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Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


How Green Was My Egg

You know how your cat will often deposit a toy in his/her food or water dish after playing with it? Most mornings when I get up, I find a sodden paper ball in Lucy’s water dish and think “Awwwww, cute. But also slightly disgusting.”

This is what greeted me Friday morning when I got up and went into the kitchen:


Sometimes I really wonder what is going on in that little brain of hers. Yes, she is Lucy the Wonder Cat. She makes me wonder . . .

Perhaps she was jealous of the mysterious green thingie her daddy posted on his blog on Friday.

As he revealed today, that green thingie was an emu egg.


See his blog post today for a photo-essay on what we did with the emu egg.

But before we did, we let Lucy see it. She was intensely interested in it.


“This must be a do-it-yourself baby chick!”


“But how does it work?”


“Am I gong to have to hatch it myself?”


“And , um, what exactly is going to come out of it?”


Lucy has re-thought her desire for baby chicks.

So. On to knitting. I updated my sidebar to show finished objects for 2007 and at the moment there’s one pathetic little pair of socks listed. But soon there will also be a Bohus. Because I have finished the knitting on my Bohus and this afternoon will be seaming it! Pix tomorrow!


I started another sock, this in Opal 6 ply — dk weight. These socks will be for my brother, who has giant clown very large feet. Hence the dk weight yarn. I love him, but there are limits to what I am willing to do. Fingering weight socks for very large feet? Um, no.


I made him a pair of socks for Christmas out of Opal 6-ply, which he received with cries of delight. Since his birthday is in a couple of weeks, I figured I’d crank out another pair for him, good sister that I am.

Opal 6-ply is labelled as a 150 gram skein. I wound the skein into a ball on my ballwinder and weighed it. 148 grams. Yikes! I’ve been gypped outta 2 grams! But no doubt the weight varies depending on atmospheric conditions and the position of the moon, etc., so I wasn’t too concerned.

I then split the ball into two equal balls — took the ball and started winding it back on the ballwinder until it looked to be about half, and kept weighing the original ball until my new nifty digital scale read 74 grams. I love my new nifty digital scale — each ball weighs 74 grams so I’d say that’s a pretty even split. I want to be able to knit til I run out of yarn for each sock because, oh did I mention? My brother has giant clown-feet.

I’m knitting these socks on a 2.75mm needle and boy oh boy, does dk weight and a larger needle size make things go fast. Even when you are knitting huge socks.

The Opal yarn is wool and nylon blend, which is why I like if for guy socks. It does really stand up to a lot of machine washing and drying and it wears very well. I haven’t been able to find much in the way of heavier sock yarns (like dk weight) that have nylon in them — does anyone know of any others?

Speaking of socks, as many of you know, the shopping cart for paying for your 2007 Rockin’ Sock Club was re-opened on the Blue Moon Fiber Arts website. I was able to pay for my sock club registration Friday afternoon. And I’m looking forward to a year of rockin’ socks!


  1. I will be joining you in the STR sock club. Now that I can knit socks toe up because you taught me. Thanks for the great pattern/technique. I could be the first comment today. How cool is that?

  2. I used Meilenweit 6 ply for some socks for my husband. They are 80% virgin wool and 20% nylon. I made Nancy Bush’s gentleman’s lozenge socks from Piecework. They are huge but look very warm. Warning: the label says socks take two skeins. I bought three. I needed four and called all around this country, including the importer– no success. So I finished them with something else that matches incredibly well. These were my first husband socks. Maybe they’ll be easier the next time. And smaller!

  3. That’s okay,Dave,Wendy makes fun of my little feet!

  4. I made socks for my husband’s giant clown feet, and I used regular sock yarn doubled over on my 2.5mm rosewoods – they came out perfect ๐Ÿ˜€ He’s thrilled because they are heavy and he can’t feel the stitches under his feet, and I didn’t have to cast on 150 stitches to go around his feet… win/win ๐Ÿ™‚

    It also looks pretty cool, so I’m trying some Opal Rainforest in Owl doubled on 3mm ebony needles for myself. So far, I’m a real fan. The colors mottle together much nicer than the sort of weird striping it was inclined to do with just one strand.

  5. My sons have giant clown feet, too. Both wear size 13 or 14 shoe (depending on the maker), then one has a wider and one has a narrower foot. The younger one (16 yo, 6’4″) may not have stopped growing yet – but I hope his feet have! I want to knit him some socks in a soft, yet sturdy, wool for snowboarding… I’m thinking two skeins of the Opal 6 might work for me… I’d want them taller, almost knee length, to protect his shin.

    hmmmm, will have to investigate…

  6. Holy cow! I won’t give it away…Yay1 Bohus pics! My first pair of real socks will be for my. I married big foot. Lucy cracks me up, I’m wondering how she got her toy to STAY in the bowl!

  7. And I thought my cat was the only one who had to put all his toys in both his food dish and his water dish!

    Regia has a nice 6 ply sock yarn for the big foots (or just the regular foots who want a thicker sock) as well. Same composition as their regular sock yarn. I’m pretty sure I bought the stuff I found from Carodan Farm. You might also consider STR Heavyweight — it’s still all merino, but it’s pretty dense stuff and tightly spun, so I think it would take a while for a guy to wear through it — I bought a skein for my husband to test it out with. I’m not sure it’s true DK weight… but it’s probably close.

  8. Whoa! I thought my female cat, Cassidy, was the only cat that did that! She drops all her toys in the water dish! I thought she was just a freak, I had no idea this was a common cat thing!

  9. I have to come out of delurking mode to tell you a funny story. My household has been reading your blog for about two years (way before the knitting bug got me) and we are always gobsmacked amazed at your wonderful talent and speed. My SO ask ALMOST every day, “What did Wendy Knit today? Let me see”

    Well, I decided now that I was menopausal and crazy that I should retake up knitting. Currently, I am working on #1 of your generic toe up sock and having a ball. BTW, thanks for the tutorial!!

    HOWEVER, the point to this is that I have knitted two finished objects this year and my SO was very proud and commented that is one more than you (an attempt to compliment the hours I have spent on the computer trying to figure out short row toes).

    I have to admit that I am quite proud of my efforts that I have finished one more object than you because I am pretending that you are NOT almost finished with a sweater that you started … a month ago, that would take me a year to do and I am YEARS away from having the talent to attempt such a beautiful thing.

    Go ahead and laugh at my irrational thinking. Lord knows I am.

    Love to you and Lucy and may you continue to inspire us all.

  10. Lucy has the same Good Kitty bowl my Lexi has! My sister got that for my kitty for Christmas a few years back. I’m glad to see Lucy and Lexi both have Good Kitty bowls.

  11. I love the balloon in the food dish! Lucy IS a wonder cat! The P-Man is the first cat I’ve owned that doesn’t leave things in his dishes. My previous 2 loved to play with the rings off plastic milk container tops and every morning, there it would be, floating in the water dish.

    Since you mostly knit plain-ish socks I wonder why you chose the STR club rather than just purchasing individual skeins? Do you plan to knit more patterned socks in 2007?

  12. Congratulations on coming to the end of the Bohus! I’m also knitting a pair of socks which seems to be quite large. As much as I love my dad, I’m not using fingering weight for his socks. I’ll have to find some of the Opal 6-ply…do you have hints as to which online dealers to try? It is hard sock yarn shopping in Montana!

  13. Gives a whole new meaning to “green eggs and ham” does it not? ooops! Hope that didn’t violate a copyright.

  14. *gasp* *choke* Between the balloon and the emu egg… *giggle* *snort*

  15. Quite a learning experience for Lucy today!

  16. I can’t decide which is funnier – the balloon or Lucy with the egg … ๐Ÿ™‚

    I like the sock yarn – your brother is lucky!

  17. Lucy is soooo cute! I used to end up with a cat toy in the water dish all the time, and it was one with catnip inside. Yukked up the water and the toy. I finally had to retire that particular toy. Funny none of the other catnip toys have found the water dish.

    Wooly West – Happy Trails sock yarn. My SO’s favorite pair are made from that. Makes a nice, dense sock on 2.75mm needles.

  18. My Jasper dog likes to drop his toys into his water dish. He also likes to carry one of our stainless steel food dishes around in his mouth. What’s funny is when he drops the dish he’s carrying around into the water dish and then bends down to drink. He can never figure out where the water went. ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Hi Wendy, I am frequent reader, if infrequent commenter, but I am trying to change my lurking ways – out of the woodwork with me! I checked out the photo essay, the scrambled egg photo made me laugh (I resisted the urge to write ‘cracked me up’ oh, no I didn’t.

    I wanted to offer up a button I made as a result of the Blue Moon debacle. It is for sock knitters to show their support and solidarity.

  20. I love emu eggs, such lovely colours and gorgeous texture. Being Australian I’ve seen some fabulous examples of art and craft with them (I’ve seen some cringe-making stuff, too!). There is a tradition of scrimshaw-style carving of them. One of my favourite pieces, though, is a teapot made from one

  21. ONLine makes a 6ply sock yarn as part of their Supersocke line. It is a 75% wool/35% polyamid blend. I just finished my second pair today. Both times I had a ton of yarn leftover. I made women’s socks with a 7″ leg and 9″ foot length. I would think one ball would be plenty for a pair of men’s socks.

  22. Today, you say 2.75 mm needles are ‘so big’, but yesterday, 2.5mm needles are ‘so tiny’. How is it that 0.25 of a mm makes that much difference? ๐Ÿ™‚ I was actually thinking that the 2.75mm needles were rather small, having just worked a large baby shawl with 3.5mm needles. Cause you know, .75 of a mm can really make a difference, LOL.

  23. I love Debbie Bliss Cashmerino, which now comes in a DK weight. It doesn’t have nylon, but it does have nylon. It is so nice and soft and warm. I bet it would make awesome socks.

  24. I am so glad you asked about DK weight sock yarn. I am benefitting from the other commenters’ suggestions. I am close to finishing my son’s socks with fingering weight, but they took me forever (size 13 feet). I decided that I would choose DK weight sock yarn for him but I have had a hard time finding it. Not any more!

  25. hi, wendy. as a new reader of your blog i am wondering why you like metal sock needles. for those i know, the metal skacel or whatever are too slippery. i used brittany birch, bamboo (rarely), and now LOVE bryspun.

  26. did ya keep the empty shell? if you use a dremel tool, you can cut it evenly, and they are very useful. use something to stabilize the base, like styrofoam, or maybe polymer clay (they bake well, too), and you’ve got something you can decorate and use as a container (maybe even a floating vase)

  27. Briggs and Little has a heavy 80%wool/20%nylon sock yarn called Tuffy. It isn’t the softest wool you will ever encounter, but it will stand up to nearly anything. It also dyes really well.

  28. hey there…did you know your book was “book of the day” at Powell’s Books in Portland OR on Jan. 6?

  29. Froehlich’s Sedrun was a dk weight wool/nylon sock yarn that I loved. Froehlich’s went belly up when their warehouse or distributor went out of business and took their inventory with them, or so I heard, but … could there be any in the stash room?

  30. Congratz on the completion, cant wait to see the photos.
    the worst my cats ever did was matched well chewed mice in the toes of my boots. i was thankful that they turned out to be toys and not the real think
    ** cringes remembering the feeling of sliding on boot and feeling cold wet mangled thing**

  31. So now I know I’m not the only one who uses digital scales for the purpose of dividing sock yarn.

    Looking forward to seeing the Bohus tomorrow. I’m working a grey sweater in the round using Jaeger Matchmaker Merino 4-ply (sportweight) and it’s very slow going. I’m hoping your persistence rubs off!

  32. New reader,new computer owner.What does URL mean? We can get the Opal 6ply here[Australia].Iused it to make a babies jacket.

  33. I’m looking forward to seeing how the 6-ply works out. My Boyfriend is a UK11 (so a US13?) foot…he wants socks, and I’m balking a little.

  34. OnLine has 6-ply sock yarn. If you are looking for it, Winter Colors (kit 74) color #881-888. This yarn is also 150 grams.
    Happy Knitting!

  35. You have Bohus, baby!!! You are fabulous! Bohus is gorgeous and elegant. You are amazing. I can’t wait to see the photo.

    My Bohus is in the freezer, just in case. :(.

    I noticed that Mountain Colors Bearfoot usually gives me a gram or two extra – very helpful for my big-footed family. This yarn has mohair in it, “nature’s nylon.” I knit them up on a 2.75 needle. This yarn is so soft and delicious. The colors are fabulous.

    A word of caution for new sock yarn separators — When you separate self-striping sock yarn into two equal balls for socks, that each ball must be wound the same way or one sock’s stripes will be reversed. Or you could start yarn from the outside of one ball and the inside of the other. Or you can just not care about the stripes :).

  36. Who knew that Emu eggs were green? (Other than the farmer, I meant.) Congrats on finishing the Bohus! I too just completed a sweater and it took far too long so I know how strong the impuls to throw the danged sweater across the room and ignore it can be. Took me 1.5 years to finish my first sweater, last night.

  37. I knitted these socks for myself. Large feet, but not clown size!
    I am thrilled to see that the “fair isle” self-patterning shown on your socks is similar to mine. I frogged three times, changing needles each time, to achieve the effect shown in the
    Opal photos. How did they do it? Your work is the benchmark for the knitting world. If your patterning was wobbly, there is no hope for the rest of us!

  38. I believe that the yarn in a bag must AVERAGE the weight listed, and there can’t be more than a 10%difference from what is listed on each ball. So, your skein might be light, but the next one might be heavier. Hope this helps
    I can’t wait to see the Bohus. I am contemplating one, myself.

  39. Poor Lucy! She must be so frustrated at the silliness of her subjects. Can’t wait to see Bohus! It’s so beautiful I’m considering knitting one, too.

  40. Take a look at Cider Moon’s “Glacier” DK sock yarn for your brother. Yummy, lucious colorways too.
    I’m new to socks and having no problems…so far!

  41. It is really nice to know that my crazy cats aren’t alone in their depositing of toys into food/water dishes. I thought for a while that it might just be some oddity in my household as first one and then another of a chain of cats did that. Any cherished toy winds up there. But a balloon? Odd for even a cat ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. How about worsted weight sock yarn, 70% wool, 30% nylon? Jarbo Garn Raggi. It’s so soft and warm I can hardly stand to put on my sock weight socks after wearing the heavier ones.

    The only place I’ve seen it online is Patternworks. (No affiliate with any of this. I just love the stuff and wanted to share.)

  43. That Lucy is so cute! Looking forward to the Bohus pictures with anticipation.

  44. > I then split the ball into two equal balls — took the ball and started winding it back on the ballwinder until it looked to be about half, and kept weighing the original ball until my new nifty digital scale read 74 grams. I love my new nifty digital scale

    You know, I’d been wondering what would be a good way to do that. Voila! You have answered my question. Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. The sweater is coming along so well. I would love to see it in person. Lucy is so funny. ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. My cat used to drop one of his toy mice in his water dish all the time it was the same one over and over. I had this little scenario in my head as the only possible explanation “So still won’t talk mouse? Well you can sleep with the fishes!”

    Since I didn’t think that was really it I actually did some research into cat psychology books and found out just why they do that. Anything that ends up in the food or water dish is a toy that they had a great deal of fun with or love the most… and the reason it goes in the water dish is that in the entire house the water dish/food dish that they use is the most theirs. It’s a possessive thing. They put the toy there because that territory is cat territory, the only time people go there is to refill the cat territory with food or water and never once do you actually drink their water or eat their food. It’s kind of their way of saying, you can put more mice here for me but DO NOT play with it! It’s mine!


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