My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


The Candle Does Not Lie


Ay-yup. I’m 50.

And I’m Still Knitting the Bohus

I finished the first sleeve and have just barely started on the front. The back is done.


Heifer Winners!

It is time to announce the final winners in the Heifer Project. as usual, I used the random number generator at to first generate 6 numbers for the weekly prizes, and then once again to generate the number for the grand prize. So, here are the weekly prize winners:

Janet “Fire Dragon” wins 600 yards sportweight icelandic wool.

Vivian F. wins 2 skeins Knitpicks Simple Stripes sock yarn.

Lois A. wins 2 skeins lama/wool yarn from Mountain View Farm.

Pat J. wins Inspired Cable Knits by Fiona Ellis.

Laura in Berkeley wins a set of stitchmarkers.

Dawne L. wins 3.5 ounces of handpainted organic merino wool from

ETA: Yikes! I forgot one winner!

Deb wins the instant sock yarn stash from The Sweet Sheep.

All winners have been emailed. ๐Ÿ™‚

And the grand prize winner is . . .

Debi! Debi wins the Canon Rebel Digital SLR camera with 28-80mm lens, 2 batteries, battery charger, carrying case, neck strap, and 128mb Compact Flash card.

Congratulations to the winners, and heartfelt thanks to everyone who donated. You all have made this project a success way beyond my wildest dreams. I’m going to leave the registry open for a while . . . just because I can. ๐Ÿ™‚

Lucy Sez


“Happy Birthday, Momma. Now give me a treat.”


  1. I wanna be first! Fifty is Nifty for a Lefty who’s Swifty! Happy Birthday, dear friend!

  2. I’m not first, but I’ll tell ya, 50’s not so bad! Have a wonderful, wonderful birthday!

  3. Congrats on your birthday! 50 is a great age: old enough to be wise, but still young enough to think about the future. Love the guacamole recipe!

  4. Happy BD Wendy! I love reading your blog and your book. Hope the birthday fairy is good to you. May this year and future years find you happy and healthy!

  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. Congrats to all the winners! Those sure were lovely prizes :-). And you raised over $40k! Awesome!!

    Have a wonderful birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday Wendy! May the next fifty years be filled with lots of knitting pleasure.

  8. Happy Happy!!!

  9. Happy Birthday!!!

  10. Ah, but you’re not just fifty! You’re also nifty.

    Happy Birthday!

  11. Happy Birthday to another Capricorn! Mine is next week and 50 isn’t bad … I’ll be 58!!

  12. Happy Birthday!

    I got your book for MY birthday 2 weeks ago and love it!

  13. Happy Birthday!

  14. Happy birthday, Wendy! Love the candle! ๐Ÿ˜€ And congrats on the huge Heifer total, too! It’s amazing what we can do when we band together for a common cause.

  15. Happy Birthday — and 50 is definitely nifty.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, my kitties are having a drug war over the catnip mouse I knitted for them from your pattern.

  16. Happy Birthday, Wendy! Fifty AND nifty! That cake looks magnificent. Chocolate is an absolute good. Bohus looks fantastic too!

    Gracie gave me the same greeting Lucy gave you. Aren’t they sweet? I’m 35 and…looking alive? Nah, that’s lame. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Congratulations to the drawing winners!

  17. Happy birthday! Hope it’s filled with chocolate, wine, yarn and loved ones (of the human and feline variety).

  18. Happy Birthday! Get any (sock)yarn?

  19. Happy Birthday!

  20. Happy Birthday, Wendy!

  21. Happy birthday, Wendy!

  22. Happy Birthday Wendy!

  23. A big birthday hug for you from Norway!!

  24. Happy Birthday! I’m not far behind and all you many strong, inspirational women give us up and comers comfort – there’s great life ahead!! (Smile)

  25. Happy Birthday!


  27. Happy Birthday Wendy!!!

    What are your plans for the day?

  28. Happy Birthday, Wendy.
    Now is the time to start keeping an eye on the size of your stash. For the beginning of my “Knit From Your Stash” year, I counted my yarn. After giving away 300 balls to charity, I still have 1800 balls and skeins!!!!
    I am 65. I should have had better control, when I was a kid of 50.
    Have a happy day.

  29. Happy Birthday! And congratulations on your Heifer total. Great job.

  30. Happy Birthday!!

  31. Happy Birthday!!

  32. Happy Birthday!

  33. Happy 50th, Wendy! Life is just beginning. Trust me on this one. Knitting and blogging and friends will keep you young. For life needs a purpose, and yours is an important one. May God bless.
    Sue J.

  34. Happy Birthday Wendy! And who better to win the grand prize?

  35. A very happy birthday, Wendy! May you have a wonderful year ahead of you!

  36. Happy Birthday! They* say 50 is the new 30, so go out and party like it’s 1987!

    (*The voices in my head.)

  37. Happy Birthday, Two Ewes! Have a wonderful celebration, Wendy.

  38. Happy Birthday Wendy! May you get a big influx to your stash to keep you going for the next year…

  39. happy happy day! the 50’s are great btw!

  40. Happy Birthday!

  41. Happy Birthday!

  42. Happy Birthday Wendy!!!

  43. Happy Happy Birthday! Thanks for using some of your days to share knitting with all of us.

  44. catie phillips says:

    Happy birthday and congratulations on raising so much money for a good cause! Your karma must be sky high right now.

  45. happy birthday …!

  46. Happy Birthday and many, many more! The sweater looks terrific! Lucy is, as always, beautiful! Many happy returns Wendy! Love the blog! luv.m.

  47. Happy birthday, Wendy!

  48. Happy Happy Birthday! Hope it’s a very special day for you and wishing you many, many more.

  49. Happy birthday!

  50. Happy Birthday, oh golden one!

  51. Judith in NYC says:

    Happy Birthday to the original bad-ass knitter!!!
    The 50’s are great (I’m 57).

  52. Happy birthday, Wendy!

  53. Happy Birthday, Wendy!

  54. ::clears throat and sings slightly off key::

    Happy Birthday to You!
    Happy Birthday to You!
    Happy Birthday dear Wendy!
    Happy Birthday to You!

    May all your knitterly dreams and wishes come true this year!

  55. Happy Birthday! May this year be a great one for you.

  56. Happy birthday Wendy! May this year be wonderful for you!

  57. Happy birthday, Wendy!

  58. Happy b day! Love the Bohus!!

  59. Happy Birthday!

    Just started reading your blog — got the link off of All Tangled Up. And, by the by, it’s my birthday too — I’m 40! I’m 40? Yep, I’m 40!

    So happy B-day!!!

  60. Happy, happy birthday, Wendy!!!

  61. Happy Birthday Wendy!! And belly-rubbins to Lucy…

  62. happy birthday Wendy!

  63. Hey, Happy Birthday Wendy! All the best for the coming year!

    So…what did you get?!!

  64. Happy Birthday and a happy new year!


  65. Happy Birthday! What a beautiful sweater! Do you recommend one fair isle book &/or basic sweater book over another? I’m looking to make sweaters for my nieces to give to them on their 1st & 2nd birthdays, and I’m having trouble finding a good pattern. This is amazing!

  66. Happy Birthday! I’m 50, too. It’s a good age.

    Thank you for doing the Heifer thing. It’s our favorite place to give to. My 12-year-old son did a fundraiser at his school during the two weeks before Christmas and he raised almost $200! (I’m proud of him)

  67. Happy,happy birthday! I wish you all the best for the coming year.

  68. Happy Birthday! I’m right behind you. I’ll turn 50 this year too. Hope you have a Happy Happy.

  69. Happy Birthday to you! and here’s to many more!!
    I’m surprised the Bohus body is not knit in the round, is there a reason for that?

  70. Happy Birthday!!

  71. Happy Birthday!
    This is the first time I have been to your site. I thought it was great that you promoted the Heifer project. My mother-in-law just told me about it this weekend.

  72. Happy Birthday! And you are the one giving out presents. Very generous.

  73. Happy Birthday Wendy! 50 is a good year – real good!, but not as good as 51(almost 52).

  74. It’s YOUR birthday and I get the grand prize!!! OMG OMG OMG!!! Thank you thank you thank you Wendy! And thank you for being the force to rally all us knitters to help our fellow man! It’s an amazing thing you do! And a killer amazing prize if I do say so myself ๐Ÿ™‚

    Happy Happy Birthday my friend!!! I hope all your wishes come true too!!

  75. Felicitations! Is your birthday 1/2 or 1/1? Mine is 1/1, and I only know a few who share it.

  76. Ann in CT says:

    Yeah! Happy Birthday!

  77. Happy Birthday! You look fabulous!

    Congratulations on doing so well with your fundraiser.

    Congratualtions to all the winners too. Some very happy people out there.

  78. Happy birthday (from someone who never comments)!

  79. 50 and fabulous! Happy, happy birthday!

  80. A very happy birthday and many returns ๐Ÿ™‚

  81. Happy happy Birthday and New Year!
    That Bohus is gorgeous. I’ve never been terribly drawn to Bohus sweaters, but this one is an exception. I think it’s the dark body and light yoke. Very eye-catching! And stunning work.

  82. Happy Birthday Wendy!

  83. Happy Birthday! I will be 48 next Wednesday…50 is creeping up on a daily basis! But it sure beats the alternative! Have a great day.

  84. Happy Birthday, Wendy!

  85. You look fabulous!

    Happy Birthday. AND, in honour of this milestone I think you should knit 50 sweaters! Or 50 socks!! Or 50 scarves!! All from the yarn in your stash, of course!!

  86. Welcome to the big 5 club! One fact you can enjoy is that you’ll never catch up to me;-)
    Have a super Happy Birthday! What a wonderful thing you did for Heifer…nice work!

  87. Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday!

    WOW, I LOVE that sweater. I can’t wait to see it on you!

  88. Alles Gute zum Geburtstag! Many happy returns.

  89. Blessings and enjoy. Fifty is the new thirty.

  90. Happy birthday, Wendy!! Surely there’s a chick somewhere with Lucy’s name on it…

  91. Happy Birthday wishes from Belgium!
    The Bohus is gorgeous, everybody keeps repeating it…
    My Princess Kiki sends greetings to Miss Lucy!(see my brand new knitting blog).

  92. Pam Huang says:

    Happy Birthday! Here’s to fifty more years of knitting!!

  93. Happy Birthday and congratulations to all the winners.

  94. Happy Birthday!!! Hugs!

  95. Happy Birthday Wendy!

  96. Happy Birthday!!

  97. Congrats on your 50th! I just passed that milestone last August – wasn’t handling it well but I’ve now gotten used to it. I “got over it” when I was carded in the liquor store! As I said “you need to see what” to the clerk, I ended the conversation with “can you just ring up half of my purchases, I want to go out and come back through the line as you just made my day!” Went away from the counter with both of us laughing hysterically!

    Also helps to buy yourself lots of presents to help get over it.

    Have a great day

    Cynthia in Chicago

  98. Erk, I’m gonna be there in a couple short years. Happy birthday! And congratulations to the winners. Yay for Debi and the camera!!! What an incredible prize!

  99. Happy Birthday! I turned 50 about six months ago. I obsessed about it for ages beforehand, then realized that it pretty much felt like 49 (maybe even like 39)…..

  100. Penny Tschantz says:

    Happy, happy birthday, Wendy. Just think, you now qualify for all sorts of lovely discounts. And you’ve achieved the wisdom of half a century. Congratulations! I passed that milestone fifteen years ago, and I must say that, on the whole, my life has gotten even better. I hope yours does, too.