My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


New Year’s Eve

Thank you so much for all your comments about what you would do with the errant white stitch in the Bohus yoke.

The stitch is situated on the side, over one sleeve. I fully intended to leave it as is, but I was curious to know if duplicate stitching over it would cover it, so I tried it. It did cover it pretty well. The gold pin marks the motif where the duplicate stitch was done.


I am not a perfectionist, by the way. I’ve left bigger mistakes in my knitting and no one has ever noticed them. Or if they did, they were too polite to mention it. Heh!

I’m still working on the first sleeve:


It’s New Year’s Eve!

And I just finished chopping up the holy trinity for the Shrimp Creole the KOARC and I will be feasting on tonight.


I’ve made guacamole for our favorite appetizer, and there’s vintage champagne chilling in the fridge. We’ve got an evening of movies planned.

Year End Wrap Up

I started 2006 knitting on a Bohus and I will start 2007 knitting on another Bohus. In-between those two Bohus sweaters, I knitting 29 pairs of socks (yikes!!) and other sweaters, shawls, felted purses, and scarves. My FO list for 2006 is posted in my sidebar, over on the right. I’ll leave it there until my first FO of 2007, when I’ll start the 2007 list.

Heifer Project

It delights me to report that we have gone over $40,000 in donations to Heifer International! I can’t begin to tell you how happy this makes me — it far exceeds my wildest expectations. Thank you so much for embracing this project and making it such a success.

You still have time to donate and be entered in the last raffle. Our last prize drawing will be on January 2, 2007, at which time we’ll give away the remainder of the weekly prizes, and one lucky person will win the grand prize — the Canon digital SLR camera.

So . . . Happy New Year to all! Thanks to all of you who have read my blog in 2006. I’ll see you next year. 🙂

Lucy Sez


“When are you gonna put the shrimp in the Creole, Momma? I think I’d better help you!”


  1. 55 projects completed!!! I only knitted about 15 projects, some of which still require finishing as in lining purses and attaching handles. You are a knitting machine, Wendy, and you complete everything so beautifully. I am in awe of your skills and speed.

  2. 40,000 cheers on the Heifer Project! But did you have to mention the guacamole? Folks, Wendy makes the best guacamole I’ve ever tasted! I’ll be dancing in the New Year! Have a wonderful one yourself!

  3. Ah……perhaps I should count/list the projects…..don’t think it will be anywhere near your though………is the guacamole a family secret or will you give hints…….have fun !

  4. you are indeed the knitting goddess .. happy new year to you and yours. Polly x

  5. Your Bohus-in-progress is beautiful. Happy New Year and thanks for an awesome blog.

  6. What a knitting year you had! Think of all the families you helped! And here, you’ve helped many of us too! Thank you for all the inspiration and great reading. A very Happy New Year to all at Chez Wendy Knits!!!

  7. What a productive year! It almost makes me want to move to a city where I have to spend an hour or two a day on public transit so I too could knit 29 pairs of socks. Almost. Well, not really, but you know what I mean.

    Congrats on the HI totals — what a great idea.


  8. I just finished reading your book “Wendy Knits” I have really enjoyed it….we have much in common. I laughed many times, only another knitter really gets it! Thank you! I look forward to making your Toe Up Socks with the short rows and hope that solves my narrow foot fit.
    I will keep a Knitting log this year(a New Year’s resolution…I might keep!) You’ve inspired me and I would like to know how much I produce in a year. Dorinda

  9. Wow. Congrats on everything…and you’d best save a shrimp or two for that Lucy-gal.
    She deserves it!
    Happy New Year! Thank you for a great blog!

  10. Woohoo!! $40K is wonderful! Happy New Year, indeed.

  11. anne marie in philly says:

    happy new year 2007 to you, the KOARC, and sweet lucy! oh, and to l-b also!

    spouse and I are attending a drunken bash next door (the neighbor’s annual) tonight; no drinking and driving required, just crawl home across the grass! tomorrow is pork and sauerkraut (spouse is german) and plum pudding (I am british) feasting.

    merry merry!

  12. What a very productive year, and an excellent way to start and end – thanks for letting us read all about it! Happy New Year!

  13. I think the new Bohus should be named Lucy. The colours look very familiar!!
    Happy New Year!

  14. Your Bohus sweater is beautiful.

    Happy New Year and many happy knitting days ahead for us all.

  15. Mmmm…your menu sounds delicious! And the bohus is coming along beautifully.
    Happy New Year!

  16. Your latest Bohus is beautiful. A very Happy and safe New Year to you and yours! 🙂

  17. Ah – duplicate stitch looks perfect and the Bohus is amazing! Have a wonderful New Year!


  18. Especially after reading L-B’s post, I must request the recipe for your guacamole, not to mention the shrimp creole! We’re having a New Year’s Eve movie night here too. However, it sounds more fun at your place….yummmmmm!

    Congratulations on the Heifer total, and Happy New Year!

  19. +40K? WooHoo!

    Happy New Year!

    Is there a secret recipe for that guac? Will you share? {I’m still in search of the perfect recipe!}

    Happy Knitting! Kisses to Lucy!

  20. I’m hoping if enough of is ask for the guac recipe you’ll be guilted into sharing. 🙂 I have never made it from sratch before, but I bet your recipe could convince me!

  21. Ah, going into the New Year with an old project?
    You must not have heard of the Yule Cat
    Happiest of New Year wishes to you and yours

  22. Happy New Year to everyone at your house! (And yes, I’ll also be checking for the guacamole recipe …)

    I sure hope Lucy gets a shrimp or two, since her whole baby chicks thing didn’t work out the way she had planned.

  23. Bohus looks beautiful. You are amazing in the FO department!

    Congratulations on the success of the Heifer project. That is an amazing and inspiring way to end the year.

    I wish you and yours all the best for the new year and hope that 2007 brings more of everything you want.

  24. Happy New Year to you, and thanks for another year of wonderful knitting inspiration and good advice, and all around good reading!

  25. Some kitties can just intuit when there’s shrimp in the house! Bohus is gorgous. Happy New Year, Speedy Gonzalez, and congrats on the HI total.

  26. sally & zeppelin says:

    Oh my goodness! We love the idea of Holy Trinities in cuisine! We think in doggie cuisine that the threesome should be bacon, peanut butter and cheddar cheese!
    Have a great New Year’s, a wonderful birthday and…here’s looking at you, kid (to Miss Lucy)!
    Gotta go as we are refilling the champagne goblets!

  27. sally & zeppelin says:

    Oh my goodness! We love the idea of Holy Trinities in cuisine! We think in doggie cuisine that the threesome should be bacon, peanut butter and cheddar cheese!
    Have a great New Year’s, a wonderful birthday and…here’s looking at you, kid (to Miss Lucy)!
    Gotta go as we are refilling the champagne goblets!

  28. sally & zeppelin says:

    Oh my goodness! We love the idea of Holy Trinities in cuisine! We think in doggie cuisine that the threesome should be bacon, peanut butter and cheddar cheese!
    Have a great New Year’s, a wonderful birthday and…here’s looking at you, kid (to Miss Lucy)!
    Gotta go as we are refilling the champagne goblets!

  29. Happy Healthy New Year Wendy, Lucy and Ian!

  30. We just finished our annual tradition…..fondue party! (Shrimp sounds delish tho!) Hope you have a wonderful 2007! I look forward to reading all about it!


  31. Happy New Year!!

  32. Happy New Year!

  33. happy new year!

  34. Thanks for all your knitting news over the past year. Have a very happy birthday tomorrow and may you enjoy many more years of knitting, spinning and good feline company.

  35. One of the good things about 2006 for me was finding your blog. Your output is awe inspiring. And I definitely appreciated all the tips and descriptions of your work. I can’t wait to see what you’ve got on tap for 2007.

  36. Happy and healthy 2007, Wendy! Thanks for all the inspiration, motivation and fun in the past year!

  37. Bohus is looking gorgeous!

    Happy New Year, Wendy, to you and yours! I look forward to seeing what fun things your blog will bring in 2007!

  38. Bohus looks great! I posted a question on your blog recently and have been cheking my email but have not gotten an answer.

    Q=In Alice Starmore’s THE CELTIC COLLECTION how do you know how many yards or meters of yarn you need for each sweater?

    Q=Are there any good videos showing someone cutting a steek and commenting on it?


  39. Happy New Year, Wendy!

  40. sonja poor says:

    Happy New Year, Wendy. I’m enjoying watching your Bohus progress. The sweater is lovely. I’m nowhere near ready to attempt a Bohus (or even a sweater) myself, but I did check the Poems of Color book out of the library and so enjoyed reading the history and seeing all the lovely designs.

  41. i love challenges that make you do something you already intended. just heard about yours and i’m in!

    wish you a brilliant 2007 with many great discoveries.

  42. 55 eh? Not too shabby 🙂 Happy new year!

  43. wendy, the bohus is jusr gorgeous—it is prodding at me to make one too. i just love the colors you chose—i’m a big fan of all the many colors of “neutral”
    congratulations on the heifer project—seeing yours and stephanie’s total grow to astounding heights has been the highlight of my holiday season, truly.
    happy new year.

  44. Cindy Swanson says:

    I so enjoyed your blog, although not yet a knitter I came upon it looking for an easy knit sweater pattern for my grandson. You made my day with the beautiful Norwegian style sweaters. Don’t see many of those in Kansas where I am. Thanks for brightening my day