My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Happy Lucy Day

I know it’s Valentine’s Day, but more importantly, today is Lucy’s official birthday.

Lucy was a rescue cat when she came to live with me in 2003, and all I knew about her birthday was that it was in February 2001. We decided to make her official birthday halfway through the month. What could be more appropriate than Valentine’s Day?

And I got to stay home today because of the ice storm, so the birthday girl has had plenty of attention.

Here’s the state of my street after the plow came:


And here’s the state of Cromarty after some extra knitting time:


I started a new sock — can you guess the yarn?


My favorite length for sock needles is 6″, by the way.

The little Coke bottle from yesterday’s blog? It’s a flash drive, as several of you guessed/knew:


I got it by saving up points in Coke caps and redeeming them at the My Coke Rewards website. Hey, everybody needs a hobby.

Here is Lucy opening her gift from her Auntie L-B. What can it be?


It’s a little knitted catnip ball!


Lucy sez:


It’s my birthday! Catnip for everyone!


  1. Awww! Happy birthday Lucy! I’ll be sure to give my cats catnip in celebration. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. MommyknitsJen says:

    I don’t know I think that look may say “Keep your paws off my catnip.” Happy Birthday Lucy!

  3. I don’t know exactly what the sock yarn is, but the colorway looks sorta similar to the Anne that I just finished up.

    Happy birthday, Lucycat!

  4. If Lucky was there, he’d probably saying Happy Meowzer Birthday! And then he’d steal the catnip ball back! I’d better knit him one tonight!

  5. Happy birthday, Lucy! Isn’t it nice, you share a birthday with my Mom . . . it’s a GOOD day for birthdays!

  6. I’m thinking that last photo looks like she’s overdosed on the catnip! You’re too kind to her ๐Ÿ˜›

  7. How cute. Lucy is a gorgeous cat and super lucky to have such a wonderful mom. Happy Birthday Lucy.
    Yuck….ice, I hate ice. Those look like roads I wouldn’t want to drive on. It’s definitely a day for knitting and staying inside.
    Is the yarn Apple Laine? Whatever it is, it looks yummy. Looking forward to seeing the new socks. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Happy Birthday & Happy Valentine’s Day! Is your new sock yarn Yarn Pirate? It is very pretty.

  9. Happy Birthday to the pretty girl! I wish her many, many more.

  10. Happy Birthday Lucy! You look severely (but happily) nipped-up in that last picture. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Happy Birthday, Lucy! Valentine’s Day seems quite appropriate to celebrate your birthday.

    I’m happy your mama was able to stay home and give you all the attention you deserve today.

  12. Nice of the weather to cooperate so Lucy could have mommy home on her birthday. BTW, your street was plowed? How do you rate?

  13. Happy Birthday, Lucy! I’d give you a scratch behind the ears if I could.

    Apple Laine yarn?

    Please stay warm and safe, all of you.

  14. Happy birthday, Lucy! Chaos and Mayhem send purrs and licks and now I have to go get out the catnip…

  15. Oh what a lovely ball Lucy!

    Hey your streets look pretty good compared to the highway I drove to work on this morning 100% snow and ice covered. Fortunately the suns been out so I’m hoping it’s clearer now and a stupid semi doesn’t decide to pull in front of me again so that I have to slam on my brakes throw the car in neutral and quickly pray to not go under his front wheels.

    Hmmm, I’d guess koigu but that’d be too obvious.

  16. Lucy looks a little…er…stoned in her last photo. I recognize that look from some of my cats after an extended bout with catnip LOL

    Oh, lucky you Wendy with the extra day at home. I had my fill of ice storms, snow, and days without power this winter to be my usual jealous self over snow, but as long as you have power, something warm to drink, knitting, and a warm kitty, what could be a better way to spend the day?

  17. Happy, Happy Birthday Miss Lucy! May you have many, many more. My kitties and Golden send good wishes, too. Have fun with that catnip ball…think I need to find a pattern to make my kitty girls some…

  18. Happy Birthday to Lucy!!

  19. Happy Birthday to a very “happy to be rescued cat”. Those are the best kind of pets. We have 4, 2 dogs 2 cats.
    I’m guessing Blue Moon fibers. Maybe.
    Oh and I think snow days should officially be renamed “knit days”!

  20. I’m guessing that’s Apple Pie sock yarn, but I don’t know which color.

    And the very merriest of heart-shaped birthdays, Lucy!

  21. Lucy has that sultry stoned “its my birthday– just try and mess with me” look

  22. Happy Birthday Lucy! We made one of my cat’s birthday April 1st. It so fits her personality.

  23. Happy Birthday, lovely Lucy!

    That yarn looks very much like some Claudia Handpainted Blue Terra Cotta that I have (from the Loopy Ewe, no less!), so that’s my guess. =)

  24. Yay! My puppy’s “third birthday” was two days ago. She was a rescue as well, although I have no idea when she was actually born. So, I sandwiched it in between my dad’s and my brother’s b-days. Easy to remember.

    What a wonderful present that she gets to spend her special day with her mom!

  25. Happy Birthday Lucy!
    Nice colourway in the sock yarn.
    Thanks for the blog.

  26. Renee from VA says:

    Re: Capital Animal Care — I recently sent them a donation in Lucy’s name to show my appreciation for the time you spend sharing your knowledge and work (you are my “Consumer Reports” of knitting!). However, the letter was returned as undeliverable. I triple checked the address as the one on their website which I got to through your link. Their website hasn’t been updated since 2005. I e-mailed them but haven’t received a response. My local humane society got the donation and I do appreciate your site.

  27. Happy Birthday Lucy, from Jake, Zander, Ophelia, Sam and Tyler (all rescued cats). May you have many more birthdays and many more lives (all happier than the last)!

  28. Happy Birthday, Lucy! I am certain you are the Queen and supreme ruler of many hearts, so how appropriate a birthdate.

    One of our two SPCA cats was born sometime in early April, so he got April Fool’s Day, like Michelle’s cat. The other gets sandwiched between her “grandparents” birthdays in mid-March. We brought her home to stay with us on *my* birthday — best birthday gift I ever received. ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Happy Birthday to Lucy!!! I hope you get some baby chicks for dinner!! (or dessert?)

    We didn’t get anything but RAIN here in Richmond.
    Rats!!! :o(

  30. Happy Birthday Lucy! Looks like your Mamma will be finishing the first piece of Cromarity tonight or tomorrow.

  31. Happy birthday Lucy!

  32. Happy birthday Lucy!

    She has that drugged out catnip look! Catip for everyone indeed.

    Sweater looks great! I wish I had a snow day to knit!

  33. Happy happy birthday Lucy! My kitties (after they get a romp out of their system post catnipping), look just like Lucy does in that photo ๐Ÿ˜€

  34. Thanks for the answer to the dpn question!

    Happy Birthday Lucy!

  35. Happy Birthday Lucy! Enjoy the catnip. Is that yarn Cabin Cove maybe?

  36. Raye, mother of the other Capricorn Wendy, in NYC says:

    Happy birthday Lucy!

    Hugs from Raye and the other Capricorn Wendy, Sprewell and Princess (Wendy’s cats), and Godzilla (Wendy’s iguana).

  37. Happy Birthday, Lucy. The goats send their regards with wishes for all the hay you can eat. What can I tell ya? They’re goats.

    I’m with Adrienne, I’m guessing that yarn is Claudia’s.

  38. Happy Birthday Lucy!

    Here’s to many more years of hand-knitted, catnip toys!

    The sweater is looking loverly, Wendy. I just love snow days for curling up on the couch and knitting away.

    As for the yarn, I’ll guess Socks That Rock. Isn’t it about time for the first sock and pattern for the 2007 Club to be out? ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. Happiest of birthdays to the Lovely Lucy! Yep, gotta agree with the others that Lucy looks a tad bit stoney.. but, heck, it’s her BD, pull out ALL the (catnip) stops !!!!! ;-)))

    My cats, Buster and Yoda, say Meow, Meow! Which translated, means Happy Birthday Lucy!

    The Cromarty looks divine and I have no idea what type of sock yarn (or colorway) the new project is, but it is beautiful!

    Happy knitting and celebrating! Stay warm and safe inside! luv.m.

  40. Happy Birthday Lucy!!!

    I’d guess either Apple Laine or more Lotus Toes…the base yarn sort of has that BFL look to it rather than merino…it’s definitely not Socks that Rock and it doesn’t look like Claudia to me. Also maybe it’s Funky Eclectic?? LOL

  41. Happy Birthday, Lucy. Today is Mason’s birthday, too, but he’s a bit younger than Lucy.

  42. Happy Birthday, Lucy! ๐Ÿ™‚ (Good day for a birthday – it’s my daughter’s birthday, too!) I’m glad you had your mom home with you today.

  43. Happy Birthday, Lucy, and many more!

    We are celebrating Garden Kitty and Jetsam’s birthdays at our house, so it’s birthday-day all around!

  44. Woo, a day at home to knit and celebrate with Lucy. What a great Valentine.

  45. Benson (the cat I live with) and I wish Lucy all the happy catnip toys she can possibly handle – today and in the coming year!

  46. Happy Birthday Lucy! Happy Knit-Day (snow day). How nice the weather allowed you to stay home and celebrate her birthday.

    All of our cats are rescues or they adopted us. Our cat Dipstick was born in April, her birthday was April 15 (My husband is a CPA and we have our own tax practice).

    My guess on the yarn is Blue Moon Fibers. 9 days and counting to my day at the market at Stitches West. And BMF is definitely on my list. Actually it’s really 9 days left of knitting from my stash. That’s all I can take, I NEED to buy more yarn. Can you tell tax season stresses me out.

    Thank God for cats and yarn.

  47. Happy birthday, Lucy! BTW, I’m living in Michigan so I am not impressed by your street picture. That is as good as my street has looked all winter. On the positive side, it’s good sweater weather! Have you worn any of your sweaters lately?

  48. anne marie in philly says:

    meredith and steven (both rescue cats) wish lucy a happy birthday. meredith and lucy are the same age!

    to paraphrase a bob dylan line here: “every kitty must get stoned!”

    lucky wendy gets to stay home; I had to go to work. we got more ice than snow up here.

    and I live on a “snow emergency route”, so my street is ALWAYS plowed. I live near 2 hospitals and 1 fire house; fun fun fun!

  49. Happy B-day Lucy, My Isolde’s B-day was yesterday but i had to work so it is being celebrated today.

  50. Happy Birthday Miss Lucy. My Misty and Mittens send their warmest regards and a happy Valentine’s day!

  51. Lucy and I share a birthday. I should have know she was an Aquarius.

  52. Happy Birthday, Miss Lucy!

    Cute flash drive, Wendy. I mistakenly thought it was an eraser.

  53. Happy birthday, Lucy! Hope you had a wonderful day!

  54. Miss Puma and I send lovely Lucy a very happy birthday and lots of catnip kisses. Smooches.

  55. Happy Birthday, Lucy! And many happy returns, from Pashmina & Charlie (both rescue cats–Lucy’s story inspired us to adopt Charlie via

    And Cromarty looks lovely, such a beautiful color–happy cabling!

  56. Your devotion to this wonderful shelter cat always does my heart good. Happy Catnip Dreams, Lucy.

  57. Hey we did the same with Rena! The vet said “pick a day in February for her birthday” and of course, we picked…Lucy’s birthday! Hee!

  58. Aussie Rosemary says:

    Poppy[my rescue dog] wishes you a Happy Birthday,Lucy.
    I know that snow is over romanticised,but how I envy
    you.It is HOT in Melbourne and as Victoria has been in very severe drought for months, harsh water restrictions are in force.The rural communities are really hurting as tanks run out and even long established bores dry up.

  59. Happy birthday, Lucy, you sweet little Valentine!

  60. I wish we’d have a snow/knit day here!
    And I recognize that catnip look…It never ceases to amaze me how different my cats act when they get ahold of their kittycrack!

  61. Happy Birthday Lucy! Cromarty has been so inspiring – that I got out my Alice Starmore books and even some other cable/Aran sweater books for inspiration. Now I have to look through the stash and see what I have on hand. I love the color of your Cromarty.

  62. Happy Birthday, Lucy!! and how great that your mom was able to share your day at home with you.

  63. Happy birthday, Lucy — enjoy your new catnip ball!

  64. Thanks Lucy! I love me some catnip after work;) Happy Birthday!

  65. I would guess Apple Pie yarn, too.

    I’m from Michigan, too, & our roads haven’t looked that good in our neck of the woods since early January, either. I could use a snow/knitting day, too.

    Happy Birthday, Miss Lucy, & many happy returns! I’m glad that your mommy got to stay home with you & knit today.

    You all stay warm & safe!

    Marianne, & Sunny & Snow Bear (2 small dogs who happen to be cat-sized, & have a number of cat-like characteristics)

  66. Happy Birthday, sweet Lucy! How nice that your Momma got to stay home on your special day.

  67. happy birthday lucy!

    i thought it was chocolate, lol! does coke do points in their 12 packs as well? if so, i may have to start saving those suckers!

  68. Aww! Happy Official Birthday Lucypoo! *smooch*

    Cromarty looks incredible! I’m enjoying the speed he (she?) is coming along at. heh Almost seems like slow motion for you. Yes, I read all the stuff about how you don’t knit fast. Somehow you seem to suck a lot more knitting hours out of your days than the average knitter. Yes, I’ve read that post too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  69. Happy Birthday, Lucy!

    Will You Be My Valentine?

    From Barkley (single, handsome, male Ragdoll in OK)


  70. Yay! Happy Birthday Lucy!

  71. Cromarty looks incredible! Happy birthday to Lucy. ๐Ÿ™‚ And, I just recently discovered 6 inch dpns after knitting socks on dpns for years. I have always liked knitting socks on dpns, but now I am really in heaven! That one less inch really makes a difference.

  72. Happy (belated) Birthday Lucy! From your fans in Toronto – Atticus, Mae and Gandalf.


  73. Happy birthday, Lucy!! You don’t look a day over 4, dahling.

  74. Awww, happy birthday Lucy!

  75. Looks like Fleece Artist to me, but I could be really really wrong

  76. Michele in Maine says:

    I’m guessing it’s more of that lovely Apple Pie yarn. I just got mine (“Winter’s Dawn” like yours)the other day and it’s my new favorite. So much for the “knit from your stash” efforts…(since most of my stash is sock yarn, I can’t use that loophole…)

    HB Lucy!! You look mahvelous!

  77. Happy Birthday Lucy!! Isn’t it great when mama’s get to stay home because of ice storms? Here’s to working in your PJ’s (or not)!

  78. Happy Birthday Lucy! from my Pretty Girl who allows us to live with her :>.

    Wendy, the Cromarty looks good. You’ve inspired me to start the Sensational Shirtail Cardigan from the Best of Knitters Arans & Celtics book. It’s not as “cabled” as Cromarty, but a wonderful knit! I’m using Rowman’s Cork, which is a joy to work with.

    I’d guess your sock yarn is Apple Laine.

  79. Barbara-Kay says:

    Happy Birthday, Lucy, from me and the Texas Rescue Meezers: Minky, Victoria, and Casper. They advise: Lucy needs a playmate!

  80. Happy birthday, Lucy, from Turbo, Che, and Trusty. Sorry to come in a little late on it, but our mom was out of town and we couldn’t turn on the computer.

  81. Oh, good. So now my mailbox will be filled with stuff from Coke, b/c I just have to have one of those flash drives!
    Happy Birthday Lucy (from both me and The Meezer)!

  82. HAPPY BIRFDAY LUCY! You share birthday’s with my eldest son, Alex – he turned 12. He’s just as handsome as you are beautiful.

  83. great pics of Lucy, esp. that bottom one.

    while i don’t *technically* own any 6″ DPN’s yet, i’ve already decided that 7″ is too long (requires a lot of shifting the stitches from one end to the other) and 5″ are too short (can’t really rest the ends against my palms for leverage). so, i’m with you on that one.

    woops. wish i’d noticed that coke rewards thing before…we go through a lot over here and haven’t saved the points. aaaaaargh!

  84. My dogs send birthday greetings and best wishes for a lot of good eating and playtime to Lucy.

    How’s the Maltese Lace project going? Or not going?


    I guess the yarn is Koigu. Looks just like to me so therefore it probably is not.


    Love to Lucy from Katz Family,
    (Hey, I’m just typing as they dictate),
    Daffy, Sam, Jazz and Max
    Plus Hunnybunny

  87. Happy Birthday Lucy! Sounds like you and Momma had a very nice and cozy day buried in snow, yarn and catnip.

  88. Have you really had Lucy for four years now? Wow, time really flies!

  89. Aw, I’m so sorry I missed your big day Lucy. Uh, hum (clearing my throat)…

    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday dear Lucy
    Happy birthday to you.

    Love a Bug,

  90. The yarn looks like Apple Pie — yummy! I’m knitting some socks with it now and I like it even better than Koigu!

  91. Is that Claudia Handpaints, terra cotta colorway? Looks very similar to a pair I’ve been working on.

    Happy Birthday to Lucy!

  92. Happy birthday, Beautiful!

  93. Wendy,

    You might like to try knitting some of the cat toys I have on my blog for Lucy. I knit cat toys for my local no-kill animal shelter.


  94. Happy Birthday Lucy, you darling little kitty!

  95. happy birthday, Lucy!!

  96. Wendy and Lucy – I’m happy for you that you got to spend Valentine’s Day and Lucy’ birthday together. My birthday is Feb. 15, and when I was growing up in Alexandria I had several birthday parties cancelled due to snow. Stay warm and dry. BTW, have you tried Pony Pearl dpns? They aren’t silver, but the 5.5″ length is nice, and they flex less than Brittany Birches, which sometimes seem too soft.

  97. Is it Claudia yarn?

  98. Happy birthday, Lucy! You’re not spoiled. You just really ARE that special. ๐Ÿ™‚

  99. Alice in Richmond says:

    Belated Happy Birthday Lucy! Yea for snow days!

  100. Lucy!!! The P-Man begs your humble forgivness for missing this momentous event, especially after you promised to be his valentine!! happy belated birthday you gorgeous minx, you!! ๐Ÿ™‚