My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Just Popping In . . .

. . . to say:

I finished the Bohus yoke! Alert the media!


Lucy seems singularly unimpressed, though.


Thank you all for weighing in on the Knit From Your Stash issue. I think it’s safe to say we can each do as we please about this without fear of single-handedly putting anyone out of business.

And do look, if you please, at the Heifer total. It is astounding what we can do collectively!


  1. Wow, that yoke is gorgeous! Thanks for the fly-by.

    And I’m amazed by the Heifer total — wasn’t it 30K just yesterday? That’s awesome!

    Merry Christmas to you, Lucy and the King!

  2. Gorgeous yoke! God Jul to you and yours.

  3. Shiny! And purty. Well done, as usual!

  4. The youke is gorgeous – you just amaze me 🙂

    A wonderful holiday to you and yours

  5. I have never been tempted to knit a Bohus sweater until I saw that yolk. Beautiful!

  6. Wow Wendy is looks ethereal! The angora is magical.

  7. Simply stunning–the sweater and the Heifer total.

  8. The lovely haze (haziness??) of it all. Who knew brows and tans coud be this luminous?

  9. Absolutely beautiful. Wow.

  10. It’s stunning! It reminds me a bit of Lucy (with her eyes closed so you don’t see blue).

  11. Holy frijole! $37K+ That’s a bunch of goats, cows, chickens, etc!

  12. You are unbelievedly speedy! Gorgeous yoke!

  13. Let’s try incredibly speedy. lol Or did I misspell that too?

  14. Hi Wendy! I’m impressed by your sweater! It’s fabulous.

  15. Heifer Project is one of my favorite charities so I’m thrilled to see the response to your drive. Speaking of drive, how about that yoke?!

  16. Wendy,
    The Bohus yoke is gorgeous. I can’t believe how fast you whipped that up. I know you are off work but still!

  17. I am speechless. First of all, the yoke of that Bohus is absolutely stunning.

    Congrats on the Heifer Int’l. All I can say to that is wow-wee. Way to go.

  18. WOW! Wendy, that yoke is stunningly beautiful! What yarn are you using? I love the subtle shading you have accomplished.

    Oh dear, I’m already seeing I’m going to really be wrestling with myself to stick to my knitting from my stash commitment. Well, I’m just going to start making myself a list of projects I want to do next fall and listing the yarn requirements for each project….and try to just buy yarn for each individual project as I knit it after September ’07….and not until. : )

  19. That Bohus yoke is amazing – Lucy must just be jealous, you know how cats are about attention being paid to other fuzzy things… Honestly, it seems to GLOW… very beautiful!

  20. Holy cow Wendy! The Bohus is gorgeous! And so, may I say, is the amount you raised for Heifer! Lucy only seems interested in chicks and mouse yarn these days.

  21. I think that’s the most stunning thing I’ve seen on this blog. It’s absolutely gorgeous!

  22. The Bohus yoke is gorgeous! Love the colours and the halo effect. Congrats on the Heifer Itl. total. awesome.

  23. You can ignore my question posted above. I have found your post explaining where to order the Bohus kits.

    Oh my…it is SO lovely.

    I’m impressed with your progress since it’s knitted on such small needles!

  24. I had planned on making the Large Collar — and ended up with Wild Apples. Large Collar is back on the menu!!

  25. Ditto all of the above! I got the Bohus book based on your comments a year or so ago. Yours looks just as beautiful as any of those in the book.

  26. GERJESS. Merry xmas, dear.

  27. I LOVE that yoke.

  28. Amazing and any other adjectives I can think of seem inadequate to describe that sweater – so I won’t even try. Love watching your progress.

  29. That collar is stunning. It looks like a jewel. And I’ll bet its even more spectacular in person.

    I’m adding a Bohus knit to my life’s TODO list.

  30. I swear, what does impress Lucy????? Love the yoke!

  31. My word, that’s beautiful!

  32. Lovin the Bohus!!!

  33. anne marie in philly says:


    dare I say…50K?

    (I’m a poet and I don’t know it)

    hoisting a cuppa cheer (hick) your way…

  34. Sheesh you knit fast! 🙂

    It’s lovely wendy!

    Happy Healthy Holidays to you and yours!

  35. Wow Wendy, you never cease to amaze me. Your speed and the accuracy of your knitting. Beautiful work.

    Now if I could solicit your advice, would you pop over to my blog and take a look at the latest 2 entries? I’m having a hard time deciding on needle size for lace.

    Thanks in advance!

  36. The Bohus is gorgeous. I’m surprised Lucy wasn’t on it! For some reason, the Heifer info doesn’t show on my computer, only Lucy’s picture. Empty sidebar! Can you please mention the total once in a while? Thanks!

  37. Dear Lord you knit fast!!! I sitting here agonizing about needing to finish a plain scarf by morning when it’s only halfway done! That’s an awesome display of knitterly speed there. 🙂

  38. It’s stunning! It must seem like magic when it works its beautiful way out right before your eyes and fingers.

  39. fantabulus absolutely fantastic must get my mother to make me one. and lucy darling dear is just wanting you to make her a new bed in design. a nice little angora and cashmere fulled bed to keep her toasty.
    Merry X-Mas

  40. That yoke is absolutely beautiful! Congrats!!!

    About the stash thing: I can’t understand why one shouldn’t use the stash, it has been bought from someone after all. Says one whose personal stash is hundreds of kilograms, even more in pounds : )
    I will definitely shop my stash all the time! Good luck to your stash project.

    Marianne in Finland

  41. Gorgeous! Thanks for being such an inspiration to the rest of us. Merry Christmas from another Swede who also screwed up the whole St. Lucia thing as a kid. But where’s the lutefisk? Hubby won’t let me bring it in the house.
    Sue J.

  42. The yoke is gorgeous, one of the nice things about knitting is the beauty of the colors you get to work with, the Bohus yoke is amazing.

    Merry christmas to you and yours.

  43. The york is for queen…it is sublime! Sooooooooo beautiful, just to seeing it makes me happy!

  44. did you purposely pick a yoke colorway that would so perfectly complement Lucy’s fur? really gorgeous.

  45. The Bohus yoke is simply stunning.

    On the topic of stash yarn, I actually met a knitter who only purchases yarn for her next project. Can you imagine?? Actually, she’s the one who inspired me to whittle down my own stash.

    Merry Christmas to you!

  46. Bohus sweater yoke is just gorgeous, I love that color combo, it looks like you’re wearing snow and ice and a clear night sky 🙂

  47. The yoke is absolutely gorgeous – it looks like you spun Lucy’s fur for the yarn!

  48. That picture is something else…it looks like the yoke is glowing. It’s really beautiful!

    God Jul, y’all! 🙂

  49. Wendy, that is breathtaking. Gorgeous work.

    And a big WOW!! on the Heifer Internat’l progress.

  50. WOW !!

    this is really stunning. i just gathered courage to start fair isle but now i would like to make something like this too…. u truly are amazing and i get inspired to try new things.

  51. Amazing!! Bohus and Heifer total, wow!

    Can we have a peek at the inside? I’m afraid I’d have a gnarly mess.

  52. Are you knitting this top down? Are you using angora at all? It’s beyond gorgeous, and I might just get off my lace binge to go back to bohus tuff.

  53. I’m with Sandra D way up early in the comments… the coloring of the yoke is very reminiscent of Lucy! And both are gorgeous, of course.

  54. stunning bohus – Lucy looks half asleep.
    Congrats on the Heiffer totals – knitters are amazing.

  55. no-blog-rachel says:

    That is lovely! And for the record, I have just supported some LYS’s with some MAJOR purchases with gift money. Considering the crowds I’ve seen in them lately, I don’t think there’s going to be a problem. Though I may need an additional storage bin for my new stash!

  56. Wow, Wendy. The yoke is really gorgeous! Good job, as always. 🙂


  57. The Bohus yoke looks gorgeous! (The colours are such that they look like they’d make perfect camoflage for Lucy!)

    Happy holidays to you and yours, too, Wendy! I hope Lucy gets her baby chicks!

  58. All right, I’m going to have to be mad at you. (I am sure the thought of a total stranger, miffed, will put you in therapy.) The only Bohus yoke sweater I ever knit, the yoke took me A MONTH to knit. And you did it IN A WEEK!!

    Okay. I’m not really mad. I’m really really really jealous.

    Looks magnificent, too. If you knit it in a week, it should at least look crappy. But NO. You did it fast AND it looks wonderful.

    Where do I file a complaint about this?

  59. Just gorgeous! I am totally smitten with Bohus of late.

  60. The yoke is stunning! Merry Christmas!

  61. Beautiful knitting! Lucy is cute too!

  62. It’s just lovely. But I must know, how many stitches around the needle are you working at the moment? With such a fine gauge, it looks to be a frightening amount!

  63. geezzzzzzz wendy seems as if some of these bloggers in blogland are taking their “jobs” too seriously! I for one thoroughly enjoy your wit, humor, and most of all talent. You are inspirational to use “slooowwwww” knitters, kinda like superwoman, ya know?! Please keep your mojo going strong. Merry Christmas Wendy, KOARC and last but not least……. LUCY!!

  64. That is gorgeous and awe inspiring!

  65. OMG what a fab yoke! That is my knitting aspiration to do a yoke like that! Cables easy peasy, lace well less said soonest mended, but Yoke sweater, ab fab!
    Have a Merry Christmas and a happy (hic) Hogmanay!

  66. Since everyone has already exhausted the Roget’s Thesaurus for “beautiful” and “stunning,” I’ll just say once again: you are Wonder Woman!!! Lucy, of course, is Wonder Kitty!!!

  67. Stunning! I’ve just started my Forest Darkness this week (bought last year after seeing yours!).
    Merry Christmas!

  68. the bohus yoke is lovely!!!!

  69. Yoke is outstanding. And the Heifer total, you should be so proud – your voice spurred so many to contribute – kudos.

    As for the LYS debate – I wonder if anyone who objected actually read the rules – rest easy every LYS I don’t think you will be posting that “Going Out of Business Sale” soon.

    Happy Holidays to all

  70. The bohus is stunning! Have a lovely Christmas 🙂

  71. gee…look at all your comnents..between the wow sweater and stash idea things are pretty active here..LOL
    About the stash I am sure it will be like so many people who have the resolution to diet .. but give in..and make up for lost time . Like you said most of my knitting friends do not blog anyway so business might not even notice. After a few months and people’s stashes deplete hopefully for the stores there be a large buying frenzie.?
    Happy Holidays to you and LUCY!

  72. The sweater yoke is stunning. I’ve been drooling over these sweaters ever since I got Poems of Color, oh, eons ago! LOL Keep up the good work, Wendy!

  73. My comment has nothing to do with your gorgeous sweater, but some time ago you were raving about Boye needles. I love the tips myself, but hate the cables. Yesterday, I had the Boye tips fitted to the KnitPicks needles. You can read about the simple process on my blog. I gotta say the hybrid is the perfect lace needle. Pointy tips and flexible cables. Yum!

  74. Whoops. I meant the Boye tips to the KnitPicks cables, not needles. Sorry!

  75. Wow. I am in total awe of your knitting skills.

  76. Merry Christmas to all!
    And to all a good knit!

  77. Thanks for popping in – have a Merry Christmas – Happy New Year. And isn’t a special birthday coming up?

  78. Oh my, I have to say that your Bohus yoke is the prettiest thing I have seen! Very eye catching-bet it is even more so in person! Congrats…

  79. Maybe it’s just as well that I missed posting a comment on the previous entry. How utterly silly it is to think that a bunch of knitbloggers could cause yarn stores to close!!! And so what if knitters knit from stash? It’s their prerogative.

    Lovely, lovely Bohus. Your speed and skill always astonish me. Happy holidays!

  80. Smashing Bohus! Nice work on the Heifer. And I’m with you on the Stash. The money for Heifer didn’t come from One Person, neither does the success of LYS. (unless it’s the owner)

  81. Hi, Wendy,

    I’m new to reading your blog, but it is hard to imagine anyone knitting as productively as you (although the women at my yarn store do a LOT, and have their own pattern label).

    i can’t even imagine tackling the projects you do. tonight i bogged down over a pattern with a lot of cables and twists and the like. i couldn’t get it to come out, and finally ripped it out (for the 3rd time) for good.


    Merry Christmas.


  82. Gorgeous!!!
    And subtle.
    Is that an angora-blend yarn? (I’m guessing from the halo and from Poems of Color/Bohus history.)
    Oh, geeee!

  83. I´m planning to knit a Bohus, got inspired from your blog.
    I wasn´t aware that they where knitted from the top, but that´s a feature I like.
    My obsession with Bohus is not that old, so when I held an original Bohus at a local fleamarket in september I put it back. It was in bad shape, pink with a collar, I hope it found a good home.