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Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Message From Lucy


Momma can’t come to the blog today. She’s been lying on the couch, coughing, all day. At least she remembered to feed me. Sheesh.


  1. Hope you are feeling better Wendy! I’m home too with a stomach bug. I just asked Jesse – my border collie mix to make dinner (aren’t BC’s supposed to be smart?) so I understand how you feel. He said no.


  2. I hope you are feeling better soon. I know petting Lucy will help.

    Great picture by the way. She does look like a town crier in that pose.

  3. feel better soon!

  4. Put your nurse cap on, Lucy, and take care of Wendy!

  5. Hope you feel better soon – I bet Lucy loves that you are home (coughing aside.) A warm body to curl up next to.

  6. Dear Lucy,

    Go curl up near your Momma and keep her warm so that she feels better soon. Purring also helps speed the healing process.

    Much love,

    Ms. Knitter

  7. martha in mobile says:

    Ms. Knitter is on to something…the purr vibrations set up a harmonic resonance that will synchronize your energy level to a healthier plane!

  8. Feel better soon, I think I am fight off a sinus infection. I hope I win…The other Wendy

  9. Feel better soon, Wendy.

  10. I hope you feel better soon! Sounds like Lucy is keeping you company.

    My Hobbes lived to be about 16 years old. She was very arthritic and her favorite bed was a cat pad from Drs Foster and Smith that had a self-heating core. No electricity. Here’s the url: I hope it works.

  11. Get well soon, Wendy :~)

  12. Lucy, that is so sweet of you to post for Wendy. I hope she feels better soon. It is a good sign that she could feed you.

  13. Lisa in Georgia says:

    Lucy, hope your Momma feels better soon. Take good care of her!!

  14. Oh no! The Crud got to you too!

    Feel better soon. May there be plenty of sock knitting close at hand.

  15. Ahhh. Lucy — you have to take good care of Mommy. You know all those wonderful Lucy-things like purring and cuddling and singing and kneading and telling secrets.

  16. Thanks Lucy! Keep Momma warm and comfy. Looking concerned helps, as does purring. You’re not going to help with the knitting, too, are you?

  17. Katherine says:

    Feel better soon, Wendy!

  18. Oh no! Feel better soon, Wendy!

  19. Hope you feel better soon!

  20. What a good daughter you are, Lucy. And smart!!

    Tell your Momma I hope she feels better. Make her some tea, okay??

  21. Feel better soon. SUX2B sick. I drop stitches when I cough and knit at the same time. (Other times too, but coughing gives me an excuse – ah you almost laughed.)

  22. Take care, Wendy.

    Lucy I’m sure you’re taking good care of your mom.

  23. Lucy, I think Momma would appreciate you keeping her tummy warm. And if you were to purr while sitting on her chest, I am sure that she will appreciate it. And don’t worry, she would never forget to feed you. You need to remind her to drink plenty of liquids and eat too.

  24. I hope you feel better soon!

  25. Thank you for your blog, Lucy. Please keep us posted about your mom’s health and tell her to get well soon!

  26. Feel better soon and do not forget to see a doctor when it gets worse or will not get better after some time.

  27. What a clever kitty you are, Lucy! Wendy is lucky you can look after her so very well. Warm snuggles, a pot of tea (no catnip, though!) and knitting projects close at hand should do the trick. If Momma is too sick to knit, give her some of her favourite knitting books to look at. That should cher her up. Keep us posted on her condition, okay Lucy? Give Momma my best!

    Bonny in BC

  28. Lucy, beware don’t be fooled. It is a trick to make you do all of their human work. See she’s already got you blogging for her, next she’ll ask you to use your tail and wash the dishes. Then she’ll insist you need to clean the bathroom for her. Just thought I’d better warn you.

    the Dog.

    P.S. my mom, Rebekah, says she hopes your mom feels better soon. I had to type that, she’s forcing me.

  29. Oh I hear ya! We are having the same day over here.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  30. You’re so lucky, Wendy, that Lucy steps up to the plate and takes charge when you’re not well. I do hope she will relinquish the power when you’re back on your feet ๐Ÿ™‚ (or maybe not – “cats rule, dogs drool” or so I’m told by Perry.)

    I wish you feeling better soon.

  31. Aww! Hope you are feeling better. Lucy looks very regal in the lamplight.

  32. So statuesque!

  33. Thanks for the posting, Lucy. Now make yourself useful and cuddle next to Wendy so she’ll feel better.

  34. Feel better soon, Wendy. Remember, a warm and purring kitty possesses immense healing powers.

  35. Oy. That’s such a miserable bug – still have the remnants after 3-4 weeks. Feel better soon Wendy.

  36. Lucy, tell your mom we all hope she feels better soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. Feel better soon, Wendy!! Um, sorry if you caught it from me…

  38. Oh, no! Poor Lucy’s Momma! Isis and I both wish her a speedy recovery! ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. Blergh. Feel better soon!

  40. I hope you feel better soon! Take care of your Momma, Lucy!

  41. Lucy,
    Please tell your mommy that I hope she feels better soon. Maybe some hot tea with whisky and honey (or just one of those options) will make her feel better. Kitty snuggles help too.

  42. You’re such a good girl, Lucy.

  43. Feel better soon!

  44. Take care and hope you feel better soon.

  45. Hope you are feeling better and are back to knitting soon! It’s been a bad year for illness.

  46. Hugs and warm tea with something in it to make you feel better,(honey,rum) and lots of hard type throat candy to suck on. Get better soon!
    Make some chicken soup to share with you and Lucy!

  47. A little lucy TLC should be just what the doctor ordered. But hey…. no offense or anything, but your stand-in is doing a great job too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  48. Wendy — I feel your pain. Am starting week two of bronchitis and a sinus infection. Hot tea and chicken noodle have helped me break up the conjestion — that and drugs from the doc. Irrigating your sinus with warm salt water helps too.

  49. Fell better!!!

  50. Feel better!

    Coughing makes knitting hard.

  51. Wendy, maybe you should watch a little Jack Bauer Power on “24” tonight with the KOARC to cheer yourself. Stay warm and cuddle with Lucy, and get well soon!

  52. Too sick to knit!! Things are grim. Hope Lucy can make Siamese green tea.

  53. Oh Lucy, do tell your mother that I hope she feels better soon. Blogland is not the same without her.

  54. Hope you are feeling better soon. We miss your blog and all the goodies you tell us about Take good care of her Lucy!!!.

  55. Dear Lucy,
    I know you will take good care of your Mamma by curling up in her lap and keeping her warm. Tell your mom I hope she feels better real soon! Luv.m.

  56. (((Wendy))) I hope that you feel better soon.

  57. Lucy – tell Momma I hope she feels better soon! Did Momma ever get you your chicks???

  58. Lucy, tell your Momma I hope she feels better soon.

  59. Dearest Lucy, Thank you for your blog today. Please keep your Momma warm and tell her to drink plenty of liquids. Your the best Lucy! Get well soon Wendy!!!

  60. Feel better Wendy! Take care of your mama Lucy!

  61. Raye, mother of the other Capricorn Wendy, in NYC says:

    Dear Lucy,
    Please tell Momma to get better soon. You are such a good girl to let us know, and I’ll bet you are snuggling with her and making her feel better.

  62. lucy, can you go tell wendy that i hope she feels better soon?
    thank you, dear!

  63. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

    Sorry I’m a bit late to mention this, but I thought you might like to take a look at the bed warmers for Lucy.
    If the link doesn’t work, use the main url and click on “pampered pets”.
    In no way am I affiliated with them – other than being a big fan.

    I was given a pete the sheep for the holidays and am crazy madly in love with him. I almost feel guilty for putting him in the microwave (it just looks weird). If the pet bed warmers are even close to being as wonderful as my snuggly petey (I’ve had multiple injuries and he’s extremely warm and soothing…I’m a klutz with poor planet alignment), she’ll be one mighty happy princess.

    Again – feel better.

  64. anne marie in philly says:

    awwwwwwwww, lucy, you are SUCH a good girl to be taking care of your mommy!

    sit next to her, look into her eyes, and purr your heart out. THAT should make her feel all better.

    we did just that for our mommy last week.


    steven j. and meredith

  65. Theresa in Italy says:

    What a good kitty you are, Lucy! Keep your Momma warm (very important) and tell her we hope she feels better soon.

  66. Tell Mommy we miss her Lucy! And we hope she feels better soon!

  67. Hope Lucy is taking great care of you! Get well soon!

  68. Nothing will make you better than a sweet, loving kitty. Purrs, cuddles and kitty kisses work every time. Feel better soon.

  69. Rest, rest, rest. And if that cough isn’t better today…get to the Dr! And snuggling with a purring kitty does have medicinal value.
    And thanks for the specs for the Clown Sock. My dh has a big foot too and after knitting one pair of socks on #1 needles, I swore I lost IQ points and a certain degree of sanity.
    Stay warm, fluids, chicken soup, purring kitty and rest!

  70. Wendy, are you OK ?
    Hope you get better soon. ヽ(・〇・!)

    By the way, my mom used to have our cat wear sleeveless fuzzy,soft shirt during winter. We did not know if it helped her stay any warmer, but she seemed to be OK, licking other part of her body. When we were out, she seemed to stay right next to (or on the top of)our electrical appliance like refrigerator or TV/VCR all the time, probably because they were warm. Poor cats….

  71. So sorry to read you are not well Wendy. Blistering warm get well wishes sent from Oz.

  72. Hi Lucy,

    Would you please tell your momma I wish her well? And guess what I ordered yesterday? Yep, Lucy STR. Oh, and Linus says hello and not to work too hard blogging and taking care of momma. He said you should have the KOARC come over and do the work, cause that’s what humans are for.

  73. gah, feel better soon!

  74. ๐Ÿ™
    Feel better soon!

  75. Aw… Mum said to send her regards to your Mom. Mum reads your Mom’s Blog often. Mum’s has started learning to knit 6 months ago and she’s loving it. Mum said your Mom’s Blog has been an inspiration to her to keep knitting – apart from her teacher’s encouragement.

  76. Michele Buck says:

    I received my bohus sweater kit today and was wondering if it would do something to the integrety of the sweater pattern if I added sead beads to the color pattern. I just wanted your expert opinion. Thanks.

  77. Hi Wendy,

    Hope you feel better soon.


  78. Feel better soon. We’ll be thinking about you.

  79. And you still posted something even though you aren’t feeling well! I know I am sick when I don’t want to knit!!!

    Take care of your Mommy, Lucy!!

  80. Lucy,
    I hope your Momma feels better soon! If you were a dog like me you’d take the opportunity to lie all over her. Do cats do that?


  81. Hope you are feeling better today and that Miss Lucy was a good nurse. Bundle up when you go out! Brrrrrrr…it’s cold out there.


  83. Feel better Wendy!

  84. Get well soon! (you have a million well wishes missing you here)

  85. Barbara-Kay says:

    Ooh, I prescribe lots of liquids and lots of Lucy. I do realize that the first instruction means that, ultimately, you’ll have to put Lucy down a lot, but it will help you get better faster. VBG!

  86. Get better soon, momma!!

  87. Oh Hope you feel better real soon! At least you have an excellent nurse and cuddle companion!!


  88. Oh, Lucy, you poor thing. I hope all that coughing isn’t keeping you awake. Lay on her chest to keep it warm, that should help her feel better quicker and so she’ll get out of your hair.

  89. Please be honest: how much knitting do you get done when you feel like poop? Do you actually put the needles down and rest, or do you keep knitting?

    Whatever the answer, I hope you get better fast.

  90. Lucy, please relay this message to Wendy: GET WELL SOON! (my mantra: Chicken Soup, chicken soup, chicken soup)
    Love to you Lucy!

  91. Get better fast, Wendy! Chicken soup is good. Hot buttered rum is better. ;-}

    Here’s something to amuse you until you feel like knitting again:

  92. Hope you are not too sick to knit! Get well soon!

  93. Dear Lucy, thank you for taking over the blog in your mommy’s absence. Pls take good care of her for us, and let her know we are hoping she is feeling better soon. Is she knitting? if yes, it’s a good sign that she is on the road to recovery.

  94. Take care of yourself. I hope you feel better soon.

  95. The questions is.. are you too sick to knit? or are you using superwash, so that you sterilize it later.

  96. Lucy – I bet momma is too weak to chase you if you want to go get your baby chick finger puppets and play with them right in front of her.

  97. Hope you feel better soon. Lucy, now is the time to find that catnip stuffing she hid on you.

  98. Judy Hammond says:

    Get well soon. In the mean time you have a good excuse to be lazy. Enjoy!!!

  99. Hope you are feeling better soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  100. Hope you get to feeling better soon.