My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Bohus Accomplished

Yesterday afternoon I seamed my Bohus. Here is Gwendolyn modeling the completed sweater.


To recap, this is the Bohus Large Lace Collar pullover. I knitted it from a kit purchased from Solveig Gustaffson in Sweden. Details on Bohus and ordering from Solveig are in this blog entry.


I am quite pleased to be done with the miles and miles of black stockinette stitch!

I worked a bit on my brother’s giant clown sock after that.


Thanks to everyone who weighed in on dk weight sock yarns. Some of the wool/nylon dk weight sock yarns mentioned in the comments:

Meilenweit 6 ply
Regia 6 ply
Happy Trails sock yarn from Wooly West
ONLine 6 ply
Briggs and Little Tuffy
Jarbo Garn Raggi

So there you have a number of excellent suggestions for heavier sock yarns that have some nylon content.

Speaking of knitting socks, Mary asked in the comments:
As a new reader of your blog i am wondering why you like metal sock needles. For those I know, the metal skacel or whatever are too slippery. I used brittany birch, bamboo (rarely), and now LOVE bryspun.

As a rule, I find metal dpns too slippery, particularly while knitting on my commute. I don’t want to lose a needle on the train.

The needles I’m using for this sock are hand forged sterling silver needles made by Celtic Swan. I first bought a set in size 0, but since then have been lucky enough to get them in both size 1 and 2, all acquired from The Loopy Ewe. Sheri doesn’t always have them in stock because they are labor-intensive to make, but you can email her to be put on a list to be notified when they are available.

Why are these better than other metal needles?

Because they are textured!


The ridges in the needle really hang on to the stitches and they don’t slide out. I love knitting with them — it makes mundane sock knitting feel special. I think of them as my magic needles. ๐Ÿ™‚

I started knitting something else.


Can you guess what it is?

Lucy knows, but she is sworn to secrecy!



  1. Beautiful! Bohus gabfests really paid off! Do clown-feet socks qualify for gabfests,too? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Your sweater is absolutely Gorgeous!!!!!

  3. LOL When I first saw those needles I thought they looked like a bit thingy that goes on my power tool (Dremel) LOL. I LOVE the sweater, it looks beautiful..I wish I could actually see the colors, I am color blind, but I can see the tone and the pattern is really pretty.

  4. Wendy, the Bohus is absolutely gorgeous! Love the socks too!

  5. Even if the miles and miles of black stockinette were hell to knit, the Bohus looks gorgeous. ๐Ÿ˜€

    I have no idea what the new project is, but it looks like lace, and that’s enough to make me interested. It looks almost like the Melon Scarf from Victorian Lace Today, only with diamonds instead of ‘melons’

  6. I know what your new project is! You’ve decided to quit your job & move to Portugal and become a sardine fisherwoman! It’s a sardine fish net!

  7. You just had to flash those needles again didn’t you? Sheech, and I had just talked myself out of going back through the blog to look at the last photo of them. Sure are purty tho’.

    Oh, and Wendy… check your stash for superwash top, look DK sock weight made to order.

  8. That. is. so. freaking. gorgeous. Congraulations! A bohus is now on my things-to-buy-when-I-am-off-stash-restriction list. I had better practice some fair isle projects with stash yarn this year in preparation!

  9. That sweater is absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for sharing it with us. I wish I knit as fast as you do.

    What happened to your log cabin blanket?

    Happy knitting…..

  10. That, I think, is my favorite of all your sweaters. It came out amazing. Congrats!
    Digit sends Lucy emu-love.

  11. holy Bohus, that is one beautiful impressive sweater. <3

  12. The new WIP looks a lot like the Victorian Ruby from “Victorian Lace Today”. Or maybe I spent too much time committing that pattern to memory.

    Beautiful Bohus!

  13. Wendy- That’s probably one of the nicest Bohus sweaters I’ve ever seen.
    And Lucy whispered that she’s excited about the career change, and can’t wait for those sardines!

  14. Oh, WOW! What an accomplishment that sweater is. And so beautiful. Amazing you!

  15. Wow, what a BeautyBohus! Lovely. Lucy’s lovely, too.

  16. Your Bohus is beautiful ! I love the designs of bohus-stickning. Iยดm knitting the Bohus-sweater “Dean” – but I`m doing the body and sleeves in rounds…
    Great work – wonderful sweater!

  17. The Bohus is beautiful!

    The new project looks a lot like “Large Triangle in Spider Net” from Victorian Lace today.

  18. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I am ever so in awe of your knitting skills.

    And thank you for the list of heavier weight “sock appropriate” yarns. US 0’s make my shoulders go ouch.

  19. Your Bohus is breathtaking! Will we get a live model shot of it?

    Aren’t the Celtic Swan needles wonderful? Sheri at The Loopy Ewe has one set in size 2 listed on the shop’s website….

  20. Wow, Bohus is gorgeous! So is the new pink project! I was going to post a guess that your new project is a Kimono Shawl, but I think the diamonds are too close together, so I’m admitting I don’t know. It’s charmingly fluffy, though. As is Lucy!

  21. Breathtaking! (And speedy – wow!)

  22. The Bohus looks beautiful! And these needles are amazing.

  23. Bohus is gorgeous!!! You mentioned something about seaming it, were the seams for the sleeves? Your lace looks very pretty, I look forward to finding out the pattern and the yarn you are using.

  24. Your Bohus turned out amazing and I think it’s my favorite of your sweaters as well.

    I think your new project is the Large Rectangle in Spider Net from Victorian Lace Today.

  25. Oh My! That is absolutly beautiful and very sophisticated. I don’t think I have seen a more lovely bohus.

    That is going to be a knockout for any occasion. It is quite dressy. The collar is like a huge necklace.


  26. Bohus is *gorgeous*.

  27. I gotta say I really like that sweater. Well done, as always.

  28. Bohus is absolutely beautiful!

  29. just weighing in on the dk sock yarn – lana grossa mega boots stretch is the thickest I’ve found – i am making ‘sasquatch’ (ie bigfoot) socks for my brother with it. I think it knits up a bit thicker than the 6-plies I have used (online and opal)

    love the bohus! you mentioned it was a sweater you wanted to wear, will we see you model it?

  30. I don’t have a guess about the new project, but it looks absolutely gorgeous!

  31. Wendy, Bohus is so beautiful! Are you going to keep this one for yourself? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  32. Absolutely stunning! What more need be said.

  33. Wendy – your Bohus is absolutely gorgeous! I think its one of the most beautiful FO’s you have ever done! But how did you do so many rows of BLACK? I am having problems seeing the dark green and navy stitches in my Rosarie vest. I cannot imagine knitting with black. I’m so impressed!

  34. That last picture of your cat Lucy is the cutest cat pic I have ever seen. Dude, that cat is CUTE.

  35. I heart that Bohus. It’s amazing! Is it a coincidence that the colors in the sock are close to the colors in the collar?

    Can’t wait to see what the lace is.

  36. Butterfly!

    oh, now I feel bad for spoiling the surprise… (if I’d known how to write that in white text, I would have!)

  37. Gorgeous Bohus!

    new WIP? its a shawl?

  38. Bohus is wonderful! You’ve inspired me to try a yoked sweater!

  39. Oh boy! Absolutely stunning – any chance of seeing it on you?

    How did this one compare from a time point of view with Forest Darkness? (I think this yoke is quite a bit deeper). Was the black significantly more “painful” than the dark green?

  40. Bohus is beautiful. I bet it will look great on, too.

    If you really want to knit clown feet, make your brother a pair of felted clogs. Even for petite feet, say size 6-1/2, the unfelted knitting is definitely clown-sized.

  41. you know, the celtic swan needles came up at the L&V message board today, as well. sigh. i would ADORE needles like that, but you know, filthy lucre rules all.

    i can dream, right? maybe for a first anniversary present, lol.

    and bohus looks fantastic!

  42. WOW! I am totally fascinated by those sock needles. Just found your blog and what a great thing to learn about. I have lost sock needles a few too many times under the seat in the car.

  43. OMG the sweater is beautiful!!!!!

    Those knitting needles are so cool. I have never seen them before. I am sure they are pricey since they are hand forged. If you don’t mind me asking…what do they go for?

    Love the picture of Lucy. She is so funny. All I can say is some sort of lace. LOL

  44. bohus is spectacular!
    and is that a Swallowtail shawl (or am I just delirious from finishing mine?)

  45. Gorgeous knit! Clown feet ~snort~ You’re a good sister. I don’t know what your new lace project is, but Lucy looks like she’s going to tell.

  46. Wendy: Bohus is just beautiful! Congratulations!

  47. Just STUNNING!

  48. Unfortunately the email address listed at the Bohus Museum website re: ordering kits doesn’t work.

  49. Your Bohus turned out absolutely gorgeous! And Gwendolyn is a very lucky lady. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  50. That sweater is stunning! Totally worth the miles of black stockinette!

  51. Oh. My. Stars. That is possibly the prettiest sweater i’ve ever seen someone actually MAKE. Wow. in fact, WOW.

    As for the new project…i’m guessing a scarf or shawl. I bet one good belly-rub and lucy would let that secret go!

  52. Oh Wendy, your Bohus is just so beautiful! I really admire your skill in knitting such a sweater. It is gorgeous.

  53. The Bohus is so beautiful! And so will be the next one you are knitting – some Victorian lace maybe?

  54. Wow, the Bohus is gorgeous! Great work!

  55. Absolutely stunning

  56. Congratulations on finishing the Bohus! You are quite amazing and you are my inspiration that one day I may finish my yoke sweater that I’ve been working on since…. ever. Your Bohus is simply wonderful.

  57. Fanflippintastic sweater!!!!!!! The Bohus is a work of art!

  58. The sweater is gorgeous and i am sure you will enjoy wearing it to the envy of all your coworkers
    as to your current wip-it is pink KSH!most likely a very delicate scarf to keep Lucy warm. maybe the maltese shawl, but that is just a guess it was in knitters which got me to buy that issue as well as ‘victorian lace today’ and it takes only 5 skeins. I will look forward to your progress

  59. I just love that sweater!

    2 of my favorite sport weight sock yarns…Mountain Colors Weavers Wool and Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport. Neither have nylon but knitat a tight gauge they have held up for 4+ years for me! And both have such beautiful color and soooo soft!

  60. Hmmn, I have top with nylon in it. From Winderwood Farms.

    The bohus is beautiful. All those tiny perfect stitches.

  61. Not only is that a beautifully executed and gorgeous sweater, it also looks eminently wearable too. I feel it’s destined to be a wardrobe staple, unless global warming takes over big time.

  62. Bohus is bodacious! And our weather is about to finally turn wintery today so you may get to wear it soon! Does your brother drive a really small car?!!

  63. Stunning & favorite are the first words that came to me – congratulations!

  64. Yay Bohus! It’s lovely. Hmm, I don’t suppose guessing “lace” is taking too much of a chance… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  65. Beth P. in Maryland says:

    I knew that pink Kid Silk Haze was going to become lace! It has to be something from “Victorian Lace Today”. My knees got weak and my head got fuzzy when I saw that book! The Bohus sweater is incredible but pink mohair and silk lace…that’s my style!! I’ll really enjoy watching this project grow.


  66. The bohus is beautiful. One of those is definitely on my list of things I want to knit eventually.

  67. That is the most beautiful sweater I have ever seen.

  68. Your Bohus is wonderful. I admire your skill in knitting the yoke and your persistence in finishing the miles of black stockinette!

  69. Your Bohus is stunning! I’m drooling on my keyboard.

  70. The Bohus sweater is so pretty … the top is devine.

    The new mystery project, my guess is this: is it a surprise for me to celebrate my, uh … uh, something?


  71. The sweater’s amazing.

    The new project looks very much like what I’m working on: “Persimmon Lace” from Knitter’s Summer 2006 in Kid Silk Haze. Is it?

  72. What a pose! She is just too cute. My six year old daughter runs up to the computer (when she sees me online)and asks to see Lucy ;~)
    Bohus is simply wonderful. Love the colors!

  73. Wendy in CA says:

    B-e-a-U-tiful!!! The miles of black stockinette were worth it, IMO.

  74. That is one gorgeous sweater, Wendy. The neck opening looks pretty narrow — do you have any trouble getting it over your head?

  75. It all looks fantastic. I will have to consider a Bohus when my knitting skills are up to snuff. As it is now, I’m still working on my second and third sweaters.

  76. Oh yeah, exactly how large are your brother’s feet? I am entertaining the idea of knitting my brother some eventually and he wears size 15. I think I am out of my freakin mind.

  77. Love the Bohus! And the pictures of the green Emu egg yesterday are great!
    I am a fairly new reader of your blog and am surprised to see you’re another subway/train knitter! I commuted for years to DC from Columbia MD and never saw you! Oh well – it’s a big town afterall! Happy Knitting!

  78. Bohus sweater is a huge winner! One of the most practical yet dazzling knit garments I’ve seen in a long while. The lighter tones of the yoke frame the face beautifully. (Think Rembrandt, Vermeer.)Exquisite shades of neutral. The big surprise is that the halo effect of the fuzzy yarn doesn’t hide the pattern but makes it better. I don’t covet shawls and socks, since (to me) the former aren’t wearable for most occasions for and the latter are invisible, but this Bohus I covet covet covet more than is allowed.

  79. Bohus is AMAZING! Just gorgeous in spite of miles of black stockinette…
    And I’m going to say that’s a bit of Victorian Lace, but as I don’t have my book here at work, I can’t identify the pattern – still it’s soooo delicate!

  80. “The new project looks very much like what I’m working on: “Persimmon Lace” from Knitter’s Summer 2006 in Kid Silk Haze.” — I think Kamila nails it. The same pattern is also in the Victorian Lace Today book, near the back of the book, & with a different name but the same picture as in the magazine. It’s one of the things in my “To Do” queue also.

    Congrats on finishing the Bohus! It looks fabulous. Just this past Saturday my local Knitter’s Guild had Bohus sweaters as part of their topic, & your blog was mentioned. The history of Bohus design is very interesting.

  81. so beautiful…reminds me that I need to get cracking on my fair isle sweater.

    I love how soft it looks…I bet it’s going to be lovely to wear!

  82. You’re bohus looks immense!

    I’ve never posted before but have been reading your blog for a while (hiding in the shadows!) Anyway I was hoping you’d be able to help. I’ve got a lot of yarn donated to me from various sources however most of it isn’t labelled and I was wondering if there was a way I could distinguish between which yarn is natural and which is man-made?


    P.S. I don’t think Lucy would like it where I live today as it really cold! I live in Cumbria, UK umm where that film Miss Potter is set! My relatives lived in the same house she did (Beatrix not Lucy!). Anyway enough rambling, take care.

  83. I would like to send you a condensation of all the preceding congratulations…and perhaps your Beautiful B. will incite other people to try hands and needles on Bohus knitting. A blog is really successful when it inspires…

  84. I am definitely with you on the Celtic Swan needles — I sent your earlier post (with the Celtic Swam url) to my husband hinting that perhaps the bronze needles would be nice for Christmas, and dang if they aren’t! They’re my favorite sock-knitting needles, and I think I may need more sizes (I got the 1s). Thanks for the recommendation!

  85. The Bohus is beautiful. It looks like something my mom would love. I find it interesting that there’s such a variety of opinions about what your new project is. I can’t hazard a guess, as I am not yet a lace knitter, but it looks pretty, whatever it is.

  86. I talked myself into a set of size 0 Celtic Swan silver needles. They spent Christmas being the rays from the star behind my creche–wedged in a small ball of scrap yarn, in turn wedged into a shot glass (empty of other things). The very next pair of socks I start, they get used.
    I usually use bamboo, but got some KnitPicks metal dpn’s for Christmas, haven’t noticed that they slide out.

  87. I’m so behind today and I have been waiting, waiting, waiting to see the Bohus finished! It is breathtaking. Really, it is the most beautiful Bohus I have ever seen. Nice work!

  88. Wendy, the new Bohus is a work of art!I’m SO tempted to try one, but I have too many other projects that need to be finished first. I’m sure that you’ve probably explained this before, but why knit the body and sleeves flat after having done that big yoke in the round? Or are the sleeves knit in the round as well?
    Maria in NY

  89. Oh it’s beautiful Wendy!

  90. Love Bohus – it’s gorgeous – should be framed ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m off to walk like an egyptian

  91. Wendy, your Bohus is almost too beautiful for words. wow.

  92. I am so impressed by your Bohus! There was a “Bohus-inspired” sweater in the Winter IK that I’m suddenly itching to try…

  93. Nothing more to be said — it is stunning.

  94. Wendy – I love my Celtic Swan needles too! Got them in 2’s because I hate my other 2’s – so life is good!

  95. beautiful, just beautiful.