. So the stash builders will be out there buying. By the time we’re ready for a yarn diet, everyone knitting from their stash will be in stash building mode. It’s completely cylical.

  31. Well done!

  32. First of all your work on Bohus is beautiful.

    Secondly, not only would I like to have you help me with my knitting skills; I’d love a photography lesson. Your picture of Lucy today is terrific.

    Lastly, obviously you have quite a following with your blog and you have influence over positive things like Heifer donations and helping small yarn stores and vendors sell their beautiful items. (I’m thinking of your posting info on yarns, buttons, bags, etc.). But it’s a stretch to think you have power over LYS closings. It’s funny, I was in a LYS recently and we were talking about knitting socks. So I showed the Lucy STR socks that I had knit and was wearing. To my dismay, they didn’t know about Lucy and your blog. I say this to show, that as much as we all love your blog and Lucy, there are many knitters who are not blog savy.

    My personal opinion is there should be a contest to see how long before you and L-B sway from the Knit from Stash Plan. Maybe a lys can sponsor the contest?

  33. Eek. I’m not usually just a “you go girl” type of commenter, but I have to make an exception this time. I can’t believe you were getting emails with those concerns. Of course, as you have mentioned, no matter how popular you are among blog readers, of course you aren’t the queen of the knitting universe. I’m sure that the population of knitters who aren’t regular blog readers is much larger than those of us who value high speed internet almost as much as oxygen and clean drinking water.

    Also, it should be pointed out that there are a lot of knitters out there tempted by the idea of a long-term stash diet because there are a lot of knitters out there who have been buying huge amounts of yarn over the past few (or more) years, giving those poor yarn stores more than their fare share of business. Yes, I can imagine that it would be difficult for stores if there were a sudden drop-off in their customer base, either because of a mass yarn-diet (not a likely scenario), or because of a wane in knitting popularity (probably more likely, though who knows). But it shouldn’t be the responsibility of the consumer to spend more than they can afford on luxury items, just to keep stores in business. I think taking a step back and re-evaluating what one spends their extra money on is a very good thing. Heck, maybe people on the yarn diet will decide to donate more to charity, or spend more at local non-yarn stores, thus helping other businesses and people in need.

    I didn’t mean for that to be an essay, but I’m in a bit of a sour mood today. Thanks for giving me an excuse to let off some steam in your comments.

  34. Way to go Wendy! I don’t think you should be criticized to attempting a little self improvement.

  35. See, it’s all okay. Because there are people like ME, who just started knitting a year ago and who are in the act of desperately ACQUIRING a stash just as fast as their little credit cards can carry them. :-/ So… well, I’ll be shopping lots next year, I’m sure. I think I’ll make up for a couple of dieting knitters, really. And I’m sure I’m not the only one.

  36. I, too, have been planning a yarn diet for 2007. I was thinking of an “only from my stash” diet. Only I’m including sock yarn ’cause I bought a ton at my LYS’ closing sale and have enough to knit socks for a year, no problem! Strange comment to make — since when does yarn cause bleeding anyway?

  37. Wendy… don’t let the source of this get you down. Her or his comments say a lot more about her or him and NOTHING about you. If the yarn industry is that dependent on your blog and what you say or not say – they are in REAL trouble. This is just a lot of hooey!


  38. This sweater is turning out beautiful! But then again it’s hard not to like a Bohus! I’m a daily reader that rarely posts. I’m one of those who was already considering a stash challenge and I’m appalled at the attitude you got. I think some people thrive on having fits about things and it is amazing how everyone seems to be for freedom of speech until it is something they don’t like! I’m looking forward to seeing what comes out of the depths of your stash this year! :o)

  39. Holy Heifer Project, Batman!

    I bet you’ll be at $35k by Christmas, if not more!!!

  40. Redford Phyl says:

    OMG! Don’t advocate going on a food diet. We’ll put all of those poor grocery chains out of business. Un-effing believable.

  41. Oh fer god’s sake. If any LYS really feels that a blog entry (albeit the world’s BEST kniting blog) has the power to change their business plan…then their business plan was never very viable in the first place! Gimme a break. Go be victims elsewhere.

    On the other hand, it completely appeals to me that you began the year with a Bohus and you’re ending the year with a Bohus. There is a certain symetry in that.

    Happy Happy. Whadda year.

  42. And of the people committing to KFYS2007, how many actually live near that persons yarn shop? An even smaller group.

    BTW, the yoke looks fabulous.

  43. Firstly, I think you are right and very good to make this point.

    Secondly, as a person who supplements her farm, income, and way of life on yarn sales, I can see where the fear might strike. However, I can’t say the reaction was at all appropriate. When you are dependent on a market, any type of market fluctuation tends to grab your attention. It is up to the artisan, business person, or otherwise independent practitioner to embrace reason and realize the sky is not falling. I had to learn that and, hopefully, through time the store owner you speak of will, too. Course, I was helped along by some strong, great knitters (thanks, Liz!) who reminded me to think with a smile.

    third, how you awe me with this bohus. Happy Holidays, Wendy!

  44. I have been told many times that I should knit up what I have and I never did, it was said by my parents and I have a very large stash. The older I get, I have been thinking there is a lot of stuff in my stash that I want to knit and I would like to knit it up before it’s too late.

    I have two friends that own yarn shops. One, is always saying to buy more yarn to keep her in business. I am so tempted to be snarky and respond that I didn’t tell her to carry every single yarn in the world. I see people in there spending money they don’t have and buying yarn that they will never knit up. I refuse to do that. The other shop I hang out at a lot and not once have I ever heard that I should even make a purchase. I always tried to buy a pattern or something when I was spending a lot of time there and would spread it out over a few weeks. I feel much more comfortable in the one that doesn’t expect me to buy anything. I realize that it is a business but I can only knit so fast and I don’t need to purchase the latest fad that comes into all the shops.

  45. Baaaa (just call me Sheepie).

    I’ve got to do *something* to get the stash under control. If my 2 out for every 1 in doesn’t work, I don’t know what will.

    And I thought I *knew* who the LYSO was, but I was wrong. Which is fine. One less shop to seek out in my travels to your neck of the woods.

  46. I am curious. If we are all obligated to keep purchasing yarns from our LYS in each year, is there a place I can look up to see just how much I need to buy? Cant they just debit our pay directly so we dont accidentally forget to go shop? Does this apply to LYS only, or are there required annual purchases for things like shoes and cat toys?

  47. Er, someone needs to make a decent sale, or get out of the yarn business!! Heck I AM a LYSO, and even I thought Knit From Your Stash is a smashing idea… knit up all that old yarn, and make way for some new stuff!

    Don’t let the fruitcakes get you down Wendy & L-B – there is a yarn shop up in Maine that will be more than happy to wine and dine you next November at Stiches East (and maybe sell you some yarn hehe)

  48. I am so glad you did this. I have been thinking for a long time of all the great yarns that I bought with certain projects in mind. Some have changed over the years but I still love the yarn.

    I have been working on my own rules and it does include exceptions when I know I am going to be somewhere (like WEBS after MA Sheep and Wool) and I know I will buy yarn. But, there was a period of time where I was buying every week and it just wasn’t good for my checkbook. Plus, I look at some of it now and I don’t know what I was thinking.

    Taking a break and knitting all the great things that I want to knit is going to be such a great nine months. I really would like to get back into the mindset that I don’t need to buy all the time. Yarn is not going to disappear from the world. If I end the nine months with a slightly smaller stash, that will be great. I am hoping to re-work my mind that I don’t need everything and I don’t need it right now.

    I’ve recently gotten back into charity knitting and that alone will clear out some of my stash. Plus, I would really like to knit some nice things for me instead of just looking at them in the stash and saying someday I’ll knit that.

    So, I will stop typing now and say, Thanks Wendy for getting me thinking more about all the great things I have in my stash calling to me to knit them up.

  49. None of those disgruntled LYS owners had a nasty combover did they? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Honestly, I plan to knit only from stash in 2007 and do plan to make no yarn purchases if I can help it but that’s been my 2007 plan long before you posted your plan of action. I can’t believe anyone would have to gaul to write that you would have “blood on your hands” for posting what’s right for YOU on YOUR blog! Sheesh!

  50. Oh I forgot, your new sweater is STUNNING!!!
    It looks like it’s gonna be a favorite when it’s finished!

  51. First off, I cannot believe how stupid that LYS “owner” is! I use the term owner loosely, becasue clearly she is a bad businesswoman. And no, I haven’t looked for her comment or her blog. I refuse to dignify that kind of crap with any of my time and attention.
    Second off, yup, a cashmere knit chick cat toy should definitely be knitted up forwith!

  52. Hi Wendy – I’m a big lurker here but I had to comment on this with a big “Gimme a break!” I loved your idea of a stash buster or whatever you call it because I think a lot of us struggle with an obsessive accumulation of yarn and a little mutual accountability would be great.

    I wonder if liquor stores have ever tried to shut down AA because it’s killing their sales??

  53. The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

  54. which begs the question: just what IS stash? whenever I buy ANY yarn, it immediately becomes part of my stash – just sayin’…

  55. you must be the oprah of the knitting world if a little yarn diet sends ’em over the edge. cattlemen’s assoc. ring any bells?

  56. You will single handedly put many yarn stores out of business because you proposed a yarn diet? Boy you’re a powerful woman!

    I woke up this morning to my sock in progress missing in action. I followed the yarn from the love seat (where the skein was still sitting), between the couch and the coffee table, around the end table, and under the christmas tree. Somehow I don’t remember leaving it there last night. The usual suspects were all sleeping peacefully. I’ve decided to blame my hubby.

  57. I think you’re missing the really important thing here, and that’s that you are considered so important in the world of knitting that the golden words that fall from your lips (er, fingers) are seen as having the capability to topple the entire empire that is the Local Yarn Shop conglomerate.

    Rejoice! You are the All-Powerful! I can see where you might be inclined to feel irritated or slighted by the statements that were made – but no! I think you should revel in it! You shall be the “Queen of Knitterly Destruction”. Your crown is in the mail.

    Then again, by the looks of things, Lucy may be the Queen of Knitterly Destruction….

    ๐Ÿ˜‰ We’re all on your side! To think that you, of ALL people, could be attempting to hurt the little guys – the little YARN guys, no less….that’s just crazy talk!

  58. Lucy looks exceptionally beautiful today. What a smashing kitty! Not to mention the Bohus. WOW. And then there’s the Heiffer total. Double WOW. Merry Christmas, Wendy, to you, the KOARC, and the beautiful Lucy. You are my inspiration and role model. Thank you!

  59. LOL… it often amazes me how people will blow things out of proportion.

  60. The sweater is indeed a work of art!

    Sorry about the beyond silly comments of some LYS. I try to support my LYS, but they make little effort to stock the yarns I want in the first place. They will order some of them, prepaid, but I want to see and touch them first, why else go the the LYS? I do my needle, book and notion purchases there when possible, just to give them the business, although I could buy these elsewhere for far less. But it is odd that they would want us to overbuy just to keep them in business. Charity? I have worthier ones that need help.

    I too have a plan to knit from my stash until it is substantially diminished, which could take years. This was decided months before you posted, so that blood is not on your hands for sure. And plan to donate this year’s yarn budget to charity, especially Animal Rescue.

  61. OH WENDY!!!
    Didn’t you realize how MUCH power you wield in the world? Hoards of knitters following your lead in lock-step? ROFLOL!
    It IS a Yarn Diet. Not a lifestyle change. Diets don’t last long. And it’s not like you won’t be “sampling dessert” (sock yarn, etc.) along the way, huh?

    Do you think that if I swear off chocolate in the new year there’ll be candy companies (no names, please! I read Cara today, too!) all over this country going belly up?
    (ok…not a real chance of my doing that)
    I can’t wait to see Lucy’s Christmas mouse!

  62. This is just crazy. When you tell us about something you’ve knitted and what kind of yarn you used, it doesn’t matter to me if you’ve had it in your stash or have just bought it – it still makes ME want to go out and buy it! So, the way I see it you’ll still be influencing and inspiring us to want to knit and buy yarn. I don’t plan on just knitting from just my stash in 2007, but I think it’s great that you are going to. The yarn can’t just sit there forever. And, think of how crazy you’ll be able to go in 2008!!

  63. With enough having been said about the Ya*n Di*t thingy, let’s talk about something else. Your Bohus for instance… love, love, love it… classy and elegant. Lovely work as ever.

    Maybe we could all use the words Pr*ze P*trol in a blog title on the same day and confound the crazy people on K street. I mean if we’re such a force of nature and all!

  64. Give me a break. I think the going out of business theory is going a bit far.

    I admire your fortitude, but I’m not in on the stash reduction ๐Ÿ™‚ Atleast for this year. Hey, don’t tell my husband about it, OK?

  65. Woohoo, you passed $30,000! (And much quicker than I thought you might when I mentioned it in the email other day, I have to admit.)

    As for the other thing…people are weird. I totally understand your desire to respond to the ridiculous comments, though.

    And I bet there’ll be as many people inspired by the beautiful yarns you pull out of your stash so that they’ll have to go searching for them–thus increasing LYS sales!–as people who’ve sworn off buying anything new for the year. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  66. My goodness, it must be overwhelming to realize that you have the power to control the minds and wallets of millions of knitters all over the world. When LYS owners talk about you, is it like when people talk about Voldemort in Harry Potter? Can you shoot lightning bolts out your fingertips? Because that would be COOL.

    It’s laughable at best and insulting at worst to think that LYS owners view me, a reader of your blog, as powerless to buy yarn unless The Great And Powerful Wendy says I can. Sure, you can use your blog to influence people to donate for the Heifer Drive, but that doesn’t mean you control their every move. Especially where yarn is concerned.

    Perhaps the LYS owner would feel better if she knew that I intend to adhere to YOUR guidelines for the KFYS 2007 only because I’ve been knitting socks for the past year and sock yarn doesn’t count. So, get it, LYS owner? I don’t plan to adhere to this at all. I just liked the button.

    And seriously, do we have to get all goth with the imagery? Wendy, with blood on her hands? Get real. Wipe off the black eyeliner and go pet some yarn.

  67. Simply put – if a yarn shop owner is having that kind of concerns about a Yarn Diet putting her store out of business, then the store isn’t doing well anyhow. Her reaction screams of a shop that is struggling to get by, and an owner who is falling into panic mode.

    If her business is already failing, then anything could send it over the edge. And it wouldn’t be anyone’s fault but the management and handling of that store.

    I know what I’m talking about here – I owned my own bead store for 2 1/2 years.

    Now, on the other hand – if the Yarn Harlot had proposed the idea of a Yarn Diet, there might be cause for worry. After all, look what happened when she casually mentioned it might be fun to knit a project for the Winter Olympics!

  68. Jenn Kelly says:

    I’m wondering, if any of these stores are ones that you have purchased yarn from and posted links to the yarn. I personally have tried to get some yarns you’ve posted and I always miss out. So, I wonder if they aren’t mad that you won’t be SELLING their yarn for them!

    I myself, don’t have a stash, I only buy for a project or two in advance. So, I hope the stores don’t mind that I’ll still be buying yarn. I’ll just miss your guidance! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Merry Christmas!

  69. so much fear based living – it’s a shame really. If lys’s were offering projects and yarn that was interesting enough, they’d never have to worry about going out of business.
    Congrats on the $$ raised for Heifer In’tl. It’s amazing, the power of knitting blogs, isn’t it!

    Beautiful sweater as well.

  70. I’m just glad I sell other things in my shop other than yarn… HA!!!

  71. Hello Wendy,
    Yes you are the Goddess of inspiration for us newbie to adanced knitter. what i read was an invitation to join if one is so inclined. my stash is small and i have given away all my acrylic yarn as i cant touch it with out shredding my skin,the recipient(a co workers mother) was very happy. most of the stash here is shared between my mother and myself her doing fairisle and me cabling and felting for the menagerie.
    i think that if this lyso is that bent she should take it as a challenge and try to tempt her customers with tasty displays. you know riots of colour, tactile treasures thing to just drop your jaw and make you drool. after all the best way to handle temptation is to give in. and classes always bring in money and repeat customers.
    that said i am back to my knitting congrats on heifer. Love the collar it almost makes me want to attempt colourwork (cringe will leave that to me mum)
    Happiest of Hollydays to you

  72. Well, I for one will still be buying yarn during 2007 and I’m only one of the fraction that reads your blog. So, if there’s a few more like me out there the LYS will all be fine. I can’t believe the things that some people think about!!!!
    Your sweater is beautiful, as are all your knits.
    Merry Christmas to you, Lucy and KOARC and a very Happy, healthy New Year.
    Sheri in GA

  73. The nasty comments you’ve received have got to be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen!

    I’m sorry that some of “my kind” have felt the need to negatively react to your plan. Blech!

  74. I’m all with you on the Knit from Your Stash – even posted on my blog – this will be a big challenge for me since going into my LYS is like going into a candy store and the fact that I have too much time on my hands at work and I shop for yarn online – I’m not saying I won’t buy yarn, but I’m certainly going to check the stash first and knit from that then we’ll see about the LYS and thanks for making sock yarn available since it’s my new favorite thing to do on the subway ๐Ÿ™‚

    Happy Holidays ๐Ÿ™‚

  75. People got worked up cause you are going to quit buying yarn? Stunning what power someone thinks you have …
    Secondly, who ever stuck to a diet???

  76. I guess this is just the cost of fame now isn’t it? Seriously. People must know the power of blogs now or something. Like, imagine if someone had a blog that lots of people read and they decided to get everyone to ban together and raise money for a good cause or something? Do you know what kind of earth shattering havoc that would wreak on this little rock we live on?! It would be horrible!! >
    The bohus is amazing! And nice of Lucy to give you the thumbs up for her Christmas present. ๐Ÿ™‚

  77. Stupid – that is what I have to say about the complaints. Just stupid.
    Yarnies buy yarn – we are weak – we will always buy more than we can knit. That is the way it is. We need to limit ourselves – that isn’t going to make or break a LYS but it MAY make or break our own finances (trust me, I know). I cannot believe that people feel so threatened.

  78. Dude, seriously.

    Y’all go ahead and not buy yarn. Those of us who are major addicts will pick up the slack. I’ve already got some sweaters planned and there’s no sweater yarn in my stash (I’ve been a sock girl thusfar), and as soon as the boobrock’s taken care of and I no longer have to give blood sacrifices to the insurance gods — man, am I buying yarn.

    So all the “we’re going to go out of business”sayers are either a) on crack or b) are completely shortsighted. And on crack.


  79. Geeze!!!! Tell the cry babies to shut up. That is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard.

  80. Geeze!!!! Tell the cry babies to shut up. That is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard.

  81. To Yarn Shop Owners: Don’t worry, as soon as I heard about not buying yarn, I went on a yarn-buying binge, and I’m sure I’m not alone. And Wendy, Bohus is beautiful. I’ve wanted to do a Bohus sweater ever since I read “Poems of Color.” I think that’s the name of the book. Anyway, I’m coveting your Bohus and can’t wait to see it finished.

  82. the Bohus is gorgeous. love the colors.

  83. Wow, I can’t believe a LYS worth her salt in wool would attack you for going on a yarn diet and knitting up your stash. I just finished knitting up the last of my stash (nothing near what you have I’m sure). It feels wonderful to start fresh and and start creating a new stash next year ๐Ÿ˜‰

  84. The idiotic behavior of the human race never ceases to confound me.

  85. Wow!! what a lot of coments. Not that my coment will make any difference (but) you are a lot of the reason, My stash has grown from a mole hill to a huge mountain. I almost have no room for anything else anymore. I want to learn to knit as well as you do. (Not that I will ever get that good but I can hope.) So they should be bowing down to the inspiration you have been to so many people. They should realize that you may be why they have been doing as well as they have. I have been making socks and never thouht I would be able to do that. I made some for my sons for Christmas and they really like the socks a lot. You were an insperation for me to go ahead and do it. Oh yea my middle finger is still numb but it still works, so I’m not stoping Knitting. I think it is got to do with some medication I am taking more than the knitting. I read about it and some of them were causing a mulitiude of side effects. (anyway) Love your blog and read it everyday. Lucy is another reason we all love to read your blogg. Keep it up!!! and anyone who don’t like it should go somewhere else.

  86. For what it’s worth, it was after reading your blog 2 years ago that I was motivated to check out my LYS instead of buying my yarn exclusively on the internet. So there. ๐Ÿ™‚

  87. The thing is that I’ve been following very similar rules for about a year now and I don’t think the yarn shops I buy from have noticed. I buy yarn for specific projects and just about exclusively for gifts. I think I made one thing for myself in the past two years and the yarn came from the stash. I don’t spin or weave. And yet, there’s a new sewing machine in the study and I’ve bought enough yarn that my local yarn shop owner put me on a list of good customers who get a ten percent discount. So she’s not feeling any pain. Nor is she the only place I buy yarn, just the most handy to home.

    Let’s get real here. You aren’t talking about spending no money. You’re talking about planning and following through on plans past and future. Planning is good.

  88. I don’t normally read comments, and I don’t intend to start…but geez! Don’t these people have better things to worry about?! As if, even the portion of people who do try to go on a yarn diet are going to stick to it for the whole time anyway!

    Wendy, I love your blog. I love the current sweater. I have a Blue Shimmer kit in my stash that I’m going to knit for myself as soon as the XMas knitting and hassle is over. Keep up the great work.

  89. *rolls eyes*

    That a situation came up that led to you needing to post this! Ack. “I am Wendy, hear me roar?!” ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Cashmere mice – Lucy, you must be the spoiled knitkitty alive, you lucky girl!

  90. I’d like to address that panicky yarn shop owner:

    Before you blame anyone but yourself for a decline in business, and your fear that it will get steeper, let me ask you the following:

    1. Did you get caught with a lot of novelty yarns on hand when the market was moving to other things: plains, variegated, tweeds, and handpaints?
    2. Do you stock an adequate range of yarns, thoughtfully purchased to provide your customers with the best quality for the best price available, or is your stock heavy on higher priced yarns?
    3. Is your shop clean, well-arranged, and welcoming, and is your staff pleasant to customers, knowledgeable about knitting, able to help a knitter solve a problem, and willing to do so?
    4. When a customer makes a special order, do you fill it promptly, or delay until she cancels and orders from an internet supplier or a competitor?
    5. Do you have a comfortable spot and a regular schedule for open knitting? Do you provide tea, and encourage participants to bring baked goods to share?
    6. Do you make your shop a presence in your community with charity knitting, an attractive website, a schedule of good classes, exhibits, trunk shows, newsletters, or in any other ways?
    7. Do you make yourself accessible to your customers to answer questions, accept suggestions, praise good work, help find appropriate patterns or books, assist with yarn substitution?
    8. Do you have a bulletin board to show pictures of work your customers have done? Do you and your staff make a point to wear your own knitwear to work?

    If you are doing these things, half the knitters out here could knit up their stashes, and you’d still be doing pretty good business. If you’re not, and there’s a downturn, you’re toast unless you make some changes. Railing at Wendy isn’t going to help.

  91. Don’t worry, I have absolutely no plans to go on a yarn diet. Just the idea sends shivers down my spine.

  92. I’m actually surprised that people had that much of an adverse reaction to the idea. I can understand people not wanting to do it, but to say it’ll put a bunch of LYSs out of business is just ludicrous. Unless you and L-B are the only ones that shop at your LYS, that is. Given that those participating in KFYS’07 are not all shopping at the same LYS, then the lack of spending falls over a wider area, and it’s not going to be much different than if a person just decides they don’t want to kit anymore. But we don’t tell them they’re going to put a company out of business if they choose to not play with string and sticks.

    I, personally, am not going to be buying any yarn during that period, unless I run out of stash yarn (not bloody likely) or for that one big project I allow myself. Other than that, I’ll be using only what I have currently at home. But just because I won’t be spending any money at my LYS doesn’t mean I’ll be boycotting it so that they never make another cent. It’ll save me money, something which I ought to concentrate more on, and use up the stash that’s spilling from my room into the rest of my apartment. Oh noes, how awful of me!

    Honestly, as another commenter said, if this concept actually makes a LYS owner scared that they’ll go out of business, then they clearly didn’t have a very big or competent business anyway. Maybe they ought to work on fixing that instead of bitching at other people.

  93. If there are any LYSs that fail this coming year, it will be because they’re the peripheral get-rich-quick-off-the-latest-trend types and they were ready to fail anyhoo.
    Jeez people should get a life … and a sense of humour … stat… and not go busting YOUR buns about it.
    I’m toying with joining you … but we’ve finally got an almost local YS that stocks Noro …and Brittany needles and…
    oh shucks just forget it :] I haven’t got a hope.

  94. You shouldn’t have to defend yourself!! No one should be able to dictate what you do or when you do it or how, with your yarn. The LYS’s that complain are obviously having problems of their own making that have nothing to do with you. They just need to knit themselves and calm down!!!

  95. WOW. Those who have gotten their panties in a twist over this REALLY need to get out more. I mean seriously, there are so many other things in this world to get all snarky about, this is TOTALLY not one of them. I didn’t see them getting all irate when you suggested that we should donate to charity…what if they go out of biz cause knitters the world over are donating their yarn money to a good cause. Not a soul bleeped when the Harlot mentioned donating all the money one would spend on non-essentials (YARN!!!!) to a good cause. Get a frippin’ grip people!

    And whoa about the knitting progress, you woman, are a machine. Those are tiiiiny needles and you are whippin’ that bad boy out. I see a mostly done if not complete sweater being ready for New Years. ๐Ÿ˜€ Go you! Knit, knit, knit! And you knit from that stash and show those ninnies who’s who! ๐Ÿ˜›

  96. Theresa from Italy says:

    Here’s an idea—it’s not a yarn diet, it’s a healthy yarn lifestyle. Don’t let that stash yarn sit around getting flabby, take it out for some exercise!

    Seriously, Wendy, the Bohus is beautiful, Lucy is beautiful, I wouldn’t even have sock yarn in my stash if I hadn’t found your toe-up pattern, and the Heifer total is fantastic! Have a great Christmas. Me, I’m outta here. We’re going stateside for Christmas, and I am buying me some yarn!

  97. Hooray for Heifer!!

    Golly Gee Wendy. I’d join up with your stash diet thingy but I don’t have much stash! And seriously I’d love to worry those people out there a little more cause how freagin stupid is it to think the yarn shops would go out of business cause Wendy Johnson says “let’s knit from our stash!” Of course we love you and think you’re cool and got the book and everything but my gosh. PuuhhhhhLEEEEEEZZZ!! Like you said – a fraction. A FRACTION! Do the yarn shop owners really think the world revolves around you? I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to be *you* more than this moment. heh Usually I just want to be the Yarn Harlot. But now that I know the yarn world really revolves around you all of that has changed. ๐Ÿ™‚

  98. All hail Wendy – nice to know you are so important that you alone have the power to close down knitting shops! How ridiculous.

    Maybe you could work on world peace for your next challenge…

  99. Dear Wendy:

    I am in a big headace for my stash too!!! I am a knitter who live in Hong Kong. I have a lot of choice for choosing overseas imported yarns and the Mainland China produced yarns. Of course the imported yarns is much higher price tag then the China yarns, but they are rather cheap when comprete with buying in tax added countries.(at least they are tax free in HK!) But the main difference is that they are differing from the weight, almost 90% of them are sock yarns! That means you have to adjust the number of stands to fit your needle size. I already have over hundred skeins of yarn on my stash! About 80% of them were sock yarn! Do you have any ideas or comments for digesting them up? Or any other rules to resist from buying yarns?

    He! He! Ha! Ha!

  100. Hey, let’s swear off chocolate for 9 months and see how much we can screw up Hershey’s quarterly earnings! Sometimes people search too deeply for meaning and go to general quarters over something that is not that huge. Personally I like the idea of Knit From Your Stash because you made some cool buttons for the blogs. It’s as simple as that!