My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Boxing Day

Thank you for all the holiday wishes you left in my comments. We had a lovely time.

Christmas Eve was spent at my parents’ house. Here is one of my parents’ kitties, Lucy’s little cousin, Koko:


And here is my parents’ Christmas tree:


The KOARC and I celebrated in our usual sedate style. Here, KOARC adopts a festive look.


While I choose to wear the utilitarian extension cord earrings.


On Christmas morning, Lucy opened her gifts.


Teddy chose to wear my unfinished Bohus.


Speaking of the Bohus

I’ve done surprisingly little knitting in the past few days, so there’s not a lot of progress to show. There was a request in the comments to see the inside of the yoke. Here you go:


At the bottom of the yoke, it was 400 stitches around. Upon completing the yoke, you divide that into 4 sections, for the front and back and two sleeves. I’m currently knitting the back. The rest of the sweater is all black, so be prepared for lots of photos of black blobs.

The yarn is a merino/angora blend, and quite lovely to knit, even if it such a tiny gauge and it takes forever. I started the neckband on a 16″ Addi Turbo. As soon as I had enough stitches, I switched to a 24″ Addi Turbo. When I increased the next time, I put the stitches on a 29″ Knitpicks needle, which I soon discovered was too slippery to use. I think the extreme pointy-ness of the Knitpicks needle encouraged the sttiches to try to escape off the end of the needle. I switched to a 40″ Addi Turbo after the last increase and was much happier.

Now that I’m knitting the back, I’ve got the stitches back on my 24″ Addi Turbo.

Heifer Prize Drawing!

Without further ado, the winners in this week’s raffle:

Penny T. wins a Namaste Vintage Knitting Bag, donated by Jane of The Yarn Grove.

Rosi G. wins the Leftovers Sweater pattern and Regia sock yarn, donated by Joanne Conklin, RJ Conklin Designs

Elizabeth D. wins a Designer scarf kit, donated by Raye Schwartz

Laura L wins two skeins of Sockotta, enough for 2 pairs of socks, donated by Wendy Isett

Ivy R. wins four skeins Satakieli wool, donated by Raye Schwartz

Kristin B. wins two skeins lama/wool yarn from Mountain View Farm, donated by Raye Schwartz

Kristin R. wins the Knitspot pattern of her choice, donated by Anne Hanson, Knitspot

Valerie W. wins Socks, Socks, Socks, donated by Barbara.

Thanks to one and all! Next Tuesday (also known as Black Tuesday, my 50th Birthday), the trusty random number generator will draw the names for the final weekly prizes and for the grand prize.

There will be no blog entry tomorrow as I will have a special visitor here. No doubt hijinks will ensue. I’ll be back on Thursday!


  1. How very festive you two are! Love th earrings:O
    Lovely tree and kitty at mom & dad’s. Have fun!

  2. Love the pictures! Looks like it was merry for all!

  3. Koko is adorable! You (and your Mom) might like having a look at
    for some adorable Siamese cartoonery.

  4. Holy crap! For a minute there, I thought you had shaved poor Lucy, hahahaha!

    {Have a splendid holiday season! I wish you all the knitting you could possibly ask for!}

  5. Fifty is nifty.

  6. Love the earrings–fashionable, yet practical!! Merry Christmas!

  7. Koko is beautiful… couldn’t help but thinking of the 2 siamese in Lady and the Tramp. Bohus is amazing.

  8. Cathy/Cate says:

    Happy Holidays!

    The Bohus looks both pettable and luminous. . . . all those pale colors glowing against the black.

    In researching your archive material (looking up Bohus references from last year), I discovered that I am not the only one intermittently addicted to questionable song parodies, and also that Lussekatter does not technically mean “Lighted Cat” despite the fetching photo of St. Lucy/Lucia in full regalia. (I get it — it’s a Swedish/English (Swenglish?) pun!) I have no Scandinavian blood despite living in Swede/Norse Central here in the (usually) Frozen North, otherwise I would presumably have known that Lussekatter are buns!

    One knitting thought:
    I have just made your updated cat bed, from your informative and always entertaining “WendyKnits” book, for our orange cat Citrus (now how to convince him that this is NOT a cat bed so he’ll lay on it? I think a couple small articles of clothing laid on it might do the trick!). For the single row between the groups of eyelash yarn rows (where you are about to start the second layer of the double thickness wall), I purled rather than knitted that row a la Elizabeth Zimmerman’s tip for a knitted hem, and it gave a great sharp turn which pleased me. (Doesn’t take much, sometimes.)

    Best birthday wishes in advance. My husband says 50 is liberating; not that he particularly cared who he p***ed off in the past, but now he figures life’s too short to waste it on unpleasant people. His motto now seems to be “Do what you love to do, show the people you love how you feel, and to hell with the rest of it.” Sounds good to me!

  9. Sounds like a great holiday! Special visitor… very mysterious… Hmm.

  10. Koko looks very sweet – is the name from the Lillian Jackson Braun “The Cat Who” series? Just wondering …

    I turned 50 this past March. It was great! I hope you’ll enjoy it as well.

    Hi Lucy!

  11. The 400 stitches around the Bohus are why I have only knitted five sweaters for grownups in my whole life. Keep up the good work. Koko is great–look at those ears. Che is nominally Siamese, but he doesn’t have those ears.

  12. my oh my retirement is good for him…

  13. When I turned 50 (this past July) I felt strangely liberated. After all “I’m 50 freaking years old, who are you to (fill in the blank). OR “I’m 50 freaking years old and don’t have to put up with this stuff.” You can imagine that I have cleaned up the language for public consumption.

  14. Ruth Martin says:

    Don’t worry Wendy, turning 50 is not so bad! (I did it myself a couple of weeks ago, so I know whereof I speak.) Happy Birthday in advance! The Bohus is spectacular…drop dead gorgeous…wow.

  15. Bohus: lovely
    Earrings: Charming
    Tree: Lovely
    Koko: Gave me a fright while I wondered what horrors had befallen Lucy.

  16. Koko is one STATELY MEEZER!
    The Meezer sends her regards…

  17. The KOARC looks a little crazed. Not that that’s a BAD thing, mind you. And I quite like the extension cord earrings, but I’m pretty into utility.


    Happy New Year!

  18. Your Bohus yoke looks beautiful!!!Don’t worry turning 50 is not all that bad. I will join you in that age bracket in July. My children have been kidding me about it lately. Hope you had a Merry Christmas and enjoy the New Year.

  19. Happy New Year – and joyous 50th!
    Trust me, there is nothing to fear about the 50’s… in fact, they seem to be the best decade yet !
    Happy birthday dreaming 🙂

  20. ahem. Where are Lucy’s baby Christmas chicks???????????

  21. Great designer earrings both of you are sporting.

    Glad all of you and the pretty kitties had a great Christmas.

  22. It looks like a very festive time was had by all. Happy New Year, Wendy!

  23. Man, look how even your stranding is! When I grow up, I want to knit fair isle that well. Looks like you had a nice holiday. Have fun with your hijinks!

  24. anne marie in philly says:

    too much beer a-flowin’ down your way…great (and silly) pix!

    I second all the 50 comments – I decided that the second half of my life (since I WILL live to be 100) was going to be spent on MY terms and to hell with being conventional! starting my own stitch-n-bitch group was a revelation; so was changing jobs 3 times. I am happy with both choices.

    yes, where ARE lucy’s baby chicks?

    happy new year!

  25. Hi Wendy
    I’ll not be able to post Black Tuesday, so wishing you a wonderful day. I’m sure you’ll get over the shock without too much trouble. Eat more cake, that usually does the trick!

  26. Wendy, Never fear. I am 56 and this last 6 years have been the best ever. I wouldn’t go back to being younger for anything. I hope your 50th Birthday will be the best, and get better from there.

  27. Ann Carpenteer says:

    Koko is a doll. We used to breed rare colour-point Siamese and I dearly love anything pointed. Siamese are the sweetest things and I speak Siamese well enough that we can have lovely conversations. Of course(whisper) Lucy is STILL cuter!
    By the way, when you spin have you ever tried the Angelina or Flash fibers? I am dying to knit with something sparkly that is my own addition to some of my yarns but I don’t spin and the lovely sparklies look like Christmas angel hair, not at all blendable. Is there such a thing as a spun filament that you know of? Love your spinning. How do you know how the thread will look before you spin it or do you just try out a look and see if you like it? Can you tell I’m getting interested in learning to spin someday? The only trouble is a lack of a serious group of spinners here that are starting teachers. All are too good and in the guild I believe. We used to have two good spinning and weaving stores but they are gone. Maybe a new one will open up with the growth of interest in yarns and knitting. Happy Boxing Week and Happy New Year.
    Ann Carpenter in Dallas, Texas, USA

  28. I´m a little curious about the Bohus knitting. Is this some traditional knitting that has totally escaped me, or is this some newly invented thing? And also, if it´s scandinavian, why on earth is the body knitted back and forth instead of in the round? Being nordic, I never saw a sweater knitted back and forth until I for the first time saw a Rowan magazine, like 10 years ago.
    btw, your sweater is beautiful!
    best wishes from Iceland

  29. Hi Wendy,

    I wish I could feel (fondle?) the Bohus!!

    If the special visitor is L-B, tell her “Hello” from me!!

    Beth P. in Maryland

  30. hope you have a FABULOUS 50! so far my 50s have been wonderful 🙂

  31. YAY! Teddy!! He looks very handsome in your lovely sweater.

    Those don’t look like baby chicks that Lucy is unwrapping…..What happened?!?

    Hijinks? Those don’t sound exactly like knitting……but I’m sure we’ll be happy to hear about it anyway!

  32. Yay for birthdays in January!!! Mine’s on the 17th and my best friend’s is the 10th. I’ve been dropping mad buy-me-yarn hints to everybody. Perfect time of year for stash enhancement!

    The Bohus looks awe-inspiring (as someone who has not yet knit a sweater, let alone a fair isle). I look forward every day to new pics!

  33. Love your bohus. And I don’t just say that to anyone! 🙂
    Those extension cord earrings will really come in handy around the holidays when there are never enough of them around.
    And the bow look for KOARC, PRECIOUS! A holiday card photo if ever I saw one!
    Hope yours was Merry!

  34. I am shameless, but must admit to having a Large Collar Bohus winging its way to me at this moment…..

  35. A hint about celebrating your 50th b/day: be sure to celebrate with lots of people who *love* you. Lots and lots. And they must all love you dearly. I guarantee if you do that it will be just fine!

  36. Your Bohus is beautiful! You put me to shame. You inspired me to ask for the “Blue Shimmer” for Christmast, and I’m 2/3 down the yoke. But that was Christmas 2005! Lots of projects had me put the Bohus aside. This year I pledge to finish with my new Addi bamboo needles. P.S. My inside is much messier than yours. Any tips?

  37. Hi Wendy!
    Your Bohus sweater is absolutely beautiful! With all the gorgeous knitting that you do, have you ever suffered from ‘trigger finger’? Just curious. Knitting too much in the evenings has caused a nasty bout of it with my right thumb. Very frustrating.

    Have a wonderful New Year and early Happy Birthday wishes, too!

  38. I just had to say that I will be participating in the Knit From Your Stash 2007. I attempted to do so last year but failed (miserbly?). I think I will be more successful because now I don’t see it as depriving myself when others are not. I will think more positively about it – getting more actual knitting done and freeing up storage space and seeing these yarns (with which I have much supported yarn stores in the last couple of years)be used for their intended purposes. I will be making a list of all my completed stash objects. Thanks for helping me actually do what I wanted to do.

  39. Congratulations on your birthday! May your year be full of health, happiness, and many friends…and from reading these posts, you are blessed with mulitudes of all these. I’m hoping to celebrate the new year with an incoming copy of your book. Talk about a great way to start the new year!

  40. Your Tree is Beautiful and those ” earings ” are a Hoot !!! LOL

  41. Thank you for the inside view. Incredible work.

    I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of an order of Handmaiden Seasilk. You’ve inspired me to *attempt* a lace shawl, after the successful completion of not one, but two pairs of toe-up socks. Woop, woop!!

    Thanks for the continual stream of ideas, hints, free patterns and general knitting encouragements. Happy birthday and a wonderful New Year.

  42. Koko looks fabulous. Is he named after The Cat Who books?

    The Bohus looks gorgeous too!

  43. I am intrigued by the Bohus knitting. Wish I could find more information about the technique.

    All the best for 2007

  44. Oh my gosh! The Bohus sweater is just gorgeous. I can only hope mine comes half as beautiful. Wendy, your knitting is top notch!!!

    Glad you all had a great Christmas.

    Wishing you a Happy New Year!!


  45. Hi Wendy,
    You do beautiful work!!! I’m with you on the reducing my stash. I have been trying for the last six months without much success. I WILL succeed in the new year. I have enough yarn, quilting fabric, cross stitch supplies, etc to last the rest of my life. LOL I will only buy the necessities for the next year and work on reducing my stash. 🙂 Thanks for the great idea.

  46. Anne in NE says:

    We can solve the troublesome issues raised by worried LYS owners vis a vis “knitting from the stash” in 2007 quite simply. Each of us can teach at least one person to knit in 2007.

    Rather elegant solution, don’t you think?