My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Black Hole of Knitting

Tammy commented:
How do you maintain such firm commitment to one project at a time? Bohus is gorgeous but I could never do all that black stockinette without sticking it away somewhere out of sight at least on occasion!

I confess that I feel like I am knitting a black hole. No matter how much I knit the black stockinette (Hey, did I mention it was on a 2.5mm needle? Oh, I did? Okay, carry on.), it just doesn’t seem to grow. This is quite a mystery to me.

I suppose it might have something to do with the fact that every time I sit down with my Black Hole of Knitting, I find an excuse to jump up and do something within 5 minutes. Gotta load the dishwasher. Gotta empty the wastebaskets. Gotta unload the dishwasher. Gotta brush Lucy (again).

Gee, do you suppose this is why I am making such slow progress?

But I do stick to it. I will not allow myself to start another project until the Bohus is done (well, apart from socks for commuter knitting). If I were to start something new, all would be lost. And besides, I really want this sweater, so I am motivated to complete it.

Here is a photo of black stockinette. But, ooh! Look! A penguin!


Desperate times call for desperate measures.

So, to further distract you from the fact that all I have is another photo of black stockinette stitch, here is a picture of something I got for Christmas:


It’s a cauliflower sheep. With a mushroom face. (No, not real cauliflower & mushroom — it’s ceramic.)

(And no, I don’t know where it was purchased.)

Lucy thinks it is just plain silly.


She would like you to know that she posed for this photo under my Ott Light so you could see her true colors.


  1. Your Bohus is stunning, I look forward to seeing you model it. Could you please tell us more about your Ott light? Does it help you knit with black yarn on size 2.5 mm needles? I love the cauliflower sheep, it looked real to me.

  2. Throw some cheese sauce over that cauliflower & mushroom sheep, and you’ll have a balanced meal (meat, veggies, & calcium-rich dairy) with lots of fiber!

  3. Black hole stockinette…yes I can relate to that, I am in black hole triple moss stitch…wanna change places for 5 minutes? ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. The sweater is gorgeous…Tell Lucy that Ott Light shows off her stunning blue eyes!

  5. The sheep is from Abbey Press.

    Wish I had your patience with Bohus. I’d go blind with that black.

  6. Bohus – stunning.
    Cauliflower sheep – adorable.
    Lucy – gorgeous, as always.

  7. Well, I know how Lucy feels about a lamp; she must love that Ottlite! And I think we just found out how KOARC feels about the cauliflower sheep. ๐Ÿ™‚ But I think it’s cute.

  8. Penny Tschantz says:

    Well, what’s slow going to one knitter is blazingly fast to another (moi)! I can certainly understand why you want this sweater; in fact, I could understand a decision to make it short-sleeved just so you could wear it sooner. It’s gorgeous.

  9. Hmmm…do we need a gabfest? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Lucy looks particular beautiful in that pose. The blue blankie and the light really make her stunning blue eyes stick out.

    By the way how do like the Ott light? I really need better lighting for my knitting area.

  11. yummy sheepy looks like something from a fufu restaurant. my bourke parakeet loves the ott as well brings out her pepto abysmol pink colour. cats arent to crazy about it though. i admire your determination on the bohus. it reminds me that i should not put things down till it is done i have a enterlac shawl i was doing some years ago that is at the half-way point.

  12. I love Lucy’s blue eyes too. I have a flamepoint kitty (well, one of three former ferals) and I know how hard it is to get that true blue of the eyes to glow in a photo ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. I went looking in your archives for your recommendation on needles for lace projects. (I’m about to start my first one.) I noticed you used Inox Espress for Wing of the Moth, and I wonder if that’s because of the mohair or if you’d use that for other lace projects. The yarn I have is lace wt. alpaca/wool (40/60) — very yummy. Is the point to get sharp points plus something that the yarn will slide on easily? Thanks for you help!

  14. Lisa in Georgia says:

    Love the Bohus, but I really love the Lucy glam shot!

  15. Just spectacular. Truly a beautiful sweater. *wipes drool*

  16. Lucy! Lucy! Lucy!

  17. Thanks for posting the unabridged version of the toe up sock pattern. I have printed it out but have become so deeply attached to my print out of the original generic instructions as well as the knitty article comparing toe up toes, that I would feel disloyal knitting from anything else. I have mastered the technique and forever grateful, (though truth is, it took a lot of practice and baby sample socks.) I am now making a pair for another co-worker. If you got royalties on every pair of socks knit from that pattern you could quit that day job. I would happily pay. Thank you again for improving my knitting quality of life immeasurably.

  18. The bohus is gorgeous. I admire your patience.

  19. For some reason, when I look at the first photo I’m reminded of a cartoon I saw recently: A penguin, in the wild of course, is approaching two friends, excitedly waving a camera. The caption underneath says, “Oh, geez, why on earth did you spring for the color film???”
    Lucy must also have known that the fabric she is reclining on would set off her eyes so well…

  20. The sweater is looking great. I can honestly tell you that I wouldn’t even have 1/10 of it done by now. You aren’t giving yourself enough credit.

    BTW, awesome picture of Lucy. She is one gorgeous kitty.

  21. The Bohus sweater is really beautiful, and Lucy looks quite stunning herself.

  22. Thank you for the expanded sock pattern. I printed it off this morning.
    But I really appreciate your remarks about sticking to your primary project, except for socks on your commuter travels!
    You are my role model! I really do want to finish things for my grandchildren and not get distracted.
    Thanks for the example you set!

  23. And she is beautiful! I think you hit the magic phrase by saying, you really want this sweater. That’s what should keep the knit and/or purl going. Want, simple really! I saw your blog highlighted in Get Creative Magazine today! I picked it up by chance at lunch and there you were! OK, I saw the word knitting on it & grabbed it before someone else could.

  24. anne marie in philly says:

    is that a penguin on the telly? tee hee ๐Ÿ™‚

    (everybody sing)

    we see lucy’s true colors shining through
    we see your true colors
    and that’s why we love you
    so don’t be afraid to let them show
    your true colors
    are beautiful like a rainbow


  25. lucy is glowing ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. I have just come across your blog.

    Your Bohus is stunning!! Where did you get the pattern and what is the difference in it and Fair Isle?

    OMG the sheep is just too cute! It looks so real.

    Lucy is so pretty.

  27. I don’t really think your sweater is going that slowly, although I guess I’m not the one knitting on it…I did a Dale of Norway sweater once and the first half was on size 3 needles, and it was for my fiance, so it was huge. I thought I’d be knitting stockinette on shrunken needles until I died! Oh, and I love the vegetable sheep, he’s so cute!

  28. The sheep reminds of a book I got for my children at the library called Food Play. Too funny!

    Lucy looks stunning!

  29. The sheep reminds of a book I got for my children at the library called Food Play. Too funny!

    Lucy looks stunning!

  30. That’s odd, Ruby has started sleeping under the OttLite instead of on my lap when I knit. Just the right amount of heat I guess.

  31. Lucy is truly one magnificent cat! absolutely gorgeous, and personality to boot. lucky you.
    and the black hole knitting ?- slog on, dear you. You’ll wake one morning and realize that you’re almost finished. It truly is lovely.

  32. That is one gorgeous sweater!! (and one gorgeous cat) Ten bucks says that the second the sweater is done, lucy will nap on it…lol!

  33. Lucy’s eyes totally match the blue in the background! And am I mistaken, or does your cauliflower sheep have brocolli for legs?!

  34. That is the cutest little veggie-sheep I’ve ever seen! :3

    And Bohus is looking great! Even if it is black stockinette over and over, at least it doesn’t require much thought, so you might multitask. ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. The sweater is gorgeous…and what you think of as “slow” would put most everyone else to shame. It took me 6 months to knit a sweater on that size needles, and it wasn’t black.

  36. Am I the only one who sees that sheep and thinks – perfect appetizer for a knit night?

  37. I was just reading the chatty sock pattern and have a question – when you slip a stitch do you slip k-wise or p-wise, or do you slip x-wise with x being whatever you were doing on that row (slip k-wise if knitting the row, and p-wise if purling the row)?

    I thought I’d better give toe up a try since I’ve run out of yarn on my first pair of Koigu socks. I hate to have to buy a third skein just to do the toes. And I’d hate to have to rip out the whole sock to make the leg shorter. UGH!!!

  38. Wendy – – your Bohus is absolutely gorgeous – – looks professionally done. I’ve started mine and I’m working on the 2″ collar of 1×1 ribbing. I don’t even want to tell you how long it takes me to do a row. Sigh – – it will be a long project to say the least but looking at yours, WOW, it keeps me excited and gives me inspiration.

    Lucy’s eyes are stunning. What a lucky kitty to have such loving parents!! I checked out the Koarc’s blog and found Lucy’s photo gallery. I burst out laughing with the “When Hypnotism is Used for Evil” photo. What a riot.

    Thanks for the info on the sweater software. I know how busy you are and appreciate you sending me a note.


  39. The Bohus is beautiful, but I can understand how it probably seems eternal to you.

    I really think that picture of Lucy should be on next year’s calendar …

  40. Out of curiosity, how many hours per day (or week) do you spend knitting? Despite your statements to the contrary, you seem to be making amazing progress on such a large project.

    I haven’t done a sweater yet. Hoping to do a baby one first to get my feet wet, but I have a sneaking suspicion even that could take me months…

  41. Beautiful Bohus (as everyone has already said). I can ease up on my mohair hat today if that frees the Universal Knitting Energy to help you do that sleeve.

    What would you recommend as a good pattern for a very first sweater? (Using yarn from my stash of course.)

  42. A. Schaeffer says:
  43. That ceramic sheep is priceless! Lucy – your true colors are gorgeous…

  44. I can so understand. I am currently in what I like to call the blue-gray pit of despair! ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. Slow and steady wins the race! The Bohus is so beautiful. It’s a pleasure to see it evolve. Love to Lucy!

  46. The non-ceramic variant of that little sheep would be the perfect finger food for a fiber gathering, wouldn’t it?

    Heh – further re: the mystery of the non-growing black hole – after it hasn’t grown for days, suddenly you will discover that you have knitted 2″ too far.

  47. Can’t wait till you model Bohus. The yoke looks so dreamy.

    Sometimes it helps to throw in a hat or scarf to really change things up.

    Does constantly grooming Lucy really help with the fur-on-knitting problem? Does she sit still to let you do it for any period of time? I wish I could get my boyfriend’s cat to do that. My dog isn’t a terrible shedder, but I could be more diligent with her grooming as well.

  48. Okay, in all honesty, no beating around the bush, I WANT THAT SWEATER! And in complete honesty again, I’ve been skimming blogs because I’ve been so busy, so is it from a kit, and where did you purchase it? All right, end of questions. Carry on.

  49. Love the sheep! So cute.

    Lucy is getting ready for her starring role in a movie.

  50. anneonymousone says:

    Your Bohus sweater is stunning. (swoon) Lucy is stellar, too.

  51. I am all about books on tape or Audible at knitting times like this. Amazing how fast the knitting goes!

  52. I adore my OTT light. It’s a true savior when it comes to knitting dark colours. Hail the OTT Light!

    The Bohus is looking fabulous. Lucy is looking tres magnifique.

  53. Yep. I’m about an inch and a half into a mistake stitch moebius using black Nature Spun fingering weight. It is exactly what I want for my black wool coat…may not have it done for another year though ;~)

  54. the bohus is gorgeous, can’t wait to see a photo of you wearing it! The cauliflower is soo darn cute, and Lucy is stunning, but she already knew that. My cat is in love with her. He never used to jump up on the key board till he saw a photo of Lucy.

  55. Black hole(s) located

    Seriously, I love the sweater and the cauli sheep is too adorable as is Lucy.

  56. Your sweater looks amazing! Personally, I’m totally amazed by the progress you’ve made on it, especially with such a small needle. Wow! You must have superwoman speed knitting powers!

  57. I searched “cauliflower sheep” and came up with this from eBay:

  58. Aida Costa says:

    Your Bohus is so gorgeous! I must admit, I couldn’t visualize it until you added all that black (my fave colour! non-colour?) The black makes that yoke just pop, and shows off the beautiful details.

    Thanks for sharing such a great blog!

  59. Dear Wendy,

    Though I sympathize with your plight I cannot help but compare it with the rest of us who take at the very least 12 months of dedicated knitting to complete such a project. You are one speedy knitter, black stockinette or no.

  60. Wendi, I loved the cauliflower sheep – can I publish that photo in my blog?
    Thanks in advance,